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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne thinks about the kiss Taylor gave him last night. As if to flush Ridge from his life, he throws away a photo of the two of them into the trash can. Dayzee fusses over Rosey and calls herself Aunt Dayzee; says she is getting very attached to her and Marcus as well. Rosey is lucky to have him in her life. Brooke makes an observation to Taylor that she thinks Thorne is falling in love with her. When she hears about Amber last night, she tells Taylor they can not let that happen. Ridge reminds Eric again to shape up and be more respectful of Stephanie, do not see Jackie. He tells Taylor that he wants to thank her again for her loyalty against Thorne the other day. It means the world to him. Brooke says that Thorne tried to take over and it didn’t work so he needs to get over it. They both tell Ridge to get over it. Thorne is his brother and a very competent man in his own right. Stephanie returns and Eric is attentive.

Taylor drops in on Thorne down in his basement office and she hopes she did not confuse him too much last night. He admits he wanted to be with her, not Amber. They kiss. She tells him that he has a good heart. He has stood up for her and her family and she feels so cared for. Ridge is surprised to hear Brooke say that Taylor could be good for Thorne and they are not using each other. Ridge turns down her invitation to go straight to bed; he wants to check in one more time on his mother. You don’t build a life on good times alone, and he wants his mother and father to have what they have. Eric tells Stephanie that he’s glad she is home; he missed her even if was just for a few days. He whispers that he will be upstairs waiting for her. When she does come up, he has on these brand new black satin pajamas, the room filled with flowers, candles, champagne and she looks around and calls the pajamas silly and wonders when he’s going to grow up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Bo, Hope, Abe, and Lexie talked about Johnís case and how the police were having trouble getting anything done because of the callers and reporters.  Bo was sorry that Rafe lost his job, but felt someone had to stand up for John.  Abe warned Bo to be careful so he wouldnít be fired too.  Bo and Hope told them about Daniel being Maggieís son.  Bo and Hope told them about the bank statements and how they found Aliceís letter to Maggie.  Abe and Lexie eventually left for a lunch date.  In the Titan Conference Room, Brady and Madison were getting too close for comfort in Samiís opinion.  Sami ripped into Brady for getting close to Madison.  He denied there was something going on between him and Madison.  Sami didnít believe it.  She wondered what would happen with her job if things didnít work out between them.  He said it was strictly professional.  When Sami told Brady that Madison wasnít good for him and heís not good for her, Madison overheard it.  Madison wanted to talk to Sami alone.  She made it clear to Sami that she was not to interfere in her personal life.  Sami said she wouldnít, but she warned Madison that Brady would break her heart.

Abe and Lexie went to Stefanoís mansion for the lunch date.  Stefano let them know he had nothing to do with Johnís situation.  Stefano also told Abe to drop out of the mayoral race.  When Abe and Lexie were appalled, Stefano said Abe should run for governor.  Abe and Lexie thought Stefano believed EJ couldnít win and Abe backing out was his way of making sure EJ won.  Stefano believed EJ could win.  Stefano was concerned about Abe, Lexie, and Theo because Abe would be out of a job.  Abe and Lexie left and were furious with Stefano.  Bo and Hope went to Jenniferís house to look through boxes.  Bo suggested they go to Aliceís lawyer again.  Hope thought they would find clues in the boxes.  Hope found a baby picture that they didnít recognize.  They didnít think it was Daniel because Alice never got that far in her search.  They wrote the picture off as a picture from the pediatric ward.  When they put the picture down, the camera panned out to the same picture at the DiMera mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

In Ireland, Lucky's landlady warns him of the dangers of going to the churchyard without telling him anything specific. He shows her the keepsakes Siobhan gave him and notes she has the same cross in her pocket as the one Siobhan gave him. She advises him to go back to America. He eventually deduces that the townspeople have a superstition about being able to commune with the dead by placing a keepsake into a hole in the chapel wall that was created by a lightning strike. She says she doesnít blame him for wanting to contact his departed wife, but it does not mean that he should. Lucky places Siobhan's trinkets back into the envelope and goes to the churchyard.

