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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas spells it out for Liam. Go home to his wife; let Hope go! She is not his any more. Liam questions why Thomas was kissing Hope. Thomas replies why not; Liam has moved on and so will Thomas, if he is lucky. He thinks he is just exactly what Hope needs right now. Liam has moved on, so let Hope do the same. Life is too short. Liam can come here any time to visit his wife, but do not come back looking for Hope. Taylor tells Steffy that she did the right thing by telling Liam. Steffy knows that, but she is afraid it will come at a price. Taylor has no idea how Liam might react at this point. But Steffy has to have faith that he knows how deeply she feels. She made a mistake, but they all do make mistakes. Steffy vows that she will never lie to him again. Amber returns Rick’s man bag and teases him about being a secret aspiring designer. He calls them rough sketches and it’s probably nothing. She disagrees, they are the cutting edge, nothing like that out there. She thinks he may be on to something. She gushes that he really has something going with this line and she has taken the concept and added to it; smoothed the rough edges.

Rick likes Amber’s new changes to the designs. Amber says Rosey is her #1 priority, but she’d like to put her hands to more good use and the two of them could be good collaborators. Rick is not a great artist so she could help him there. She’d like to make this up to him if she could. She initiates a kiss. Hope tells Thomas that she tried to work, but that didn’t work out very well. He says he is strong and he can handle it and be with her all along the way. He reminds her not to keep dwelling on Liam. Get him out of her system. He’s the guy who is going to sweep her off her feet……starting now. He kisses her. Liam returns home. Steffy says she was worried about him, sure he had left to see Hope. She wants to be assured that nothing has changed between them. Liam is silent and only stares at her until she approaches and hugs him. She says she will never let him down again. He kisses her. Hope looks through some photos and says she can feel Liam’s presence here; still smell his cologne. It’s like he is looking for her. Thomas holds her as she cries on his shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton town square, Brady and Daniel talked about Jennifer and Jack being at the cabin.  Carrie and Rafe talked about the witness coming in tonight.  Carrie was worried how they were going to keep him under wraps.  Rafe said he would take care of it.  They talked about Sami and Austin.  They went to see John and Marlena.  At Jenniferís house, she wanted to talk to Jack about what happened at the cabin.  He apologized for freaking out.  Jack told her he was fine, but she didnít believe it.  She wanted him to open up to her.  If he couldnít, what kind of future did they have?  He thought she was giving him an ultimatum.  She told him if they didnít have honesty, they had nothing.  He was embarrassed to talk about it, but she offered to help him.  At the townhouse, John and Marlena talked about the case.  He suspected he could be guilty while she was convinced he was innocent.  Brady suggested that Daniel go to Jenniferís house to ask her what happened to her at the cabin.  Daniel didnít want to appear jealous.  Brady talked Daniel into seeing Jennifer.  Jack and Jennifer talked about his panic attacks.  She suggested that he talk to Marlena about his attacks.  He refused to talk to Marlena.  He didnít want to talk to any psychiatrist because he would have to open up about what happened to him.  He didnít want to bring up the old memories.  He wanted to focus on the good things (her, Abby, and JJ).  They declared their love for each other and kissed.

Rafe and Carrie were at John and Marlenaís townhouse.  Marlena hypnotized John.  She started asking him questions about the past.  When she asked him about December 7, 2006, he didnít want to talk about it.  He said he killed a man.  Marlena asked him who he killed.  He said it was an order he had to follow.  He told her about a French diplomat named Francois Bellemont.  She asked how he killed him if itís true.  He said he shot him.  Carrie told Marlena that couldnít be true because Bellemont is alive.  Marlena asked John if he were certain and he said he was. Marlena said John was in Italy at the time.  John said he was ordered to kill Francois Bellemont.  John approached Bellemont, put a bullet in him and had a croissant.  Marlena asked if that was December 7, 2006.  John said it was.  Marlena talked to Rafe and Carrie and told them she and John were in Italy.  She said she was with him the entire day.  They renewed their wedding vows there.  John started talking about not taking orders from ďyouĒ.  Marlena told him to wake up.  Jack and Jennifer kissed while Daniel and Brady were outside of the house.  Daniel looked in the window and saw Jack and Jennifer kissing.  Brady saw them kissing too.  Daniel wanted to leave.  Brady suggested that Daniel fight for Jennifer.  Daniel agreed to fight for her.  John found out that he admitted to killing someone.  Marlena told him he didnít kill anyone.  John was afraid how this would sound in court.  Rafe reminded John that Stefano was in control of John back then.  Carrie said John might have been told to do it, but he knew not to.  John wanted to know how to differentiate real memories with manufactured ones.  Marlena said they would prove his innocence. Rafe and Carrie were determined to help him.  When Rafe and Carrie left, Marlena assured him that their love with get them through this.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante begins to wonder if Lulu still wants to marry him. Lulu confides how frightened she was of losing him when he got shot. He proposes to her again and places the ring on her finger. Lulu tells Dante about Olivia's dizzy spells. Olivia suspects she may be pregnant. Steve sits on the pregnancy test hidden in the couch, but chooses not to mention it to Olivia and makes an excuse to leave.

