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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope questions Stephanie just how well she knows this new Beverly….she caught her taking photos of the Forrester’s originals for the showing. Stephanie says she will talk to Bev; she never thought to tell her to be more discreet. She had a very good feeling about her and she came highly recommended by Dayzee. Stephanie speaks with Beverly and she admits she did take pictures, but she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to. Hope and Stephanie explain that they have been ripped off before so that is why security is so tight. Bev says she gave the photos to no one and she will delete them. Eric tells his men they are going to set the fashion world on its ear. He feels this is his best collection ever with the help of Ridge and Thomas. Jackie tells Pam that they have a show to put on also before the Forrester’s do; she will sleep later. Pam confides that she has no place else to go after this when Eric finds out. She needs assurance from Jackie that she has a place here. And she misses a man in her life, so Nick is a bonus there too. Nick pops in on Donna on The Marlin and she convinces him to take a quick break from work and take her for a little spin in the boat. He admits it is a whole different world out on the waters. Donna wonders what a girl has to do to get behind that wheel.

Owen quizzes Jackie if she took a page from Spectra’s style of fashion espionage. These designs are definitely not her style; not even close. She feigns innocence. Stephanie finds Pam as she returns from Jackie M. and wants to know where she’s been. She is stymied when Pam pours her heart out how Stephanie left her behind in Chicago to be a servant to their mother. Stephanie thought all of that was behind them and she does not want to go there. Pam tells her she should have appreciated her when she had her. She feels like leaving and going some place where she is appreciated. Donna squeals with delight when Nick lets her “drive”. She even hits the throttle and goes full speed ahead. They enjoy moments in the fresh, crisp air and toast with champagne. They find it easy to be in each other's company and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton Town Square, Sami met with Madison and apologized for being late.  Madison didnít want to hear her excuses.  Sami begged Madison not to fire her.  Madison got a call and wanted to talk about Samiís job status later.  At the Brady Pub, Hope read the voucher she and Bo found and wondered why Stefano gave it to Alice.  Bo thought it had something to do with the letter Susan sent to Alice.  Hope wondered if the voucher was Stefanoís version of a thank you gift.  They talked about the Swiss bank account Austin looked into.  Bo thought he had a way to solve the mystery.  He called Marlena and found out that she treated Susan and kept in touch with her all these years.  Marlena gave him Susanís number.  He called Susan.  Hope took the phone.  Susan thought Hope was a telemarketer.  Hope told Susan who she was.  Hope told Susan she was calling her about Stefano.  Susan didnít want to talk about Stefano.  Hope told her how she found the letter Susan wrote to Alice.  Susan said Alice helped her.  Hope questioned Susan about the letter.  Hope asked why Stefano went to Alice after Elvis was better.  Susan made noises to pretend she couldnít hear her.  Susan hung up.  Hope told Bo that Susan panicked and didnít want to answer her.  They were determined to get to the bottom of it.  Madison returned from her phone call and yelled at Sami.  Sami said she was late because the printer didnít have the mock up done that Madison wanted.  Madison was upset when she thought Sami didnít have it.  Sami said she did.  Madison was furious when it was the wrong file.  Sami said it was the one Madison wanted.  Madison continued to yell at Sami until she got another call.  Kate was eavesdropping on them.

Stefano agreed to see Bo and Hope.  Hope noticed the baby picture at the DiMera mansion.  Hope told Stefano that they found that picture in Aliceís things.  Bo and Hope wanted to know what was going on.  Hope told Stefano how they knew Alice helped Susan find a doctor that saved EJís life.  Stefano knew Hope called Susan.  Hope thought Stefano had Susanís phone tapped.  Stefano said maybe Susan called to warn him about her snooping.  He said that Hope was so predictable that he knew she was going to call Susan the moment she found out Alice helped EJ.  Hope said Stefano knew that Susan wrote a letter to Alice asking for help.  Stefano said that wasnít a secret.  Stefano said it wasnít a secret that Susan didnít want him around EJ.  Bo asked why he didnít kidnap EJ.  Stefano said he kept his eye on Susan and EJ.  Bo and Hope continued to question Stefano about the letter.  Hope showed Stefano the voucher.  Kate talked to Sami about Madison.  Kate tried to talk Sami into standing up to Madison.  Sami was afraid she would be fired.  Kate thought Sami would get fired if she didnít stand up to Madison.  Stefano wondered how Bo and Hope got the voucher.  Bo and Hope wanted him to tell them.  Stefano said they wouldnít get any answers from him.  Stefano said he didnít know how Alice got it.  Bo didnít believe Stefano would forget such a thing.  Harold came in and told Stefano he had a call.  Bo and Hope decided to keep their cool and play Stefano like a game.  They left soon after Stefano came back from his call.  Sami took Kateís advice and stood up to Madison.  Kateís advice worked.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky tells Elizabeth that they will never get back together. She says he keeps pushing her away because he still loves her. He admits that he does, but tells her love is not enough. He suggests she needs help. She compares him to Luke and then insults Siobhan's memory. Lucky goes to get a nurse and when they return, Elizabeth has disappeared after having printed "can't do this" in lipstick on her pillow.