Elizabeth wakes up on the ICU. Lisa lurks outside her door in a clown mask holding a giant syringe. Matt talks to Elizabeth for a while. Just as she seems to be sleeping, he begins to leave and the monitors begin beeping. Matt and a team of nurses resuscitate her. He touches the gift in his lab coat pocket, but remains with Elizabeth instead of leaving her alone to go see Maxie. Maxie mistakenly believes a romantic dinner setting put into place by Spinelli was Matt's handiwork. She tells Spinelli that she turned down dinner invitations from friends and family all day because she wanted to spend her birthday with Matt. Spinelli wonders if Maxie believes in fate. Maxie is disappointed that Matt has not returned any of her calls. Spinelli gives her a charm bracelet for her birthday, and she almost kisses him. Lulu blasts Officer Padilla for questioning Dante in his hospital room. Lulu tells Dante she knows he wants to go to Sonny's to investigate his own case. She says she thinks it is too soon for him to go back to work and adds that solving the case will not fix everything. Lisa overhears Steve telling the pediatrician that he recently hired not to screw him. Olivia seeks Steveís advice about Dante leaving the hospital to attend a dinner for Kristina at Sonny's house. Olivia wonders if Lisa is gone. Johnny goes to GH to persuade Steve to tend to Anthony. Steve complies and goes to Johnny's garage to treat Anthony and leave him with some antibiotics. Anthony wonders what Johnny has on the squeaky-clean doctor.

Diane returns from her European book tour. She tells Sonny that she and Brenda discussed him while she was in Italy. Sonny doesn't want to know about it, but Diane blathers on about the encounter, nonetheless. She says she didn't recognize Brenda at first because she was well dressed and didn't look like a fugitive with ridiculous sleeves. She tells him Alex has grown into an articulate, intelligent little boy. She says Brenda clearly made the right decision in leaving him because she seems happy now. Sonny wants to know why she is shoving his face in it. She says while she was away, everyone that she talked to told her how out-of-control he is. She advises him to let go of the Brenda fantasy and stop blaming everything that has ever gone wrong in his life on the breakup. Kate comes to Sonny's and asks when Diane will publish her next book. Diane reveals that she is becoming gossip columnist. She gives Sonny her letter of resignation. Kate tells Sonny that his pain is much deeper and older than losing Brenda is; it has to do with losing someone else a long time ago and not being able to save her. She gets right in his face and tells him definitively that people leave. He tries to kiss her, but she tells him it is not the time to do that.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tina wants to get back with Cord. He reveals he would like that also but has trust issues with her and doesnt' want to get his heart broken again. She tells him she is committed to showing him she's a better person and is there for him and Viki and not just in it for the money or schemes anymore. Cutter is plotting his plan to prevent Kim from contacting Clint. Clint however, knows something is "not right" and Kim has not disappeared on him after attempting to use him for his money then finding out he's not rich, as Nigel suggests. And he knows there is something "signficant" about Kim's friend in the private Kentucky hospital. Meanwhile, Cutter works on Gigi/Stacy who demands he tells her the truth. he tells her that she is Stacy, a con artist just as capable of wrong doing as he is. She is in love with Rex. He wants her to be with the man she loves and she needs to trust him. Viki can see that Todd intends to get Blair back although he has the deep dark secret where Irene's ghost has convinced him that he killed Victor. Starr tells Blair something similar about her mom getting back with her dad. But she's not certain whether to move forward with Tomas or get back with Todd. Rex somehow knows there is something significant about the unidentified woman with the mask who crashed his Halloween party with Cutter. And he goes to find her after Cutter has left. Little does he know who she is (or who she looks exactly like).

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis argues with Nick about seeing him hug Avery the day she slept with Ronan. Nick insists that he and Avery are just friends. Phyllis thinks about making love to Ronan. When she discovers that he read the e-mail on her computer, she heads to the police station to confront him. As Phyllis searches through Ronan’s evidence box, she wonders how he feels about it when she finds the memory card Adam threw in the creek. Phyllis and Ronan put the memory card in his computer and look at it, because Phyllis isn’t sure that this is the same memory card with the evidence to clear Sharon. Ricky tells Avery that Adam called him and told him exactly where to be and where to stand to get a good picture of him kissing Heather. Ricky tells Avery that he decided to give the pictures to her instead of selling them, because even though Heather was probably spoiled by Paul and given anything she wanted, it's time she learned that she can’t break the rules and get away with it. Chance and Ronan argue again because Chance can’t understand why Ronan is scared to get to know Nina and have a relationship with her.

Sharon feels alone and tells Victor that everyone she cared about has left her. Victor later talks to Nick to try and persuade him to be more supportive of Sharon during her ordeal. Nick asks Victor why he cares so much about Sharon. Victor answers that she has been through a lot in her life and come through it with a good outlook that is admirable. Avery visits the jail and shows Sharon the pictures of Adam and Heather. Avery tells Sharon that Adam set everything up to save her. Heather finally tells Ricky that she didn’t grow up with Paul but instead grew up with a stepfather that abused her mother. When her stepfather threatened to harm her (Heather), her mother killed him. Ricky feel guilty and tries to stop her from using the pictures, but Avery tells him that it’s too late, because things are already in motion. Heather is nervous because after her earlier talk with Adam she figured out that he intends to let people know what almost happened between them although she doesn’t know how he plans to do it.

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