Johnny still wants to blame someone for his sister, Claudia's, death. Carly gets defensive. He tells her it isn't her fault or Michaelís; the fault lies with him, his father, and Sonny. Shawn comes up and interrupts just as Johnny is about to kiss Carly forcibly. Carly demands to know Shawn's intentions. Carly thinks he doesn't want to get involved in an interracial relationship. He tells her that she is too invested in Jax, Jason, and Sonny.  Kate wants to walk down memory lane with Sonny, but he wants to focus on the future. They dance with no music. She tries to kiss him, but he says he wants to take it slow and make sure he isn't acting on a mood swing. Coleman asks Kate to make out with Sonny at one of the other bars in town, but she tells him she likes that bar and it's not her fault he is jealous. He tells her to finish her drink and leave. Johnny follows her when she leaves.

Jason, trapped in a cell, cries and wants to know what Franco did to Sam. The cell door opens, Jason walks down the corridor, and Franco spray paints on the wall. Jason runs to the honeymoon cottage and wakes Sam up. She doesn't remember anything. He gets her to remember the bits that she can and then tells her it wasn't him in bed with her; it was Franco. 

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jack lets Neela hide at La Boulaie. Vimal and Rama try to find her and get a call from Vimal and Neela's father who wonders why his daughter has not returned and why he can't talk to her. Rama goes to find her and she reveals that she has met a boy she really likes named Jack Manning. Rama remembers who Jack is and is concerned. Jack is still hell bent on making Todd pay for taking his father's company and his life and for getting away with murder. Tomas also wants to find out if Todd killed Victor and seems a bit biased to believe he did so that Tomas can have a future with Blair. Tea reveals to Viki that she is pregnant by Victor. Viki is delighted. Clint finds out that Viki has secretly gotten Tea to petition the court to let Clint attend Natalie's wedding and that she's worried she's gotten his hopes up for nothing when Tea tells her the request was denied.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria puts together a plan to get Angelo to give her money to help with Glowworm since all of her employees have left since she doesn’t have money to pay them. Gloria persuades Devon to help Angelo’s daughter Angelina prepare for a talent competition that will be held in town. Angie wants Devon to persuade Kevin to go out with her and she makes it clear to Devon that she always gets what she wants and she wants Kevin. Kevin tells Devon that he will never go out with Angie but Devon tells Angie that Kevin thinks she is really something. Gloria’s plan works and Angelo gives her a large check which Gloria thinks is a loan but Angelo wants to be her business partner and Kevin overhears the conversation between Gloria and Angelo and doesn’t look happy. Cane asks Ronan to help him find Chelsea Lawson the girl that Billy met in Myanmar that could help clear his name Ronan puts Cane in touch with a contact who says that he can’t find Chelsea and that Billy was never in prison in Myanmar. Cane later tells Billy that he thinks Victor set him up and paid people not to say anything. Cane decides to go to Myanmar and look for Chelsea and he later tells Lilly that he is helping a friend get out of trouble and he has to leave the country for a few days. Lily remembers her earlier talk with Jill and Victoria in which they advises Lily to trust Cane and give him a chance to explain before she decides not to trust him. Lily tells Cane that she will be there for him when he returns and they kiss goodbye.

Billy sees Victoria in the park but Victoria doesn’t see Billy and Billy becomes even more determined to return to his family. Phyllis and Lauren come to an understanding and become friends again. Michael tells Phyllis that a civil suit is being brought against her for stealing the pictures. Michael also finds out that Avery is visiting Daisy at the prison so Phyllis and Michael head to the prison where Phyllis and Avery have a heated argument where Avery tells Phyllis that she will do everything she can to reunite Daisy with Lucy. Ronan arrests Phyllis because she also has criminal charges pending against her for stealing the pictures of Heather and Adam. Phyllis leaves Lucy with Daniel who gets a call from Daisy saying that Lucy will be with her real mother soon thanks to his Aunt Avery.

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