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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie urges Liam to get out of this marriage as fast as he can. She knows he made a commitment, but the marriage is based on lies and manipulations by Steffy. And Hope is now being pursued by Thomas, so Liam needs to work fast. Brooke and Ridge disagree about Hope that she needs to be dating anyone so fast, but especially Thomas. Hope thanks Thomas for making her happy and smile again. He tells her that her message is honest and real and he wants to be part of that. She believes in what she stands for and he wants to help her. Anthony tells Thomas that he is psychic and he predicts good things for him and Hope. Steffy is beyond upset when she walks in and finds Katie is trying to pursue Liam to get an annulment and go back to Hope. All Katie wants to know is if Bill had anything to do with this. She would find it hard to trust someone who could be so contemptible. Katie warns Steffy not to get too comfortable. Liam may care for her, but he’s still in love with Hope and it will be game over as soon as he accepts that.

Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t remember them making a pack that they will stay out of their children’s lives and let them lead their own lives. He reminds her that love is love so don’t over-think it. Hope is her daughter so that makes her the luckiest girl in the world. Liam tells Steffy that he is sorry for what Katie said to her. She replies that it doesn’t faze her a bit. She is committed to him and she will wake up every morning happy and go to bed the same. She makes sure that he gets a little strip tease later. Thomas convinces Dayzee and Marcus to take off after the Veteran’s Day celebration which leaves him and Hope alone. She says she doesn’t consider this a date; it’s so much more. She sees that glamorous Forrester persona he has just is a small facet of who he really is. He is kind and thoughtful, so generous with his time and his heart. She has been living under a very dark cloud, so sad and depressed but he’s changed all of that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Rafe got a text that the police found the shooter.  Kate asked EJ if he knew anything about the man who shot John.  She asked if he or Stefano had anything to do with the man who shot at John.  Sami attacked the shooter and threatened to make him pay for hurting Johnny.  EJ came over and asked the shooter where Johnny is. The shooter said he didnít know where Johnny is and he wouldnít hurt a child.  EJ didnít believe it, but Roman did.  Roman wanted the shooter downtown.  Rafe tried to console Sami, but it didnít do any good.  Abe told Lexie and Jennifer that he was canceling his campaign to focus on finding Johnny.  Abe made a speech on television about the shooting and Johnny being missing.  EJ told Sami that his men were going to look for Johnny.  He didnít want to wait for the police.  EJ denied that he or Stefano set up Johnís attack.  EJ demanded that Roman do everything he could to find Johnny.  EJ ripped into Roman and Abe for Johnny being missing.

