Tuesday 11/22/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is in her element fussing around and making sure the Thanksgiving Day festivities is well underway and all the details taken care of. Marcus brings a bottle of wine and Dayzee. Thorne brings Taylor which surprises Stephanie. She hears from Sally and tells Eric that she misses her……not the Spectra group stealing his designs, but just Sally. Pam pops in with her lemon bars, and is furious at Stephanie who still had the caterers bring the traditional pumpkin pie. Ridge tells Hope that he knows there has been some tension lately, but Steffy and Liam are married now so he expects all of them to be civil to each other. Hope says she got the message and she will respect the marriage. Thomas clues her immediately that Liam and Steffy are not here yet and maybe it will be better if they don’t come. Liam and Steffy discuss which is the less of two evils, going to her family and facing Hope’s wrath or to his and have Katie’s evil eye. They pull off each other’s clothes instead and have their own celebration.

Rick announces to Thomas that after how the wedding went down, he’s still advising his sister to hang in there for Liam and his mother feels the same. Ridge laments to Taylor that she is getting very cozy with his brother. Is there something she needs to tell him? Mad at Stephanie and holding her responsible somehow for Stephen leaving, Pam storms out. Liam and Steffy finally show up, and she has some cutting remark that it looks like Thomas and Hope are making the most of the moment. Ridge takes the opportunity to tell Liam that both women he loves is here tonight. No matter his feelings for Hope he expects him to honor his commitment and not let Steffy down. Steffy grabs Thomas and plants a kiss on his cheek for sticking to the plan and sweeping Hope off her feet. Liam joins Hope on the patio. She tells him this is too hard. She should not have come tonight. Steffy interrupts and tries to make it Hope’s fault for them being alone on the patio. Hope just wants to know if they are happy and the marriage is working. Hope starts to leave the house but Ridge won’t let her. No matter how hard it is, the only way to get through this is to sit across the table and acknowledge the marriage and then move on with her own life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Maggie and Victor planned for Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  Daniel and Melanie were there too.  Daniel and Melanie talked about him getting to know Maggie.  They also talked about Jennifer and how he made it easy for Jennifer and Jack to be together.  Melanie admitted to having a crush on someone, but she wouldnít say who it was.  She thought about the kiss she and Chad had.  At the Brady Pub, Abe, Lexie, Jennifer, and Abby were getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  Austin showed up to help because Carrie was busy with Johnís case.  Abby was happy and the two started talking.  Chad showed up and tried to kiss Abby, but she pulled away from him.  Jack watched them, but Jennifer warned him to stop.  Jack wanted to keep Abby away from Chad.  At the holding cell, Carrie, John, and Marlena talked about his case.  Hope went to the DiMera mansion to talk to Stefano about the paperweight.  She asked why he gave it to Alice.  Stefano wanted to know where she found it.  She told him she found it in Aliceís attic with other things.  He wanted to know what else she found.  She asked if there wasnít a connection between him and Alice, why was he avoiding her questions.  Daniel and Maggie bonded over spending Thanksgiving together.  When Maggie rubbed her hand, Daniel asked if her myasthenia gravis was bothering her.  She said it wasnít.  She suggested that Daniel and Melanie get tested since they are related.  Jack and Chad finally got along for Abbyís sake.  Chad promised to treat Abby right.  Stefano told Hope that she was wasting her time grilling him about the paperweight.  She didnítí think she was.  He changed the subject and talked about John being sentenced.  Hope told him that John was innocent. 

