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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna and Justin meet Brooke and Katie at lunch. She shocks them when she announces that she and Justin are ending their marriage. They are okay, but realize now they are better as just friends and not re-united just because they are Marcus’s parents. They will tell him soon. Nick is stressed and Jackie keeps reminding him that Pam will come through with more of Eric’s designs. Pam just wants a man’s arms around her and some companionship, so it’s a win-win situation. Pam slips in disguised with a madcap surprise, bearing her lemon bars, of course. Stephanie thanks everyone for nudging her and Eric back on track and for indulging in her insistence that they all come for Thanksgiving dinner. Rick gives his dad the great news that he’s not going to return to International but stay right here.

Brooke calls Nick to please meet her at The Marlin as she needs to talk to him. When she arrives, Donna is in tow. Brooke comes right to the point and asks if Donna can stay here now that she has moved out of Justin’s. Nick tries to find reasons Donna wouldn’t want to stay there. He tells Brooke he feels manipulated, but Donna is welcome to stay. Brooke tells her that she is not alone. She has her and Katie and now Nick and they will all help her through this. Rick tells Thorne he’d like to have a truce. Brothers should stick together. He’s overlooked him far too long and Thorne admits he will cut Ridge a little more slack. Pam shows Jackie the designs and she’s ecstatic but says they will need more. Pam says that is okay, but she will need more too. Jackie is sure that will be no problem for Nick.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Austin and Carrie’s hotel room, Rafe and Carrie talked about John’s case.  She wanted to convince the public that John was falsely accused and convicted so they wouldn’t have to deal with a situation like Johnny’s disappearance again.  Rafe wondered if she was offering him a job.  She said she was, but she couldn’t pay him.  She said her firm moved on and closed the case.  She knew he needed a job that paid money so he could support his family.  She thought it was unfair of her to ask.  Rafe wanted to help.  Carrie wondered if Sami would have a problem with it.  Rafe thought Sami would understand.  At Quinn’s spa, Nicole wanted to make sure Quinn’s business was legit.  She wanted to make sure that EJ wasn’t making a mistake working with Quinn.  Quinn said the business made a profit.  He said he wasn’t in Salem to cause trouble.  He wanted to make people feel good.  After they talked about EJ, she left.  Sami went to the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  She wanted to talk.  They talked about their affair.  She felt horrible for betraying Rafe after what he did for her.  EJ suggested that she put it behind her.  She couldn’t do it.  All she thought about was being with EJ even though Johnny was safe and Rafe was by her side.  She was afraid of what would happen if Rafe knew what she did.  She told him how their sex meant everything to her.  She realized she did what her mother did.  She said she hated her mother for years for sleeping with John.  It changed her life and she swore she would never do that.  She would never be like her mother and now she is.  He thought she was overreacting because no one saw anything and no one knew what they did.  She said she knew.  She thought Rafe deserved better.  At John and Marlena’s penthouse, Will and Marlena talked about John pleading guilty.  Marlena noticed something was wrong with Will.  He said it was about Gabi.  He talked about problems in relationships.  The conversation headed towards Sami.  He said all of Sami’s relationships failed.  He said Rafe was good to Sami and the kids, but she didn’t deserve him.  Marlena wondered why he felt that way.

