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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that she was wrong to lie, but she can’t lose him. They can still work past this. She reminds him that Hope put him second to her own career. Hope never loved him the way she does. She knows Liam is disappointed in her now, but she believes in honesty in marriages so that is why she is taking that chance now. He rants that she should not turn this into a Forrester/Logan thing and walks out. Love must mean something different to her than it does to him. Hope likes the sketches that Thomas shows her for the new look of Hope For the Future. She thinks it is better than the women’s Taboo Line; it has a sweetness to it. But she’s not concentrating well right now and she’s not sure she will ever get over Liam. He says she is remarkable and she has way too much going on for her to get mired in this drama. He is going to remind her every day just how special she is. Thorne mulls over the details of Steffy’s stopping the gondola and marrying Liam on the mountaintop. He laments to Taylor that Steffy is a survivor and he’s betting she will make it just like they are.

Steffy explains to Taylor that she had to tell Liam the entire truth. Now he must decide if he wants to stay with her. Taylor knows that it took a lot of courage for her to admit everything and it will take a while for Liam to process this. Liam stands outside the door to where Hope is with Thomas and hears the words reverberating in his mind over and over – Steffy lied. Hope tells Thomas that she doesn’t feel special. She should not be the spokeswoman for her line as she can’t even hold her own relationship together. Thomas says he loves his sister very much, but sometimes she can be her own worst enemy. Hope feels he knows more than he is saying. Thomas says he knows the choices Hope has made and why she made them. He gets it; Liam didn’t. He claims that he is a different guy because of her. Liam walks through the closed door just as Thomas kisses a shocked Hope. She walks out and Liam starts to walk in, but Thomas stops him. He says he should go home to his wife and leave Hope alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Victor found out Abe called an emergency because of the snow.  Roman wanted all Salem PD to go to work so Bo and Hope had to leave.  Bo said they would try to be back for the wedding.  Victor and Maggie found out that the caterers, musicians, and florists couldn’t make the wedding.  Victor wondered if Maggie wanted to cancel.  Daniel wanted to call Jennifer to make sure she’s okay.  At the Titan Conference room, Madison was upset when she thought she and Brady had sex.  Brady made her think they had sex until he came clean.  They continued to talk about things while they were trapped.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was furious with herself for sleeping with EJ.  They argued over what happened.  They ended up kissing again.  She was upset again.  They talked about their relationship.

Melanie and Daniel talked Maggie into marrying Victor.  Maggie wanted Daniel to give her away.  She thought she stepped over the line until he agreed to do it.  Henderson agreed to keep Victor’s secret.  Victor didn’t want his past to ruin his life with Maggie.  EJ tried to kiss Nicole, but she backed away.  He told her that she belonged with him.  Nicole wasn’t expecting any of this.  She said there was a time when she would have loved to have heard what EJ said.  They talked about their past and what happened with Gus.  He wanted her to take a chance on him again.  He promised to make her happy.  They kissed again.  She stopped him again.  She liked being in his arms, but she couldn’t risk the hurt of losing him.  He wanted to know what he could do to restore her trust.  He kept trying to plead his case, but it didn’t do any good.  Justin married Victor and Maggie.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Johnny and Carly kiss in front of Sonny and Shawn. Matt doesn’t believe Elizabeth was saved by a handsome stranger. The Irish innkeeper tells Lucky that he should stay away from the churchyard. When Lucky wakes up, he finds the message “Go Home”. Jason is stuck in a locked room, courtesy of Franco. From there, Jason watches in horror as Franco prepares to possibly rape Sam, then the TV screen goes blank. Kate and Carly argue with each other. Max and Milo warn Spinelli that Sonny wants his money. Maxie is overcome with envy when Matt presents Elizabeth with a birthday bracelet instead of her – his girlfriend. Matt wonders if making Maxie jealous will put a wedge in their relationship. To get back at Matt, Maxie kisses Spinelli. Carly decides to leave the bar with Johnny. Elizabeth’s monitor starts beeping when her fever spikes. Kate and Sonny talk about the old days. Johnny tells Carly that he still holds certain people responsible for his sister’s death. Jason is in turmoil wondering what Franco’s next move is.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Neela persuades Jack to hide her telling him her brother wants to force her to be a teenage bride to somebody she doesn't want to marry and ruin her life. He tells her that he has similar issues with being controlled by his family. It looks like the two of them might start a connection. Tea is spooked and afraid to find out she is pregnant by Victor and confides in Blair. Tomas admits that Todd is still a suspect in the murder, and it seems a bit fishy that he doesn't want to turn in the gun that Louie recovered if it can clear Todd. Todd finds out that maybe Louie is the only person he can trust as he admits that he believes he may very well have murdered Victor yet "something" made him do it. Louie shares with Todd how being a Viet Nam soldier had a similar effect on him. Jessica goes to tell Natalie what she's discovered from the "missing" paternity test. At first Natalie is courteous to her sister who has "visited" her before her wedding, but as soon as Jessica informs her that she saw a document that says Brody is not Liam's father, yet has no proof that the document even exists, Natalie furiously accuses Jessica of lying and only wanting to hurt her. Natalie wants nothing to do with Jessica ever again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis is hurt when she finds Nick in Avery’s room at the Athletic Club. He admits to her he slept with Avery but says it just happened -- he didn’t intend to hurt her. Phyllis tells Nick all the women that hate her always sleep with him, and he slept with Avery because he was angry with her. Phyllis thinks Nick doesn’t protect her in any situation. She came to tell him Ronan got a call from someone who played his argument with Diane the night she died. When Ronan questions him, Nick doesn’t say anything about the recording but wonders why Ronan and Phyllis are spending so much time together. Ronan admits he enjoys Phyllis’s company. Phyllis is angry when she learns that Avery will be staying in town because she has another case. Phyllis tells Avery that she came to town to dispense her own kind of justice because she is still angry with her because she left home. Avery and Phyllis argue because Phyllis thinks her father was responsible for stealing money from some people who expected to spend their retirement at a facility and now they can’t because of their father. Avery thinks the facility used their father as a scapegoat, and he wasn’t to blame for the situation. Phyllis warns Avery not to come after her children or she will have a war on her hands. Avery calls Daisy to tell her that she will do whatever it takes to reunite her with her daughter just like she reunited Sharon with Faith.

Adam negotiates a deal with Victor to have the same authority at Newman Enterprises as Victoria. Victoria is angry with Victor for letting Adam back inside the company. She later warns Adam she will be watching him. Victoria privately tells Victor that Adam fell for her act. Victor thinks that is very good. Jack, Ashley, Tucker, and Victoria plan a benefit for burn victims sponsored by Jabot and Newman Enterprises. Genevieve buys Myrna a veil to cover her face and brings her home from the hospital. Myrna gets very nervous when she sees Jack and runs upstairs to her room. Jack asks Genevieve if she thinks Myrna would speak at the benefit. Genevieve doesn’t think so because Myrna is shy around people. Jack thinks he can persuade Myrna to speak at the benefit once she gets to know him better. Once Jack has left Genevieve’s house, Myrna comes downstairs and tells Genevieve she didn’t want Jack to see her face. Myrna takes off her veil and reveals she is really Patty Williams.

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