Stefano reminded Hope that John and Marlena lived in Switzerland and John could have hidden the money there.  Hope asked if he meant a Swiss bank account.  Stefano suddenly had things to do.  Hope said she wasnít leaving until he answered her questions.  He finally admitted to giving Alice the paperweight.  He thought Hope was relentless and determined and offered her a job.  She turned it down.  She asked why she gave Alice the paperweight and what the inscription meant.  He said the company would give them out as gifts years ago.  He said Alice must have done something charitable.  Hope thought he meant he didnít remember giving it to Alice himself.  Stefano had other things to do in his company.  She wasnít convinced he was telling the truth.  When he wasnít helping anymore, she warned him she would get to the truth on her own.  She asked if that was what he wanted.  At the judgeís chambers, Carrie asked for leniency for John.  She said the sooner John was released, the sooner he could get to work and pay back the money lost.  The judge was going to consider the request.  The judge asked if John had anything to say.  He said he didnít.  Carrie requested a small recess to talk to John.  The judge would be back in 10 minutes.  Carrie told John to say something in his defense.  She told him keeping quiet made him look guilty and he could get a longer prison sentence.  When the judge came back, John said he had nothing to say.  The judge was ready to make a decision.  The judge took Carrieís request of leniency under consideration.  She also received a letter from Abe defending John.  She also received letters from angry people blaming John for robbing them.  The judge reprimanded John for what he did to the clients.  She also felt he showed no remorse.  She sentenced him to serving twice the time in prison without the possibility of parole.  It was a life sentence.  Jennifer was upset when she overheard Jack on the phone.  She thought he was taking another assignment.  Abby wanted to know what was going on.  Jack said he was offered a job to teach journalism at Salem University.  Austin said he was also offered a job at Salem University.  Hope wanted to talk about Alice, but Stefano didnít.  She said she would get answers on her own.  He said instead of questioning him, she should question herself for why Alice didnít tell her before she died.  Hope thought he must have had a bond with Alice.  Stefano told her to forget about the paperweight.  He said Alice would want that.  Hope wanted to know who he would know.  They continued to talk about Alice.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke is still sober. Tracy says he should be proud of coming through for Aiden but wonders if he would have driven Aiden to the hospital if he had been drinking. . Lucky arrives at the hospital. Tracy tells him that Aiden had a blood transfusion. Dr. Wurth gives him the details. Steve tells Lucky that Elizabeth is also in the hospital. Anthony spies on Drs. Wurth and Webber, and then harasses Tracy. Lucky finds Luke staring at an open but not yet touched bottle of liquor and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Sonny pays Johnny a visit and accuses him of tampering with Kate's car. Anthony advises Johnny to buy off another cop at the PCPD. Dante asks Kate if she knows what really happened at the warehouse the night she had her photo shoot there. Kate wonders why Dante is suddenly on a mission to take down Sonny. She suggests that he is actually upset about his engagement to Lulu being in jeopardy. Sonny arrives and wonders what Dante is doing there. Kate thinks she and Sonny should cancel their trip to New York City, but Sonny convinces her to change her mind. Olivia invites Lulu and Dante to her place for Thanksgiving. Lulu tells her that pie won't fix what's wrong. She reveals that she is concerned about becoming a copís widow. Officer Padilla comes over to ask Olivia questions. Lulu advises Olivia not to answer anything without a lawyer. Dante arrives and tells Padilla to leave. Officer Padilla goes to question Johnny Zacchara and he thinks she is hot. Dante and Lulu talk things out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani, Nate, Starr, and James discover that Rick Powers wants to cast them all as characters in a sleazy gossip column and film. He first attempts to convince them that the only way to succeed in the endeavors they want is to do what "sells" which is what he wants. They all run him out of their house knowing he is trouble. Todd and Agent Baker team up to get Tomas "out of the way" when Todd manages to make it "profitable" to Baker with the money he needs. Todd believes that Tomas wants to get him charged with the murder of Victor. Todd is afraid that Tomas will take Blair from him. Rex and Aubrey catch Cutter and Alex in their scheme although Rex knows that the woman who looks exactly like Gigi is still there and Cutter is working with her and hiding her. Yet they do not find her. The mayor manages to fire Bo for his failure to find the murderer of Victor Lord. Nora leaves with Bo as all the cops salute him, revealing that everybody loves and respects him and not the mayor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria are on their way back to Genoa City. Jack, Genevieve, Abby and Traci gather at Jack’s for the wedding reception minus the bride and groom. Neil, Sofia, and Moses are together for Thanksgiving when Cane, Lily and the twins join them. Neil is quite put out with Cane’s appearance. Everyone gathers at Katherine’s for Thanksgiving, but Jill is upset when Harmony appears for the celebration. Katherine accuses her of being jealous and tells her to get over herself. Angela comes on to Kevin at Gloworm when Chloe bursts in and demands that Angela leave him alone because he is an engaged man. Victoria sees that Billy is keeping something from her, but when he tries to explain to her about the woman, Victoria asks him if he loves her. Billy tells Victoria that he only wants her. Victoria then tells Billy that it doesn’t matter about the woman. They kiss. Angela sings a song that Devon wrote for her. Patty interrupts Genevieve and Jack’s celebration. With Genevieve and Jack both unconscious, Patty pulls Genevieve away from Jack and begins to kiss Jack herself. Neil lets the family know that he and Sofia are engaged. Billy and Victoria burst in on the celebration at Katherine’s. Delia runs into Billy’s arms. Victor and Billy exchange looks of pure hatred.

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