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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Thomas that his father put her in this mood. Her mother and dad are at odds so she doesn’t know what to do about Liam. Thomas muses that he will just have to spoil her and make her forget Liam ever existed. If Ridge lights candles in the bedroom that means that Brooke can’t be mad at him. He explains that he told Hope that Steffy and Liam are married and Hope needs to accept that. She doesn’t want their children to come between them. He agrees, they can light a few candles every night and check all their problems at the door. Steffy laments to Liam that it doesn’t matter that he just saw Hope or what Brooke and her dad say. All she cares about is what he says and how he feels. Nick tells Pam that he flexed his muscles for her so now it’s her turn to show him what she’s got. She shows him her Iphone with Eric’s designs and he’s pleased. She is glad she can help. She realizes when Forrester’s finds out she will lose her job so she’d like to come back to Jackie M where there is real family. Nick agrees that she will always have a place there. He pours her a Scotch and they toast to their success. She won’t settle for a handshake and insists on a full blown on the mouth real live kiss so he obliges with a back dip thrown in.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, Rafe and Will asked Johnny if he were okay.  They wanted to know where Johnny was.  Johnny hid when he heard the loud noises.  He fell asleep and didnít hear anyone calling him.  When he came out, everyone was gone.  Rafe wanted to call Sami and tell her the good news.  Rafe wanted to tell everyone the good news.  Rafe suggested that they tell EJ.  Will offered to tell EJ and told Rafe to take Johnny home.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami were kissing.  Rafe took Johnny home.  They both called out to Sami, but she wasnít there.  Johnny thought Sami was mad at him.  Rafe said she wasnít.  Johnny wanted to know where Sami was.  Will walked into the DiMera mansion and saw EJ and Sami having sex.  He left after he saw them together.

At the Horton Town Square, Madison and Nicole talked about Brady.  They also talked about EJ.  Nicole confessed to Madison that she regretted asking EJ to sign the divorce papers.  Sami put her clothes on and fixed her phone.  She heard the message from Rafe that he and Will found Johnny.  Sami got her stuff and left.  Will went back home.  Rafe wondered what was wrong with him.  Johnny interrupted to ask if Sami was home.  Rafe asked Will if he talked to EJ.  Will said he didnít.  Rafe thought Will was worried about Sami.  Rafe said he was worried too.  Rafe told Will that he, Sami, and the kids mean the world to him.  Rafe wanted to call the police, but Will stopped him.  Will believed Sami would take care of herself.  Rafe started to blame himself for Sami blaming him.  Will said Sami didnít have reason to blame him.  Will was upset with Sami.  Sami walked in and asked about Johnny.  Johnny came out and went to Sami.  Sami was happy to see him.  Will told Sami that Rafe found Johnny and that she owed Rafe one.  Sami apologized to Rafe.  Rafe tried to make Sami feel better about what she did, but she still felt guilty.  They declared their love for each other.  EJ showed up at the loft to see Johnny.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly invites Michael and Abby to have Thanksgiving dinner with her and Shawn. Michael tells her Shawn wasn't hired to have sex with her. Carly doesnít understand Michael's attitude after Shawn protected him. Another dancer at Vaughnís is attacked. Dante wants answers about his shooting. Michael tells Sonny that Shawn is going to Carly's for thanksgiving. When Sonny comments to Carly about still being married to Jax, Carly asks him if Kate is aware that he is still married to Brenda. Olivia warns Kate away from Sonny. Kate suspects that her efforts to save Sonny are really an attempt to save herself from past choices. Sonny tells Alexis he is ready to cash in her debt to him. He wants her as his lawyer on retainer. Alexis plans a trip to visit Kristina at Yale for Thanksgiving. Molly discovers a page missing from Stefan's book of Russian poetry. Ethan asks Alexis if someone is staying in Wyndemere that she is aware of. She has no such knowledge. He tells her that he felt as if someone else was there when he was at Wyndemere, Elizabeth said she saw someone when she washed up on Spoon Island, and Ethan has subsequently seen fresh footprints. Alexis wonders why Helena is at Wyndemere. Ethan offers to watch the place. A woman with long, blonde hair, wearing a flowing white gown sits on the covered sofa at Wyndemere in front of the picture of Laura. A barefooted person watches her from outside the window.

