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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Rick that Hope told Liam everything, but he still believes Steffy. So Hope told him to keep his vows; she will not go after a married man. Ridge walks in and chastises them for not accepting Liam and Steffy’s marriage. It’s time they pulled together and let the family heal. He urges Logan to put it behind them and move on. Thorne calls a meeting and wants to include Taylor because of the stocks that she controls. Thorne convinces her that Ridge is not looking out for her best interests. They need to shake things up. Ridge tells Rick and his dad that Thorne called a meeting…..seems little brother has something he wants to get off his chest. Nick and Jackie have lunch. She admits she misses Owen, but he belongs with Bridget and his son now. She is not looking to replace Owen, but she does thinks Nick needs to devote some time in his own romantic direction.

Brooke bumps into Nick finishing his lunch and they share a conversation. She tells him that he will find a wonderful woman in his future. Thorne’s including Taylor in the meeting is a huge surprise to Ridge and Eric. Thorne says he warned Ridge that he is letting his personal opinions form his company policies, but he ignored them. He is not acting in the best interest of the company. Staunchly, Ridge says he knows Thorne has issues, so just let it all out and let him have it. He does not want to have this conversation again. Thorne says Ridge’s kids have resentments the way they have been treated. Ridge reminds him that he and his dad have been the creative designers and have always made the decisions. He questions Taylor if she wants to vote him out and Thorne in. Thorne pipes in that for as long as he can remember, it’s been the famous father and son team…..only Ridge really isn’t his son but Thorne is. Eric corrects that; both he and Ridge are his sons and Ridge has been very loyal. He’s earned his position here as C.E.O. Thorne says he knows Ridge has done a good job there for a while. But now they need a new vision, new blood. Thomas and Steffy are ready to step up. If they want, they can take it to a vote right now, but Thorne doesn’t think that is necessary. Ridge asks Taylor if she is going to side with Thorne on this. Thorne has been cuddling up to her and she is going to let him decide their children’s legacy. He has one question for her – who is she loyal to – Thorne or him?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Titans conference room, Madison needed a model to help with the male product line she was testing.  Brady didnít think it was a good idea to market male products because men didnít use those products.  They only used soap and water.  When Madisonís model didnít show, she used Brady to test the products.  Daniel showed up at Jenniferís house for their date.  They talked about Abeís job offer.  Daniel gave her the name of a guy who could help her with her insecurities about the job.  The friend of Danielís is a political operative.  Jennifer mentioned Jack and stopped herself.  They got back on the subject of Abeís job offer and the friend who was going to help her.  Later on during their date, they saw Danielís friend at the town square.  He ended up being a great help for Jennifer.  Bo and Hope dressed up as cleaning crew to get in the fertility clinic.  They only had 37 minutes before the guard came back.  Hope wished there was another way to get the name of the woman who was implanted with Maggieís eggs.  Bo said they would have had the name if the director didnít throw them out.  Hope appreciated him helping her with the plan.  Hope got into the computer.  While the computer was searching the file, they nearly got caught.  When the coast was clear, Hope found the file.  She couldnít see the name.  Bo told her not to open the file, but copy it instead.  Hope agreed and they left.

Maggie and Melanie were at the Kiriakis talking about Dario and Maggieís child.  Melanie left the room.  Bo and Hope showed up at the mansion to give Maggie the name of the woman who has her eggs.  Maggie wondered how they got the name, but they didnít want her to know.  Maggie saw the name Lillian Parker.  Bo and Hope asked if Maggie knew Lillian Parker.  Maggie didnít know her.  Bo said they did a search of Lillian Parker and there were several living in Salem at the time the woman was at the clinic.  Maggie wondered if Bo and Hope knew the sex of the child.  They didnít know yet.  Bo said theyíll do a thorough search to narrow down the list of women.  Theyíre going to do everything they could to find Lillian Parker.  When Maggie walked Bo and Hope to the door, Melanie returned to the living room.  She saw the paper with Lillian Parkerís name on it and wondered why her grandmotherís name was on the paper.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Sonny leaves a message for Spinelli – demanding footage of the coffee warehouse from the night that Dante was shot. Kate arrives and kisses Sonny. Sonny pulls back surprised and amused. He asks Kate if she really believes that Jax is dead. Kate tells him that Jax is dead or he would have contacted her. Sonny tells her that it wouldn’t hurt to spend time together again, as long as there is no one who objects. Alexis goes to Kelly’s and runs into Luke. She tells him it’s all his fault that his family left him. That he basically drove them away. Luke tells her that she really became boring when she became a mother.

Jason goes ape when Carly tells him that Jax is still alive – and that Jason can’t tell anyone – even Sam. Jason isn’t thrilled with the idea of keeping secrets – especially this one. Carly tells him that they have to keep it a secret for Jax’s sake. And that if Sonny finds out that Jax is alive he will kill him. Shawn returns and says that his head is clear and wants to know how he can help Carly.

