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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Liam that she isn’t saying it will happen again with Bill and Steffy, but she doesn’t like the signs she is seeing. They definitely have to be smart and keep their eyes open. Liam says he will, but he’s not going to be paranoid about it. Steffy attempts to clean Bill’s shirt while he fantasizes about their previous kisses. He has her abruptly stop and she doesn’t understand why. He says this is an uncomfortable situation for Katie and he needs to be more sensitive and respect that and so does Steffy. Jake tells Rick they have extra surveillance back stage; it’s like Ft. Knox. Jackie gloats to the huge pix of Sally on the wall that she was the Queen of the Rip-offs and she is gonna take one of her famous fashion coos and she will need all the inspiration she can get. Nick catches her and tells her that she has literally flipped her red wig and is further gone than he thought. Nick calls Pam and reminds her they need more designs and especially the Forrester Show Stopper. She blows kisses across the phone and says she is working on it. Hope shows Bev how hectic it is back stage. Eric pulls out the show stopper with Pam salivating close by.

Stephanie muses to Bev that this is gonna be a very positive internship so don’t let it intimidate her. Katie calls Hope and makes an excuse for her to come over, and then she leaves so only Liam is there. There’s awkward silence, but he finally thanks Hope for the speech she made at Thanksgiving. She returns that she only wants him to be happy; that is all she ever wanted. When she leaves, she sees Steffy come in and drape herself around her husband and wants to take him home. Katie confides in Brooke that Liam is with Hope right now. She loves her husband and she doesn’t believe that he will ever cross that line again, but she doesn’t trust Steffy and she never will. If he should, then that would mean the end of her marriage to Bill and Liam’s marriage to Steffy. Hope spies Bev taking pictures of the Forrester’s designs for the showing. Meanwhile Pam provides Nick a close up of the show stopper.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, EJ set up a romantic evening for Nicole.  He didnít want to work on the campaign.  At the loft, Rafe, Sami, and the kids were trimming the tree.  Will was standing back.  Sami tried to get Will into the spirit, but it didnít do any good.  He told her to leave him alone.  She told him he didnít get to talk to her like that.  He thought he did.  She asked what was happening to him.  She asked if it had to do with Gabi.  He said he didnít want to talk about it.  Austin and Carrie showed up with a surprise for Sami.  The surprise was Marlena.  Will was happy, but Sami was upset.  Will hugged Marlena and the kids were happy to see her.  Sami was furious with Carrie for bringing Marlena there.  They got into an argument over Marlena being there.  Rafe and Austin tried to defend what Carrie did.  Sami was still upset with Marlena and brought up the shooting at the pub.  At the Horton house, Bo and Hope discussed the note they found.  Hope wondered why Stefano owed Alice anything.  Bo wondered why Stefano gave Alice the paperweight talking about their bond.  Hope said they needed to talk to Stefano.  She thought they might have had time to go before the tree trimming.  When Jennifer, Abby, and Chad showed up, Bo suggested that Stefano could wait.  Jack showed up to help with the tree trimming.  Jennifer wondered what he was doing there.  Abby said she invited him.  Maggie came in with Daniel and Melanie.  Jack and Daniel didnít like seeing each other at the house. 

