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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill urges Jackie to make the merger official. This is more capital than she has seen in years. Jackie whispers to Nick that this doesn’t feel right. Bill tells her bankruptcy is imminent so she has no time to spare. Bill, Justin and Liam walk out and Bill advises her to go to the unemployment line early; it’ll save a lot of time. Stephanie meets Pam for lunch and Pam is besides herself…..Stephen called off their engagement and took off for Texas. Pam laments that she waited fifty years for this gorgeous man, but she’s not gonna wait another fifty. Pam guzzles down the wine and says she is not going to wait for Que Sera, Sera. She’s already set her sights on another man. Katie interrupts Donna and Brooke while Hope tells them that Thomas kissed her again at the Veterans Day celebration. Katie explains that Steffy set up the whole Aspen thing in keeping Liam from Hope. Hope says this changes everything. Steffy built her marriage on a lie; she needs to find Liam and speak with him.

Nick starts packing up before the repo man gets here. Jackie tells him that is not necessary. She has called and left a message for Eric. Stephanie and Eric have grabbed each other’s phone today so Stephanie gets the message instead of Eric. Nick has an “appointment” in the steam room. He’s expecting Samantha, but gets Pam instead. She’s had a little liquid encouragement and is all over him like white on rice. He has to hold her at bay. When Liam tells Bill that Steffy lied to him and Hope is calling to talk, Bill advises him to go home, kiss his wife and make up; do not see Hope. Stephanie surprises Jackie by showing up for Eric’s appointment and tells Jackie to leave Eric the hell alone. Liam comes to Forrester to see Hope. She greets him with the fact that she knows the entire story now; how Steffy lied to him and got him to marry her. Hope admits she still loves him and it’s not too late for them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the police station, Rafe wanted to help find Johnny even though heís not on the force.  Bo told him he would keep him in the loop.  Hope comforted Sami.  Sami was worried that heís been missing too long.  Rafe asked if Sami was ready to go home.  She snapped at him and said she wasnít leaving.  Bo told Sami that any calls that come into the station or the loft would be traced.  Bo and Hope said they would be in contact with the station at all times.  When Rafe went to comfort Sami, she pushed him away to go to Will.  Will suggested that she go home in case Johnny shows up.  She agreed to go home.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tried to make EJ feel better about Johnny.  Quinn showed up at the mansion.  He wanted to give EJ an offer he couldnít refuse.  Quinn offered to help him find Johnny.  Nicole wanted Quinn to leave, but EJ wanted his help.  Jack showed up at Jenniferís house to help with Johnny since he heard about it on the news.  They ended up talking about their life together.  At the townhouse, John, Marlena, and Roman talked about Johnny being missing.  They talked about him pleading guilty.  John wanted to see Sami to make things right with her since she blamed him for what happened to Johnny.  Roman was going to see what he could do.  At Rafe and Samiís apartment, Bo told them that he and Hope were going to make sure Rafe and Sami were connected to the crisis command center so when thereís word on Johnny, they would hear it when the police did.  When Rafe was trying to help Sami, she snapped at him.  Hope advised her not to shut anyone out and to let Rafe help her.  Will tried to make Rafe feel better about Sami being upset with him.

Roman said John could see Sami, but the meeting had to be brief.  John had to go in the back way and he had to be down in Romanís back seat.  Roman didnít understand why John would plead guilty if heís innocent.  John said itís the only way to protect the family.  Jack believed that he and Jennifer were going to be a family.  He reminded her of how she was there for him during his breakdown, but she thought none of what happened changed where they were.  She told him how she still has feelings for Daniel.  When Jack let it slip that he heard her say she loved him, she thought he tricked her and thought he didnít change.  Nicole tried to tell EJ that he shouldnít take Quinnís help.  EJ didnít agree with her.  Nicole thought getting Quinnís help would come back to bite him.  Marlena and John were at Rafe and Samiís place.  Sami was furious when she saw them.  Will tried to make excuses for Sami, but she told them she meant what she said.  When John blamed himself, Sami agreed with John and blamed him too.  When Marlena tried to defend John, Sami was livid.  Sami continued to lash out at them.  She threatened them if her son didnít come back.  Roman came back with a plastic bag.  He needed positive ID on a shirt.  She cried.  Everyone comforted her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny welcomes Jason home. He tells him he knows about Franco. He goes on a tirade about Shawn taking Carly to Hawaii. When Jason blows up at Sonny that he should be grateful to Shawn, Sonny knows something is bothering Jason. Spinelli utilizes his newfound uncanny knack for picking winner in an attempt to win back Sonny's missing 2 million dollars. He welcomes Sam home from her honeymoon. Sam doesnít want to talk about her honeymoon. He admires her necklace and tells her that the shell o it represents fertility. He wonders if she and Jason are planning a family. He confides to her that his cyber skills are gone, but assures her that he will soon be self-sufficient and able to vacate the "regrettably pink room," but she will not hear of it.