Rafe and Carrie worked on John’s case.  They looked at different files about John and Marlena’s whereabouts since they left Salem.  Rafe looked at the picture of John in Paris.  He noticed shadows in the background.  He saw how the shadows were long as though it was taken in the afternoon.  He told her to look at John’s face.  There were no shadows.  It was as if the picture was taken midday.  Carrie looked at the picture and noticed it.  If they could prove that, they would put a hole in the prosecution’s case.  It would also help them prove that John was set up from the beginning.  Carrie wanted to know how Sami would feel about them working together.  Sami told EJ how Rafe was there for her while Johnny was missing.  She also said how she blamed Rafe for it.  She didn’t know how she would ever forgive herself for what she did to him.  When EJ wanted to talk to her, she was ready to leave.  He stopped her from leaving.  She said she hated him.  He didn’t care, but he wondered if she was going to tell Rafe.  She didn’t know how she was going to keep it from Rafe.  She thought Rafe might understand if she explained the situation.  EJ said Rafe wouldn’t understand.  EJ didn’t want her to say anything.  He wasn’t going to let her ruin his relationship with Nicole just because she wanted to tell the truth.  Carrie and Rafe talked about Sami.  Rafe thought Sami would understand them working together, but Carrie wasn’t sure.  Will and Marlena talked about Sami and the issues they have with her.  EJ and Sami argued over telling the truth.  They agreed not to say anything.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin’s refusal to be intimate throws Patrick for a loop. After Matt and Maxie make love, she admits that a reporter thinks the two are engaged. Sam and Jason discuss the scene he made at the Quartermaine mansion. Jason wants payback for what Franco did to Sam. Sonny is mad when Kate suggests going back to the house where Deke abused him. Later on, Sonny contemplates returning to his childhood home for some closure. Once Dante and Lulu finish arguing over his work duties, Dante agrees to take a desk job at the police station until he is fully recovered.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tomas is missing and both Blair and Tea are worried and call John. Natalie finds out from her mom that Todd is devastated after Blair has decided she wants to be with Tomas instead of him. And she puts two and two together remarking to Viki that it's very coincidental that Tomas goes missing right after Todd reveals his unwillingness to let Blair move on with Tomas. Todd seems riddled with guilt. But it seems he has successfully implemented his plan to make Tomas disappear and possibly get charged with the murder of Victor when John finds the gun in question right in Tomas' dresser drawer.

Matthew goes into cardiac arrest. Bo and Nora are both afraid he's gone. But the doctors rush in to revive him. And surprisingly, he awakens and appears to be ok. Destiny is with her family who argue amongst themselves about whether Vivian should marry Shaun. She somehow knows she has to go and see Matthew so she meets Bo and Nora right when Matthew opens his eyes. Yet, something they all forget is that he is unaware that she has been pregnant by him since he went into his coma.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack finds out from a reporter friend that Diane’s body is being exhumed. Kyle hears the end of the conversation so he and Jack head down to the police station to find out the latest news about the investigation. Victor is being questioned by Ronan at the police station with Michael present. Ronan informs both of them that they found a syringe in Victor’s safe with blood on the tip of the needle. The syringe contained a paralytic drug given to people before surgery. Ronan says the killer could only have access to it from a hospital. Ronan allows Victor to go but tells him not to leave town. Kyle arrives with Jack just as Victor is on his way out of the police station. Kyle feels betrayed by Victor because he thought he was his friend and now Victor is suspected of killing his mom. Jack later brings Kyle to meet Genevieve who allows him to take the stray that arrived at her house home with him. Patty hides and watches Jack and Genevieve kiss. She doesn’t look happy.

Victoria and Billy are still blissfully happy and getting romantic when she sees that the final divorce papers are on the coffee table. Billy just thinks that it is a good excuse to have a wedding. Victoria tells Billy she is a suspect in Diane’s murder. He tells her not to worry, because they can’t arrest her just for being in the park when Diane died. Nick is the first to see Nikki at Victor’s place. He tells her that he, Victoria, Abby and Victor are all suspects in Diane’s murder. Nikki tells Nick that she is sure that none of them did it and the police are on the wrong track if they suspect any of them. Nick leaves to check on Victor. Nikki gets very worried and takes a sip of a drink and takes a breath mint just before Victor arrives home. Adam takes charge of the company and sits in Victor’s chair. He tells Michael he is the only one of Victor’s children who is sticking by him right now because Victoria resigned and Nick left the company a long time ago. Ronan continues to look at the pillow he found in Diane’s room that says there is no place like home and has a picture of red high heels on it.

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