Wednesday 11/23/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Ridge that what he is asking of her is too hard. He retorts that Liam is married to Steffy now. He shouldn’t even be out here with her alone. She counters that Steffy should not be married to Liam; she should. Ridge reminds her that didn’t happen so now she has to accept this. He even wants her to toast this marriage. She can’t do that since it is a farce. Everyone inside comments on what might be happening out on the porch. Taylor even compares it to hers and Brooke’s feud over the years and perhaps they can guide them to understand it better. Ridge allows Hope to have some more alone time with Liam and he convinces Steffy to let them have this moment. Liam muses to Hope that her life is not over; she has a lot to live for. Thomas engages a conversation with Liam. Liam says Thomas seems to really be into Hope. Thomas hopes that doesn’t bother Liam; it shouldn’t since he is married. Thomas catches up with Hope on the porch. She says she is just trying to rise above everything and get in the spirit of the occasion. She tells him what her dad wants her to do at the table later; to publicly acknowledge the marriage. He points out that is it Thanksgiving. Before they sit down at the table, Hope announces she has something to say. She did not want to be here today, but family, love, honesty, truth are so important. Nothing is more important than love. When you find true love, you have to grab it and hold on for as long as you can. She congratulates Steffy and Liam on their marriage. They hold hands and Stephanie gives thanks for all their blessings this turbulent year.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days did not air a new episode on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Dante walks in on Lulu trying to bake for Thanksgiving. He brings up the fact that she still refuses to wear his ring. Dante suggests having a party to announce it and Lulu agrees. Lulu’s pie burns and Dante says that he will go and get one from his mom. However, on his way there he runs into a thief and shots are fired. He tries to run after the thief but has chest pains and passes out. Lulu is waiting anxiously and opens a bottle of wine to keep her company.

Sonny is upset that Kate mixed business with pleasure while they are in New York. Kate tries to analyze Sonny and he returns the favor. Carly and Shawn run into Jason at Kelly’s and can’t miss how upset he is. Shawn challenges Carly to a Thanksgiving dinner taste off – the Metro Court dinner versus his home cooking. Michael calls to say that he will be at the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving.

Jason arrives at home to find Sam sleeping on the couch. He wants to talk about what happened in Hawaii, but Sam says that she wishes she knew what they both needed to make it better, but she is just as lost as Jason. Jason doesn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Sam insists on visiting the Quartermaines.

Edward runs around the mansion preparing for the holiday. Alice, Edward and Cook manage to prepare a meal in anticipation for Michael and Jason’s visit. Tracy receives flowers from Anthony. Edward tells her that he knows all about her marriage to Gino and how she funneled Gino’s money into ELQ. After everyone arrives, Sam talks to Michael about the girls being attacked from Vaughns. Jason is in no mood to mix with his family. Edward starts singing the Quartermaine Thanksgiving song and Jason blows up and tips over a table and storms out.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Bo and Nora spend the day with Matthew. Through his coma, Matthew thinks about and watches over everyone. Ford, Jessica, Bree, and Ryder are happy together. John, Natalie, and Liam are happy together. Shane and Roxy spend thanksgiving with Viki's family. Shane wonders why Rex isn't there. Clint tries to explain that Rex is still grieving Gigi. Clint tells Shane how much he regrets shutting him and Rex out of his life for so long. Jessica and Natalie come face to face at Llanview. Natalie asks for Jessica's forgiveness. Viki is confident that Jessica will come around. Roxy wonders if John will tell Natalie that he still loves her. He says it isn't that simple. John decides it is time for him to talk to Natalie. Viki toasts everyone at Llanview and everyone who could not be there, especially Gigi. Clint and Viki break the wishbone.  Brody is back at St. Anne's. Jessica recalls meeting Brody for the first time on Thanksgiving in St Anne's three years ago and goes to see him. Later Shane and Roxy visit him. Bo talks to David on the phone. David tells Matthew a big secret when Bo puts the phone to Matthew's ear. Matthew wishes he could apologize to the Ford brothers for killing their father. When Bo and Nora leave his room, Matthew dies.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Delia are reunited much to everyone’s relief about his safety. Delia questions Billy as to where he's been, but he doesn’t seem to want to give her an answer. Victor abruptly leaves the party. Chloe tells Billy that Kevin told her everything and that they would talk later. Avery arrives at Gloworm and calls her parents. Phyllis spends time with Lucy at Crimson Lights but is soon interrupted by Ronan. Adam joins Patty at Jack’s and is aghast when he sees Jack and Genevieve passed out on the sofa. Adam demands to know what Patty did to them. Adam refuses to help Patty keep Jack and Genevieve apart. Patty vows to make Adam pay. When Patty threatens to call the cops, Adam calls her bluff and encourages her to go ahead and do that because she would be in hot water too. Adam orders Patty to leave town, but she refuses. Phyllis asks Ronan to spend Thanksgiving with her and Lucy after she takes Lucy for a visit with Daisy in prison. Jill and Katherine order Billy to tell them everything. Jack and Genevieve finally wake up and are surprised that they took such a long nap. Jack tells Genevieve that he heard two people arguing. Patty sneaks into Adam’s office at Newman and leaves something in his desk which will incriminate him in the murder investigation. When Ronan gets a call, he leaves Phyllis and Lucy. Jack visits Billy and is surprised to see him.

Victor and Victoria argue over Billy. While Phyllis and Lucy are at the prison, they are trapped there with Avery during a lockdown. Phyllis and Avery discuss their father and how that their parents forced Phyllis out. Victoria resigns from Newman. Adam approaches Patty in the garage and lets her know how he foiled her little plan to set him up for murder in Diane’s death. Ronan and other officers search Victor’s office. Victor arrives just in time to be hauled down to the police station for further questioning.

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