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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Brooke that her sister, Katie, is out of control. If she doesn’t rein it in, Bill is going to cut her loose. She just wishes Katie would focus as much on her own marriage as she does with Steffy’s. She is driving her husband away. Liam interrupts and Steffy declares to him that Brooke is going to talk to Kate so she won’t be a problem any more. Thomas treats Hope to coffee at Dayzee’s. He brings up again her lovely toast at the Thanksgiving Day dinner and he is glad Liam is behind her now and she is concentrating more on him. Dayzee meets with Stephanie and even introduces her to Beverly, a friend she would like to offer a job. Katie feels a little faint but Bill catches her and she explains that she is okay, just feeling the stress a bit. Then she rails into him for having the sexy pictures lying about of Steffy and she is sure he is thinking of her all the time; bringing her back into their lives by helping her get married to his son.

Bill explains to Katie that of course he feels something for Steffy. This is advertising; this is his business. Steffy and Liam pop in and realize they are interrupting something. Bill tells them to stay as he has something to tell all of them. He announces that he has named Steffy to the Board of Directors. Katie is livid and objects when Bill wants to leave the room and not talk more. He tells her there is no changing this; it’s a done deal so she and Steffy need to play nice. Katie glares at Steffy as the men leave them there alone. Stephanie quizzes Beverly on some of her goals and what she would like out of her life. She tells her that she would like to take her some place that she might find interesting and help her make her decision. Bill shows Liam his new office with new attitude. He is blown away. He quips if Bill got their wives a new office too; they are the ones that need new attitudes. Katie tells Steffy that she might as well go; she has nothing more to say to her. Steffy says this is not going to get them anywhere. They need the past to be put behind them. Game over; call a truce. Just try to find a way they can get along. She holds out her hand and wants to know if Katie can accept her as her daughter-in-law.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will went to the pub and gave Gabi a gift.  He gave her a houseplant.  They talked about him not being there for her.  He promised to be the guy she deserved.  At the Horton Town Square, Sami and Jennifer talked about Rafe.  Carrie and Lexie showed up.  Lexie asked if Sami was okay.  Carrie said Sami wasnít okay because Carrie asked Rafe to work with her again to defend John.  Carrie thought Rafe told her, but he didnít.  Carrie apologized.  They talked about John for a bit until Jennifer changed the subject.  All of the women decided to see each other regularly.  They wanted to form a breakfast club.  When Jennifer and Lexie left, Sami and Carrie talked about Johnny.  Carrie told Sami that Marlena has been struggling since Johnís sentencing.  Carrie suggested Sami go over to Marlenaís.  Sami told Carrie that Marlena hasnít been there to see Johnny since heís been back.  Carrie said Marlena probably thought she wouldnít be welcomed.  Sami couldnít help the way she felt.  Sami wanted to put all of this behind her.  At Johnís cell, Abe went to see him.  John told him to leave because he was putting his campaign at risk.  John didnít want him to lose because of him.  Abe said that wasnít going to happen.  His campaign was separate from his friendship with John.  John said Abe, Lexie, and Theo were his family and he was going to miss them.  John wanted Abe to leave and not come back.  Abe said he wasnít walking away no matter what.  Abe said he would work to find out where the money is.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole were back from their trip.  While EJ was making out with Nicole on the couch, he thought of having sex with Sami.  When he pulled away from her, she noticed something was wrong.  He assured her that nothing was wrong.  When he wanted to go upstairs, the phone rang.  She told him it was important and they had to leave.

When EJ and Nicole got to the Horton Town Square, they saw a reporter for Star Magazine talking to Abe.  She asked how was his meeting with John.  Another woman asked what Abe thought his constituents would think.  Abe said he didnít do anything wrong.  EJ enjoyed it.  The reporters kept grilling Abe.  Jennifer approached them and said no further questions.  Jennifer said if they had any questions about Salemís future and not John, she would be happy to help.  EJ wondered how Nicole knew Abe went to see John.  Nicole said thatís why he paid her.  Jennifer approached them and wanted to talk.  Carrie went to see John to talk about the class action suit and how they were going to fight it.  John thought EJ was going to go after him with everything he had.  Carrie said she was working for free while Rafe was doing fieldwork.  She said if they do this right, they could get new evidence and get the felony conviction overturned.  It would render the civil case moot and make her a star at her firm.  She wanted to get him home to his family.  At the loft, Sami tried to talk to Will, but he ignored her.  She asked if sheís done something wrong.  He flashed back to seeing her with EJ.  She wanted an answer.  He wanted her to think about what she could have done to bother him.  Sami didnít know what she did.  While they were talking, she got a call from Madison.  Will told her to go so she wouldnít lose her job.  She said she has that job because she has to support four children.  Rafe is between jobs and sheís helping with Willís tuition.  Will thought she was blaming him and Rafe.  She said she didnít say that.  Will told her to go.  She decided to go, but she said they were going to talk when she got home.  Will said he wasnít going to be there.  She thought he should be there.  Will said he was moving out and getting a place with Gabi.  Sami didnít understand why he was telling her like this.  He asked if she wanted it in writing.  They argued some more after that.  Sami had to go.  When she went to hug him, he walked away from her.  Jennifer ripped into Nicole for what happened to Abe.  Jennifer told her they wanted a fair campaign.  Nicole and Jennifer continued to argue over the campaign.  When Gabi went to the loft, Will gave her a gift.  It was a key ring.  It was for the key to their new place.  He said they were moving in together.  Gabi was shocked.  Gabi like the idea of living with him.  They started making plans for the apartment.  When she tried to kiss him, he pulled away.  They got into it over him not wanting her.  She needed time to think.  She said she would call him later.  Lexie and EJ argued over what heís doing to her family and John.  She was furious with him and didnít want anything to do with him anymore.  After they argued, Lexie walked away.  Sami walked up to EJ and told him they had to talk about last night.  John saw the discrepancies in the picture of him in Paris that Carrie showed him.  She said it could prove that he wasnít in Paris when the money was taken.  She wanted to pursue it even though he pled guilty.  John wanted her to do it.  He thought it was a lead.  Sami asked EJ if there was a chance someone saw them.  He said no.  EJ wanted to know why she wanted to know.  She said she was worried.  He told her not to be worried because when you look guilty, people wonder why.  He told her he had more to lose than she did.  Nicole walked up and wanted to know what they were talking about.  Sami and EJ said it was the kids.  Carrieís time at the prison was up.  She told John that she and Rafe werenít going to give up.  He thanked her.  When she left, he threw a chair and was furious with himself.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Carly freaks out when Josslyn receives another package from Franco. Inside the package is a little baby wind-up toy and a DVD. The DVD shows Franco telling Josslyn how sorry he is that Jax left and how it’s one less person to watch over her.

