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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne seeks solace from the bottle at the Bikini Bar for his resentment feelings. He laments to the bartender that it is always Halloween within his family….people masquerading and pretending that they care, but it’s all lies. Ridge sits with Brooke as they spy Eric planting an innocent kiss on Jackie. He wonders what the hell is going on! Eric is sucking face with Jackie. He wants to go talk to Eric, but Brooke stops him. However, when Jackie does leave and Eric pays the bill, Ridge walks up and demands to know what is going on. Jackie scoffs at Amber for asking about a job again at Jackie M’s. Amber tells her there is a costume party at the Bikini tonight and Jackie should come now that she is a single lady again. Amber bumps into Thorne there and tells him this may be their lucky night. Eric explains to Ridge that this was not a date. He is not “seeing” Jackie. Ridge thinks it is below him to be seen with Jackie while Stephanie is off in Washington lobbying for lung cancer funding and the homeless. He watched him make a fool of himself all his life and this behavior has to stop now. As the patriarch of the family, he’s a huge disappointment and he should be ashamed of himself. He will not allow this to happen again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Brady Pub, Sami and Rafe talked about John and why she thought John might be guilty.  She told Rafe about the time when John changed into an evil person.  She thought there might be a part of him thatís still like that.  Rafe didnít believe that.  They continued to talk about it until she mentioned the horrible things she did.  She said that Marlena always chose John over her.  Rafe said he would always have her back.  He wanted to make sure that they didnít turn out like Austin and Carrie since they are on different sides.  They agreed to disagree on Johnís case.  At the Horton town square, Maggie and Melanie were excited that they could be related.  They realized that they always felt a connection to each other.  Marlena panicked when EJ went near her and John.  Marlena was afraid John would go back to jail.  EJ wanted to talk to her about John.  When Victor showed up at the town square, Maggie told him that Daniel could be her son.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about Jack.  The masked man showed up and Jennifer saw him.  She went after the figure.  Marlena wasnít interested in talking to EJ unless he was dropping the lawsuit.  EJ couldnít do that.  She didnít want to talk to him.  EJ wanted to clear things up.  He wanted to talk about the lawsuit.  He said it was nothing personal.  She didnít agree.  EJ was concerned with how this case would affect the family.  The two continued to argue about the situation. 

Jennifer caught up with the masked man and thought he was Jack.  When she tried to take off the mask.  Abe wanted to talk to her.  He had an idea about the campaign.  When Jennifer turned around, the figure was gone.  Bo and Hope told Victor about Lillian using Maggieís eggs without permission.  Bo told Victor how Lillian gave birth the same day Daniel was born.  Victor asked if theyíve done a DNA test.  Bo said no.  Hope thought there was little doubt that Daniel is Maggieís son.  Melanie wanted to tell Daniel since he didnít know.  Maggie was afraid to talk to Daniel and needed Bo and Hope to go with her so they could explain things to Daniel.  Maggie told Daniel that she found her son.  He was happy for her, but confused.  She told him that he is her son.  Daniel didnít believe it.  He said that his mother died.  Bo explained the evidence that proved that he is Maggieís son.  Daniel wanted proof, not evidence.  Hope told him that everything they found indicated that Maggie is his mother.  Bo told him a DNA test will rule out any doubt.  Daniel was sorry for his reaction, but Maggie isnít his mother.  Daniel said he had an open and loving relationship with his parents so they would have told him.  Maggie didnít think they would tell him something like that.  Daniel said that Victor would know if that were true since Victor was good friends with his parents.  Daniel thought his parents would have told Victor if they had trouble conceiving children. When Victor said he was shocked, Daniel thought that was proof that Maggie couldnít be his mother.  They continued to talk about the situation.  When Daniel asked if Victor thought it was true, Victor said he did.  Later on, Bo and Hope were glad that they were able to help Maggie.  They decided to figure out what other things Alice knew.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke wants to have dinner with Tracy before they are divorced. She insults him every way she can and then invites him to leave. He tells her to give Anthony his regards. Lucky arrives in Galway, Ireland. He asks the proprietress of the Bed and Breakfast where St. Margaret's Chapel, but she won't tell him, adding that it is the last place he needs to be. He asks her what is wrong with going to the chapel. She tells him it's not the chapel, but the land around it. Lucky rereads the mysterious verse in the letter Siobhan left him. Ethan tells Lulu that Lucky went to Ireland because of a letter Siobhan left for him. Lulu fears the day she will have to read such a letter from Dante. Michael visits Dante in the hospital. Dante says he is worried that Lulu might change her mind about marrying a cop. Lulu tells Ethan that she isn't sure if she would have accepted Dante's proposal if he and Olivia hadn't pressured her. They talk about Laura for a while and Ethan concludes Lulu is afraid she thinks she is too much like Laura and will therefore eventually break. Lulu goes to the hospital and tells Dante she has a confession.

