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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge confronts Eric about seeing him kissing Jackie. Ridge snaps that he will not stand for Eric disrespecting his mother anymore. Ridge says Eric is acting like an irresponsible adolescent. Eric says nothing is going on and he doesn’t want to hear a lecture. He is not on the prowl as Ridge suggests. Ridge tells him that his mother doesn’t have the time to baby him through another infidelity. He is not to cross that line again. Nick questions Jackie about it too. She says she is fine; she is not on the rebound for another partner. Owen states to Nick that he loves Bridget and is happy with their son, but he loves Jackie too and he’ll never meet another woman like her. Jackie drops in on Eric and says she is sorry that Ridge saw them and is now furious. All are worried about Stephanie and how she will react. At a Halloween party at Bikini, Thorne continues to mouth off about the phoniness of his family. He confides to Amber that the worst part is his father lets Ridge get away with it over and over. Thorne laments that he used to be the underdog, now he’s just a fool. He’d like to be the guy who comes out on top every now and then. Amber slyly invites him off to somewhere more quiet, but he’s rescued by Taylor when she walks in.

Ridge grouses to Brooke that Jackie is now available and his dad is sniffing around. He’s warned him and if he’s smart, he’ll listen to him. Eric thinks of some bad times but also of good times with Stephanie. He tells Jackie that Ridge is correct. Stephanie has cancer and a man of his age must put her needs first. Jackie chastises him and tells him that his feelings and desires are valid and he needs to hold onto them and even embrace them. She encourages him to tell Stephanie; those romantic desires can be rekindled. She tells him that he probably thought she came there to seduce him, but he and Stephanie are too dear friends for her to come between them. He needs to make this work out. Taylor makes a bee-line to Thorne and warns him about getting involved with Amber. She’s always trouble; history has proved that. She pulls him out on the patio where he explains further that she had said she wasn’t ready for a man in her life, so he saw nothing wrong with being with Amber. Taylor surprises him by planting a kiss on him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jenniferís house, Daniel, Jennifer, and Melanie talked about Maggie being Danielís mother.  Daniel said he set up a DNA test.  Melanie suggested that Victor might know more than he let on.  Melanie left the house to see Maggie.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Victor talked about Daniel.  She was wondering if Danielís parents talked to him about their infertility problems.  Victor said they didnít.  Maggie told Victor about Daniel getting a DNA test done.  Victor thought it was the best decision.  Maggie agreed to back off of Daniel until the results were done.  She wanted to give him time to deal with the relationship.  She thought that would be the only way to build a relationship.  At the Brady Pub, Abby and Chad talked about him kissing Melanie and how she didnít like it.  He explained to her that he thought Melanie was Abby.  She wasnít convinced right away that he didnít know what he was doing.  They eventually worked things out.  While EJ and Nicole were handing out campaign flyers, they saw Quinn.  Nicole asked Quinn about Taylor.  He told her that Taylor enjoyed her new job, which included travel so they decided to separate.  EJ and Nicole wanted to know why Quinn was back.  Quinn said he liked Salem.  EJ brought up that Quinn had to leave because the police told him to.  The police didnít like his line of work so they made him leave town.  Quinn thought he would be able to work things out with the police once he let them know he wasnít in that line of work anymore.  EJ wanted Nicole to leave them for a minute.  EJ asked Quinn if he hurt Taylor.  Quinn said Taylor was fine.  The two talked about why Quinn was in town.  They got into an argument about their past.

