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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy assures Katie that it would be so easy to put their differences aside since their families are one and the same now. Katie replies that she can’t let down the walls. She’d love to have a daughter-in-law, one that she could respect. She does not respect Steffy and she doubts she ever will. Bill points out to Liam that he’s been running this company long before he and Katie married, so he doesn’t need her approval for everything. Katie does make a concession. She will put aside her distaste of Steffy if Bill will rescind Steffy's appointment to the board. The position should have been earned. She can’t believe Bill can’t see her point of view. Katie spouts that Steffy has become way too close to her husband again. She believes Liam will see this too and her marriage will be over. Pam hangs around while Eric and Ridge make the last minute changes to their runway fashions. They tell Rick and Thomas there will be no e-mailing or texting for extra security reasons. Stephanie steps in and introduces Beverly to everyone in her family. Hope encourages Beverly to go for her dreams. Stephanie tells the group that Beverly needs a job. They promptly offer her a job to be a pager at Forrester’s. She’s grateful but reluctant since she doesn’t want to screw up. She always is the first one to get the blame when something goes wrong, but finally agrees. Liam calls Hope and wants to meet her for coffee so they can discuss the new ads; the ones where she has replaced him with Thomas. She brushes him off and says he’s married and she wanted the change in the ads.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the spa, Rafe asked Sami about the massage.  She said it was fine.  Kate walked in.  Sami thanked Rafe for the treat.  He thought she could use a break after the rough week.  Madison walked up to them and was upset.  Madison said she was calling Sami all afternoon and thought something terrible happened.  Sami wanted to explain.  Kate was eavesdropping on them.  Sami said this had been a rough couple of weeks.  Madison understood and that was why she was supportive.  She gave Sami time off.  Madison said they used company hours to look for Johnny.  Sami knew and appreciated it.  Madison said she wasnít going to let Sami take advantage of her.  Sami said she wasnít.  They continued to talk about it.  Madison was also upset that Sami would be at Quinnís spa because they had Countess W products.  Rafe tried to take the blame for it.  Madison ripped into Sami for supporting the competition.  At Maggieís house, Chad and Sonny were cooking.  Melanie, Gabi, and Abby were there too.  Will came in and wondered what was going on.  Melanie told him Chad and Sonny were cooking.  Will joined Chad and Sonny in the kitchen.  Will told them that he and Gabi were thinking about moving in together.  Sonny thought it was great.  Chad asked if Will was crazy.  Chad told Will to kiss his freedom goodbye.  Will thought it would be great.  Gabi told Abby and Melanie that Will wants to move in together.  She told them how Will pulled away from her when they were being romantic.  Gabi wasnít sure if she could take it anymore.  Melanie and Abby gave her advice.  At the Brady Pub, Austin asked Carrie what she needed to do to help John now that he pled guilty.  Carrie had to try and help.  Austin said he looked over the evidence many times and itís just not there.  Carrie told him what Rafe discovered about the picture of John in Paris.  Austin said he and Rafe looked over the picture and Rafe didnít find anything.  Austin asked if Rafe was off the case.  Carrie told him that she asked Rafe to stay on and help.  Austin wasnít happy.  They argued over her risking her life to work on the case.  They eventually made up.  Austin asked if she wanted to go back to Zurich or stay in Salem.