Spinelli finds Elizabeth unconscious on Spoon Island. He tries to revive her, but she won’t wake up. He sees a glowing light and starts toward it to get help, but turns back when Elizabeth wakes up. Elizabeth says that someone saved her but she doesn’t know who it was. Spinelli takes her to the hospital. Patrick finds Robin, who is dizzy from hitting her head. As she struggles to stand, Patrick urges her to stay still. Robin has a cut on her arm and tells him that she isn’t safe to touch right now. Steve shows up and asks them if they have seen Olivia, but they don’t know where she could be. Steve finds a shaken Olivia just as the police arrive. He tells Mac who was on board, but that no one has seen Elizabeth for hours. As the officers search the boat, Mac questions Robin and Patrick. They tell Mac how Lisa tried to infect Patrick with Robin’s blood. They find Maxie covered in blood. Maxie explains how she got onboard and that it’s not blood – it’s the red nail polish that exploded in her purse. Maxie opens the closet in Steve and Olivia’s room and a dead body falls on her. Turns out that it is the captain of the ship. Maxie looks at her hands, which are covered in blood.

Johnny returns to the pier where he gets word that everything has been taken care of. Anthony arrives and Johnny takes him to his old garage. He asks Anthony what he saw, but Anthony passes out.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd confides to Viki that he doesn't know what to do with his life now that he has it back. He says his options are limited since Victor Junior gave his assets to their Mother, Irene. Viki reminds him that Irene is now dead too. Tina enters and suggests that as Irene and Victor's first-born, everything should now come to her. Viki says she won't take sides and that they need to leave it to the lawyers and let the judge decide. Todd decides that he wants everything back, not just the money but his kids and Blair too. She reminds him that when he disappeared 8 years ago, he and Blair were already divorced. Tomas goes to visit Blair, who slams the door in his face. Eventually she opens it. He tells her that he wants to move forward with her, but he needs to know where she and Todd stand. She tells him that she and Todd share children. They kiss to seal the deal.

Cutter goes to Llanfair looking for Stacy. Tina says she had been there and thought she was Gigi Morasco and lived there. Stacy goes to Gigi's gravesite and verifies Tina's claim that Gigi is dead, which makes her wonder who she is and who is in the grave. Jack sees the Gigi look alike when he visits Victor, Juniorís grave. He tells her she is dead, he is sorry, and it was an accident. Then he runs home and worries Blair, who observes that he looks as if he has seen a ghost. Cutter finds Stacy and explains to her that she isn't Gigi, Gigi is dead, and she is Gigi's sister, Stacy. He tells her she looks like Gigi because she had plastic surgery so she could steal Gigi's life and more specifically, her fiancť. Stacy isn't impressed with who Cutter says she is. Rex wants to spend Halloween at Gigiís grave. Shane wants to skip Halloween because it won't be the same without Gigi. Rex suggests that Aubrey join them at the party and dress as the third musketeer in Gigi's place. The three agree. Rex and Shane decide to go to Gigi's grave together before they go to the party.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sofia gets final divorce papers from Malcolm. She still blames herself for the breakup of her marriage and Malcolm leaving town. Neil tells Sofia that they all made mistakes, but Malcolm always leaves when life gets too complicated. Sofia tells Neil the story of her third date with Malcolm which was when she knew she wanted to marry him. Abby realizes that she feels more than friendship for Devon when she is telling Tucker a little bit about him. Abby meets Devon later at Crimson Lights and starts to tell him about her revelation until Devon’s girlfriend arrives from Europe to see him. Ricky shows an interest in Abby and starts to flirt with her, but she thinks that he is full of himself. Heather makes an effort to get to know Ricky by inviting him to have coffee and cake with her, but as they talk, it is clear that Ricky resents Heather. He thinks that she has had everything handed to her on a silver platter while he has had to fight for every opportunity. Heather is about to set Ricky straight when Paul arrives and is so happy to see his children getting to know each other. Heather and Ricky put on fake smiles and tell Paul that things are going well between them. They both agree to spend the holidays with Paul.

Phyllis flirts with Ronan to try and find out what he knows but he is on to her game so he begins to flirt with her to see what she knows and they don’t tell each other anything. Cane and Lily go to the police station to say goodbye to Colin and when Cane takes Lily home they make love. Genevieve arrives to tell Colin that his friend Marty from back home will be paying Colin a visit when he arrives at the Australian jail. The news brightens Colin’s mood but he wonders why Genevieve contacted Marty and she tells him she doesn’t know why she did it maybe its because he (Colin) drivers her crazy. Colin leaves the police station with a smile on his face.

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