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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that she will have to put her negative feelings for Steffy aside. She and Steffy are both Spencers now and he will make the decisions that are in the best interest of the family. This is his company and he will decide how it is run. There is no compromise now. It’s over for Liam and Hope so she must accept this marriage and Steffy into the family. She huffs off when he mentions working together and even vacationing together with Steffy and Liam. Thomas surprises Hope with a room full of flowers and lighted candles and a romantic dinner. Brooke spies them kissing. She manages to send Thomas on an errand so she can talk to Hope alone. She cautions Hope not to give up on Liam and make too hasty a decision again. Katie goes straight to Liam and tells him that she is not all right. It seems that Bill values Steffy’s opinion over hers now. Liam feels for her, but agrees with Bill. Steffy is not going anywhere so Katie needs to accept this more readily. He reminds her that it does bother him that Steffy and his dad once had strong feelings for each other, but he doesn’t want to hear that any more. And he understands that Bill helped Steffy stop the gondola. They did that to protect him from Hope. She cries that she can’t get that image out of her mind. Liam doesn’t think they will act on this feeling. It would be the end of both of their marriages. Bill tells Steffy what a great daughter-in-law she is and accidentally spills a drink on his shirt. She rushes to his aid in cleaning the spot and Bill suddenly has these romantic thoughts.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, EJ was being interviewed about Johnís class action suit.  EJ said the class action suit had nothing to do with his campaign.  EJ showed a picture of a woman and said the suit was about her and people like her.  At the Horton House, Bo and Hope were getting the Christmas decorations ready.  They talked about Alice.  Bo gave Hope an old card from Alice.  At the loft, Rafe and Sami talked about Will messing up Maggieís place and how heís been upset lately.  At the Horton Town Square, Will pictured Sami and EJ together as well as Gabi breaking up with him and his reaction to it.  While Rafe and Sami were talking about Will moving in with Gabi, Will showed up.  Sami asked where heís been.  He said he was out.  She asked if he was out all night.  Rafe told him not to get smart with Sami.  Rafe said Sami wanted to know why he didnít come home last night and Will got smart.  Sami said he should have called.  Will got smart again.  Rafe asked if Will was with Gabi.  Will shrugged it off and tried to go to his room.  Rafe stopped him and repeated his question.  Will said no.  Will wanted to leave, but Rafe and Sami wanted to know what happened.  They told him how Maggie called and said Will trashed her place.  They all continued to talk about Willís attitude.  At Johnís cell, Carrie planned to move the deposition as quickly as possible, but she thought EJ would slow it down.  They all watched EJís interview about John on Carrieís phone.

At the courthouse, EJ asked John why he did it.  Carrie objected.  EJ said John admitted that heís guilty and itís a matter of public record.  All his clients wished to know why he did it.  He wanted to know what secret John is hiding.  John told EJ that secrets are something that EJ and his family know a lot about.  EJ didnít appreciate his comments about his family.  EJ continued to question John about being in a clinic in Switzerland.  EJ asked if John staged it so he could have a cover to embezzle money from Johnís company.  Carrie told John not to answer.  EJ wanted an answer.  Carrie still didnít want John to answer.  EJ asked if John was seriously taking this case to trial and Carrie said they were.  Carrie got a call about the motion sheís pending.  She was going to step out and suggested EJ did the same.  When EJ was about to leave, John told him to stay.  EJ asked if John was sure he wanted to talk without Carrie being there.  John said he did.  Will told Rafe and Sami that he asked Gabi to move in with him and she broke up with him.  He said she dumped him in front of everyone.  He was humiliated and no longer believed in love.  Sami apologized, but Will didnít want to talk about it.  Sami wanted to talk and asked if that was all he was upset about.  Rafe tried to comfort him and suggested he apologize to Maggie.  Will wanted to be alone.  Sami said he could be alone later.  She wanted him to go to Maggie and do the right thing.  Will said that was funny coming from her.  Rafe reacted to what Will said.  Will agreed to do the right thing because somebody around there should.  When Will left, Rafe asked Sami what Will meant.  At the Horton Town Square, Marlena saw Nicole and tried to warn her about the DiMeras.  Nicole didnít want Marlenaís warning.  They got into an argument about it.  Bo and Hope talked about Zack being gone.  Hope picked up Aliceís ornament and took the top part off.  She found a piece of paper in it.  She opened the paper and they saw the Phoenix sign at the bottom.  It said to extend to the bearer of this card every courtesy that would be afforded to Stefano.  Bo wanted to know what that meant.  John and EJ got into a huge argument.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maggie tells Elizabeth that Luke drove Aiden to the hospital the night he got sick. Maggie Worth wonders why Luke is avoiding his grandson. Monica slaps Luke. Lucky is disappointed because he thinks Luke is still drinking. Elizabeth confronts Luke about coming near her children. Monica informs Robin that the board of Directors elected to relieve her of her duties as chief of staff pending the Lisa Niles murder investigation. Patrick and Steve take the news harder than Robin does. Robin tells Patrick that she has something bad she has to tell him. Mac is concerned about Robin's behavior lately. Alexis tells Mac that she will represent Robin or Maxie if they need a defense attorney. Lulu discovers that Dante is on the Lisa Niles case and not a desk job. She blasts him for lying to her again after promising he would never do it again. They argue.