Maggie threatens Steve. Robin doubts the wisdom of hiring Maggie. Luke fakes a heart attack to draw everyone's attention to him so Maggie can run Aiden's blood test herself. She discovers that Aiden has a disease that causes unusually low blood platelets. Patrick figures out that Anthony was behind waking Lisa up and confronts Anthony. Johnny pulls Patrick off Anthony and says he will be the one to kill Anthony. Dante talks to Johnny about the women from Vaughn. Johnny tells him that he has security guards that escort them to their cars, but that the attacks arenít happening at the club. They are happening uptown. They talk about the party boat, Lisa Niles, and Dante's shooting. Johnny warns Johnny not to spread himself too thin while he is still recovering. Dante has chest pain in the hallway when he leaves Johnny's place. Dante calls someone who tells him that they found Lisa's murder weapon and it is a wrench.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Aubrey accompanies Rex on his mission to find the woman with Cutter who "looks just like Gigi". Although he doesn't want to get her involved, she is confident she can help him to find out what is going on and how it might relate to Cutter. When Cutter and "Gigi/Stacy" arrive at the plastic surgery clinic in South America, they observe a woman furious with how Dr. Fascinella ruined her face with plastic surgery. She's Alex Olanov, ex-wife of David Vickers. Cutter observes her and can see that she is his long lost mother who abandoned him and his sister when they were children, took his father's money and ran off. She at first does not believe him, but he convinces her it's true and informs her for the first time that his father blew his brains out because of what she did. Gigi/Stacy seems to be developing "trust" for Cutter.

John and Natalie are brainstorming about where Brody could have taken Liam. He arrives at his family's home in Niles, MI and runs into his sister, Nadine. He remembers she's supposed to be in jail, but she's recently been released early for good behavior. She welcomes her brother and the baby but realizes he has kidnapped him and doesn't want to get herself in trouble hiding him from the cops. Although she lies to the police that she has not seen her brother, she urges Brody to leave immediately. Todd works with Agent Baker and his "henchmen" to find Tomas Delgado and make him go away. They find Tomas' friend Claude to "motivate" him to tell them where to find Tomas. Tomas is with Tea promising to be there for his sister and her baby. Yet we don't know what could happen if Baker and his men make him disappear.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sofia has second thoughts about Neil’s marriage proposal, but Tucker advises her to marry Neil because she loves him, and given enough time Neil may love her too. Later at Tucker’s wedding, Sofia tells Olivia she intends to accept Neil’s marriage proposal. Olivia tells Neil that she knows Katherine and Tucker have made mistakes, but they are really making an effort to get to know Devon. Neil later tells Devon that it's time he gets to know his biological family, because he doesnít want him to have the same resentment that Katherine and Tucker have for each other. Devon goes to the wedding and watches Ashley and Tucker get married. Before the guests arrive at the wedding, Genevieve tells Tucker that it is a surprise they both ended up in Genoa City. They seem to know each other from somewhere because the conversation happens before Jack can introduce Tucker to Genevieve.

Katherine and Jill argue about what bad mothers they have been. Then Katherine admits that she is upset with herself because she invited Harmony to come back to town and stay at the mansion with them. Neil finds Harmony outside the church and is able to stop her from going inside and ruining Ashley’s wedding. Victoria is happy to see Billy but is upset at him for leaving Genoa City in the first place. All of the flights are delayed and Billy and Victoria are in the same hotel in adjoining rooms. After some time, Victoria and Billy give into their feelings for each other and make love.

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