Steve tells Olivia that he knows that she is pregnant. Olivia assures him that she isn’t pregnant, but if she was – she would tell him. Lucky tells Maggie about the signs he received in Ireland and how he knows he sounds crazy. Maggie assures him that he isn’t crazy and that sometimes you gotta have hope. Lucky tells Ethan how well Aiden is doing and how hopeful Elizabeth is about reuniting their family. He doesn’t want to break her heart, but he doesn’t want to get back together with her either. Ethan tells him about Elizabeth’s mysterious savior, but doesn’t understand why he didn’t stick around to call for help.

Patrick brings Emma to work with him and Maggie plays with her for a minute. Patrick tells her that Emma has been having stomach pains – probably because she misses Robin. Robin continues to talk to Stone. She doesn’t think she is as strong as he was. She tells him how their original bridge was torn down, but that an anonymous donor rebuilt it. She scatters the petals into the water. She tells him that Sonny and Brenda finally got married, but it didn’t last. Mac surprises Robin on the bridge. He wonders why Stone’s death is hitting her harder this year than others. Robin tells him that she thinks that she is just overwhelmed and with all the trouble with Lisa – it’s just too much.

Jason finds Sam on the balcony looking at the sky. She tells him that she wishes things were simpler. Sam tells him that she just wants to go for a walk by herself and stops Jason from going with her. She goes to Jake’s and talks to Abby about helping out her friends. While she walks around investigating in the alley – she sees Franco’s new call sign. Carly calls Jason to come over. She shows him the DVD from Franco. His memory flashes to what happened in Hawaii and he goes into a fit of rage again. Carly urges him to calm down and not to let Franco know that he is getting to him.

Abby talks to Johnny about what is going on with the girls at Vaughns. There is a man lurking in the background.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Destiny reveals to Matthew that he is the father of her child after Nora's attempt to conceal the pregnancy. Matthew is furious that Nora coerced Destiny into becoming a parent when that was not the choice she was going to make. Nora says she would not have been in the position to make the decision if Matt and Destiny had not had unprotected sex without considering the consequences. Destiny tells Matthew that it is ok if he doesnít want to be involved in the childís life. He says he doesnít know what to think about the dad thing yet, but he knows he still cares about her.

Clint rejoices that Matthew has awakened. He almost kisses Viki. Todd tells Viki that he thinks Tomas killed Victor. She wonders why he so badly wants Tomas to be the murderer. John tells Tea and Blair that the gun they found in Tomas's room is the murder weapon, but it isn't Tomas's gun; it is Dorian's. Todd wonders if John suspects that Tomas killed Victor. Todd provides a ready shoulder for Blair to lean on.

Roxy accidentally tells Natalie that John still loves her. Natalie is angry that Roxy and Rex sat on that information for months without telling her. Natalie concludes that it doesn't matter because John would have mentioned it unless he hasnít forgiven her for lying about Liam. Natalie goes to the police station and tells John she doesn't want to pursue a romantic relationship with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon accepts an offer from Abby to invest in his record company, and Daniel helps him find a space for his studio. Harmony goes to a meeting and Deacon and Nikki are moved by her story. Nikki is surprised to find Harmony living at Katherine’s when she goes to visit her. Harmony turns down an offer from Katherine to be her personal secretary. Tucker tells his therapist Emily that he told Ashley he is seeing a therapist, but he didn’t tell Ashley his therapist's name. Emily tells Tucker the same thing Katherine did, that they must fix their relationship if he wants a chance to work things out with Devon. Tucker tells Emily that she also must deal with her past and he wishes that she would return to Genoa City. Chloe asks Victoria to be her matron of honor, and she gladly accepts the honor. Billy surprises Victoria by bringing Reed for a visit so they can celebrate Reed’s birthday as a family.

Victor worries that Ronan now considers Nikki a suspect in Diane’s murder so he sends Michael to see what he can find out from the rehab center before the police find out anything. Michael discovers that someone reported a wallet stolen the same day that Nikki disappeared and Diane was killed. Michael says that the wallet was later found and returned by Nikki to the person who reported it stolen. Michael then tells Victor that the only unauthorized charge on the card was a rental car. Michael talked to the rental car company and found out that the car had the exact mileage from Dubuque to Genoa City and back. Deacon tells Nikki that he saw her when she returned to town last summer. Ronan enters Crimson Lights and asks Nikki to come with him to the police station for questioning. Victoria is surprised when after telling Nikki what Victor did to Billy, she tells her that Victor was only protecting his family even if he went about it the wrong way. Nikki tells Victor to stop being so hard on Billy because he is flawed like all humans and makes mistakes. Tucker brings Katherine some red hots because both he and Katherine like them, then he gets ready to have a talk but he isn’t happy when he sees Harmony at the mansion.

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