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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge informs Eric what Jackie did. He thinks it is unbelievable and Brooke can’t believe that Nick would go along with this. Eric says it involves thousands of hours of work and it must be somebody on the inside, someone they know and trust. Pam cries to Nick that she has regrets – not about stealing but for leaving her family today. Nick tries to console her. He gets a phone call that Stephanie is there. Pam says it is time now for her to face the music, but he replies there is no reason for her to come forward just yet. If she could stay on at Forrester’s for now and keep getting designs, they could “work” together for a long, long time. Stephanie wants to know how Jackie could stoop so low and steal from them. She’s become the Queen of Knock-Offs, just like Sally Spectra. Jackie counters that she came to Stephanie’s defense when she had cancer, but they are not friends, just competitors now. Stephanie rants at Jackie and warns her that she knows she had inside help. She is going to work on finding out who and it won’t be a pretty sight for either of them. Jackie tells Pam that Stephanie does not suspect her at all. Nick thinks that is great. Pam can continue at Forrester and be their pipeline. Nick coos his gratitude to Pam, saying she alone saved the future of Jackie M. She begs that she doesn’t want to go back; she just can’t do it. She wants to tell Stephanie off for all the times she hurt her. Nick kisses her and convinces her that she can do this; play nice to Stephanie and act like she had nothing to do with this. She gives in and says when he kisses her she feels like she can do anything; one more for courage. She’s on a mission now. Everyone is shocked when Hope tells them that she saw Beverly taking photos of the Forrester designs so she must have sold them to Jackie. They call Beverly in and quiz her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Abe and Lexie went to see Jennifer to see how she and Abby were.  They talked about the voters being worried about crime in Salem.  Abe said Roman has the entire force on high alert.  Jennifer thought Abe should address the organized crime issue.  Abe agreed.  Jennifer also wanted to expose EJís background to the voters.  Abe didnít want to.  He didnít want to play dirty to win the re-election.  Lexie agreed with Abe.  Abe said if they play the DiMera card, Nicole will make a big deal about him being married to Stefanoís daughter and that Theo is Stefanoís grandson.  Abe didnít want his family in this.  Jennifer believed EJ should be exposed as the crook he is.  Abe appreciated what Jennifer wanted to do, but he didnít want to do it.  Jennifer finally agreed and wanted to focus on the positive things.  Abe was going to give a speech at the Childrenís charity luncheon.  Jennifer liked that.  Nicole told EJ that he was a guest speaker at the Childrenís charity luncheon.  EJ didnít want to do it.  Nicole said the charity was Abeís project so he would be delighted to know that the companies she approached that worked with DiMera Enterprises decided to donate money to build the childrenís rec center.  EJ felt she strong-armed them.  She reminded them the charity ran out of money during Abeís anti-business tenure.  She told them that when EJ became mayor, he would remember who helped fund the rec center and the after school program for kids. 

At the Horton Town Square, Kate and Sami talked about what happened with Will.  They also talked about Madison.  Sami couldnít keep talking to Kate because she had a meeting with Anthony Morrison.  When Sami was about to leave, her babysitter brought the kids to her because her mother was rushed to the hospital.  Sami was worried that she would get fired if she messed up again.  Kate had a way to help.  Jennifer and Lexie talked about Abeís campaign.  Jennifer didnít want Abe to be naÔve when it came to EJ.  Jennifer got a call telling her that the charity event was moved.  While Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer were figuring out what was going on with the luncheon, EJ was making a speech at the luncheon.  Everything went well for EJ at the luncheon.  Kate offered to watch the kids for Sami.  Sami was surprised that Kate would watch them.  Kate said Sami wouldnít let her watch them.  Sami said she didnít want Stefano to be around her children after everything heís done to her family.  Kate said Sami pretty much had no other choice but to let her watch the kids.  If Sami didnít she would miss the meeting.  Abe, Lexie, and Jennifer found out EJ gave a speech at the luncheon.  Jennifer realized that EJ and Nicole had something to do with it.  EJ and Nicole were near them bragging about how well the luncheon went for him.  Jennifer, Abe, and Lexie confronted them.  They all got in an argument over the luncheon.  Sami agreed to let Kate watch the kids.  Sami was able to make her meeting and appreciated Kateís help.  When EJ and Nicole went to the mansion, EJ was upset that Nicole sabotaged Abeís chance to speak at the luncheon.  She said she would do anything to help him win the election.  EJ was happy with what Nicole did.  At the Horton house, Jennifer tried to talk Abe into fighting dirty.  Lexie said Abe wouldnít play dirty to win the election.  When Lexie left to answer a page, Abe and Jennifer talked about what the town would be like with EJ as mayor.  Abe finally agreed to do whatever it takes to win. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie worries about Matt. Spinelli has not found out anything about Matt's whereabouts. Matt nonchalantly comes into work. Olivia goes to the police station to talk to Dante about Lulu and he advises her that she has to come with him as a suspect in the Lisa Niles murder. Ronnie Dimestico goes to Crimson to get Maxie and brings in Spinelli too. Spinelli advises Maxie not to say anything. Mac brings in Matt, Patrick, Robin, and Steve. Officer Padilla brings in Anthony Zacchara and invites Johnny along for the ride. The officers take the suspects to the party boat to interrogate them all together. Mac brings in the ship's first mate as well, even though she Spinelli silently considers each personís likelihood to be the killer as the police question him or her. Spinelli suggests that the police start eliminating suspects. The suspects begin arguing and accusing each other. Anthony has a fit and screams that he can see the capacity to kill in every one of them. Mac tells them that cars are waiting to take them home and that they will make an arrest after one last piece of evidence that someone left on the boat has been analyzed. Robin thinks Mac is trying to protect her. Patrick thinks Patrick is bluffing so e can get a confession from someone. Patrick catches Olivia doing something in the dark on the boat. The first mate is skittish. Johnny wonders why Anthony drew attention to himself. Anthony makes no mention of his agreement with Maxie. Johnny concludes Anthony is protecting him.

