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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope lets Thomas convince her to go away for the day and forget all about Liam. Katie drops in on Liam and he explains that Steffy told him the truth….about Aspen and her keeping him and Hope apart. She argues that Hope may have been insensitive to him, but Steffy out and out lied to him. That is wrong. That is no way to start a marriage. She urges him to go back while he can and get out of this marriage. Thomas is very interested in Hope and he could easily sweep her off her feet. Liam needs to act now before it is too late. Steffy confides in Ridge that her brother is very interested in Hope now and that is all to the good. Only Brooke doesn’t think so. She knows Hope is still in love with Liam and will only break Thomas’s heart if he takes this seriously. Steffy says she only wants Brooke to respect her marriage and leave them alone. Thomas takes Hope to Dayzee’s and they join in on the Veterans' Day benefit by serving the vets their meal. Thomas makes a speech thanking them for their ultimate sacrifices. Beau Davidson sings. It’s been a very inspiring day for Hope. She thanks Thomas for bringing her here. He admits that he is crazy about her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Roman and Bo were concerned about Johnny.  At the courthouse, John felt guilty about Johnny being missing.  Marlena and Austin tried to make him feel better.  Carrie came in and told John that she told the judge what happened and asked for a continuance and a change of venue.  John was still upset about Johnny.  At the pub, EJ went to see Sami and the kids, but they werenít there.  He left a message for Sami.  Nicole showed up because she heard the news about the shooting.  EJ told her someone tried to kill John.  Nicole said EJ had to release a statement.  EJ didnít want to.  Nicole said EJ had to release a statement because it was his responsibility.  She also reminded him that he was the one trying the case against John.  EJ still didnít want to.  He told her that Sami and the kids were there and he could track them down.  Nicole didnít know.  She said the report said there were no casualties.  He got a text from Sami that she was at the police station.  At the police station, Sami was upset about Johnny being missing.  When she saw Roman, she asked if he found Johnny.  He said no.  She said that this wouldnít have happened if they didnít take him to see John.  Roman said they would find the shooter.  Bo walked in and told them the Feds and the State cops had nothing on the shooter.  Roman said there had to be video surveillance somewhere.  Bo was going to check.  Sami was upset that the killer was out there.  EJ and Nicole showed up and wanted to know about the children.  Sami told him about Sydney, Allie, and Will.  EJ asked about Johnny.  She told him that Johnny was missing.  She told him what led to Johnny being missing.  EJ was worried that something was wrong with Johnny.  When EJ started yelling, Rafe argued with him.  The two started arguing.  EJ flipped out on Bo and Roman.  When EJ was about to leave, Sami wanted to know where he was going.  He said he was going to find Johnny.  When EJ, Bo, and Roman were arguing, Sami snapped and demanded that her son be found.  EJ, Bo, and Roman continued to argue about EJ wanting to look for Johnny.

Daniel showed up at Jenniferís house.  They talked about him seeing her kiss Jack.  She apologized that he saw it.  They talked about their situation with Jack.  They talked about her not making a decision between him and Jack.  She told him about Jackís flashbacks in Afghanistan and how she helped him.  She said she kissed Jack because she felt bad for him.  They continued to talk about Jack.  Daniel eventually told her he wasnít going to give up on her.  Austin and Carrie talked about what happened at the pub.  He suggested that Carrie dropped the case.  John decided to plead guilty so his family would be safe.  Marlena tried to talk him out of it.  He reminded her about his flashes.  She said heís been set up.  They talked about what happened at the pub.  He decided to end things before they got worse.  EJ and Nicole talked about Johnny.  She suggested he mend fences with the police.  Sami wanted to know what she could do to help.  She thought Johnny might be home, but Bo said he wasnít.  She and Rafe suggested other places to check.  EJ apologized for his behavior.  Bo and Roman understood.  Sami blamed John for what happened to Johnny when Carrie showed up and told them John blamed himself.  Carrie and Sami got into it over John.  Sami told Carrie to let John know that she hoped he paid for what he did.  Carrie and Sami got into over Marlena.  Sami thought Marlena cared more about John than she did Johnny. Sami went on about Marlena always choosing John over the family.  Roman was told that the police had a suspect.  The police eventually found the suspect.  Sami wanted to know where her son was.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn prepares a box to take to the family of the comrade he shot in the marines. Carly wants him to wait and talk to her before he goes. He tells her that it annoys him when people don't realize that they have time off to bother him because it is veteran's day. He tells her what Veterans Day means to him. He reveals to her that when he was a boy, he saw his father die. The two of become closer.

