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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is obviously hurt that Stephanie called his sexy black pajamas “silly”. She quickly explains that she has traveled half way around the country to get home and she’s just tired. He says it was foolish of him to think that she might have hurried back to him. She thinks he is being selfish under the circumstances and now when she is so tired is not the time to talk about this. Eric changes clothes, picks up his keys and starts to walk out. She chastises him for making her the bad guy in this. She wishes he wouldn’t leave. He curtly tells her not to wait up. Owen drops in on Jackie, but thought she was moving back to the loft. She says no, she’s moving forward, not looking backward. She thinks it is sweet that he is checking up on her, but she is fine, and he doesn’t need to. She’s going to be making new memories. He wants her to find the love she deserves, but he is upset when he hears that she kissed Eric. Amber picks up Rosey from Marcus. She tells Dayzee that she has a great guy in Marcus; don’t ever forget that. Marcus tells Dayzee that he loves her and wants to take it upstairs. She’s happy to hear that, but explains that she has been in love before and hurt before and she is afraid to trust that feeling again. However, they go upstairs and do make love.

Ridge walks in on Stephanie and she explains that she hurt Eric’s feelings and embarrassed him. He has his needs, but she needs her own personal space right now and he walked out. She confesses to Ridge that she would never purposely hurt him like this. He says he has something to do so he will be back later. Eric shows up at Jackie’s; says he was just driving around and didn’t have any place else to go. She coos that it is all right; Nick and Jack are spending the night on The Marlin so she is all alone. She just wishes Stephanie could open her eyes and see that Eric is all she could ever want. He kisses her and she returns the kiss. Ridge knocks on the door and calls out for Jackie. Eric says he will handle this. He takes Ridge’s discerning looks and ugly judgment that his mother came home, tired and needing some alone time and turned Eric down when he was begging for affection. When he didn’t get it, he came running to Jackie. This is disgusting behavior and he needs to come home now and be the patriarch of the family. They are all depending on him. Do not do this to his mother again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo and Hope talked about Victor and Maggie’s wedding.  They also talked about their wedding.  Bo proposed to Hope and she agreed to marry him.  At the Brady Pub, Will, Sonny, and Chad were having trouble with their website.  They thought someone hacked their site to gamble.  Will found a directory for GotGame48’s (the person betting on the website) IP address and found out it was coming from a dorm in Salem University.  They all thought they could find him.  Carrie showed up at John and Marlena’s place.  John asked if there was a problem.  Carrie was worried about the witness she found in Switzerland.  She tried to reach him from New York and in Salem, but the witness wasn’t answering.  She couldn’t reach him.  John asked if Stefano could have gotten to the witness.  Carrie didn’t know.  Marlena reminded them that they didn’t have proof that Stefano was involved.  Carrie stressed how important the witness was because he could prove that John wasn’t at the café in Paris when the money transfer happened.  Carrie got a call from the witness.  She said she would get in touch with him again when she had travel arrangements made.  They all continued to talk about the case.

Bo was glad Hope agreed to marry him because he paid the minister.  It was a bust hidden under a cover.  They talked about their wedding again.  They renewed their vows.  Rafe showed up at John and Marlena’s house.  John and Marlena were grateful for all of Rafe’s help.  Rafe offered to help with the case since he had time.  Carrie offered to pay him for his help.  Carrie wondered if Rafe wanted to talk to Sami about it first.  He said he would talk to her later.  John wondered if Sami thought he was guilty for why she’s staying away.  Rafe and Marlena tried to get John to see that Sami didn’t necessarily think he was guilty, but looked it because of the evidence.  Will, Chad, and Sonny found out that their website was a portal to a multi-million dollar gambling operation.  John started to question his innocence when he remembered being at the café in Paris.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Sam and Jason decide to make the most of the last day of their honeymoon. Jason is making a present for Sam – a necklace made from a shell that she found on the beach. To add some fun and romance, Sam challenges Jason to a romance-off. They still haven’t figured out that Franco is watching them, but Jason feels that something is off.

