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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that they can still be together since his marriage was a mistake. Ridge barges in and tells them that both know this can not go on. Liam should not even be here and certainly not meeting with Hope behind closed doors. Liam chose Steffy, not her, so none of this other stuff matters. It erases nothing. He orders her to respect Liam’s marriage now. He rags on Liam for things always happening to him that he has no control over. He reminds Liam that he took vows with Steffy so now it remains to be seen if he meant them. Ultimately he will have to hurt one of them, not the way he is now by hurting both Steffy and Hope. Go home! Hope is outraged that Ridge is taking Steffy’s side. He tells her that she is not a child anymore. She stood up for her integrity and values, so now it is time to live them. She vows that she is never going to give up on Liam and just hand him over to Steffy. Nick chastises his mother that Pam will not be able to pull this off with snagging any of Eric’s designs…..Amber yes because she is sneaky, but Pam doesn’t have that flair. He can’t believe his mother is asking him to play with Pam’s feelings in exchange for some designs. Pam manages to find some designs. She calls Jackie to make sure Nick will come through with her promise. Brooke drops in on Steffy and warns her that she knows the truth now that she stopped the gondola and then seduced Liam into marrying her. She realizes Steffy took a calculated risk in telling Liam the truth herself, but telling lies always causes consequences. Pam surprises Nick as he gets out of the pool. He asks about the designs she brought, but she isn’t budging. She doesn’t want him to put back on his shirt. She is gonna sit and enjoy the view. She could go to jail for taking the designs so now she wants Nick to come through with his part of the bargain.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the townhouse, John, Marlena, Carrie, and Austin saw the news report about a body being discovered.  Marlena was relieved when Carrie said Roman would have called if it were Johnny.  John told them that this was why he was pleading guilty.  Marlena reminded him that the DA wouldn’t take the plea.  Carrie wanted to go to trial and fight.  John didn’t want to put his family through this anymore.  Marlena wanted him to fight, but John didn’t want to risk anything happening to his family.  They continued to talk about why he should and shouldn’t plead guilty.  At the loft, Rafe asked if the body has been identified.  Bo said no.  There wasn’t an indication that it was Johnny.  Bo and Hope wanted to tell Sami in case she heard it on the news.  Sami believed it wasn’t him and that Johnny is alive.  Sami wanted to go to Brookeville.  Bo and Rafe tried to stop her, but she wanted to help.  Will came home and wanted to know if it was true.  Bo told him it wasn’t.  Sami told Will that it wasn’t Johnny.  Sami apologized for losing it.  Hope told her they understood.  Sami asked Rafe to go with Bo and Hope to Brookeville.  Sami and Will stayed behind.  Sami left the loft.  Sami went to the DiMera mansion.  EJ got a call about Johnny.  EJ fell to the floor screaming.  Sami went to his side to comfort him.  They were convinced that it wasn’t Johnny.

Bo, Hope, and Rafe were at Brookeville.  Bo talked to the cop who wondered if they were there for Bo’s nephew.  Rafe told the cop not to say that.  Hope asked where the boy was.  Bo told Rafe to let him handle it.  Rafe said he promised Sami he would do it.  He felt he owed it to Johnny.  Hope told Bo that she was thinking of Zack.  They talked about how hard it was to lose a child.  Rafe came back to them and they asked if the boy was Johnny.  At the townhouse, John and Marlena talked about John’s flashes of stealing the money and how he was under Stefano’s influence.  Carrie and Austin told them about the news on Johnny.  Marlena was upset and wanted to see Sami.  EJ and Sami talked about Johnny.  They saw a news report that confirmed the boy was Johnny.  Sami dropped her phone and the battery fell out.  EJ was in shock.  Rafe told Bo and Hope that the boy wasn’t Johnny.  Rafe wanted to call Sami.  Bo was going to call the rest of the family.  Rafe talked to Will and told him the news report was wrong about Johnny.  EJ and Sami got into a huge argument over Johnny.  He blamed her for Johnny being missing.  EJ said hurtful things to her, which led her to slap him.  He threw up her past with other men in her face while she threw up his dirty deeds in his.  She accused him of having her son the way he did with Sydney.  The judge wanted to see John tonight.  At the judge’s office, John pled guilty.  John’s sentence was going to be rendered next week.  John had to remain in custody.  At the police station, Rafe asked Allie to tell him Johnny’s favorite hiding places.  She told him Sami’s closet, under the bed, and under Caroline’s cash register.  Under the cash register is Johnny’s favorite place to hide.  Rafe wanted to search the pub.  While Rafe and Will searched the pub, Johnny crawled out under a table.  Rafe and Will hugged him.  EJ continued to blame Sami for Johnny being dead.  He screamed at her to apologize.  She slapped him.  They started slapping at each other.  EJ grabbed her and kissed her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli wonders what Franco has done to anger Jason. He killed another woman. Jason tells Spinelli to get his laptop and find out where Franco is and what his new tag means. Jason asks Sam if she asked Spinelli to stay there because she is afraid of being alone. Sam asked him to stop talking about the rape. He gives her the sexual abuse survival brochure he picked up at the hospital. She says joining a support group won't help her because she doesn’t remember anything so she doesn’t have a violent story to tell and listening to a bunch of other women rehash their violent stories will only make things worse. She tells him that she wants to be alone for a while.

