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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Ridge and Brooke are surprised when their kids tell them about the kiss. Thomas tells his dad that Hope is exactly the kind of woman he wants in his life and he thinks he is the man who she needs in hers right now. Ridge is concerned as he didn’t see it coming. Thomas says that he is sorry. His dad calls the shots at the office but not in his personal life. Hope deserves a man who appreciates her and her values. Brooke tells Hope that she needs to make it very clear to Thomas that she is still in love with Liam. She needs to talk to Thomas about this; let him know how she feels. Hope admits that her heart is still with Liam but maybe it shouldn’t be. Thomas just wants to help her get over that. Steffy awakens and tells Liam that she is glad she told him the truth; nothing will ever be a secret between them again. She doesn’t doubt herself and she doesn’t doubt him. He is the man for her. He remembers the kiss he witnessed between Hope and Thomas.

Thomas tells Ridge that he doesn’t have to worry. He’s taking it slow. He’s not going to rush things. Hope has had some bad things happen lately yet she has held her head high and is carrying on. Thomas on the other hand has griped and complained about the Taboo line folding and him being relegated to the basement….not very mature. Hope has inspired him and he wants to feel that way too. Liam drops in at Forrester’s and finds Hope. He wants to know what is happening between her and Thomas; he saw them kissing. Kind of like pot calling the kettle black, she thinks it’s ironic that he is saying she should not get into a rebound relationship. Steffy is ecstatic when Thomas tells her that Liam was there last night and saw him kissing Hope. She thinks this is perfect. Hope is a Logan and he’s a Forrester; they can use this. Liam muses to Hope that he gets that she is venerable, but dating Thomas is not the answer. She’s furious. She says that relationship they had doesn’t exist anymore. There is no going back. This is the way it is; they are both moving on. She’s shocked when he admits his marriage shouldn’t have happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole got into an argument when he re-wrote her speech for him.  She said she quit for real.  They talked about how they made love.  When he tried to kiss her, she pulled away.  She pulled out divorce papers from her purse.  She told him that their marriage was over.  At the Titan conference room, Madison came in while Brady was on the phone.  She wanted to be there for him at Johnís trial.  He didnít want to go to Johnís trial.  She ripped into him for not wanting to see his father.  Brady agreed to go see John.  Rafe and Sami celebrated Austin and Carrie leaving the loft.  Rafe and Sami spent time with the kids. They talked about Johnís trial.  Rafe told Sami that Caroline is closing the pub so Johnís family and friends could show their support before the trial.  He told her that Roman was bringing John and Marlena to the pub without the press knowing.  Sami was surprised that Roman would do that.  They talked about her doubting Johnís innocence.  Rafe told Sami it would mean a lot to Marlena and John if Sami showed up and gave support. Austin and Carrie found a room at a motel where they made love.

At the townhouse, Brady and Madison went to see John and Marlena.  John was thrilled when he saw Brady.  Brady introduced Madison to John and Marlena.  They all hit it off.  EJ and Nicole argued about her divorcing him.  Nicole wanted his signature on the papers.  She said she wouldnít file until after the election.  He tried to convince her they should get together, but she didnít want to be with him.  John wanted him and Brady to start over.  Brady agreed to work things out with him.  When Austin and Carrie visited Rafe and Sami, Rafe and Carrie talked about Johnís case.  She told him that she could get the witness in town tonight.  Rafe was determined to help John prove his innocence.  EJ and Nicole talked about what happened during their marriage and why he was running for mayor.  He begged her for another chance, but she wouldnít give him one.  EJ eventually signed the divorce papers while Nicole cried.  He walked out of the room.  While John, Marlena, Brady, and Madison were watching television, they saw a news report about Johnís trial.  There was a poll about his guilt or innocence and the majority of the people thought John was guilty.  Nicole picked up the papers and felt on EJís picture.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Jason continues to explain to Sam what Franco did to her. He tells her that Franco drugged them both and that he woke up in a room somewhere. Sam tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital. All she wants to do is take a shower. Sam takes a shower and ends up on crying. Jason brings her a towel and wraps her up in it and holds her, while she cries. Shawn and Carly are standing on the docks and Shawn sees Lisa’s dead body floating. He tells Carly to leave, but Carly says no. Ronnie and Delores arrive to the scene and Ronnie starts harassing them about why they are there. Ronnie wants to know if they killed Lisa. Shawn tells him that he and Carly came to the warehouse for privacy. Ronnie remains suspicious of them, but leaves them alone.

