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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy confesses to her mom that she did know Hope was in Aspen when she had her rushed marriage and yet she lied about that to Liam. She shouldn’t have lied to him, but Liam married her because he loved her so it wouldn’t change anything for him to know now. Hope drops off some papers for Steffy but only finds Liam and he asks how she is. She asks if he is happy in his marriage. He says yes…..and that Steffy would not lie to him. At home, Steffy admits to Liam that she did something out of weakness because she was afraid of rejection. That day at Aspen, she did know Hope was there and did not want him to know that. He needs to know if there is anything else and is incredulous when she mentions the gondola. She loves him too much and does not want her marriage to start this way. They have a big argument that she started that marriage by lying to him. She begs for his forgiveness. She vows if he will forgive him for this that she will never ever keep anything from him again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, everyone celebrated Victor and Maggieís upcoming nuptials.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole got into it over the speech she wrote for him.  He didnít like the speech so she was upset.  Brady and Madison were stuck together at Titan because of the storm.  At the cabin, Jack panicked bout being stuck in the cabin.  He flashed back to being tortured and wanted Jennifer to stay away from him.  Jennifer comforted him and wanted to know what was going on with him.  Nicole helped EJ prepare for interviews.  Nicole thought EJ set her up to be stuck at the mansion since she couldnít make it home.  He denied setting her up, but she didnít buy it.  After their argument, EJ offered to find a way home for her.  She decided to stay and eat dinner with him.  The lights conveniently went out.

Jack told Jennifer that memories kept haunting him.  Jennifer tried to get him to think about happy times, but he kept thinking of bad memories.  She continued to comfort him.  Daniel asked Victor if he was sure his parents never told him about their conception problems.  Victor said he didnít know anything.  Later on, Daniel got a text confirming that he is a match for Maggie.  She was excited.  Brady and Madison made the best of being stuck together.  They danced and flirted with each other.  The two kissed.  When EJ and Nicole argued about whether or not he cared about her, they ended up kissing each other.  They also took off their clothes and headed for the couch.  Jennifer apologized to Jack for everything he went through.  She told him that she missed him and that she will always love him.  She said he is in her heart forever.  Jack slept through it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Diane crashes Sonny's dinner party, interrupting Dante's attempt to announce his engagement to Lulu. Lulu is relieved that she dodged that bullet. Diane encourages Sonny to hire Alexis as her replacement. Sonny is not pleased when Ethan arrives at the party. Ethan gives her a friendship bracelet and encourages her to meet a nice guy at Yale. Olivia gets dizzy again and goes home. Kristina says her goodbyes to everyone and leaves with Alexis. Dante encourages Michael to heed his own words that he said to Kristina about college. Sonny listens while Michael confides to Abby that he killed his stepmother 2 years ago tonight, and then Sonny leaves. Johnny tells Anthony that today is the second anniversary of Claudia's death. Johnny stops himself from stabbing Anthony. Anthony orders flowers for Claudia's grave.

Jason and Sam compete to see who can find the most romantic objects on the beach and bring them back to the cabin. Jason opens a card with his name on it that he finds leaning against a beer on the table. He drinks the beet and reads the card. "A toast for the grand finale; you'll never guess what happens next." Sam returns to the same scenario. She drinks her beer and waits for Jason, not knowing that he was already there. Jason wakes up in a cell with Franco's stuffed monkey clapping on a wall-mounted monitor. The video switches to Sam getting into the shower. Jason yells for Franco to leave Sam alone. Franco walks into the video

Carly tracks down Shawn to Jake's, only to find him there on a date. She starts drinking shots of tequila to get Shawn's attention. She obnoxiously engages the woman in a conversation about her trip to Hawaii, making it much more than it was. She gets in his face and tries to come on to him, but he doesnít bite. He returns to his date, Ranelle. Carly asks Coleman for information. Instead, Coleman tells her he is single now. Carly immediately pounces on Johnny when he walks into Jake's. Shawn decides to stay and watch Carly with Johnny even though he is off duty. Johnny tells Carly that Ranelle works for him as a dancer at Vaughnís. Carly turns up the heat with Johnny just as Sonny walks in.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jack meets Vimal's teenage sister, Neela. And they both want to escape out of The Sun office. She, because her brother does not want to help her run from their parents who want to arrange her marriage to someone she doesn't want to marry. And Jack for wanting to get away from Todd whom he believes killed his dad and wants to take everything while everybody gives him a free pass to get away with murder and wants Jack to trust him and work for him.

John goes to see Natalie but cannot quite get his words out that he does not want her to marry Brody. Although she has her doubts, she is ready to go through with it. At Viki's Jessica and Robert Ford both try and fail to get Tina's dog to lead them to the paternity test document that can "prove" that John is Liam's father instead of Brody. But it's nowhere to be found. Yet Jessica concludes that she's going to go and tell her sister what she "knows" regardless.

Louie whom Todd met and who saved his life comes to visit Todd and appears friendly and supportive. Todd is very worried about Louie having possession of the gun that Todd may have used to kill Victor. Tomas has a similar suspicion although neither Tea nor Blair want to believe it. Tea is worried she may be pregnant by Victor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick gives Sharon permission to take Faith on a trip to rebuild their mother/daughter bond. Sharon takes Faith to New Mexico and is happy to introduce her to Piper. Sam is also thrilled that Sharon has returned to New Mexico because her soul is there. Heather has verbal confrontations with Adam, Ricky and Nick because she thinks all three men are responsible for ruining her career and her life. Heather decides to head to New York to visit her mother while she figures out what to do, since she can’t be a lawyer anymore. Paul and Heather have an emotional good-bye. She tells him that Ricky took the pictures of her with Adam. An angry Paul later confronts Ricky and tells him that he is his son but he doesn’t know him at all. Ricky tells Avery to sue Phyllis and teach her a lesson she will never forget. Nick and Phyllis have a huge fight because he thinks she posted the pictures on the blog just to make Avery angry. Phyllis gets angry with Nick for taking Avery’s side and goes to Ronan’s to have sex.

Avery serves Nick and Phyllis with court papers detailing a civil and criminal lawsuit brought against them and the magazine by Ricky. Nick later goes to Avery’s hotel room to tell her he will pay Ricky whatever he wants in order to stop the lawsuit. Avery promises to talk to Ricky. Nick is surprised at how different Avery is from Phyllis. Avery thinks Nick’s compliment is sweet. She grabs him and gives him a kiss, which leads to passionate sex. Victor offers Adam a job at Newman Enterprises so that he will stay in town. Adam thinks it’s a trick but Victor wants to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. Phyllis and Ronan’s passionate sex is interrupted by a phone call. When Ronan puts the phone on speaker, he hears audio of Nick and Diane’s argument the night she died in which Nick threatens to kill her if she does anything to hurt anyone in his family.

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