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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge admits to Thomas that he misses their closeness; he wants his son back. They hug when Ridge tells him that he likes the new designs and thinks they can be fitted in with the new line. Pam muses to Nick that she is sure enjoying the view from her perch in the steam room with his hunkness of a man….not so much for Nick as she drapes over him. Hope admits to Liam that she kissed Thomas. He wonders if there have been others, but he’s really worried about Thomas since he is falling for Hope. Stephanie tells Jackie that she is no longer needed. Eric needed some ego stroking and she did that; now it’s done, thank you very much. She realizes Jackie M is going under and Jackie was considering a proposal from Spencer Publications so maybe she should get back to worrying about that and leave Eric alone. Nick runs out of the steam room in his towel and begs his mother to call security as Pammy is about to jump his bones. Pammy is in pursuit and exclaims that she is so mad at Stephanie, she doesn’t know what she will do. She apologies to Jackie and Nick for making a fool of herself. Jackie coos to her that Nick is about to go under, but Pam could help. All he needs is a design or two from Eric to put them on top again. Pam agrees to do it…..they will get what they want if she gets what she wants. She is practically salivating at the lips while Nick looks like he just drank paregoric.

Thomas is there when Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy has confessed to Liam that she was behind the quickie wedding and kept him from seeing Hope. He confronts Steffy about it. She switches the subject to his chasing Hope and he warns her to keep her wisecracks to herself. She says she is not going to lose Liam over this. Ridge is not happy when he hears that Hope is talking to Liam right now. He knows Liam may still have feelings for her, but he is married and he thinks they both need to respect that. Hope doesn’t want to talk to Liam about Thomas. Steffy has now told him the truth but she thinks it is a little too late. She can’t believe that he wouldn’t let what Steffy did matter to him. It is not a sacred start. It’s the wrong marriage to the wrong woman and she thinks he truly believes that too. She wants them to try again. She wants there to be an “us” again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, EJ was telling Stefano that it was EJís fault that Johnny was missing.  Stefano tried to keep EJ from blaming himself, but it didnít do any good.  At John and Marlenaís penthouse, Carrie and Gabi tried to comfort Will.  Will said he was there to apologize for Sami.  John and Marlena understood Samiís reaction.  Marlena told Will that Samiís behavior stemmed from years ago.  Marlena believed that she and Sami would work things out once Johnny was found.  Will left to go back to the loft.  At the police station, Bo was concerned about what Sami would do if Johnny wasnít found.  At the loft, Hope tried to tell Sami that Barronís sold a lot of shirts like Johnnyís.  Hope wanted Sami to have hope.  Sami tried, but it was hard.  Sami said she waited for the phone to ring, but realized it wouldnít since they didnít take Johnny for money.  They took him for revenge against John for what he did.  When Rafe walked in, Sami turned her back on him.  Rafe thanked Hope for spending the night.  Hope wished she could do more to help.  Hope left and said Lewis would be outside.  She said she would call the minute she heard anything.  When Hope left, Rafe tried to get Sami to eat.  When she wouldnít eat, he let her know that heís scared too, but they need to keep up their strength for Johnny.  Sami flipped out and blamed him for why they were at the pub.  Bo and Austin talked about Zack when Hope showed up.  Austin told her that he checked Aliceís financial records.  He said the account had a specific highly sophisticated design.  Hope thought Alice didnít come up with it on her own.  Austin said the setup is the kind of thing you create when you want to move money around and want to keep people from following your trail.  Hope wanted to know what Alice was doing with the money or who was receiving it.  Austin didnít know who was receiving it because there were nine different financial institutions spread over three continents including Africa.  Austin said he would keep digging.  Austin wondered if Alice was getting blackmailed.  Bo and Hope werenít sure.