Olivia tells Kate that Steve's gorgeous doctor ex-girlfriend is in Port Charles and knows something about Steve that Steve won't share with Olivia. Kate suggests that Olivia is using Maggie as an excuse to sabotage her relationship with Steve before it gets too deep. Elizabeth is getting better. Matt is jealous of Elizabeth’s connection with Lucky and Jason. She tries to return Maxie's birthday present bracelet to him, but he tells her to keep it. Maxie receives an anonymous delivery of roses. Spinelli didn't send them and she is certain Matt didn’t either. Spinelli warns her that Franco has resurfaced. Maxie remembers that the last time she received roses, Franco sent them. Spinelli crushes the roses. Matt comes by and sees his roses, destroyed on the floor. He makes up with her and agrees to be in her "woman behind the man" article. Everyone at General Hospital wonders what is wrong with Aiden as he has unusual bruising on his body with no signs of illness. Lulu wonders what Luke did to Aiden. Monica says they are should call the police whenever a child is brought to the hospital with bruises. Maggie Wurth, the new pediatric surgeon looks at Aiden's chart and believes she knows what is wrong and that it may be life threatening. She asks to examine him, but Robin tells her she cannot allow it because Maggie hasn't completed her Human Resources paperwork yet. Robin and Maggie go in together. Lulu tells Elizabeth about Aiden being in the hospital and takes her to him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica and Robert Ford have spent the night together and have no regrets although they are not certain what to tell others or where they will go from there. At the airport, Natalie rushes to stop John from leaving for Seattle. Rex accompanies her and runs into Brody completely unaware that he intends to kidnap baby Liam. Cutter and Gigi/Stacy are not far away ready to board a flight for her to have "reverse" plastic surgery so that she no longer looks like Gigi if she is really Stacy. Rex has a "premonition" that she's not far away when he again sees the words: "Don't Give Up". And then minutes later he comes face to face with whom he believes is the real Gigi. Aubrey then knows she needs to find a way to help Rex, knowing that only she can unravel the mystery about what Cutter knows in regards to the Gigi look-alike whom Rex has seen. So she goes with Rex to find Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Delia thinks that Billy hasn’t come back because she is sick and tells her mommy that Billy can come back now that she is better. Kevin and Victor are also in the room and Chloe tells Delia that if her daddy knew she was sick, he would come back and stay with her all night and listen to her breathing to make sure she was okay. Delia’s doctor tells her family she can go home, so Victor asks her to stop by the ranch and see Pinkerton the pony. Delia is tired and they only stay at the ranch a few minutes. Once Chloe and Delia are gone, Kevin confronts Victor and demands that he bring Billy back for Delia’s sake because she misses her daddy and she shouldn’t spend the rest of her life thinking he left town because of her. Tank gets a text from Victor saying that he wants him to stay in New Delhi and keep an eye on Billy. Tank doesn’t want to be kept from his daughter so he lets Billy go. Tank later calls Victor and tells him that he followed orders but wonders why Victor doesn’t want Billy to know he let him go. Victor doesn’t answer the question but just tells Tank his payment will be in the mail.

Delia’s family throws a party for her. Chance says good-bye to Delia. Nina says good-bye to Paul because she is going to DC to spend some time with Chance and Christine. Chance urges Ronan to make up his mind if he wants to be a part of Nina’s life, because she can handle his rejection but not his constant game of getting close then pulling away from her again. Christine asks Ronan why he wants to transfer out of Genoa City. She advises him to stop being a chicken and try to build a relationship with Nina. Ronan later calls his boss and asks to stay in Genoa City because he needs to finish what he came to town to do. Cane gets a call from Kevin who tells him the news about Delia. Jill and Cane get on the next plane home while Victoria stays at the airport because she was bumped off the flight. Cane can’t stand Jill thinking Billy is dead and crying on the plane ride home so he informs her that Billy is alive but has reasons to stay away. Billy and Victoria have a few misses but finally see each other at the airport bar.

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