Michael asks Sam to investigate the string of attacks on Vaughn's employees and former employees. Tracy tells Michael she needs to handle a contract that he brokered while he worked at ELQ and in return, Abby gets to keep her job. He tells her that in exchange she has to send Abby on an out of town business trip for a couple of weeks. Tracy sends Abby to Chicago. Kate follows Sonny to the brownstone where he grew up in Bensonhurst. They talk for a while on the stoop, and then he asks her to go shopping so he can go into the brownstone alone. `Molly goes to Wyndemere alone and without permission. Someone watches her. Alexis and Ethan go to get her. They tell her someone is hiding in Wyndemere and forbid her to return. Ethan catches a glimpse of their hidden audience. When he pretends to leave, the woman wearing the long flowing white gown comes into the parlor. Ethan tells her she isn't what he was expecting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Shane urges Neela to play the tape of Jack confessing to having Gigi Morasco killed. Although she really doesn't want to get Jack in trouble and he's expressed remorse, Shane gets her to play the recording to John McBain. John is very satisfied that he's finally gotten what he needs to make Jack pay and get justice for Rex and Shane, as he was not able to do before. But it seems Jack might be "turning over a new leaf", developing a conscience and Neela is caught in the middle and not happy as Shane and others are. Todd manages to make himself a hit with Blair, Starr, Sam and even Jack is cordial to him while he spends Christmas with them. A furious Viki reveals to Natalie that she caught Clint kissing Kim. Viki encourages her mother not to tolerate that although Jessica listens to her dad as he tells her he's made his decision to choose her mother over Kim. Viki and Clint finally resolve their misunderstanding and end up kissing and reconciling. In Paris, TX, Rex and Gigi/Stacy get to see the accurate video of what happened when Gigi died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the basement. And we learn, for the first time that Stacy came out of nowhere to finish what Jack and his friends started. She intended to let Gigi die in the basement and take her wedding dress to marry Rex in her sister's place. And Rex learns, for the first time, that the Gigi look alike is in fact the real Gigi and it was Stacy who died and looked just like Gigi and so everybody has been mistakenly believing that she was Gigi. Knowing that the love of his life is alive and well, Rex is finally complete.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy considers working for Jabot but his heart is really with Restless Style. He is thrilled when he arrives home and finds that Victoria has persuaded Nick to sell the magazine back to him. Victoria and Nick decide to go into business together although they aren’t sure what type of business it will be yet. Tucker tells Emily he must stop therapy with her because Ashley had a rather strong reaction to the news. Emily runs into Jack and, after she proves to him she isn’t Patty, they talk and tell each other they still think of one another. Nikki tells Victor she was very drunk when she went to the park the night Diane died. She was also very angry with Diane for the pictures of them she sent to the tabloid. Nikki explains to Victor that she saw him talking to Diane and she also saw Victoria before she passed out. Nikki recalls waking up with a bloody rock next to her and bloody clothes, which she threw away.

Victor promises Nikki he will make this go away when Ronan arrives with an arrest warrant for Nikki. Victor is alerted by his security team and covers a sleeping Nikki with some hay. Then he takes a few sips of Nikki’s booze so that Ronan thinks he is drunk. When Ronan arrives, he confessed to killing Diane by injecting her with the syringe he found in the safe, but it didn't work so he hit her on the head until she was dead. Adam arrives at the stable and Victor asks him to tell Ronan that he saw him kill Diane. After Adam does so, Victor is arrested. Michael heads to the police station and asks Victor to tell him the truth. Victor recalls covering Nikki with hay and tells Michael that he killed Diane. Adam sees this as the perfect opportunity to get Sharon to come home so she won’t be near Sam. He calls her to tell her about Victor’s arrest and she takes the first plane home. Tucker hears the news of Victor’s arrest and tells Ashley, who immediately says Victor didn’t kill Diane and he must have another reason for his confession. Tucker is hurt that Ashley has doubts about him killing Diane but quickly defends Victor. Nikki wakes up in the barn covered in hay with a headache and calls for Victor.

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