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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge warns Oliver that there will be no webcams behind the stage. No one will see these designs until they hit the runway. Oliver assures him the show will go off without a hitch. Backstage, Jackie is frazzled from answering the telephone and trying to keep peace at bay between the reporters sitting beside each other. Nick catches Jackie talking to herself again…..actually she is talking to the huge photo of Sally Spectra on the wall. Sally tells her that they have a date with destiny and nothing and nobody is going to stop them. Jackie buckles up and says okay, it is do or die. She chastises Nick for spending the previous afternoon with Donna….that’s Pam’s nemesis, Brooke’s sister and Eric’s ex-wife. He must have lost his mind. She reminds him that Pam might show up on his boat looking for him and they absolutely must not be connected to her. She can not be worried right now about him sleeping with the enemy. And after the collection she knows the Logan’s, the Forrester’s, anyone who cares for them will have nothing to do with her and Nick. Brooke and Katie are excited about the fashion show, but Donna gushes that she has better news. Pam ignores the phone and just wants to listen in on Donna. They have to assemble in Ridge’s office where she tells them about the day and that she and Nick kissed. Later she tells Katie that she has butterflies and is acting like a school girl. Katie tells hr not to worry that Nick has been with all three Logan girls plus a niece. He’s a good guy that does not play games. He’s smart and funny…..and it doesn’t hurt that he’s so damned sexy too. Pam sits eating one of her lemon bars and gloats to Stephanie that she stole every single design and gave them to Jackie M and she does not regret a thing……oops, it is all just a dream as the real Stephanie walks up and shakes her out of her fogginess and wants her to answer the phone. Jackie calls and wants to be sure that Pam hasn’t had second thoughts and Pam replies not at all. Owen walks in on Jackie and overhears that the designs have been compromised. He knew it – she stole them from the Forrester’s. Brooke drops in on Nick and she seems happy with the previous evening. He wonders if she is there to ask what his intentions are. She says she knows he is an honorable guy and he would never do anything to hurt her or anyone in her family. They wish each other well in their showings and he points out they each have to do what they must to survive. It's strictly business, not personal.

Eric calls the troops together but then dismisses Pam. He tells them they are in the home stretch now and all their hard work is paying off. That’s due to the extreme security for this showing so they can’t let up now. Owen wants Jackie to call off showing. She shoves it off on Pam and says they can not stop it now. These designs are the only thing between them and complete failure. She knows there will be repercussions, but the decision has been made. They will hit the runway tomorrow. Later she and Nick comment on how serious this is. Tomorrow they go to war with people they love. Pam cleans out her desk and lingers over photos of her and Stephen, her and Stephanie and then Ridge and Eric. She apologies to them as she has always been powerless, but no more. Eric, Stephanie and Ridge toast to tomorrow’s success. Nick consoles his mother that this is the only way. She replies that yes tomorrow at this time Jackie M will present the newest collection to the world and they will make fashion headlines around the globe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton House, Abby talked to Gabi about Will.  Then they talked about Abbyís award.  Abby wondered what was going on with Chad since he didnít show up at the house.  Abby called him, but got the voicemail.  At the Brady Pub, Sonny asked Will if he was all right after what happened at Maggieís.  Artie came in saying he needed to talk.  Sonny wanted to know what was going on.  Artie said theyíre going to kill us.  Sonny was willing to help Artie since he told them about the gambling on their website.  Artie said he wasnít the only one in trouble.  He said they were all in trouble.  Artie wanted to know where Chad was.  Will didnít know.  Will wanted to know what was going on.  Artie said if they didnít find Chad, he would be dead.  Bo and Hope were at Rafe and Samiís loft.  Rafe introduced Jay Jordan to them.  Rafe said there was something big going down at Salem University and Will may be involved in it.  Rafe said Willís life could be in danger.  Hope wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe wanted Jay to tell them.  At the Horton Town Square, Melanie noticed that Chad didnít answer a call from Abby and wanted to know why.  Chad said heís a terrible liar and Abby would have known right away something was going on.  He thanked Melanie for keeping it quiet.  A man watched them.  While Chad and Melanie were checking out the necklace he wanted to get for Abby, the guy watching them bumped into Chad.  When Chad told him to watch it, the guy pulled out a gun.  The gunman wanted Chad to do what he said or he would shoot them.  Chad tried to attack the guy, but the guy stuck the gun in his stomach and grabbed him.  The guy warned Chad that Melanie would get it if he tried playing hero again. 