Jason is furious with himself for losing his temper with the former mayor and winding up in jail. Sam discloses to Jason that she went to Front Street in his stead. He asks what message Franco left and she tells him about the painted circle but neglects to mention the DVD Franco left there. Sam asks Michael not to tell Jason about the DVD. Sam goes home and watches it, and then she sobs her eyes out on the floor. Alexis tells former Mayor Floyd to expect a lawsuit regarding the false newspaper story he printed about Jason's arrest when indeed, Jason had not been arrested for anything, only held for questioning. He tells Alexis that he is no longer using his first name, Garrett in favor of his middle name, Prescott, Press for short, now that he is a newspaperman. She tells him that is stupid. "Press" harasses Michael and Jason to get a rise out of Jason and it works; Jason tries to strangle him. An officer handcuffs Jason to the table. Jason doesn't know what is wrong with him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Tea both conclude that it makes perfect sense that Tomas is not guilty of anything, has been held captive by Todd and has been framed by Todd for the murder of Victor. But he warns her not to ruin their investigation by "warning" Blair because they know all too well about Blair's attachment to Todd. And sure enough, Tomas appears on Blair's webcam and convinces her that he's gone for good and has killed Tomas. She concludes that once again, she's been fooled and has fallen for a criminal. And Todd is "right on cue" to console her and get her to play into his scam. Rex declares that he does have feelings for Aubrey although he wants to take it slow after losing Gigi. And he gets ready to visit Paris, TX with Shane and Viki. Clint urges Viki not to leave without working out their "issues". But she walks out and doesn't care that in order to walk after her, his ankle bracelet has gone off. Meanwhile, Gigi/Stacy declares that she has feelings for Cutter, doesn't want him to leave town and convinces him to stay. Viki and Rex stand outside the Bon Jour Cafe and reminisce what the place has meant to them both and their memories of Gigi. Little do they know, however, that right inside is a woman who looks exactly like Gigi because she is. And when Clint is alone, out of nowhere, Kimberly appears at the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria and Billy get into a fight because an article shows up on the "Restless Style" website about Nikki being a new suspect in Diane’s murder. Victoria and Billy are both unaware that Phyllis gave Ricky the passwords to the website so that he could post the story. Billy assumes that Ricky somehow got the story on the website because he was mad at him for not giving him the job of editor. Billy promises Victoria that he will print a retraction and they make up, but Victoria is worried about Nikki because she couldn’t handle being a murder suspect. Sharon and Nick get into a huge argument because of her plan to get close to Adam in order to get him to retract his story that he saw Victor murder Diane. Sharon is tired of Nick running her life so she tells him that she will fight him in court if he decides to take away her visitation rights with Faith. Adam is touched that Sharon defended him when they argued in his office when Nick interrupted them. Adam wants Sharon to wear his mother’s ring again and gives it to her but she tells him that she can’t wear the ring and he knows the reason. Avery and Nick get into an argument when she tells him she won’t be the third woman in his rotation because he still has feelings for both Sharon and Phyllis. Nick tells Avery that she is wrong and proves it by giving her a passionate kiss outside of Crimson Lights.

Deacon tells Nikki that he will keep quiet about what he saw the night Diane died if she agrees to marry him. Nikki tells him Deacon she won’t marry him so Deacon tells her that he saw Victoria and Victor kill Diane and that she had blood on her clothes because she tried to stop them from killing Diane. Deacon explains to Nikki that Victoria bashed Diane’s head in with a rock because Diane was insulting her (Nikki) but Victor had already done most of the work. Victor pays the new detective on the murder case to take the syringe out of evidence and bring it to him so he can put his fingerprints on it. The detective then orders a new forensic test on all the evidence but makes it look like Ronan gave the order before he was removed from the case. Nikki goes to Vegas and marries Deacon who then gets a friend from a tabloid to make sure that the pictures are all over the Internet. Sharon goes to see Victor in jail and gets a text with Deacon and Nikki’s wedding picture. Sharon tells Victor the news and shows him the picture and Victor looks heartbroken.

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