Roman told EJ that the police will help find Johnny.  Lexie tried to console EJ.  Roman and Rafe told Sami they were going to check some leads.  EJ told her that he was going to find Johnny if itís the last thing he would do.  Jennifer and Lexie consoled Sami.  Roman, Rafe, and EJ searched a place for Johnny, but he wasnít there.  EJ let Roman and Rafe know he didnít set any of this up.  Roman and Rafe talked about what happened at the pub.  They also talked about Johnny being missing.  Abe told Sami heís going to authorize more money to be spent on finding Johnny.  Kate tried to comfort Sami.  They talked about Lucas, Austin and Johnny.  Roman and Rafe told Sami about their lead on Johnny turning up empty.  Sami wanted to go back where they were so she could find Johnny.  Roman told her that itís looking like Johnny has been kidnapped.  Rafe tried to comfort Sami, but she was inconsolable.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny and Luke talk about the intervention and Dante’s possible engagement to Lulu. Lulu babysits Aiden and Cameron while she and Dante discuss his intentions of returning to work. Dante wants to clear his mother’s name in the Niles case. Mac begins questioning potential suspects in the Lisa Niles murder investigation. Maggie overhears Steven and Olivia talking about their relationship. Liz is convinced that Jake is in some sort of trouble. Jason and Matt manage to calm Elizabeth down with the help of Monica. Johnny criticizes Sonny’s treatment of women to Kate. Mac thinks Robin might be hiding something about Lisa’s murder. Jason shows up at Sonny’s office, hell-bent on finding Franco. Robin and Patrick think Matt couldn’t have killed Lisa. Robin’s first impression of Maggie is not good. Dante intervenes when Delores starts interrogating Olivia. Lulu is shocked to find Luke on Elizabeth’s doorstep. Lucky is unaware that Siobhan is nearby. Lucky wakes to find a message in stone regarding Aiden.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie's wedding is interrupted when Tina finally finds her dog and also discovers the document for the first time that confirms John is Liam's father instead of Brody. And she brings it to Natalie who is shocked and devastated. Brody is very worried that this will mean he will lose Liam so he urges everybody to believe the document must be fake. But they realize that Victor must have known about it and that is why Brody threatened to kill him. Natalie then realizes that Marty switched the DNA results to break up Natalie and John, confessed that to her shrink and Brody heard the tape recording and erased it in order to lie about Liam being his. Meanwhile Jessica stays home and goes to talk to Robert Ford about the situation. They grow closer. He doesn't want her to leave and kisses her. And the two of them wonder if they should remain friends or become more than that to each other. Natalie rushes to find John before it's too late. Rex comes with her. Not far away Gigi/Stacy is there with Cutter attempting to catch a flight to a far away place to get the surgery because she does not want to "scam" Rex and Shane into believing she's Gigi when she's not.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine thinks that she and Tucker should reconcile so that together they can reconcile with Devon. Tucker tells Katherine that he will find a way to reconcile with his son without her so called help. Paul tells Devon that he was going to tell him the truth about Tucker if Katherine didn’t tell him even if it meant losing his private detective license. Paul tells Devon that Katherine didn’t think that Tucker would be a good influence on him that is why she wanted to wait to get to know him before she told him Tucker was his father. Devon tells Paul he doesn’t need Katherine or Tucker because Neil is a wonderful father and he has a great family. Ashley tries to get Devon to reconsider coming to the wedding but Devon says he won’t come although she has been a great friend to his family. Nick tells Avery about the strange phone calls and the confrontation he had with Diane the night she died and Avery advises Nick to tell Ronan the truth and take a lie detector test to prove to Ronan that he is telling the truth. Ronan tells Phyllis that he can talk to the DA and get the charges for stealing the pictures of Heather and Adam dropped if she tells him what happened at the warehouse. Phyllis tells Ronan about the movie and the fact that everyone destroyed the film and thought that Adam was the one who made the movie since he was the only suspect not in the movie. Patty is revealed as being the person making the phone calls to Nick, Ashley, and Ronan and playing back the recording of Nick’s confrontation with Diane the night she died.

Phyllis decides to continue he relationship with Ronan because it is exciting sneaking around but she is almost caught in Ronan’s room by Nick and Avery when they arrive to talk about making a statement about what he knows about the night Diane died. Avery later tells Nick that she thinks Ronan had a woman in his room because she noticed a woman’s high heel boot under the bed. Patty sneaks into Jack’s house using his spare key and remembers good times with him and kisses his picture and promises they will be together again. Patty later hides in the kitchen when Jack and Genevieve arrive because Jack offered to cook dinner f0r Genevieve and listens to Jack tell Genevieve that he is happy she accepted his invitation to Ashley’s wedding. Patty sneaks out the kitchen door as Jack’s caretaker brings groceries to Jack for dinner. Jack’s caretaker tells Genevieve that he found a rabbits foot outside but Genevieve thinks it looks more like a cat’s paw. Adam sees Patty walking around outside Crimson Lights looking in the window to try and see Paul. Adam tells Patty that she shouldn’t have made that movie and left him out of it because it makes him look guilty. Adam advises Patty to leave town or she might end up in an institution again if she gets caught and people find out what she did to Diane. Patty refuses to leave town and warns Adam that if he doesn’t leave her alone, she will tell everyone what he did to Diane. Ronan confides in Phyllis that he thinks there is another unknown suspect in Diane’s murder.

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