Sami wanted to kick Marlena out, but Rafe stopped her.  He wanted her to think what it would do to the kids.  Sami finally agreed.  Sami made an effort to get along with Marlena.  Will poured liquor in his glass.  He put water in it so no one would notice it missing.  Carrie and Austin announced they were staying in Salem permanently.  Carrie said Austin got a job at Salem University so she and Rafe could work on Johnís case.  Carrie told Marlena about the proof they have that could help prove John is innocent.  When Will dropped something, Sami panicked.  She had to get to Johnny.  Marlena said it was fine.  Sami snapped and told her not to touch her.  Sami told Marlena that she talks about John and the world disappears.  Sami didnít care about John and hoped he rotted in prison for the rest of his life.  Abe and Lexie showed up at the Horton house and talked to Bo and Hope.  When the subject of Alice came up, Hope asked if Stefano ever mentioned Alice.  Lexie said she didnít remember.  After a while, Abe and Lexie left the house.  EJ asked Nicole to move in with him.  They talked about Sami and the past they had with Sami.  EJ thought about having sex with Sami.  Nicole accepted EJís offer to move in even though they still had issues to work out.  Sami and Marlena got into an argument over John.  Will got into the argument when Sami called Marlena selfish.  He screamed at Sami and called her a hypocrite.  Sami wanted to take a walk.  Will asked if it was so he wouldnít embarrass her.  Sami said she wanted to know why he was angry with her.  She pushed him to the door, but someone was there.  Abe, Lexie, and Theo were there.  Carrie told Theo how the kids were in the back room.  Rafe wanted to make a toast, but Will beat him to it.  Will toasted to Marlena for putting up with Sami.  Everyone wanted to know what was going on with Will.  Will brought up how Sami lied to Austin for years that he was his son.  Rafe asked if Will was drinking.  Will said he was.  Will said Rafe deserved better than Sami after what she did to him.  Rafe asked what he was talking about.  Will looked at Sami who was confused.  He said he was talking about the way Sami treats him.  Will brought up how she blamed him when Johnny was missing and he was the one who found Johnny.  Rafe said that was between him and Sami.  Will said he was pointing out that sheís a b*tch.  Will said he must be a son of a b*tch.  Sami told him to stop it.  Will laughed at her.  Rafe told him to apologize to Sami.  He apologized to the guests and left the room.  Rafe went to check on Will.  Marlena tried to comfort Sami.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rick has served a lawsuit to Starr, Dani, James and Nate with extensive liability for everything he wants to hold them responsible for. Dani recalls what she's learned from her lawyer mom regarding lawsuits but realizes they cannot ask her mom for help when Tea already has too much on her plate and is pregnant. Tea goes with Blair to the station and finds out that John has suspicion about Tomas who has disappeared and nobody (except Todd and possibly Claude) know where he's gone. Tea acts as her brother's defense attorney. Todd stands by to evesdrop upon their conversation yet is not primary a suspect. Claude is however. John questions him and Blair agrees that he might know some things about Tomas that he is not revealing. Todd is worried that Claude might give him up and calls Baker. Rex and Aubrey are tailing Cutter and Gigi/Stacy when Rex concludes that he would not be surprised if Gigi's sister Stacy is behind this scheme to make herself or "someone" look just like Gigi in an attempt to make him think Gigi is back. Aubrey helps rex investigate just what Cutter might hae to do with this and concludes that the timing is all wrong as she has known what Cutter has been doing in this time and she tells Rex she suspects "somebody else" is involved in this. And Rex puts two and two together and concludes it must be Stacy's friend, Kimberly Andrews who came to town to win Clint back and then suddenly disappeared. Heraing that, Aubrey informs Rex for the first time that Kim is the real Aubrey Wentworth, Cutter's sister. Cutter is then shocked to find out from the plastic surgeon that he knows with certainty that he never performed surgery on the "woman in question" (who is with Cutter and looks exactly like Gigi). Cutter then realizes she may not be Stacy having had her face altered to look like Gigi and might, in fact be the real Gigi. So he persuades her to move somewhere randomly selected on the globe. And it just happens to be Paris, TX where the real Gigi used to live and work as a waitress when she was first on the show.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick, Victoria, and Billy hear about Victor’s arrest on TV. Victoria and Nick head to the ranch to check on Nikki and see how she is taking the news. Deacon is at the ranch giving Nikki a hangover cure. Victoria and Nick are not happy to see Deacon there. Nikki heads to the station with Nick to talk to Victor. They both try to persuade Victor not to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Victor tells Nick that he got tired of Ronan going after his family so he thought it was time to confess. Victor tells Nikki that he will protect her. but she wants to tell the police she killed Diane. Both Michael and Victor advise her not to talk to the police. Sharon arrives and tells Victor she knows he didn’t kill Diane and she will support him just like he did her until he is free. Sharon tells Adam he is despicable for confirming Victor’s confession, but it doesn’t faze him because he only did the job of the black sheep of the family. Nick agrees to run Newman Enterprises while Victor is in jail.

Billy thanks Cane for helping Victoria and Jill in Myanmar and trying to help him find Chelsea and clear his name. Lily overhears the conversation and is even more sure that Cane is the man that she fell in love, with and he isn’t a bad person even though Daniel tells her Cane is still a dangerous man. Daniel shares his concerns about Lily with Eden who decides to take Daniel to a French movie unaware that Cane and Lily are going to the same movie on a date. Patty fakes felling dizzy so that Genevieve won’t go to Jack’s house since she knows he is talking to Emily. Before she went to meet Genevieve, she was looking in Jack’s window and saw him and Emily talking. Genevieve gets Patty some water and then heads to Jack’s house just as Emily is leaving after her walk down memory lane with Jack. After Genevieve notices a wine glass with lipstick on it, Jack tells her about his old girlfriend Emily and that they were engaged but things got complicated between them. Genevieve and Jack kiss while Patty peeks inside the window and doesn’t look happy. Ronan and Paul can’t shake the feeling that something just isn’t right about Victor’s confession.  Ronan asks Nikki if she knows of any reason Victor would confess to killing Diane. Victoria refuses to go see Victor in jail because he made her choose between him and Billy and she chose Billy to be her family now.

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