Sami continued to yell at Rafe for talking her into going to the pub.  Rafe tried to comfort her, but she pushed him away.  Will and Gabi walked in while Sami was yelling at Rafe.  She continued to rip into him as well as beat him.  Will got in the middle.  Will told Sami that this wasnít Rafeís fault, but it didnít work.  Sami didnít want to blame Rafe and she didnít want to be angry with him.  When Rafe made the mistake of saying that he didnít know that all of this would have happened at the pub, Sami thought he should have known since John was in danger and he used to be a cop.  She went back to blaming him again.  John told Carrie he was pleading guilty.  Carrie told him she made a deal with the DA for a lesser charge.  The deal wasnít a done deal yet.  The DA said he would think about it.  They all continued to talk about the case.  EJ and Stefano argued over Johnnyís disappearance.  Hope told Austin about the paperweight Alice got from Stefano.  Austin was going to look into the financial records and talk to Kate about the Stefano/Alice connection.  He thought Kate might know something about it.  Later on, Austin went to John and Marlenaís townhouse to give Carrie a note from the DA.  Carrie found out the DA rejected the plea bargain.  EJ blamed himself again for what happened to Johnny.  Rafe wanted to talk to Sami when Bo and Hope showed up.  Hope told them they got a call from a local TV station.  They are about to go live with an unconfirmed story.  Bo and Hope wanted to tell her before she found out about it.  Sami turned on the television.  There was breaking news about the search for Johnny.  Bo turned off the television.  Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Bo said a body was found in Brookeville.  The boy was about the same age as Johnny.  Sami reacted.  Rafe tried to hold her.  Sami didnít believe it was Johnny.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Luke tries to bolster his confidence as Aiden cries in the backseat. Luke realizes that he’s really messed things up in his life and that there might be redemption through Aiden. Lulu goes to Elizabeth’s house only to find it empty. Tracy shows up and Lulu tells her that Luke and Aiden are nowhere to be found. They find Lucky’s message and realize that Luke drove Aiden to the hospital.

As Lucky flies home he worries about Luke driving Aiden to the hospital. He wonders if he did the right thing in asking Luke to take care of him. Siobhan visits Lucky in his dreams and urges him to have faith and to live his life.

Ethan is still searching around Wyndemere and sees wet footprints on the floor of the living room. He also sees a strange light from the tunnels and decides to investigate. He finds nothing and doesn’t see the light or the woman watching him. After Ethan leaves the woman comes out of the tunnel to look at Laura’s portrait.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Blair and Tomas finally make love. Tomas talks to someone on the phone about proving that Todd killed Victor. Todd's former colleague, Baker, finds him on the docks and tells him Tomas intends to take everything Todd has. Todd gives Baker an attachť case full of cash and his gun and asks Baker to take care of Delgado.

The fire chief informs Vimal that the fire at The Sun was intentionally set and that the door was gigged shut, so apparently the Patels were the targets. He asks if they have any enemies. Vimal tells him about Brody's threats. Jack admits to Neela that he set the fire but thought the building was empty. Vimal agrees to let Neela stay in the US with them for a while.

John and Natalie discover Nigel unconscious and Liam missing. Nigel tells them Brody knocked him out. He assures Natalie that Brody would never harm John calls the police and starts ordering people as if he were still their boss. John and Natalie rush to the airport to find Brody. Brody is at the airport with Liam buying a ticket to Sydney Australia. As an off-duty LPD officer, Brody is asked to help the TSAs with the ruckus. He finds Rex demanding that the airline stop the plane he thinks he saw Gigi board. Rex apologizes for the spectacle and books a ticket on the next flight to Rio De Janeiro. Cutter opens up to Stacy about his family life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael and Lauren play hooky from work and spend a romantic day together at home making love. The Winters family christens baby Moses. Devon feels awkward with Tucker’s presence, but he hides it well for Neil’s sake. Once the christening is over, everybody heads to Glowworm for a reception. Neil gives Sofia a necklace with Moses' birthstone and birth date on it. Tucker asks Devon to reconsider and come to the wedding tomorrow, but he refuses to do it saying that the christening was a different situation. Once everyone is gone, Neil tells Sofia he doesn’t want to be a part-time father. Then he asks Sofia to marry him. Billy tells Tank the bodyguard that Victor hired the story of his relationship with Victoria and why he left town. Billy regrets ever leaving town and hopes that Victoria has a happy birthday tomorrow.

Cane saves Jill and Victoria from the man they were supposed to meet who pulls a knife on them and is ready to charge them with drug trafficking just like he did with Billy. Victoria calls Victor and tells him that she and Jill are in Myanmar but were unable to find Billy and will head to Thailand for a few days to shop. Victor has Tank take Billy out of the room until he has finished talking to Victoria and then lies to Billy and says Victoria is in New Mexico visiting Sam. Cane, Jill, and Victoria head to the police station in Myanmar where the same police officer they bribed tells them he doesn’t have any information about Billy. A lot of people disappear from the address where Billy was last seen, so Victoria fears Billy is dead. Cane persuades Victoria not to think the worst since they have no proof Billy is dead. Cane tells the ladies that they should all go home because it is too dangerous for them to stay there. Victor tells Billy that tomorrow he is getting on a plane to go to a monastery in New Delhi where there is no way to communicate with anyone. There he will have a chance to reflect on his life.

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