Thursday 10/27/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Taylor that this little power play by his brother only works if she supports it. Just tell Thorne that this makes no sense and be supportive of him, the children’s father instead. Eric demands they stop this. He’s not going to stand here and watch them tear each other’s throats apart. Thorne repeats again that Ridge is not Eric's son by blood. He’s a Marone. And now they have the shares to make a change. Taylor speaks up and tells Thorne that she really doesn’t want her children to have to side against their father. Pompous Ridge advises Eric to just let Thorne go. He brought all of this upon himself. Amber ambushes Rick and renews old acquaintances. Now she just wants for her little girl what she didn’t have. She encourages him to call her sometime and she will even make him a meal. He leaves his briefcase behind and she quickly goes through it. Jackie spies Eric preparing to sit alone and invites him to sit with her at lunch. He reveals what happened between him and Stephanie and their intimacy problem, but he’s going to be more patient and work through this. Now with Stephanie out of town, Jackie suggests that Eric come over and she will make him dinner, no hanky panky. Taylor apologizes to Thorne. He tells her this is more than just company business; maybe it is finally their time. She laments that he is a dear man and she knows he has her best interest at heart, but she is not sure they didnít get caught up in the moment of Anthonyís predictions and perhaps now is not the time for a man in her life. Ridge invites Brooke to meet him at Il Giardino and they see Eric with Jackie. Although, it is innocent, they also see them hold hands and his kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Everyone was at the Brady Pub to celebrate Halloween.  Bo told the kids (Ciara, Allie, Johnny, Sydney, and Theo) a scary story.  After Bo told the story, he and Hope talked to Maggie.  Maggie asked if they found out anything about Lillian Parker.  They told her they wanted to make sure they found the right one.  Bo told Maggie they would get all the answers soon.  Bo thought Maggie would know who her child was by the end of the night.  At the town square, Abby and Melanie had on the same costume.  Melanie said it wasnít a problem because they could keep their distance.  They talked about their parents.  Melanie mentioned wanting their parents together, but Abby hesitantly agreed to wanting their parents together.  Jennifer and Daniel were bobbing for apples.  When they kissed, someone watched them.  Abe welcomed everyone to the Halloween party on behalf of the city and the Horton family.  All of the reporters rushed to EJ and Nicole.  Daniel and Melanie talked about his situation with Jennifer.  Abby apologized to Jennifer for giving her a hard time about giving Jack a second chance.  Abby said she wanted Jennifer to be happy.  They continued to talk about Daniel and Jack.  The masked figure was watching them and listening to them. EJ made a speech and took a shot at Abe.  He declared to make Salem a better place.  A photographer wanted to take a picture of EJ and Nicole kissing.  They agreed to the picture.  Chad came up behind Melanie and kissed her.  Abby saw them. 

John talked Marlena into going to the party with Bo and Hope.  When Marlena finally agreed to leave with Bo and Hope, there was a shot of the computer.  Johnís ankle bracelet was attached to it.  At the party, Bo and Hope talked to Maggie again.  Hope told her they narrowed down the search and found out when the eggs were implanted.  Bo said they found a woman who gave birth during the time.  Abby went to Chad and Melanie and wanted to know what was going on.  Chad was shocked.  Abby was upset with Melanie for going along with the kiss.  Chad said it was a mistake.  Melanie left so they could talk.  Jennifer went to Abe and Lexie and told them she would take the job.  Abe wanted her to stop EJ from stealing his thunder.  Jennifer saw the man who was watching her and she wanted to know who he was.  The man left.  When she found him, she assumed it was Jack.  Marlena ran into Sami and Rafe at the party.  They talked about John.  Sami admitted that she has her doubts about Johnís innocence.  She thought the evidence looked bad.  Marlena was livid with Sami.  After they talked, Sami walked away.  Rafe apologized for Sami and went after her.  A figure came up and put his hand on Marlenaís shoulder.  It turned out to be John.  She was worried that he would get caught.  John said he had on a mask and wanted to enjoy the night out.  Marlena was still nervous, but she agreed to enjoy the night.  Bo told Maggie that he didnít know where her child was.  The Salem PD computer crashed before his guy could get all the information.  He got a phone call and got more details.  He found out that Lillian Parker died, but was survived by a son whose birthday is December 18.  Maggie was happy that she has a son.  She wanted to know when heís going to get more information.  He said tomorrow.  Melanie walked up and asked why they were talking about her grandmother.  Melanie told Maggie, Bo, and Hope about Lillian.  Hope mentioned Danielís last name being Jonas, but Melanie told her that Parker was Lillianís maiden name.  Hope asked when was Danielís birthday.  Melanie said December 18.  Maggie, Bo, and Hope realized that Daniel could be Maggieís son.  Melanie wondered if they were sure.  Bo said they wouldnít know for sure without a DNA test.  Maggie and Melanie were thrilled that Maggie could be Melanieís grandmother.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Alexis discuss the trials of parenting. Michael suggests that Abby stop hanging out with her stripper friends she used to work with at Vaughnís after one of them is attacked. He admits he is concerned about his mother dating Shawn. Carly reveals to Shawn that she told Jason that Jax is alive. After drinking a lot of tequila shots, she asks Shawn what he is afraid of. They kiss. Johnny wakes Anthony up at the auto repair shop. They argue about Lisa. Anthony says that they don't have to worry about Lisa anymore