Patrick returns home with wet shoes and he tries to sneak upstairs to change. Robin catches him and he tells her that he went for a walk and got caught in the neighbor’s sprinklers. Patrick tells Robin that he never wants anyone or anything to come between them again. He wants them to take one of those trips he arranged now. Robin wants to know what they are supposed to do about work, but she finally agrees that they should go away the next weekend. One of Robin’s stitches break and Patrick offers to sew backup for her, but she freaks out. She doesn’t want Patrick to have to deal with her HIV status. Patrick tells her that it is part of their lives. Steve goes to Jake’s for a drink and Coleman notices that his hands are shaking and assumes that Steven lost a patient. Steve mumbles about making choices and living with the consequences. Matt comes in and is upset about losing an important patient before he could start his cancer trial. He also blames himself for Elizabeth’s almost death. As Coleman pours them some shots their beepers go off. Delores is waiting for them at the hospital and tells them that Lisa’s body has been found.

Olivia is reading her pregnancy test results when Sonny knocks on her door. She tries to tell him that it’s not a good time, but Sonny tells her that he needs to know what she said to Kate to convince her to talk to him again. As Olivia starts to give him some advice, but Kate calls and says that her car won’t start. Kate is stranded a few miles from Jake’s and wants to know if Sonny could come and get her. Johnny stops by and offers to help her. He tells her that her car can’t be fixed and offer to tow the car to his show as Sonny and Olivia arrive. As Olivia looks under the hood she gets a dizzy spell. Johnny takes Olivia home and Sonny tells Kate that he is happy that she called him. Johnny drops Olivia off at her door and she tells him that she saw Kate’s car was intentionally tampered with. Johnny grins and tells Olivia that if she ever needs him, she knows where to find him.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki tells Clint that Tea was not able to convince a judge to let Clint attend Natalie's wedding. David sees them, as they are tempted to kiss. Viki says Clint has changed, but assures David that she is not falling for Clint. Clint sees Tina's dog, David Vickers, laying on Liam's DNA test results, but the dog won't allow him to see it. Brody wonders what Natalie has on her mind. She tells him that she had a fight with Jessica and that Jessica said Brody is not Liam's father just to try to blow Natalie's world apart the day before her wedding. John's assistant, Nadia tells Natalie about John's departure from Llanview. Natalie immediately goes to the station.

Vimal goes to John to report his sister, Neela, missing after possibly seeing her on the docks with a boy. John tells Vimal he doesnít work for LPD anymore. Vimal wonders if his losing Neela is his karma for withholding the truth about Liam from John. Rama finds Neela, safe. Neela tells her that Jack Manning is the boy of her dreams and that she simply cannot go through with the arranged marriage to Rajiv back home in India. She begs Rama to convince Vimal to let her stay in America. Rama tells her that she had romantic dreams when she was a young girl, too, but she ultimately came to love her arranged husband with all her heart. Rama calls Vimal, tells him she found Neela, and asks him to meet them at the Sun. Brody overhears Vimal telling Rama that he intends to tell John the truth about his son. He follows Vimal to the Sun and puts a doorstop under the door so they cannot get out. Jack goes to the Sun, tells everyone to take the rest of the day off, and pours gasoline in front of Victor's office door, not knowing that Rama and Vimal are in there.

David Vickers informs Todd that he doesn't have a shot with Blair. Jack vows never to let Todd have his fatherís newspaper. Tomas cracks the safe at the Sun. He and Blair each wonder what the other is doing there. Todd wonders the same thing when he arrives. He throws him out of his office and then discovers his safe is open. He gets the gun, mutters that they will see who takes down who puts it in his pocket and goes to La Boulaie, where he sees Blair kissing Tomas.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chris, Paul, and Michael remember the ordeal Isabella put them all through when she framed Chris for murder and then almost killed her. Paul wonders if Ricky has any of his mom’s insanity inside of him. Nina and Chris encourage Paul to talk to Ricky and find out why he betrayed Heather. Paul later sits down with Ricky over coffee to try and get to know his son. Billy tries to persuade Cane not to go to Myanmar to look for Chelsea Lawson because he could end up in prison like many American tourists. Cane tells Billy that he is going because it's time that Victor stopped keeping him away from Delia and Victoria. Cane gets a visa from Ronan and leaves for Myanmar. Daniel tries to get answers from Phyllis about her family but she refuses to tell him about her family because she insists that he, Summer, and Lucy are her family. Daniel tries to get answers about his family from Avery but she doesn’t tell him anything either. Nick and Daniel both think Avery came to town to get revenge on Phyllis, and Nick refuses to be a part of her games.

Nick persuades Ricky to talk to Phyllis so he heads to the police station with Michael. Phyllis apologizes to Ricky for using the pictures without his permission. Phyllis confirms what Nick told Ricky earlier that Avery is using him to get back at her. Ricky refuses to drop the charges against Phyllis. Michael gets Phyllis out on bail and she and Nick call a truce and promise each other they will get through this latest professional and personal crisis together. Nina, Chance, and Chris confront Ronan at the police station and demand to know why he left town so suddenly after his liver transplant.

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