Monday 12/19/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is grumpy and says they let the clients down by not delivering anything new since Jackie M. stole all the designs. Ridge wants to know how they can bounce back. Hope says it was wrong to blame Beverly, but they know it was someone on the inside. Stephanie declares they don’t want a witch hunt, but she is determined to find how who it was. Brooke finds Donna decorating The Marlin for Christmas. Brooke can’t believe she is still okay with staying there considering Nick and Jackie stole all the Forrester designs. Donna refuses to believe that Nick had anything to do with it, and thinks Brooke is just being a poor loser. Nick walks in and Brooke accuses him that he knew all of these things before he invited Donna to stay there and before he took her out on the boat for a romantic outing. Nick says he has been as honest as he can be. Brooke tells them she is going to leave them alone to talk as she needs to get back to Ridge and Eric as they need her for damage control.

Donna cries to Nick that he led her own. She started to have feelings for him and thought there could be more. He let her believe that and he knew all along that would change once Brooke and Ridge saw the Jackie M. collection. He says this is business, not personal, and he is sorry. He apologies for hurting her feelings and she can still trust him. But he can’t answer that question when she asks him who helped him get the designs. She says she doesn’t feel right staying here any more so she’s going to pack up her things and go some place else. Ridge just wants to get out of the office and go somewhere with some Christmas spirit….maybe go Dayzee’s and hand out some free eggnog, or buy some toys for the kids at the shelter, sing some carols, do something. Brooke agrees that Stephanie is probably doing that now, trying to talk to Beverly and sometimes miracles do happen. Stephanie does stand outside the gate peering in and spies Beverly. She gets her to come over to the fence. Beverly does not want to hear another apology. Stephanie says she has none, but she and Hope were wrong and they want Beverly to come back to Forrester’s. She had the wrong perception of Beverly and her friends until she saw it firsthand. She is in awe of what she has accomplished here at the foster center. Beverly matters to her, so can’t she find it in her heart to forgive? Slowly, Beverly goes to the gate and opens it for Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano showed up at the hospital to see Lexie.  He wanted to mend fences with her.  She was very cold to him until he told her that he was there for a medical reason.  Lexie was concerned about it.  Stefano told her that he loved her.  She told him she loved, but she doesnít like how he sticks to his old ways once theyíve made up.  Stefano reminded her that they are family.  Lexie reminded Stefano about the article that was in the paper disparaging Abe.  She reminded Stefano that she is like him and that she protects her family and thatís why she canít forgive him.  After Stefano left, Daniel showed up to talk to Lexie.  Daniel talked to her about his test results.  Lexie told Daniel that he didnít have Myasthenia Gravas.  He was happy, but heís not sure what is wrong with him.  At the townhouse, Marlena read the voucher.  She told Bo and Hope that she wasnít sure if going to Stefano would work.  Bo reminded her that Johnís getting transferred upstate as soon as his civil case is finished.  Marlena was shocked that John was getting transferred so soon.  Bo told her that John is going to a bad prison and that lifers are going to be there.  Carrie was on the phone trying to stop the transfer.  Marlena didnít like going behind Johnís back.  Hope tried to get Marlena to realize that John would understand, but she didnít think he would. 

Marlena finally agreed to let them go to Stefano with the voucher.  Marlena asked Rafe about Will.  Rafe told Marlena that Will avoids talking to Sami, but thereís still tension between them.  Rafe wishes that he could help Will.  Marlena had an idea that Sami wouldnít like.  She wanted Will to stay with her for a while.  Marlena found a file that contained information about the trip she and John took to Paris.  It didnít match the date on the picture.  Carrie believed that it would help Johnís case.  Maggie and Melanie talked at the pub.  Melanie confessed to Maggie that she has feelings for Chad.  Maggie wanted to know if she talked to Chad.  Daniel showed up before they finished talking.  Bo and Hope showed up at the DiMera mansion to show Stefano the voucher.  Stefano wouldnít admit that he gave it to Alice.  Stefano let them know that the voucher was for Alice and no one else.  Stefano wanted to know what they wanted.  Bo and Hope wanted Stefano to clear John.  Stefano didnít think they should waste the voucher on John.  It should be used for their family.  Stefano wanted to know why she would want to help another womanís husband unless she still had feelings for him.  Stefano reminded Hope how she was involved with John.  Bo and Hope wondered how long it would take for Stefano to mention that.  Stefano said he couldnít access what theyíre asking of him.  He said itís not like a faucet you could turn on and off.  Hope was confused by Stefanoís comments.  Stefano walked out of the room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny and Kate return to his Bensonhurst to look for her lost earring. When they enter the house, he is pleased to find that she has decorated it with all the trappings of Christmas to give him the Christmas he never had as a child in that house. She gives him the trumpet he wanted as a child. He kisses her under the mistletoe. She suggests changing the house that was a prison to him and his mother into a safe house for mothers and children escaping from abusive situations. He thinks it is a great idea. He says that leaving it as it always was only made it a shrine to all the damage that was done there. Sonny watches little Sonny disappear from the closet. They have a snowball fight in front of the house. Sonny breaks someone's window with a snowball. He and Kate run away, holding hands.

