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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy stops by Bill’s office to say she told Liam everything except the mechanics of how the wedding all happened, but she did not tell him that his own Dad helped her cheat. Nick shows Donna the ropes of living on a boat and how to call everything by it’s correct name. She thanks Nick for dinner and for helping her clean the dishes. Good naturedly she warns him about Pammy. Jackie suggests to Pam that they become girlfriends and hang out together. And she is looking out for Nicky too by getting him back into life again. He needs a woman to pay attention to him.

Steffy confides to Bill that Liam is with her and she wants to be his wife, but Bill needs to call Katie off. She badmouths her at every turn. Just as Bill hugs her and assures her that he will do what he can Katie walks in and wonders what the hell is going on. He reminds her that he would never carry on with his son’s wife. Katie can’t be that sure. Steffy always seems to be hanging around, crying on his shoulder, sharing little secrets and she never wants to see Steffy in his arms for any reason. She rants at Bill that this woman has infected their lives with her lies and manipulations and now he has sold her to his son. She gets so wound up that she hyperventilates and can't catch her breath.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jenniferís house, Bo and Hope showed up while Jennifer was waiting for Daniel to show up for their date.  She thought he might have stood her up since he was late.  She was going to help Bo and Hope find out the secrets to Aliceís bank accounts if Daniel didnít show up.  Daniel showed up for their date.  Bo wanted to find out Aliceís secret while Hope eavesdropped on Jennifer and Daniel.  Daniel apologized for being late.  He was getting tickets for the symphony.  At the Brady Pub, Marlena sat at Jackís table.  They talked about Jennifer going out with Daniel.  Jack didnít feel like getting into his demons.  They talked about him being captive in Afghanistan.  She wanted him to deal with his trauma or he wouldnít get past it.  He didnít want to talk about what he went through.  They ended up talking about his father.  Bo and Hope told Jennifer and Daniel about the baby picture and paperweight they found.  Daniel asked why Stefano would give Alice a gift.  Hope said she didnít know, but she tried asking.  She said Stefano tried to get her to give up.  She said how she and Bo figured the answers had to be in the boxes.  Jennifer apologized for having to leave.  Daniel suggested they stay behind and help Bo and Hope.  Marlena suggested that she and Jack talk at the townhouse since she didnít have an office yet.

Daniel found a wedding picture of Mickey and Maggie.  He saw Maggie in crutches and wondered if it was from the MG.  Jennifer told him how Maggie was in a car accident that killed her parents when Maggie was a child.  Hope recapped Mickey and Maggieís past.  Daniel said he hasnít warmed up to her being his mother yet, but heís grateful.  While Daniel was looking through pictures, he saw one of Jack and Jennifer.  Hope and Jennifer talked about Jenniferís confusion over Jack and Daniel.  At the townhouse, Jack told Marlena how he visited John.  He said John was in good spirits.  Marlena said John was faking because heís uncomfortable in confined spaces.  Jack had flashbacks of being tortured.  She asked if this happened often.  He said it did.  Marlena said he was concerned with having symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He had more flashbacks.  He couldnít talk about it anymore.  She suggested he write his feelings in a journal to get them out of his body.  Hope showed Daniel the baby picture they found.  Daniel said it wasnít him.  Hope found a book Alice loved.  There was an envelope addressed to Alice from London.  The letter was from Susan Banks.  Hope read the letter.  She said Susan asked Alice for help.  The letter said EJ was sick.  Susan said she and Edmund found a doctor who did experimental treatments that could save EJ.  The problem was they couldnít get an appointment to see the doctor.  Susan wanted Alice to get in touch with the doctor to get help for EJ.  Bo wondered if Alice helped her.  Jennifer thought Alice helped.  There was a picture of EJ included with the letter.  It was the picture they showed Daniel earlier.  Hope read that Susan didnít want Stefano to know anything.  Susan thought Stefano knew that she wasnít Kristen so she and Edmund were in hiding.  Bo asked Hope if Alice ever said anything to her about this.  Hope said no.  Hope wondered if this tied to Aliceís bank accounts.  Jennifer said Alice must have helped since EJ is alive.  Bo thought if Stefano found out, it would explain why he gave the paperweight to Alice.  Dan said the baby picture must be EJ.  Bo thought there must be more to the story because once Stefano took EJ away from Susan Alice kept it a secret.  Marlena and Jack talked about his days when he was captive.  Bo and Hope left Jenniferís house and went to the town square.  They talked about Alice not telling them about her secrets.  Bo wanted to figure out all of the secrets.  Hope suggested they track down Susan.  Bo wanted to do that, but they needed to talk to Stefano again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