Kristina is packing for Yale and Alexis is crying her eyes out. Molly tries to help – but she has a cold and isn’t much help. Alexis holds a farewell dinner for Kristina. Kristina invites Ethan. Alexis reminds her that there are plenty of eligible men at Yale. She gives Kristina a stuffed animal and a framed picture of their family. Molly puts Stephen’s book of Russian poetry to Kristina as a reminder of home. As they get into the car, Kristina drops Stephen’s book.

Michael and Abby go to Sonny’s for dinner. Michael tells Sonny that Dante won’t stop investigating what happened to him at the warehouse that night. Sonny comforts Michael telling him that Dante won’t find anything because they didn’t do anything. Michael informs Sonny that Dante blames him for his shooting. Lulu brings some stuff for Dante and she sees the scar on his chest. She thinks they should wait before they announce their engagement. Olivia enters the room as Dante disagrees. Lulu changes her mind when she sees how excited Olivia is about the engagement announcement. When they arrive at Sonny’s, Lulu is cool with Sonny when he asks her if she is okay marrying a cop. While bringing in her dish, Olivia stumbles and gets hit with a dizzy spell. Sonny tries to bond with his sons, but Dante refuses to play along. Alexis arrives later and tells Sonny about her worries about Kristina finding out what Sonny did to get her into Yale – as Kristina enters the room.

Ethan exits the Wyndemere tunnels, yelling. Luke warns Ethan to stay clear of the mansion and Helena. He tells him that anyone who comes near the house gets hurt. Luke begs Ethan not to repeat his mistakes, especially when it comes to love. Ethan tells Luke that because of his gloom, Lulu thinks happiness won’t last. Ethan tells Luke that at least he has proof of his love with Laura – Lucky and Lulu, but that he was a mistake. Luke tries to tell Ethan the joys of love, Ethan yells back that how he can say that to him. Upset Ethan leaves Luke alone in the dark as someone watches them from the tunnels.

Lucky enter the courtyard of St. Margaret’s, ready to follow Siobhan’s wishes. He reads her letter and touches the well. He dips the rosary into the water, and is shocked later to see pebbles near his feet that say the word ‘Go’.

GH Bonus Recap Written by Brenda

It is the last day of Sam and Jason's honeymoon. Jason has a brief flash of a memory or vision, but he pays no attention to it. Jason gives Sam a necklace that he made from the fertility shell that she found on the beach. They go back outside, but Jason hesitates and looks around the room before leaving, but goes out anyway. Franco has been watching the whole time.

Lucky goes to the chapel that Siobhan told him about in her letter. He finds the hole in the chapel wall from a long-ago lightning strike. Something startles Lucky when he touches a ceremonial candle in the hole. He remembers Siobhan telling him to wait for signs, so he sits on the ground with his back against what is left of the chapel wall to wait. When he stands up, he sees several stones on the ground, forming the word, "GO." Ethan returns the painting of Laura to the mantle at Wyndemere. Luke warns Ethan not to keep coming there because the dark secrets will suck him in. Someone or something watches them. Ethan thinks he sees something moving. Luke tells Ethan that in spite of knowing all of Luke's mistakes, someday love will hit him going 120mph and he will make all the same mistakes. Ethan asks Luke if everything is down to a hit and run for Luke. He said Luke has love with Tracy and he had love with Laura, and he has Lucky and Lulu as proof of it. He tells him that when Lucky and Lulu look at him they see another one of Luke's disappointments because he is just a byproduct of a meaningless encounter. Luke assures him that regardless of his origins, he is his son, and he loves him. When Ethan and Luke leave, the bookshelf covering the catacombs opens and Laura's picture becomes illuminated.

