Thursday 11/3/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge rants at Eric that his mother does not deserve this….have a little tiff and he goes running to Jackie. Eric upbraids him for barging in here; Jackie is his friend. He won’t be talked to like a child, but Ridge says he is acting like one. He has demeaned everything he claims he loves by coming here. Hope cancels a photo shoot and says it was too soon. Her feelings are still raw. She lost Liam, not because she stuck to her principles, but he got too close to Steffy and she overacted to what she saw. She wants to go back to work, but right now she is stuck. Thomas tells Oliver that Hope needs to know that her message is reaching more people than she ever imagined. Thomas breaks into a meeting of Brooke, Katie, Donna and Hope and shows her the really great press riding the internet. Ridge returns to his mother’s and has to tell her that he found his dad at Jackie’s. She’s surprised when he says he thinks they might be getting involved. She convinces him to tell her if he saw something and he tells her about the kiss. But Eric will be home soon and this will never happen again. Eric does return and in the presence of Ridge tells Stephanie that he had rather been home with her, but he couldn’t stay there when she did not want to be with him. When Ridge speaks up, Eric implores him to stay out of this; in fact go home! Eric tells Stephanie there is no place else he wants to be. He loves her and he loves this family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jennifer’s house, Jack showed up for their date to go skiing.  She didn’t want to go at first.  She wanted him to tell her the truth about spying on her and Daniel on Halloween.  He denied being there.  She eventually believed him.  She told Jack about taking Abe’s job offer.  When Jack wondered what changed her mind, she said Daniel did.  They talked about Daniel and then left.  John and Marlena talked about him thinking he could be guilty.  She said she was mad at Sami, but he said it had nothing to do with Sami.  They talked about how John thought he was at the café in Paris.  She reminded him about the witness that said he was at the clinic and how he swears he was framed.  She wanted to know what changed his mind.  Before John could answer, Roman showed up to check on them.  At Sami and Rafe’s place, Sami, Carrie, Austin, and Rafe crowded each other.  Carrie told Austin that they needed to find their own place right away.  Austin mentioned staying that the DiMera mansion, but Carrie refused to stay there.  Sami wanted to know why Carrie was in a rush to leave the apartment.  Carrie didn’t want to cause problems between her and Rafe.  Carried had a meeting and told Rafe she would see him later at John and Marlena’s.  Rafe said he would be there.  After Austin left with Carrie, Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe told her he got a job working with Carrie on John’s case.  Austin and Carrie got in a fight about Rafe working for her.  They talked about how Rafe working for her would affect Sami.  They continued to talk about Rafe. 

At the Brady Pub, Rafe and Sami got into an argument about him taking a job without telling her.  Jack and Jennifer showed up at the pub.  Sami told Jennifer about her job and wanted to give her free samples.  While Sami and Jennifer were gone, Rafe and Jack talked about Jack being held hostage.  After Rafe and Jack talked, Jack and Jennifer left.  Sami wanted to leave because she had more to say to him.  John and Marlena talked about his situation.  Marlena was convinced that he’s innocent.  Carrie showed up at their place and John wanted to tell her something.  Rafe and Sami talked about him taking the job working at Carrie’s firm.  They eventually made up.  Jack and Jennifer were at a cabin because of a snowstorm.  There was no electricity or food in the cabin.  They heard on the radio that roads were closed including where Jack and Jennifer were.  Jack had flashes of being tortured.  John told Carrie that he had visions of being at the café.  He wondered why he was having those memories if he wasn’t there.  They talked about their suspicions of Stefano’s involvement until Marlena suggest hypnotizing him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Robin celebrate Emma's birthday without her since she is already asleep when they get there. Robin wonders if things will ever be normal again after Lisa's impact on their lives. Carly runs into Luke at Kelly's. She doesn’t believe he quit drinking and she doesn’t believe he is divorcing Tracy. In response, Luke tells her that he knows she is at Kelly's to see the marine and that he suspects that Jax survived the plane crash and someone helped him get out of town. He reveals he knows she went to Hawaii to ruin Jason's honeymoon. Shawn calls Carly from Jake's and says he will talk to her tomorrow. Carly, naturally, goes to Jakes only to find Shawn having a drink with a woman. Luke considers putting a shot of whiskey in his coffee

Kate looks at a picture from Halloween of her high school senior year. Olivia gets dizzy at Sonny's house. Lulu wonders if Olivia might be pregnant. Kristina and Sonny have a father-daughter moment. Dante leans on Michael for information about what happened at the warehouse the night he was shot. Abby deflects the conversation by telling Dante about her friend that was attacked. She tells Michael to let Sonny fend for himself. When Kate arrives at Sonny's house and sees all the people there, she thinks she misunderstood his invitation. He tries to convince her to stay. She tells him that the noise he hears is Diane outside throwing beer cans into Kate's koi pond. Party attendees keep coming out and interrupting their conversation to ask questions. Dante overhears Sonny thanking Kate for what she did at the warehouse. She says he can thank her by cleaning out her koi pond. Kate decides not to attend the party and goes home. Dante wonders what Kate did for him. Sonny tells him about the photo shoot and then tells Dante if he is going to be a cop tonight, he needs to wait until after dinner. Lulu also asks Dante the cop stuff for tonight. Dante starts to announce their engagement but Lulu stops him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki, Roxy, and Tina all help Natalie get ready for her wedding. Natalie has second thoughts while listening to Tina share her "similar" experience of denying her feelings for Cord and lying to herself that Max was the man to marry. Natalie is secretly afraid that she's doing the same thing, denying her feelings for John and lying to herself by marrying Brody. Jessica tells Robert Ford that she cannot keep the secret to herself any longer as John, Natalie and Brody all need to know the truth that Liam is John's son. Dani admits to Tea that she needs time to grieve the loss of Victor knowing him as her father. Todd goes to find Jack working at The Sun and tells his son this is rightfully his company. He wants to work with Jack who needs to realize that he lied about Todd killing Victor. Vimal's teenage sister goes to visit him at the office. She is running away from their parents who want to arrange a marriage for her to the wrong boy. She envisions a rich, American boy who sounds like Jack as the right one for her. Jack notices her outside the hallway, and she concludes he may be the one for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon has a happy reunion with Noah and Faith. Noah cooks dinner for Sharon and Victor. Nick worries that Sharon will get back together with Adam and abandon her children, but she promises that she will never leave her kids again. Victor warns Adam to stay away from Sharon. and tries to get the DA to arrest him for tampering with evidence. Spencer doesn’t have enough proof to arrest Adam. Adam is determined to get back together with Sharon no matter what anyone does to try and keep him away from her. Heather is fired once Spencer finds out about the pictures. Ricky can’t help but feel guilty about what he did to his sister. Ricky intends to sue Phyllis and Restless Style for using the pictures without his authorization. Avery is happy to be his lawyer because she thinks Phyllis stole the pictures just to stick it to her. Nick tries to persuade Avery to ask Ricky not to sue but she tells him that he is too late. She is moving forward with the case. Paul confronts Adam about the pictures and he tells him to look for the person who took the pictures because the photographer is the real guilty party. An angry Heather goes to the Restless Style office and shoves Phyllis. Phyllis shouts that she isn’t the only one to blame, because Ricky is the person who took the pictures.

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