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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is surprised to hear Liam say that his marriage to Steffy is a mistake. But fate intervened that day and she doesn’t want to hear about any of his “what ifs?” It’s too late. Steffy is happy to hear that Thomas is interested in Hope. That will solve both their problems. She likes Hope enough; just not with Liam, so she’s glad that Thomas has shooting stars and rockets to the moon over her. He gloats it won’t take him but a day to reel her in. Brooke and Katie both wonder how they can prove that Steffy was behind Liam not showing up to meet Hope, but married Steffy instead. It certainly was not by chance. She’s afraid Thomas and Steffy will be hurt as nothing will come between Liam and Hope in the long run. Katie says she will speak with Liam and see if she can find out any more details on what happened that day. Steffy and Thomas find out from Marcus that Hope is talking to Liam in the office and they head there. Hope assures Steffy that she interrupted nothing; she and Liam are over….yes they are definitely over. To stop Liam's brooding, Steffy strips down to her sexy skimpies and seduces him there in the office. Thomas has a meeting re-scheduled and encourages Hope to take some time off and be with him a few hours. He can make her forget Liam. She realizes she has been acting hopeless and feeling sorry for herself lately so she’ll take him up on his offer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jenniferís house, Jennifer and Hope talked about Johnís trial.  Austin saw a news report about Johnís trial.  One person thought John would be sentenced to life.  Austin turned it off when Carrie walked in the room.  They talked about Johnís case.  EJ and Stefano talked about the class action suit against John.  EJís going to downplay his campaign and focus on the case.  He wants the people to think of him as one of the victims.  EJís convinced he would win the case.  Rafe and Sami talked about the family gathering at the pub.  Sami was upset about having to go to the pub.  At the pub, John and Marlena thanked Roman for setting up the family gathering.  At the pier, a masked figure turned on a walkie-talkie and started listening to the conversation at the pub.  He pulled out a rifle from a case.  John said the people thought he stole their money and he wasnít sure if he didnít.  When Carrie showed up at the pub, she and John talked about his case.  He told her about his doubts and the flashbacks he keeps having.  Marlena told him the visions werenít real.  She told him everyone who knows and loves him knows heís innocent.  When Rafe, Sami, and the kids showed up, John and Marlena were elated.  John thanked Sami for coming.  She gave him a hug.  Everyone was happy that the family was at the pub.  John played with the kids.

Jennifer and Hope were looking in Aliceís boxes.  Hope told Jennifer that they donít know why the money was going in and out of Aliceís account.  Who was getting the money?  Hope needed to know if Alice was in trouble or being blackmailed.  Hope told Jennifer that working with Bo has been good for them.  Hope thought finding out that Daniel is Maggieís son would answer more questions than it did.  She wanted to know how many secrets Alice had.  They ended up talking about Jenniferís situation with Jack and Daniel.  Jennifer told Hope about Jackís flashbacks.  Jennifer told Hope about being there for Jack and it made her realize how much she loves Jack.  At the police station, Bo talked to Austin.  They talked about Billie, Chelsea, and John.  While everyone was socializing at the pub, the masked figure pointed the rifle at John while he was teaching Johnny how to play baseball.  Jennifer told Hope that she hasnít decided between Jack and Daniel.  She was overwhelmed by Jackís past, but she couldnít erase her feelings for Daniel.  Jennifer reminded Hope about Danielís life changing experience.  Jennifer decided to take it one day at a time.  She didnít want to talk about it anymore.  She wanted to get back to looking through the boxes.  Jennifer saw the baby picture Bo and Hope found.  Neither one of them knew who the baby was.  They found a paperweight in a box that was inscribed to Alice saying ďa symbol of our bondĒ.  It had the DiMera family crest on it.  It was a phoenix.  They wondered why Stefano gave Alice a present.  Hope wanted to know what was going on and she wanted to find out.  There was a camera shot of the baby picture at the DiMera mansion.  Everyone was getting ready to leave the pub to go the trial.  John didnít want everyone to be there.  He thought it was too dangerous.  Marlena was determined to be there for John.  As John hugged Sami, the gunman shot at the pub.  A window shattered.  More shots were fired.  Bo got a call that there was a shooting at the pub.  The shots stopped.  Everyone was okay.  The shots started again.  EJ told Stefano how he set John up.  EJ said he cloned Johnís phone so EJ could make the transactions.  Then he had a guy in the FBI manipulate all of the evidence.  EJ had to pay off everyone in the Swiss clinic.  EJís proudest moment was when he managed to turn the people in Johnís company turn against him.  Stefano was afraid that EJ wasnít going to be able to take credit for what he did.  Stefano said EJ could never tell John what he did.  EJ had no intention of telling.  He thought the children were what mattered and clearing the family name.  They saw a news report about the shooting at the pub.  EJ wanted to know what was going on because that wasnít supposed to happen.  Bo and Austin showed up at the pub.  Everyone was safe.  Sami noticed Johnny was missing.  Everyone started looking for Johnny.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy asks for Lukeís help with Anthony Zacchara. She tells Luke that Aiden is his grandson. Luke is tempted to drink. Olivia advises Lulu to be honest about it if she doesn't think she wants to go through with marrying Dante. Lucky chats with the innkeeper about the magic in the churchyard, and then he goes back to the church to wait for another sign. On the verge of consciousness, he sees himself holding Aiden in Elizabeth's house. He sees the door flying open and Jake's voice saying, "Daddy." When he opens his eyes, he sees the stones on the ground now spell out, "Go home, Daddy."