 Lulu brings fresh clothes to Dante to wear to the party. She sees his wound for the first time. He suggests they announce their engagement tonight at Kristina's party, but she says that is a bad idea. Unfortunately, Olivia overhears and runs with it, so Lulu concedes to announcing it tonight. Michael tells Sonny about Abby's friend being roughed-up. Sonny offers to "take care of it," bur Michael says Abby wouldn't like that. Michael tells Sonny that Dante asked him about the coffee warehouse incident. Sonny assures him that he had nothing to do with the shooting so there is nothing for Dante to find. He says family comes first so as brothers, Dante and Michael should help each other. When Michael brings up Lulu, Sonny tells him to stay out of it. He says he will deal with his relationship with Dante and Lulu will do the same. Sonny asks Lulu how she feels about Dante going back to work. Olivia intervenes by asking Lulu to help bring in some food. Olivia nearly faints as she puts down one of the dishes. Kristina packs to go away to Yale. Alexis tells Kristina that 2600 of the best and brightest eligible bachelors will be at Yale. Molly gives Kristina a book of Russian poetry that belonged to their Uncle Stefan Cassadine to take with her. Alexis says the girls are the shining future of the Cassadine family. Molly and Kristina say their goodbyes. Kristina forgets to take the book. Kristina overhears Sonny telling Alexis that he intends to collect on the debt she owes him.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Cutter replaces the letter Kim wrote to Clint with a letter that says she has met someone else. He also sends Kim a letter that says Clint wants nothing to do with her. Aubrey tells Rama that Cutter is trying to pass off some woman as Gigi, resurrected from the dead. Rama wonders if Aubrey has fallen for Rex or if, perhaps she is angling to trade in one Buchanan son for another. Rex goes to the Cutter's room at the Minuteman Motel and tells "Cinderella' through the bathroom door not to try to pass herself off as Gigi because he knows she could never measure up to her. Cutter tells Rex that he will reveal Gigi after Rex pays him. Rex says the real Gigi would have broken down the door to get to him. After Rex leaves, Stacy tells Cutter she doesn't want to participate in his con and she wants to undo the surgery that made her look like Gigi.

Tina blasts Clint for being as selfish as she is, but getting away from it because he is a high and mighty Buchanan. All the Lords receive summonses to court because Tea is contesting Victor's will. The judge determines that the will is valid. He then reads Irene's will, which leaves everything, including Victor's estate to Tina. After thinking about her desire to become a better person, she refuses the inheritance and it goes to Todd. She says it was his to begin with so she is only giving him back what he lost. Todd directs Tea to get Tina to sign the papers before she changes her mind. Cord confides to Clint that he and Tina slept together and that Tina assumed it meant they were back together. He tells him that he shot down Tina's assumption, but now he wonders if he is partly to blame for Tina being the way that she is. He wonders if Tina simply lives down to everyone's low expectations. He decides that he was wrong and must apologize to Tina for not believing in her. AS soon as she returns to Llanfair, he greets her with the apology. Viki tells him that she has just proven her good intentions by returning Todd's fortune to him. Tina says she didn't want the money; all she wanted was Cord. They kiss.

Tea tells Nora and Todd that she isn't waiting for the police, she has asked her brother, Tomas, to investigate Victor's murder. Blair doesn't want Tomas to question Jack or suspect Todd. He asks her to help her find other possible suspects. Destiny is having difficulty coming up with a topic for her college admissions essay and is considering. Nora tells her that not going to college is not an option. She offers to help with the entrance essay.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe set a Christmas wedding date although Kevin wonders why Chloe is in such a rush to get married. Chloe explains that she wants them to be a family with Delia at Christmas. Chloe tells Kevin that his bone marrow donation to Delia made her realize how much she truly loves him. Victoria stops by the hospital to see Delia and gets suspicious when she mentions that Santa paid her a visit on Halloween. Kevin tells Victoria that he saw a very old Santa visiting the sick children on Halloween. Billy asks Cane to help him clear his name because he got set up in a scandal in Mien Mar involving drugs. He doesn’t remember much about what happened, but he knows he couldn’t have done what he is being accused of. When Cane agrees to help him, Billy gives him the name of the girl he needs to find because she knows what happened that night.

Ricky begs Avery not to use the photos to ruin Heather. Heather later explains to Avery that she and Adam didn’t have sex, but she decides to use the photos to get Sharon a mistrial. Ronan and Phyllis burst in with audio from the memory card. After the judge hears it and it is authenticated as being Skye and Sharon on the recording, all charges against Sharon are dropped. The judge gives Sharon time served for her escape from jail after her first trial. Ricky thanks Avery for not using the photos against Heather. Phyllis makes it clear to Sharon that it was she not Avery that saved her, so she owes her a big favor. Sharon and her friends and family celebrate in the courtroom. When Avery and Ricky are putting their files away, they discover that the pictures of Heather and Adam are gone. Phyllis is at the Restless Style office uploading the pictures to the company blog.

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