Mac gathers everyone on the boat together to question them about what happened on the boat. Detective Padilla notices Maxie putting a bloodstained napkin with a portrait of Matt drawn on it into her purse. Matt notices that Elizabeth is not among them. Spinelli takes Elizabeth to the emergency room with hypothermia. She tells Monica that Lisa threw her overboard. Monica calls Steve to let him know Elizabeth is in the hospital. The whole party goes to the hospital to me checked out. Olivia is dizzy and nauseous but refuses to take up hospital resources when she is sure it's motion sickness from being on a boat. Steven tells Elizabeth that Spinelli found her and brought her to the ER, but Elizabeth remembers someone else, a man wearing black pants and an unbuttoned white dress shirt revealing a perfect six-pack but she doesn't know who he was.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John's brother Michael and sister in law Marcie come to town and they both seem to know that he is not over Natalie and something is "not right" about the fact that she is marrying Brody after having his baby. Marcie goes to see Rex ready to offer support to him and Shane after the loss of Gigi. But when she sees that Aubrey is becoming friends with Rex and she remembers who Aubrey is, she lectures Rex on not wanting him to get mixed up with her. John recalls with Michael that Brody had some sort of "issue" involving being afraid he'd "lose" Liam. But they cannot figure out what that would be.

Rick Powers, the porn producers "works on" Starr. Although Dani convinces her not to accept his terms involving breaking up with James and make Hope less important, she somehow believes she needs Rick in order to achieve her dream as a vocalist. Rick calls Robert Ford, James and Nate and tells the three of them he can help them make money with Robert being a producer, Nate "starring" with Starr instead of James and he will pay James more money than he's ever seen to "make himself scarce".

Cutter has "amnesia-stricken" Stacy staying with him at The Minute Man, hoping she will regain her memory as Stacy and be able to make Rex believe she's Gigi since she looks exactly like her. He needs to find a way to get his hands on Clint's money and believes he knows of a plan but he needs to play it just right.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery is disappointed when her motion to suppress the audiotape of Sharon and Skye’s conversation from evidence is denied. Nick tells Sharon that she should probably be prepared to spend thirty years in jail and makes it clear that he can’t be her savior anymore. Avery begs Adam to do the right thing and wave his right to client confidentiality, so that she can get a court order to drag the stream for the memory card, but he refuses to help Sharon.

Chance tells Ronan to stop being such a jerk to Nina and come to dinner with him at her house. Ronan accuses Chance of being a jerk, and he doesn’t want Nina to get her hopes up about having a relationship with him because she will never replace his mom who raised him. Chance and Nina are both surprised and happy when Ronan shows up at the house for dinner. Heather tells Chance she is in love with him and apologizes to him for letting him go. Chance breaks her heart when he tells her that they had a good relationship, but it is over now because he has a very dangerous job, and he can’t risk having a romantic relationship with anyone.

When Heather gets drunk, Adam sees her at the bar at Gloworm and starts to buy her more drinks. Chloe asks Kevin to marry her complete with a personal serenade. He says yes but a few minutes later starts to wonder if Chloe is just grateful to him because she thinks he gave Delia his bone marrow. Kevin talks Billy into not letting Victor chase him out of town. When Billy tries to stand up to Victor, it backfires because Victor shows him more information about Billy’s time in Asia that would break Victoria’s heart if she saw it. Victoria signs the divorce papers then Billy and Victor leave the trailer and go to the airport.

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