Sonny wants to have a family get together before Kristina leaves for Yale. Alexis tells Sonny that he will probably interfere with Kate's perfectly laid plans. She says Sonny is simultaneously the most exciting and the most miserable man a woman could meet. She gently suggests that Sonny will blame himself if anything happened to Kate because of him. Sonny says he just wants to see where it goes.

Shawn wonders if Carly regrets kissing him when she was drunk. Jason is concerned that Franco might turn up. Sam doesn't want to cut their honeymoon short and leave Hawaii with Carly and Shawn. Jason asks Shawn to keep an eye out when he returns to Port Charles. Carly tries to use guilt to get Sam to end her honeymoon early. Carly asks Jason just how much longer his honeymoon is going to last. Jason tells Carly to listen to Shawn and do what he tells her. Shawn packs one of Franco's cameras into Josslyn's diaper bag. When Jason and Sam leave the cabana, a hand reaches out from under the bed and plants another camera. Then, the rest of the body slides out from under the bed.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Shane host a Halloween party but somehow "know" that Gigi is not far away. Cutter convinces "amnesiac" Stacy/Gigi look-alike to go to the party with him hoping to jog her memory as Stacy but making sure that Rex cannot recognize her (looking exactly like Gigi).

Natalie suspects nothing of Brody and the two of them and Liam attend Rex's party. Tina finds a bridal gown and Cord a bridal tux to wear to the party which gives both Viki and Clint some concern. Although Viki previously had plans to go, she finds she needs to stay home to help Clint with the children. It appears they are getting closer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sam’s replacement for his veterinary practice in New Mexico has a family emergency and can’t cover for him anymore. Sam is determined not to leave Sharon. Victoria tells Sharon about Sam’s problem and that he won’t leave her because he is in love with her. Sharon persuades Sam to leave but he assures her he will return as soon as he finds another replacement for his practice. Victoria worries that the police might have her bracelet since she returned to the park to look for it and couldn’t find it. Victoria is playing fetch with her dog and is thrilled when she finds the bracelet under the couch. Adam continues to get Heather drunk and tells her that she can’t drive home so she should sleep it off in his room. Heather goes to the restroom before going upstairs to Adam’s room. He calls Ricky and tells him to get to the Athletic Club right away. Adam and Heather kiss a few times outside the door to his room as Ricky takes several pictures. Then Adam and Heather go inside his room where she says that she can’t be with him. Adam tells her to sleep in his bed and he will get another room for the night.

Ronan, Nina, Paul, and Chance have a rather tense conversation before they have dinner. Ronan leaves when he gets a call from Phyllis and meets her at the Restless Style office where they make love. Once they are finished, they agree that what happened can never happen again, because Phyllis is a person of interest in Diane’s murder. When Ricky asks Phyllis for a job at Restless Style, she asks him to bring her a good story and she will consider it. Sharon is adamant that Victor not testify at her trial but he is just as determined to do it.

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