Shawn wonders if Jason is alright when Jason forgets their meeting. Jason tells him about Abby's death. Shawn encourages Jason to go to Michael and Sam, assuring him that he can handle the meeting on his own. Carly tells Jason she is having second thoughts about Shawn living with her. Jason isnít interested in hearing it, tells her to heed what Shawn tells her, and goes to Chicago. When Shawn and Bernie enter Sonny's office behind Pozullo's, two masked assailants open fire, hitting Bernie in the chest. Shawn returns fire and they retreat, noting that "he" is not there. Shawn calls an ambulance and then sits down to ride out a flashback. Carly comes to Pozullo's and finds Bernie sitting on the floor. He tells her Shawn saved him. Sam regrets telling Michael that Franco raped her right after he found out that Abby was dead. He empathizes and is able to offer advice after having been raped himself by Carter in prison. She doesnít think she will ever be the same. She tells him everything she remembers about that night, but doesn't remember anything after someone catching her when she was falling in the shower. She says she can't stop herself from imagining what happened next. Jason arrives in time to hear Michael telling Sam that Jason can help her get through it. She tells him she can't tell Jason because Jason is already so angry that he couldnít protect her. She doesn't want to make things worse.

Lucky goes to Shady Brook and asks Elizabeth to go home so they can spend Christmas as a family. Matt, having heard it, says it is a terrible idea. Elizabeth is excited about spending a family Christmas and tells Matt to leave. Lucky suspects Matt is interested in Elizabeth. Ewen, another resident at Stony Brook eavesdrops. Elizabeth goes into Ewen's room and starts to take the drop cloth off his painting when he startles her with his presence. He tells her she is leaving Shady Brook too soon and for the wrong reasons. He says she is doing exactly what she planned when she entered Shady Brook without considering the consequences. Elizabeth tells him to mind his own business. When Lucky and Elizabeth are leaving, Elizabeth stops into Ewen's room, only to find that it is now an office. Ewen enters and introduces himself as the doctor that was assigned to her case. He gives her a business card and tells her he is available on an outpatient basis as well. Robin tells Patrick that she has to go away because "her patient" is having complications with HIV. Matt returns to GH and rants to Patrick about his failure with his experimental treatment and wonders what the point is in trying. Robin tells him that the failures are as important as the successes because all advances in medicine are made on the shoulders of prior failures. Matt tells Patrick about Elizabeth and Lucky. Patrick suggests that Matt stay out of it. Matt tells Patrick that he is glad the Lisa Niles case is closed because he was worried that Patrick or Robin did it. Robin looks at her blood under a microscope.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Roxy and David find out that Fraternity Row has been cancelled, she passes out and has a dream that she is in the show. She is Lorraine. David plays her husband, Derwood, Viki and Clint play their servants. Natalie is Brianna who finds out that her boyfriend, Brandon (played by John) is her brother and Derwood is their mutual father. Roxy is Lorraine finding out for the first time that her husband has cheated on her. But we also find out that she has been messing around with the three boyfriends of the college girls, who are played by the three Ford brothers with Jessica playing Robert's girlfriend who has an alter. Starr and Dani are sorority girls who are with their respective boyfriends until they find out they've cheated. And Viki plays the maid with an alter who reveals that she's "Brianna's" (played by Natalie) biological mom instead of "Lorraine" (played by Roxy). Roxy then awakens and realizes she had a dream. She and David walk off the set realizing that all good things must come to an end.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Patty is very upset when Genevieve accepts Jack’s marriage proposal. After Jack and Genevieve leave her house to tell Ashley and Billy the news, Patty angrily tears up the blanket that Jack and Genevieve used to keep warm when they made love. Nikki bursts into the courtroom and tells the judge she killed Diane. The judge doesn’t believe her and arrests her for contempt of court. Nikki finally tells Nick and Victoria that she must have killed Diane because, when she woke up at the park, the rock was next to her and her clothes were full of blood. Nick, Phyllis, and Ronan decide to team up and investigate the murder to find Diane’s real killer. Billy agrees to consider giving Phyllis her job back at "Restless Style" if she can come up with a story to clear Victor and Nikki. Victor is transferred to the state penitentiary where he tells Sharon to accept the fact that he will be in jail. He asks her to take care of Nikki. Michael asks Avery to help him prove that Victor is innocent. Ronan stops by the penitentiary to tell Victor he appreciates him getting him reassigned to work on a case in Hawaii, but he will not stop digging until he figures out he really killed Diane. Adam calls an emergency board meeting so the board can name Victor’s successor at Newman Enterprises.

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