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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As seriously as he is capable, Liam asks Steffy if she knew Hope was in Aspen and trapped in the gondola so she could not get to him on the mountain top……he'd like to know if Steffy had anything to do with that. She sidesteps the question and reminds Liam that they flew to Aspen for a romantic getaway. She had no reason to believe that Hope would follow them there since no one but Bill knew that is where they were headed. She turns to Hope and says she was with the man she loved, and that is all that mattered. They were enjoying the moment and falling in love. So this questioning is not fair to either of them. She scoffs at the idea that she could be at the top of the mountain and yet make the gondola stop. She tells Liam that she is trying to be reasonable here, but Hope is taking this too far in making her responsible for what happened. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t believe her conspiracy theory that Steffy caused the gondola to stop. That would mean that Liam was a fool and he does not believe that is the case. She retorts that it is all about Steffy and her seduction. She has this affect on men and Ridge needs to realize that. Despite the door being closed, Taylor interrupts and is dismayed that Brooke talked to Liam and encouraged Hope to talk to him and now she finds out that Steffy is in the meeting too. Ridge repeats again that he doesn’t like this. Both of his daughters is in love with the same man, and one of them is going to be hurt. He hates what this is doing to them, and he is not going to take sides. Brooke says okay, they will just let the chips fall where they may and let the three of them work this out.

Steffy pleads to Liam that what happened on the mountain was impulsive. He knows she would never do what he is asking her. It was the virgin bride to be that was manipulating him, so that is why Steffy decided she didn’t want him to wait any longer and wanted to marry him then and there. Liam wants to hear again that Steffy knew nothing about Hope being there or that he was to meet her. She looks him right in the eye and answers three times no, she knew nothing about Hope being there, or the gondola stopping. Hope finds it incredulous that Steffy can lie so easily. Steffy grabs Hope by the arm and jabs her with her finger and laments that she loves her husband and he means everything to her. She is going to give him everything Hope wouldn’t. She will be his lover, his friend, his true companion. He will never ever have a reason to question her priorities the way he did with Hope. He will always be first with her. She turns to Liam and states that everything she has done is because she loves him and he’s #1 in her life. She walks out. Taylor complains to Ridge that this is no less than a witch hunt. Brooke is determined to go on until she finds out the truth. Ridge admonishes them that no matter the outcome, all of them will have to accept Liam’s decision. Hope tells Liam that she was immature and foolish, but he went way beyond that in his stupidity. He kissed Steffy while they were engaged, and then quickly married Steffy before Hope could explain. She respects marriage so she will abide by this. She kisses him goodbye and says good luck!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Austin and Kate talked about Sami, Carrie, and Johnís case.  Kate tried to get Austin to see that John is innocent of the charges.  She thought the charges didnít fit Johnís character.  Austin wasnít so sure.  When they talked about Austinís living arrangements, she was upset.  She didnít want him living with Sami.  They talked about Rafe getting fired.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ was upset about an article insulting him if he won the election.  He wanted Nicole to tell him what was going on.  Nicole said they would take out an ad countering the claims.  EJ said it was too late because the damage was done.  Stefano walked in and ripped into her for ruining EJís chances.  Nicole tried to calm him down by telling him they need to focus in a new strategy to counter the claims.  Stefano said that Nicole needed a crisis management team.  He said all politicians need them.  Nicole agreed and said she contacted the firm and they would be at the mansion.