Sonny is at his childhood home to confront his memories of Deke's abuse. A police officer comes in thinking he is a burglar, but when Sonny tells him he bought the place, the officer stands down. He tells Sonny that the punk kid that grew up in that house used to beat his mother almost daily and had his cop stepfather executed when he wanted to press charges. After the cop leaves, Sonny yells at Deke for blaming him for what Deke did to his mother. He sees himself as a child crying in the closet.

Sam stares at Franco's latest tag and wonders what it means. Jason finds her and tells her she is doing exactly what Franco wants. Shawn arrives at Carly's house with a duffle bag containing everything he owns. He tells her that she is going to have to follow orders for him to effectively protest her and Josslyn. Michael accuses Shawn of taking the opportunity to get to Carly. Carly tells Shawn what Carter did to Michael in prison. He tells her he will protect all her kids. She secretly watches him while he exercises. Mayor Floyd resigns and buys the Herald Newspaper, becoming Diane's new boss. Diane notices him watching Sam discussing the rash of attacks with two Vaughn's employees. The women seem to know, but are unwilling to disclose, the attacker's identity. Michael charges into Jake's demanding information from them. Sam tells him he is not helping and accuses him of thinking that taking their clothes off for money meant the women had it coming. He tells her he didnít think that at all and explains that he is in a bad mood because Shawn told him to stay away from the attacker because it will make him a target for Franco. He says Shawn has no idea what it feels like to be a victim of Franco just as a way to get to Jason. Sam throws the ball rack against the wall. Coleman shows Jason that the tag was changed with the addition of the letter "O" in white paint at the end, now NO2CCAH5O.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Neela informs Roxy, Destiny and Shaun that she is going to have a date with jack Manning, Roxy informs her that she is Shane's grandmother and his mom is dead because of Jack. Destiny tells her she agrees that Jack is not a nice boy. She then finds Shane and tells him she won't be dating Jack when Shane tells her maybe she should as a matter of fact. Noelle Stubbs is in town at the Buenos Dias with Shane remembering Gigi. While at the same time, Gigi/Stacy is with Cutter at non other than The Bon Jour Cafe where Gigi used to work. Rex and Aubrey go to find Kim in jail who tells them she has information she knows that Rex would want regarding Stacy as well as how Gigi really died. But in order for her to help Rex, he has to help her get out of jail. Clint indicates that he has feelings for Viki and kisses her. But when she finds out that much of his "decision" is due to finding out that Kim is unavailable to him, she is very angry hurt and cries.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Roxie manage to persuade Angelina that she has a lot of work to do before becoming a good singer. Angelina assures Devon she is willing to work hard to get ready for the singing competition. Kevin makes a deal with Angelo to keep Angelina’s old boyfriend away from her. Once his job is done, he will get the deed to a house for Chloe and Delia. Devon later tells Roxie that it will take a miracle for Angelina to be able to sing in time for the competition. Noah tells Eden that he is moving back to New York in order to make it easier for him to work on the music for the Jabot ad campaign. Daniel and Eden run into Cane and Lily at the same movie. Daniel decides to leave the movie early because he can’t stand to see Cane with Lily. Daniel takes Eden to his apartment and teaches her how to paint on canvas. Daniel and Eden get paint all over each other, which later leads to sex with no strings. Jill and Gloria are at the Athletic club bar drinking and talking about how rotten Colin and Jeffrey were to them when the audience sees a tired looking Jeffrey on a deserted island struggling to make a fire.

Adam assures Nikki that he won’t tell Victoria and Nick that Victor is in jail because he is covering for her, but she must keep Nick out of Newman Enterprises while Victor is in jail. Nikki heads to Nick’s house and warns him to watch out for Adam, because he has an agenda for the company while Victor is in jail. Nick asks Sharon to promise she won’t see Adam again and warns her that if she does, he will ask the court for permanent custody of Faith without any visitation for her. Sharon promises Nick that she won’t see Adam, but Nick doesn’t think she can keep her promise. Sharon later runs into Adam at the Newman barn when he interrupts a phone conversation she is having with Sam. The rainstorm and the barn remind Adam of their kiss in New Orleans, so he kisses Sharon, but she pushes him away after a few seconds and tells him not to touch her again. Sharon runs outside because she doesn’t want Adam to see how much the kiss affected her.

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