Bo and Hope were talking with Jay.  Jay told them a guy approached him and threatened to break his neck if he didnít throw the game. (Jay is a forward at Salem U).  Jay said it has been happening for months.  Bo asked if he called he could tell them anything about the gambler, but Jay couldnít.  Jay knew the guy had a partner.  Jay said the guy was smart.  The guy knew that he was doing.  Jay said the guy threatened him and his family if he didnít throw the game.  Jay went along with it because he didnít want his family hurt.  Bo asked how often did he hear from the guys.  Jay only saw them in person a couple of times.  Bo and Hope continued to question Jay about the gambler.  Jay told them the guys used a website to take bets.  He said it was a university website.  Bo realized that the site could be Willís website.  Sonny said if the trouble was about the website, they didnít have to worry because they shut the website down.  Artie said that was the problem.  Artie said the guys running the gambling site are bad people.  They are the kind to chop off fingers in order to make their enemies disappear.  Artie said the guys are mad that they cut off their cash cow so they are going to make them disappear.  Artie said the guys probably got to Chad.  Will and Sonny panicked when they didnít hear anything from Chad.  They were afraid they were in danger.  Chad and Melanie were put in a warehouse.  Melanie wanted to know why they were there.  The guys were watching Melanie and Chad on a camera.  Chad and Melanie banged and screamed to be let out.  The guys went in to talk to Chad and Melanie.  The guys told Chad to put the sports page back up for or Chad and Melanie would get it.  Chad realized they were the ones who hacked into the website.  Chad told them he was a DiMera.  The guys knew who he was.  They also knew he has nothing to do with his family so one was going to be rescuing them anytime soon.  When one of the guys tried to hit on Melanie, Chad stopped him.  The guy agreed to leave Melanie alone as long as the website was running.  Chad said they could have any website as long as they left them alone.  The guy said no.  The guy already had a system in place, accounts lined up, addresses, encrypted information that they couldnít afford to lose.  He said too much time and money has gone into this.  Bo got off the phone and told Hope, Rafe, and Carrie that Jay was in protective custody and they were working on finding his family.  Bo said if what Jay said was true, they had to get to Will, Chad, and Sonny.  Chad told the guys if they shoot him, the site would never go up.  Chad said he handled tech, so if they let them go, he would have the site back in an hour.  The guy laughed and hit Chad.  They guy didnít buy Chadís idea.  The guy knew Will was the brains of the website.  When the guys left, Chad comforted Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Matt is still missing and Maxie is getting more frustrated. Lulu arrives and wants to talk about Dante, but Maxie isn’t into it. Mac shows up at Crimson and asks Maxie where Matt is. Mac tells her that he would do anything for her – but Maxie insists that she’s told him everything that he knows. Delores is caught looking at Dante’s files and tells him that she knows that he doesn’t like her. Mac stops by and urges Dante to get some rest and not make him regret putting him back on active duty. Lulu walks in and puts the ring on his desk. Dante doesn’t want to take it. Lulu tells him that they’ve made their choices and it’s over.

Sam apologizes to Michael for going a little crazy on him. Michael asks Sam if she was ever victimized and she tells him that it was a long time ago. Michael really wants to catch whomever is attacking the Vaughn girls – but Sam warns him not to play the hero. Coleman swings by and tells Sam that Jason is looking at a new message from Franco. Jason has flashes of memories about Franco. Spinelli tries to calm him down – but Jason isn’t listening. Jason loses his temper and orders Spinelli to leave.

Preston and Diane notice Johnny’s talking to the Vaughn girls and they want to know what is going on. Diane goes over and tries to talk to the girls – because she knows that Johnny won’t tell anyone. Preston follows Sam and Michael outside and he starts pushing Jason’s buttons. Jason attacks him. In turn, he files assault charges and Dante comes to arrest Jason. Jason tells Dante that he doesn’t have time for this – because Franco is back. Dante pulls a gun on him. He tells Michael to take Sam home. Sam refuses. Johnny starts flirting with Delores. He lets her know about the man attacking the women at Vaughn’s and she is surprised that no one has said anything to her. Sonny’s imagination is getting the better of him at the brownstone. He ends up talking to his younger self. Kate is in the doorway – listening to all of this. She calls out to Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Llanview laments the cancellation of their beloved daytime drama "Fraternity Row." Nigel suggests that Clint throw a farewell party for Fraternity Row. Roxy determines to save the show and goes to Clint for help. Viki vents to Noelle about Clint kissing her. Clint tells Nigel about the kiss, and that Viki thought he was kissing her in lieu of Kimberly. Nigel encourages Clint to be honest with Viki about his feelings. Noelle advises Viki to give Clint a reason to regard Kim as second best. Shane wants Neela to help him make Jack pay, but she doesn't want to get involved. Rex seeks answers from Kimberly, who says she will happily comply as soon as he gets her out of jail. Rex sends Aubrey to retrieve an incriminating photo from Rama. Aubrey tells Rama she wants her to help catch Stacy. Kim didn't know about Stacy's plastic surgery beforehand, but knows Stacy's plan was to replace Gigi without Rex realizing it. She tells him Stacy returned to Llanview the day he was to marry Gigi. "Stacy" finds the Bon Jour Cafe in Paris, TX familiar. Cutter thinks it is because of its similarity to the Buenos Dias Cafe in Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria is hurt when Nick decides to go back to Newman Enterprises because he has to support Victor right now. Adam goes to visit Victor and gets assurance that he will be in charge of the company even if Nick wants to return. Victor tells Adam that if he fails him in his plan to protect Nikki or with the company, he will be very sorry about it. Jack wants to take advantage of Newman’s falling stock to try and grab Beauty of Nature, but Ashley doesn’t want to take advantage of a bad situation. Victoria tells Katherine and Ashley how Victor kept Billy away from his family. Ashley asks Victoria to come work with Jabot to develop a product line to compete with Beauty of Nature.

Sharon asks Avery to help Michael with Victor's defense but Michael refuses, because he knows Victor is protecting Nikki. Ronan tells the judge at Victor’s arraignment that he thinks Victor may have had an accomplice in Diane’s murder whom Victor wants to protect. Given Ronan’s testimony, the judge refuses to accept Victor’s guilty plea and sets a date for an evidentiary hearing. Ronan questions Nikki again and she tells him that she did drive to Genoa City from the rehab the night Diane died, because she wanted to see her family, but when she arrived in town, she reconsidered and went back. Nick interrupts Adam’s press conference and tells the press that he, not Adam, will be in charge of the company. Once the press conference is over, Adam tells Nick that Victor wants him in charge. Nick calls an emergency board meeting to let the board decide which of them will run the company. Nikki is distraught because she can’t remember what happened the night Diane died. Deacon thinks that if he told her what he knows it would destroy her family.

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