On intuition, Shawn goes to Carly's house in the middle of the night to make sure the windows and doors are locked. Carly wants to know if she is just a job to Shawn. On his way out, he sees a package addressed to Josslyn on the porch. Carly knows it is from Franco. Lisa Niles memory still haunts Robin. It is the anniversary of Stone's death and Robin mourns his memory. Robin and Patrick talk about both topics, and then Patrick encourages her to go out and mourn Stone as she needs to. She goes out to a bridge and talks to Stone. She tells him that she has been working on a cure because of him, but it is becoming clear to her that she will never see it come to pass. Lucky takes Aiden to see Elizabeth in her hospital room. Elizabeth immediately begins to think of reasons the boys need Lucky around as her way to get him back into her life. She later dreams that he asks her to be a family again. Lucky realizes Dr Worth's first name is Maggie and she tells him she is named after some saint. Olivia brings Steve a complete thanksgiving dinner to the hospital. Maggie annoys Olivia. Lulu wakes up in the middle of the night and checks on Dante. She notices that his breathing is belabored so she puts her coat on and goes to the hospital to tell Steve about it. Olivia and Steve go back to the apartment with Lulu and wake up Dante. Dante doesn't want to go to the hospital and have to take more time off work. Olivia tells him he needs to stop thinking about his job and show Lulu and their life together some respect. Later, Dante wonders why Lulu took a cab instead of driving, but she does not reveal that she had been drinking. By the time Steve finishes his work at the hospital, the staff have eaten all the food Olivia brought. He lets slip that he would never leave Olivia with what she is facing.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew finally awakens after being in a coma for 6 months and seems as good as new and remembering everything. Yet his parents and Destiny all wonder how to tell him that she is pregnant with his baby. Natalie tells her mom that she wouldn't be surprised if John got back with Blair after he's gone to help her find Tomas. She also remarks that it seems obvious that it's Todd who made Tomas disappear so that Tomas could not "have" Blair Natalie has no plans to get back with John although others, including him, believe it's not over between them. Starr, James, Dani, and Nate find out Rick has been taken to the hospital with injuries and are afraid he could press charges against them for "threatening" to assault him although they know they never touched him. They discover he's completely covered in bandages in a hospital bed although it looks very fake. He threatens to arrest them and own all of their wealth although they kind of know he's bluffing. And there's still the unanswered question of who shot Victor Lord Jr.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis is upset that Avery denies their bonding moment at the jail where Avery told her that she believes their father stole money. Phyllis accuses Avery of using Nick and Daisy to get back at her for leaving home. Avery insists she is just doing her job defending the innocents who can’t defend themselves. Avery calls Nick and leaves a message for him to meet her at her suite. Once Nick gets the message, he heads there and he and Avery make love. Nick tells Phyllis she can’t write a story about Billy’s return or a story about Victor being questioned by the police. Phyllis tells Nick that he shouldn’t run a magazine if he can’t be an objective journalist. Phyllis also tells Nick not to be fooled by Avery’s pretty face and blond hair because Avery wants to get back at her for leaving home. Billy asks Nick to sell him Restless Style because he wants to get his life back on track. When Nick turns down the offer, Billy asks him to call him if he changes his mind.

Jack doesn’t like having Dave the cat in the house, because it reminds him of unpleasant times with Patty, but he decides to keep the pet around for Kyle’s sake. Patty sneaks inside Jack’s house while he is distracted looking for his phone and takes the cat because she misses him. Adam is questioned by Paul and Ronan about the syringe found in Victor’s safe. He says that he was working on Thanksgiving, but he didn’t see anything unusual in the office. Adam tells Ronan and Paul that he thinks Victor killed Diane because he was the person who hated her the most from the list of suspects. Victoria is livid when she goes to pick up her things from Newman Enterprises and finds Adam sitting in Victor’s office. Victoria considers not warning Victor about Adam, but Billy tells her even though he will always hate Victor, he is her family and she has to protect them. Victoria goes to the ranch to warn Victor and has a happy reunion with Nikki. Victor tells Nikki he has missed her and asks her to live at the ranch. She is thrilled and says yes and they later make love. Ashley and Tucker come home early from their honeymoon, because she wants to see Billy. Tucker has the jet drop Ashley home and he heads to Chicago to see a therapist. He admits to the female therapist that he wonders if he killed Diane because he was just coming out of the coma and his brain wasn’t functioning well, so he doesn’t remember what happened the night Diane died.

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