At the spa, Roman got into it with Quinn.  Roman warned Quinn that he will be there if he screwed up.  Quinn told Roman that he was seeing Marlena.  Roman told Quinn to stay away from Marlena.  Quinn asked if Roman was jealous that he got to spend more time with Marlena than he did.  Quinn said his relationship with Marlena was professional for now.  Roman threatened to kill him if he hurt Marlena.  Quinn wanted to see him try.  Madison continued to rip into Sami.  Rafe tried to defend her, but it didnít do any good.  When Madison left, Rafe wondered what was going on with Sami.  Will asked Gabi if she wanted to check out the apartment after dinner.  She said no.  Austin and Carrie decided to stay in Salem.  Will and Gabi got into an argument about their relationship.  She ended up telling Will that she didnít want to move in with him.  At the loft, Rafe and Sami talked about Will and how heís been acting since Johnny was missing.  Rafe told Sami about working with Carrie.  Sami was understanding about it.  Rafe wanted to know what was going on.  He asked if sheís still upset with him about Johnny.  She said she wasnít.  She couldnít believe she talked to him the way she did.  She said she hated herself for what she said.  She said she loved him and wanted to make up for what she did.  When Rafe wanted to know what she wanted to make up for, she suggested they renew their vows.  He agreed.  Gabi gave Will back the key ring.  He said he was trying to make her happy.  She thought he was trying to make their relationship something that it wasnít.  They argued again.  Gabi wanted to take a break, but Will didnít want to.  She decided their relationship was over.  Will was upset and knocked everything off the table.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Matt is missing and has cancelled all his appointments. Maxie asks Spinelli to find him. He finds the last number Matt called and gives it to Maxie. The number rings at the GH Forensics department. Robin and Patrick both mention being unavailable in a few weeks to Monica. Monica is concerned about the hospital's publicity with four doctors as murder suspects. Ronnie has not narrowed the suspect list for Lisa's murder. Dante brings a document that says someone identified Johnny on a boat in the harbor that night. Ronnie says he still intends to investigate Olivia. Officer Padilla pays Johnny a visit and asks for the clothes he was wearing the night of Lisa's murder. He takes off his shirt, gives it to her, and asks if she wants his pants too. Ronnie informs Dante and Dolores that they are now partners. Mac visits Alexis and asks her to be Robin and Maxie's defense attorney if they need one. 

Anthony encourages Johnny to make a move against the Corinthos organization while Sonny is out of town and Jason is distracted. Sonny wants Kate to show him her favorite places in NYC. She drags him to a museum and then wants to go to the brownstone so he can deal with this demons that live there. Shawn encourages Carly to stay home with Josslyn and puts Max and Milo on as her security at Metro Court. Carly invites him to come live in her house to provide 24-hour security. Sam shows Jason one of Franco's new tags on a wall in Port Charles. She feels responsible to protect the women of Port Charles who have been victimized recently. Shawn meets them there and tries to help decipher NO2CCAH5. He notes that it contains the periodic table designations for nitrogen [N] oxygen [O], carbon [C], and calcium [Ca]. He supposes the 5 relates to the five most prevalent elements in the human body, without mentioning the fifth one, Hydrogen [H] by name. He gives Sam the item that Franco sent Josslyn; it is a tiny infant doll. Spinelli comes and determines the last symbol in the tag is an ancient symbol for the creator, perhaps alluding to something Franco has created. 

Molly wonders if Sonny had any influence in Kristina getting into Yale. Alexis agrees to go to Wyndemere this weekend to find more of Stefan's poetry books. Someone watches Ethan at Wyndemere. The woman in the white flowing gown watches the well-built man that saved Elizabeth while he sleeps. The man's book has an illustration of the painting of Laura hanging in Wyndemere. Ethan tells Alexis a man is staying at Wyndemere. Molly goes to Wyndemere alone and without permission.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker warns Harmony that Katherine is trying to use her to get to Devon. Harmony assures Tucker that she will do anything she has to build a relationship with her son and nobody will stand in her way. After Devon gets an investment check from Abby, he heads over to the mansion to return Katherine’s investment to her. He tells her and Harmony that he won’t be caught between them and Tucker. Nick fires Phyllis from Restless Style because she intended to write a story about Nikki being a suspect in Diane’s murder and went against his orders not to write about his family and Diane’s murder. When Ronan advises Phyllis to go on vacation and spend some time with her daughter, she actually takes his advice.

Paul and Michael are both angry with Ronan for questioning Nikki without counsel present. Paul tells Ronan that Nikki would never kill anyone. Paul is saddened when he later discovers ATM footage of Nikki withdrawing $500 from a machine, so Ronan orders him to check the hospital that runs the Dubuque Clinic to see if there was any medicine stolen from there around the time Diane was killed. Deacon brings Nikki home from the police station and begs her not to drink so he won’t say anything to the police about what he saw. Emily calls Tucker and Ashley answers and figures out it is she. Ashley isn’t happy that Emily is Tucker’s therapist. Paul later sees Emily at the Athletic Club when he is getting a drink and he stares at her thinking it's Patty until she tells him her name. When Victor arrives home, Deacon tells him Nikki has been drinking. Victor finds Nikki at the stables crying and drinking and saying she ruined everything. Victor tells her to stop talking because she is tired and needs rest. Nikki tells Victor that she won’t feel better until she says the words. Nikki cries as she tells Victor she killed Diane. Ronan calls to get an arrest warrant for Nikki, but he canít find a judge to issue it.

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