Daniel and Jennifer talked about his situation with Maggie.  Daniel wondered if Victor knew more than he was letting on.  Jennifer wondered if Victor knew any of Danielís parentsí friends that could give Daniel answers.  EJ and Quinn got into an argument when EJ thought Quinn was threatening to expose him.  Quinn wanted EJís help to start a new business since the other business EJ sold him closed down.  EJ reluctantly agree, but warned Quinn to stick to the terms of their deal.  When Nicole returned, the three talked about Quinnís business plan.  Quinn wanted to open up a spa.  Nicole wondered where he was going to get the money.  Quinn intimated that EJ was helping him.  She wondered why EJ would help Quinn and thought he was being blackmailed.  Victor and Henderson talked at the mansion.  Henderson thought Victor was upset because Victor was the one who arranged for Danielís parents to get Maggieís eggs.  Maggie and Melanie wanted to know what they were talking about.  Victor lied and said he was talking about marrying Maggie.  Nicole demanded to know what was going on with EJ and Quinn.  EJ said he had it under control.  Quinn sent a test to someone telling him or her they can help each other.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Ethan brings Laura’s painting to Wyndemere, then decides to check out a hidden passageway. Lulu loses her nerve to tell Dante about calling off the engagement. Sonny invites Kate to a romantic dinner, but she declines the offer, showing up later in a 1980s Halloween costume. Alexis worries Kristina will find out the truth about her acceptance to Yale. Spinelli, Mac, and Robin wish Maxie a happy birthday. Steven and Matt talk about Lisa’s whereabouts. Steven and Patrick are acting suspicious in regards to Lisa’s disappearance. Robin has a nightmare about Lisa. Robin takes Emma out for trick-or-treating, but feels like someone is watching her. Kate gives Maxie a designer handbag for her birthday. Maxie receives a text from Matt about dinner for two at the Metro Court. Unfortunately, Matt is late because he’s checking in on Elizabeth at the hospital. Sonny invites Dante to a farewell party for Krissy. Dante and Lulu have a chat about their future. A scary clown is lurking around GH. Kristina asks Dante for his advice regarding Yale. Maxie arrives at the hotel, but Matt is nowhere to be found. Kate and Sonny are thinking of each other. Robin finds a mysterious figure at her doorstep.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Rex and Shane's party, many things are going on with many different people. Tina wants Cord to be Brody's best man and herself as Natalie's maid of honor although they have not agreed. Cord is suspicious that this is a "scheme" on her part to get back with him, but he admits that he may want to get back with her. Gigi/Stacy and Cutter attend although "uninvited" and wearing disguises. Nobody recognizes her, but Aubrey reveals Cutter. Rex and Shane are getting along with Aubrey but Natalie is suspicious of her. Roxy wants Rex to be Brody's best man and argues with Tina. Clint and Viki stay home. He sees that the mysterious envelope addressed to him has disappeared from her living room table. Somehow it's made its way to Rex's home in the hay barn where Cutter discovers it. Todd is getting closer to Blair and to Sam until Irene "haunts" him reminding him that once they find out he murdered Victor, they will hate him. Jessica, Robert Ford, and Bree attend the party but have to leave early. Jessica and Robert are growing closer as are Viki and Clint.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria hosts Billy’s annual Halloween party at Jimmy’s and gets very drunk because she misses Billy. Everyone has a good time at the party and Phyllis continues to get jealous over Avery’s friendship with Nick. Phyllis offers Ricky a job at Restless Style complete with a bonus if he gives her the pictures of Heather and Adam. Ricky tells Phyllis he needs time to think because this could ruin his relationship with Paul. Ricky tells Avery he has a tip that Adam and Heather are sleeping together. She is surprised that Ricky is willing to betray his sister to help Sharon. Ricky tells Avery that it doesn’t matter what he has to do to make sure that an innocent woman gets out of jail. Adam informs Sharon that he has helped her in ways that she doesn’t even know yet. Sharon later tells Avery about her strange conversation with Adam. Avery suspects that Adam is the source that Ricky mentioned when they talked earlier.

Billy arrives at the hospital dressed as Santa and surprises Kevin who is very nervous that Victor will find out Billy didn’t get on the plane. Billy spends some time with Delia and is seen in his Santa costume by a nurse. Then Billy heads to Jimmy’s and sneaks inside the party in time to see Victoria talking about how she misses him. When Nick takes Victoria home, Billy follows them. Abby taunts Eden that Noah has gotten over her and she will never be with him. Abby is the one shocked later when Eden and Daniel kiss in front of her. Angelo’s daughter, Angelina, arrives in town and sings a very off-key version of "You Made Me Love You" at the Halloween party. Billy waits until Nick leaves then helps a drunken Victoria open the door to the house and get her to the couch. Billy can’t help himself and gives Victoria a kiss that makes her ask, “Billy, is that you?” Billy is sad when he notices that Victoria signed the divorce papers. Victoria once again asks, “Billy, is that you?”

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