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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie talks to the photo of Sally who says it is “Showtime Baby” and others will hate them whether they show these designs or go bankrupt. Pam shows up at Jackie M and needs a hug from Nick. She says she is finally standing up today and taking control of her life. After today Stephanie will hate her and she has no place else to turn. Maybe a kiss would make her feel better. Nick aims for the cheek, she grabs and goes full mouth almost knocking his socks off. Owen comments to Jackie this is a pretty nasty business, and he can only imagine how Bridget is going to react to this. Stephanie calls Pam and is worried since she did not show up for work. Pam is rather cryptic but says she is doing just fine and is where she should be. She says they will see each other very soon and says goodbye to Stephanie. Bridget shows up at the Jackie M showing and realizes right away that she has just seen these same designs in Ridge’s office. Bridget calls Stephanie and informs her that Jackie M has ripped off their creations. Stephanie says she is on the way. Don’t say anything to Jackie; she wants to surprise her. When she finds out who did this, someone is gonna pay. Owen tells Nick that Bridget knows and now so does Stephanie. Brooke meets Ridge in the steam room and rewards him for being the sexiest designer alive. Marcus does not listen to “not now” and bursts into the steam room to let Ridge know the developments at Jackie M. The collection is a huge success and Jarrett reports that the legacy of Sally Spectra endures again. Stephanie marches in and with blood in her eye, smacks Jackie across the face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton house, Will was trying to get the website back up.  Abby wanted to know what was taking so long.  He said when he dismantled the site, he made sure no one could put it back together.  Abby asked if they should go to the police.  Sonny said no.  The guys would hurt Chad and Melanie if they go the police.  Abby asked what if the police already knew.  She reminded them that Bo and Hope were trying to find them.  Sonny got a text that said tic tock.  Will realized that he needed more time.  Sonny said the texts were coming from Chadís phone so they may be able to track their location.  Will asked through GPS.  Sonny took over the computer.  Sonny connected to the signal and the GPS said they were by the waterfront.  It was a big building at the end of the pier.  Sonny was going to check it out.  Gabi and Abby wanted to go with him while Will worked on the website.  At the Horton Town Square, Bo showed Rafe and Carrie the picture of Chad and Melanie and the gun.  He told them about Artie wanting their protection.  Hope said the same man that targeted Jay and his family is after the kids now.  Carrie wondered what the guys wanted from Will, Chad, and Sonny.  Bo said the guys are running a gambling operation through the website.  Hope said the website is shut down putting the guys out of business.  Carrie and Rafe figured Chad and Melanie were being held hostage as leverage to get the website back up.  Chad and Melanie talked about being held hostage.  They got in an argument.  Melanie was worried that the guys were going to kill them because they knew what the guys looked like and can put them in prison.  Chad tried to comfort Melanie.  Bo wanted to track down Will and Sonny so they wouldnít try to handle this on their own.  Jack, Daniel, and Victor approached them.  Jack wanted to know where Abby was.  Bo told Jack about the gamblers running their game through the kidsí website.  Jack and Daniel were concerned about their daughters and wanted answers.  Bo wasnít able to give them anything new, but he would let them know.  Austin came up to Rafe and Carrie and wondered what was going on.  Carrie told him what was going on.  When Rafe left to call Sami, Austin was upset that Rafe involved Carrie in this case.  Bo and Hope talked about whether or not they should tell Daniel about Melanie.  They decided not to say anything.

Chad and Melanie talked about the kiss they had on Halloween.  Chad admitted that he knew it wasnít Abby he was kissing.  He said he didnít want to hurt Abby, but he canít stop feeling the way he does around her.  He didnít know if he wanted to.  One of the gamblers found Gabi and Abby outside while they were waiting for Sonny and threatened to kill them if they said anything.  Austin was upset when he saw Carrie rubbing on Rafeís shoulders because Rafe couldnít help with the investigation.  Austin and Carrie got into an argument over her working with Rafe.  Bo and Hope went to the Horton house.  Bo and Hope told Will how they spoke to Artie and knew what was going on.  Will said they couldnít get involved because the guys said no cops.  Hope said it was a scare tactic.  Will wasnít going to take the chance.  Bo took the laptop as part of an investigation.  Will said he couldnít.  Will got a text that said timeís almost up.  Will said if he couldnít finish, Chad and Melanie were going to die.  Chad and Melanie kissed each other.  They stopped kissing when they heard a noise.  The guys wanted to put Gabi and Abby with Chad and Melanie.  Bo and Hope saw Sonny at the warehouse.  Bo told him they talked to Artie and knew what was going on.  He asked where the guys were holding Chad and Melanie.  Sonny told Bo that the guys have Gabi and Abby too.  Sonny said he searched the first floor, but didnít find anything.  Hope found out that Austin was on his way.  She said they had to move fast.  Chad apologized to Melanie for everything.  While they were holding each other, the guys brought Abby and Gabi in there.  Will got the site back.  The guys knew the site was up and were ready to get rid of the kids.  One of the goons took Melanie out and told Chad and Abby to stay put.  Chad asked Abby why she didnít stay put.  Abby wanted to help save him.  The guys heard Bo and Hopeís voices.  Hope said she was calling for backup.  Chad and Sonny managed to fight off the guys and saved Gabi.  Austin, Bo, and Hope came to the rescue and the kids were saved.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate stops Sonny as their making out is about to transition to making love, for fear that she is setting herself up to be hurt. She encourages him to deal with his demons before turning to her.