When Nicole left the living room, EJ and Stefano talked about Nicole.  Stefano wondered why EJ got Nicoleís help.  EJ said he trusted Nicole.  The two continued to argue over Nicole.  The crisis management team arrived at the mansion.  They were ready to do damage control.  EJ was impressed with the way Nicole handled the situation.  Stefano reminded him that there would have been nothing for her to handle if she took care of the situation in the first place.  At the town square, Austin ran into Marlena.  He didnít want her to think he was turning on John.  She wanted to believe him, but heís working for the people who are trying to put John away.  He explained to her that he hates this and so does Carrie.  Austin reassured her that heís not turning against John and Marlena believed him.  EJ and Nicole came very close to kissing, but she pulled away.  She said she had to leave.  He told her that she wasnít the only one affected by the brush with death.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis runs into Luke. He says she is the only person that has been happy to see him. She tells him that Sonny got Kristina into Yale, and she doesn't want to know how. Carly and Shawn flirt with each other. Sam tells Jason she will not give Franco the power to interfere with their life together. Bernie calls Jason and tells him Franco is in Toronto. Carly tells Jason that Jax is alive. Anthony arranges for a boat to dump "cargo" into the sea. Johnny concludes the cargo is Lisa. Matt is still drinking champagne alone. Maxie calls him from a small boat and asks him to help her onto the party boat, but he tells her the party is over and hangs up. Spinelli gets her to the rope and she climbs aboard. Lisa is on a rampage in Patrick and Robin's cabin on the party boat. She tells Patrick she is about to inject him with Robin's HIV positive blood. Robin gets the needle from her and tells Patrick she will never let Lisa hurt them again, as she goes after her with the syringe. Patrick calls Mac to come to the boat quickly. Patrick looks for Lisa. Steve looks for Olivia. Patrick finds the unconscious first mate. Maxie goes into Elizabeth's cabin and finds the captain. Spinelli finds Elizabeth unconscious on the shore. Lisa sees her escape boat coming. Robin finds Lisa and lunges at her with the syringe Lisa was going to use on Patrick. Lisa overpowers Robin and throws her to the ground.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex is wondering what to do with hearing Cutter telling him that Gigi is alive. Aubrey comes over to see him and assures him she knows Cutter is scamming. But his mind is elsewhere as he somehow "knows" that Gigi is not far away. Meanwhile the Gigi lookalike (assumed to be Stacy) manages to escape from the Kentucky hospital and finds her way to Llanview after seeing her address online. She goes to Viki's and of course, only Tina, who does not know her, sees her. Jessica and Robert Ford are in the other room and when Tina informs them that a young woman came to the door who says she's Gigi Morasco, Jessica tells Tina that's delusional since Gigi Morasco passed away. And of course, when Jessica goes out to see what Tina has seen, "Gigi" has gone to Gigi's gravesite. Cutter is in a mad rampage to find her. Natalie is having second thoughts about marrying Brody although she does not admit it. Jessica wonders what to do with the secret. John's brother and sister in law make a surprise visit and he finds out they are having another baby yet hesitant to tell him since he's lost Liam to Brody. Vimal reveals to Rama that he must tell John that Liam is his and not Brody's. but she tells him maybe he needs to wait and she reveals to him that she helped Cutter get his sister charged with murder when Cutter blackmailed her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nina is thrilled when she sees Chance and he tells her the details of how he, Cane and Ronan worked together to put Colin behind bars. Chance also tells Nina that Ronan still hasn’t told him why he left town so suddenly after his liver transplant. Genevieve gives a small notebook to Chance that contains the information to break the code of Colin’s bank accounts. Nina, Katherine and Jill are present at Colin’s deportation hearing to support Chance and watch Colin get sent to an Australian jail. Ronan has questioned Adam all night and most of the day and gets nothing from him. Adam calls Avery to be his lawyer. Avery turns him down at first until Victor makes her see that if she helps Adam, he could give her information on Sharon’s case or maybe tell her what he knows about Diane’s murder. Adam tells Avery that he didn’t send the text message to the rest of the murder suspects. He doesn’t want to go to jail for eight years for impersonating an officer. Avery manages to persuade Ronan that he has nothing to hold Adam on, so he lets Adam go. Adam promises to tell Avery what he did with the memory card that holds the information that could set Sharon free.

Nick visits Ronan at the police station to try and figure out what Adam has told him. He also gives Ronan the DNA test results on the envelope that someone sent Ashley with the picture of her and Diane arguing the night Diane died. Nick tries to cast more suspicion on Adam, but Ronan figures out what Nick is trying to do. Nick tells Phyllis that his talk with Ronan was a bust so she decides to go talk to Ronan because she has ways to get information out of a man that Nick doesn’t have. Nick smiles and admits that Phyllis is right and wishes her good luck with Ronan. Victor gets a call from Nikki saying that she is getting out of rehab but she is going on a trip before she goes home. Ronan continues to look at his suspects board for Diane’s murder and wonders who the pillow with the words "no place like home" could refer to. Someone is packing a suitcase and one of the tags on the luggage says "There’s no place like home."

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