Ethan goes to visit Elizabeth in the hospital. Steve and Matt tell him that someone killed Lisa that same night. Ethan tells Elizabeth that he wouldn't be surprised by anything that happens on Spoon Island, where she miraculously turned up. Elizabeth tells him Wyndemere is dangerous. Ethan goes to Wyndemere to find Elizabeth's mysterious savior. Lulu, babysitting Aiden, answers a knock on Elizabeth's door and finds her father, Luke on the other side. She invites him to leave. He is thrilled to meet his grandson. Lulu leaves him with Aiden while she takes Cameronís inhaler to the sleepover heís attending. Lucky is in the churchyard awaiting another sign. This time the spirit writes "Aiden" with stones. Lucky begins to question his sanity. The stones write "sick." A gust of wind prevents him from calling Elizabeth. The stones spell, "hurry." He calls Elizabethís house and Luke answers and tells him Liz is in the hospital. Lucky asks Luke to get Aiden to the Emergency Room right away. Aiden has a bruise on his arm that is exactly like the one on Lucky's arm. Luke is afraid to drive with Aiden in the car. Lulu returns to find Luke and Aiden gone. Lucky tells his innkeeper that he got his sign, so she shouldn't give up on hers. She goes to the churchyard and talks to her departed husband. The stone spell out "still yours.Ē Lucky gets on a plane back to Port Charles.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie is furious with Brody to discover that he's known for a long time that Liam is John's instead of his yet lied to her. She rushes to find John at the airport before it's too late and Rex comes with her. back at the church all the others are distracted while Cord proposes to Tina again and they get married. Brody then goes off alone and is ready to take Liam away. Nigel catches him while Natalie goes to find John and tell him there is proof that he can believe, that Liam is his. John comes back to the house with her. But they find Nigel passed out on the floor and Liam is gone. While at the airport, Gigi/Stacy is with Cutter ready to fly overseas to get the plastic surgery done so that she does not look like Gigi when she's really supposed to be Stacy. At first Rex sees Cutter and confronts him unaware that a woman who looks just like Gigi is with Cutter as she hides. But he later sees on a video screen the words Don't Give Up. And he comes face to face with "Gigi".

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Angelo makes it clear to Gloria that he would treat her like a queen if they were a couple, but she needs time to get over Jeffrey. Angelina continues to flirt with Kevin this time in front of Chloe, which makes Chloe want to put her fist in Angelina’s face, but Kevin stops her from doing it. Chloe and Kevin go to the hospital to show Delia her flower girl dress for the wedding. Delia is very excited about the wedding. While walking together, Chloe tells Kevin that if they make a great couple during the hard times, they will make a fantastic couple during the good times. Kevin makes a ring for Chloe out of paper that he has in his office, and then they make love.

Billy persuades Victor's guard to sneak him into the hospital to see Delia. Victor isn’t happy when he arrives at Billy’s motel with Michael and Billy and the guard is gone. Ronan questions a homeless lady in the park and shows her a picture of Victoria. She tells him that that was the lady that was desperate to find a thin gold bracelet that she lost. The homeless lady shows Ronan a card that Victoria left with her as she offered her a reward for finding the bracelet. Ronan later talks to Victor at the police station and tells him that he has a witness that places Victoria at the park the night Diane died. Victor tells Ronan that Victoria misplaced the bracelet which she later found at her house. Ronan informs Victor that he knows Victoria is in Myanmar because they tracked her passport. Michael thinks that she is trying to find out information about Billy. Cane returns to the bar in Myanmar where Chelsea worked and finds out that she stole money from the bar and disappeared. Victoria and Jill bribe a policeman at a local police station and find out that Billy was arrested for drug trafficking at a Myanmar beach but then he disappeared, because there is no record of him being released from jail. Jill and Victoria arrive at the same bar where Cane is questioning customers but he hides from them. Cane overhears one of the local men tell Jill and Victoria that he knows where Billy is and he is hurt. The man shows Jill and Victoria Billy’s money clip which Billy told him to sell it to get food. Jill and Victoria agree to meet the man in one hour so he can take them to Billy.

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