Maggie, the pediatrician Steven hired, arrives at General Hospital. Steve tells her that He tells her that he saw her skulking around the hospital in a clown costume on Halloween and says they will not be reuniting in any way other than professionally. She tells him she cannot forget what happened in Memphis. Olivia wonders how close Steve and Maggie were.

Jason and Sam go home to Port Charles. Sam's self esteem has taken a blow in the wake of the rape. Jason suggests that she talk to someone, but she isnít interested in therapy. She has a tantrum and throws still-wrapped gifts in the penthouse. Jason goes to GH for a checkup and picks up a rape survival brochure for Sam while he is there. Monica tells Jason about Elizabeth's condition. Elizabeth hallucinates from her high fever. She thinks Jake needs her. She thinks Jason is there to save her and help her save Jake when he comes into her room. In Ireland, Lucky concludes that Jake must have formed the stones into the message, "Go home, Daddy." He decides to go back to Port Charles, but the innkeeper suggests that Jake may have more to say.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie's wedding preparation is underway. But right when she's talking to Tina about her confrontation with Jessica and the "vicious fabrication" her sister has gotten that Liam is John's and not Brody's, and Tina's agreeing with Natalie that that is absurd, the dog tries fervently to "interrupt them". They only hear barking. But we hear the dog speaking in English that they need to know it's true that John is Liam's father. And when she remembers she hid the document that can prove it, she runs up after it. Tina discovers she's lost and knows she cannot attend the wedding to be Natalie's maid of honor, until she finds her dog. Natalie somehow knows it's "important" and graciously lets her aunt stay behind while she goes to get married. Yet she is obviously having her doubts. John is ready to leave for Seattle although everybody who knows him is concerned and believes he's "running" from his feelings for Natalie. Clint gets to attend and walk his daughter down the aisle after he's gotten help from Dorian. Bo and Nora are happily together,, getting along with Clint but missing Matthew. Shaun wants to marry Vivian but she has issues with marriage revealing to him that her parents are unhappily married although he wants her to say yes to him soon.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

As Genoa City celebrates Veterans Day, everyone is reminded how short life is and how they should appreciate family. Paul is disappointed that Ricky didn’t come to dinner last night. Nina is worried about where Chance will be assigned but she has decided to be calm about it because Chance is doing an important job. Chance is assigned to the Pentagon to train for an intelligence position. Chance tells Nina he will be going back to the Middle East once his training is finished. Murphy persuades Katherine to talk to Tucker and try to get him back in her life.

The doctor tells Chloe that the bone marrow transplant worked, and although they still need to be careful, Delia is in remission. Chloe calls Kevin who is with Billy and they are thrilled at the news. Billy persuades Kevin to hack into Victor’s computer and find a picture of Chelsea Lawson. Kevin is able to hack into Victor’s computer and then sends a picture of Chelsea and sends it to Cane’s phone. Cane meets a bartender in Myanmar and she tells him the best beaches to try and find his friend, Chelsea, whom she doesn’t know. Cane later gets a picture of Chelsea. When he sees the picture, he discovers that the bartender he met earlier is Chelsea Lawson. Victor finds out where Billy is staying in Genoa City and tells him that Delia is going to be okay so he can now leave town.

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