Maxie wants to cash in the favor Anthony owes her by having him cover up Lisa's murder until she realizes Anthony and Lisa had a run-in that night too, which makes him a suspect too. She tells him her silence about that run-in will cost him. He finds it amusing that she wants to blackmail him into doing a favor he already agreed he owes. He decides that he likes her because she has guts. Maggie presses Steve for information about Lisa's murder. Then she follows him to Jake's where Olivia is waiting for him. Johnny tells Olivia that Dante is on a date with his hot new partner. Johnny hits on Maggie. Spinelli and Lulu discuss her broken engagement to Dante and how much more subdued and safe she has become over the years since they met. Spinelli thinks she has abandonment issues because of her relationship with her father and suggests that she reconsider breaking off the engagement.

Former mayor Floyd wants to press charges against Jason for assaulting him. Dante's new partner, Officer Dolores Padilla, asks Dante to give her the caseload for the rash of attacks on strippers since he clearly doesnít want her assistance on any of the cases that involve his father, his mother, or Jason. Sam goes looking for Franco. Michael goes with her and finds a circle spray painted on a garbage bag in front of the building where Franco and Jason had their first encounter. Sam finds a gift-wrapped DVD and tells Michael that she isn't going to tell Jason about it. Michael wants to know what she thinks is on the DVD. She doesnít reveal to him that she thinks it is footage what Franco did the night he drugged her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Roxy is devastated that Fraternity Row is cancelled and is bound and determined to get Natalie and John back together even if Natalie has given up. Although Bo is out of a job, he wants to work with John to get to the bottom of who killed Victor and what happened to Tomas Delgado. Todd is not giving up on Blair although she wants to move on and trust Tomas. Neela agrees to get Jack to confess to having Gigi killed by pretending to want to date him and keeping a concealed tape recorder in her purse. But he does not yet confess. Rex returns to Llanview knowing he's lied to his son although he still needs to get the answers that Kimberly has promised to give him about Stacy and Gigi in exchange for getting her sprung from jail. Cutter realizes that if he reveals to Gigi/Stacy that he knows she's the real Gigi and lied about it, then she will no longer be his friend, be angry at him and want to get back to Rex and Shane. So he keeps it a secret. She is trusting of him when he does not reveal that he's heard she is Gigi, not Stacy, and has never had any plastic surgery because this is her real face. But she knows she needs to stay in Paris, TX. He knows he better get them both out before somebody recognizes her and her memories of Gigi Morasco come back. But she wants to stay.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor isn’t happy that the judge rejected his plea and orders Michael to keep Sharon and Avery away from his case, because he has to take the blame for Diane’s murder. Michael doesn’t want to see Victor go to jail for something he didn’t do, so he has a talk with Avery and subtly implies that she have Sharon hire her as a consultant on the case. If she finds any evidence to prove Victor’s innocence, she is under an obligation to bring it to him Michael “accidentally “ leaves a file behind that Avery and Sharon go through later. Sharon decides to risk losing visitation with Faith and get close to Adam to see if he slips up and admits that Victor didn’t kill Diane. Nick tells Adam that he told Sharon that if she had a relationship with him she would lose visitation with Faith. Nick orders Adam to stay away from Sharon or he will once again be responsible for taking Faith away from her.

When Sharon calls Adam, he refuses to see her, but she goes to his office anyway with Avery’s tape recorder. She tries to get Adam to tell her what he saw the night Diane died, but he sticks to his story. He and Sharon are about to kiss when an angry-looking Nick interrupts them. Ricky sneaks into the police station and takes pictures of the Diane Jenkins investigation file before he goes to his interview with Billy for the editor in chief position at "Restless Style." Billy tells Ricky he doesn’t have enough experience to be editor, so Ricky tells him he knows that the police think Nikki killed Diane. When Victoria goes to see Victor in jail, he asks her to back up Adam’s story that she saw him kill Diane. Victoria wonders who her father loves enough to throw his life away for. Nikki continues to drink because Victor won’t let her tell the police the truth. Deacon tells Nikki that he saw everything that happened that night, and Victor killed Diane but he didn’t do it alone. Nikki drinks even more and tells Deacon she wishes she could erase the last 6 months of her life. Nikki passes out on the couch and Deacon tells a sleeping Nikki that he will take care of everything. He calls to get two first class plane tickets to Las Vegas. Billy tells Victoria that he doesn’t want to get married because he tried it, and he wasn’t good at it, so they decide they don’t need a piece of paper to be together. Victoria tells Billy that married or not, nothing will ever come between them again.

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