Someone takes great interest in the newspaper article about Lisaís death. She puts it in her purse and takes the giant syringe, but opts to leave the clown mask in the hotel room when she leaves. Matt tells Elizabeth that Lisa's body was found. The autopsy result shows that Lisa was murdered by a blow to the head. Mac says everyone that was on the boat is a suspect in the murder. Dante asks for the Lisa Niles case. Steve babysits Cameron and Aiden. He wonders if Olivia is pregnant after having seen a  pregnancy test at her apartment. Olivia comes over to help, but ends up being the babysitter when Steve is called to the hospital. A lab-coat clad woman gets off the elevator holding a giant syringe and asking if anyone is looking for someone that is good with kids. Steve looks at the pretty woman and is relieved to see that it is his friend, Maggie.

Jason blames himself for Franco raping Sam. he and Sam look for Franco at the cell where Franco had held Jason. Franco has spray-painted NO2CCAH5. They go into a hotel room where, they find a woman in a grass skirt holding a hula doll, dead on the floor, posed as a cross. The NO2CCAH5 is there, with the word ALOHA crossing it downward.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody goes to talk to Jessica after Natalie informed him of the "insane stunt" Jessica pulled attempting to get them to believe that Liam is John's instead of Brody's. He knows how to convince her that he hasn't a clue what she is talking about, confident that Natalie doesn't buy it for a minute and knowing she has no proof. But she urges him to get Liam tested just so he knows. She returns to Robert Ford who consoles her and seems to be the only person she can confide in. Robert, James, Nate, Starr and Dani are all getting "needled" by Rick to have Starr and Nate do a sleazy porn flick called Jail Bait. Although all 5 of them are opposed to it, he reminds them that he owns the contract and without the money that the porn flick will bring in, they won't be able to do the songs that Starr wants to record.

Jack sets fire to The Sun building and tells all employees they can have the day off before he does it. Little does he know, however, that Vimal and Rama are trapped inside the room. Before it's too late, he and Neela go to save them. Todd is haunted by Irene's ghost while Blair is ready to sleep with Tomas and Todd's afraid she will forget all about him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine is hurt when she doesn’t get an invitation to Moses' christening or Tucker and Ashley’s renewal of vows. Ashley sends an invitation to Devon who reads it and leaves it on top of the bar at Crimson Lights. Devon tells Sofia it is okay if she wants Tucker to be Moses' godfather. Tucker and Neil argue about Devon when Tucker and Ashley meet with Neil and Sofia to discuss the christening. Sofia tells Tucker that she would be honored to be his best woman at his wedding. Christine tells Ronan that she knows after his liver transplant when he was taken to a hospital in Washington DC and then he went so deep undercover that nobody could find him. Nina tells Ronan that she will stop trying to have a relationship with him. If he wants a relationship with her, then he knows where to find her. Ronan is affected by Nina’s words and leaves the police station and heads to the hotel room and cries a little before Phyllis arrives to console him.

Phyllis tells Ronan that she and Nick broke up because of Avery and she is terrified she will lose Lucy because of Avery. Ronan admits to Phyllis that he doesn’t know how to handle owing his life to Chance and Nina. He doesn’t think he has anything to give them in return. Ronan tells Phyllis he has never admitted that to anyone and then he and Phyllis have sex. Ricky tells Paul that he never meant to hurt Heather when he took the pictures. He just thought of her as a prosecutor kissing a witness. He didn’t think of Heather as his sister. Murphy advises Paul, Jill and Nina not to give up on their sons and keep trying to reach out to them. Katherine tells Paul to invite Ricky to the house for dinner. Ricky comes but he hesitates at the mansion door when he sees Christine is there and he wonders if he should go in or just leave without being seen by anyone. Avery apologizes to Nick for setting it up so that Phyllis would catch them together after they made love. Nick tells Avery that what she did was something that Phyllis would have done but Phyllis never would have apologized for having set him up. Nick tells Avery that she is smart and hot, and they kiss and later make love.

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