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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that it has been a trying few months but they still have a lot to be thankful for, so Stephanie and Eric are back on track and want the entire family over for Thanksgiving. Steffy breaks it to Liam. She wants to show him off for her first holiday, so he can choose between his family or hers. He chooses hers and Hope walks in and hears Steffy gloating. Steffy taunts her to come to the dinner herself and see how happy she and Liam are. Nick shows Jackie the stolen designs and she is delighted. Nick tells her that Pam thinks of him as being Prince Charming and she is willing to get more designs. She just wants some male companionship. He even delivered a kiss. Pam argues with Stephanie and blames her for chasing Stephen away. Steffy explains to Thomas that Hope will be at the dinner party and they have to keep Hope and Liam apart. She doesn’t want to chicken out so she needs Liam to decide this on his own.

Pam intercepts new designs that Oliver is going to deliver to Eric. She says she will do it. Stephanie tries to be peacemaker and invites Pam to the Forrester Thanksgiving dinner. She agrees to come only if she can bring her lemon bars. While still discussing the day, Ridge tells both Hope and Steffy that he insists they play nice. The holiday is about giving thanks. It’s time for the family to heal. Both agree they can do that. Alone Steffy tells Hope that Liam may still have feelings for her, but the ring says he belongs to Steffy. He made a choice so it’s time for Hope to move on. She surely has pride and her dignity to keep in tact. Thomas is crazy about her and she has a family that is very close. She doesn’t want Hope to sit around moping about what might have been. If she is thinking about interfering, she better not. Nick calls Pam and says the two designs only whetted his appetite. He needs more and he will make it worth her while.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafeís loft, Rafe and Sami talked about Johnny.  She thanked him for bringing Johnny back.  She said she thought she wasnít going to see Johnny again.  She felt she didnít deserve him after what she did.  Rafe tried to make her feel better.  They declared their love for each other.  Will was listening to them and thought about EJ and Sami having sex.  Will was upset.  Sami fell asleep and thought about how she had sex with EJ.  When she woke up, she wanted to tell Rafe something.  She hoped he would forgive her.  Rafe told her there was nothing to forgive.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole talked about Johnny.  She ended up telling him that she loved him.  She said she kept fighting her feelings for him.  When EJ didnít say anything, she wondered if he changed his mind about her.  He said no and reminded her that she made him sign divorce papers.  She apologized.  She said she was afraid of being hurt, but it wouldnít happen again.  She sensed something was wrong with him.  He said he kept thinking about Johnny.  When they kissed, he pulled away.  He wanted to go see Johnny.  He asked her to go with him.

EJ and Nicole went to Rafe and Samiís loft.  EJ wanted to see Johnny.  Sami wanted to know what he wanted.  He said he wanted to see Johnny.  EJ thanked Rafe.  Before EJ and Nicole left, Nicole had a stuffed animal for Johnny.  Rafe said she could give it to Johnny.  Rafe went with her.  Sami and EJ talked about what they did.  He wanted to talk later.  She wanted to figure out what to do about it and how to fix it.  Before EJ could answer, Rafe and Nicole came back.  EJ and Nicole left.  At the Horton House, Jennifer and Jack talked about what happened at the cabin and what happened to him in Afghanistan.  Will and Sami got into it when she didnít care that John was being sentenced the next day.  When Sami noticed Willís attitude, he asked where she was while Johnny was missing.  She apologized for not being there.  He flipped out on her.  Sami tried to blame her actions on her grief, but Will didnít care.  Will wondered how she could sleep after what she did to Rafe.  She wanted to talk later.  He reminded her that she abandoned her family when they needed her most.  He asked what kind of mother does that to her kids.  Rafe walked in and wanted to know what was going on.  Will ended up apologizing.  Will hugged Rafe and thanked him for finding Johnny.  When Sami went to hug Will, he walked away from her.  Rafe tried to make Sami feel better about Will.  When Rafe left the room, Sami cried.  She cleaned furiously.  She pounded her fist on a mirror and it broke.  Rafe came in and comforted her while she was feeling guilty.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kate finds Maxie kissing Matt while on the clock. Sonny wants to go away with Kate. Shawn and Carly talk about their professional relationship. Shawn surprises Carly by saying he cares about her. Jason continues to have a hard time dealing with Sam’s sexual assault. Sam almost pushes Michael off the penthouse balcony when he grabs her shoulder. Sam jumps at the chance to find the man responsible for roughing up Abby’s stripper friends. Kate doesn’t want to go to the Dominican Republic with Sonny so he can divorce Brenda. Monica invites Michael, Abby, Jason and Sam to Thanksgiving. Diane brings Brenda’s signed divorce papers to Sonny. Jason tells Carly that Franco was in Hawaii during his honeymoon to Sam. Sonny mentions to Kate that they should visit where they first met. Sonny senses Jason is preoccupied with something.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody is ready to take baby Liam out of Nadine's house after she's told him he better be gone before she returns or she will have to turn him in to the cops. He's ready to flee with the baby when John and Natalie catch him. At first he pulls a gun on them telling them he will never give up his son. But John convinces him to put his gun down. He cries and is devastated to know that all he ever wanted was to have a family. But he lost Shane, then lost Ryder, then lost Liam. He tells them he regrets lying and covering up knowing that Liam was John's. But Liam gave him hope and saved him from wanting to die so he took drastic measures. John and Natalie confess that they both understand and are not in any place to judge him. John remembers how she shut Natalie out, lied about his feelings for her and behaved irrationally when he was told that she got pregnant by Liam. She admits that she also lied when she heard Liam was Brody's, afraid of losing John and making Jessica hate her and behaved just as dishonorably as Brody has. Cutter and Gigi/Stacy run into his long lost mother at the clinic. Aubrey and rex are not far behind them ready to catch them when he sees them. And he tells his mom if she wants to make things up to him, she needs to help him escape getting found out by Rex. She agrees to help her son.

Back in Llanview, Blair declares to a somewhat disappointed Starr that she is not getting back with Todd and has chosen Tomas instead. Dani is really happy to find out that her mom will have Victor's baby and her dad will "live on". But Todd is determined to prevent Tomas from having a relationship with Blair and taking Todd's place. tomas seems to believe that Todd killed Victor and wants to get justice for his sister.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Neil are not happy that Harmony is back in town. Neil is determined to keep Harmony from ruining Devon’s life. Katherine thinks that if Devon went to Tucker’s wedding, there is hope that Devon could forgive her and Harmony. Katherine persuades Harmony to stay for Thanksgiving and not give up on having a relationship with Devon. Patty isn’t happy that Genevieve is spending the night at Jack’s house and asks Adam to help her get Genevieve away from Jack. Adam advises Patty to leave town before the police figure out that she murdered Diane. Patty warns Adam that if he doesn’t help her get Genevieve away from Jack, she will make sure that the police get some evidence of what he did to Diane the night she died. Victor questions Jill about when Billy was in Myanmar.

Billy tells Victoria that he was Delia’s donor and he had to stay away from her and Delia, because that was the deal he made with Victor so that he could save Delia’s life. Victoria is angry with Billy for not coming to her and telling her about all this when he first came back into town. At the end of their argument, she forgives Billy. Victoria and Billy make love and then she gets a call from Victor, which she doesn’t answer. She holds onto Billy as she cries because she is hurt by what Victor did to her. After Kevin tells Chloe the truth about Billy being the donor, she is very angry and throws him out of the Chancellor mansion. As soon as Sofia accepts Neil’s marriage proposal, he looks worried.

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