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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam admits to Hope that he got a message and was at the top of the mountain. Hope says that Steffy somehow intercepted it and got there first. She says she was wrong and should have put Liam first all along. She is so sorry. She tried the next day after his bachelor party to tell him, but ran into Steffy again with her ring on her finger. She was hurt, but still believed in them. Then she found he had left town so she followed him there. Steffy intervened and there was nothing she could do but watch the wedding from the gondola…..Steffy and the man Hope loved. Brooke grills Steffy of how all of this happened. Steffy scoffs at her suspicions that she could somehow get the gondola to stop. Brooke says that Liam never expected to see her there on the top of the mountain in a wedding dress. But Hope and Liam are meant to be together, and marriages can be annulled. Ridge tracks down Marcus who is having lunch with Dayzee. He wants him to continue the press with the Hope For the Future line to dismiss any fallout because of Liam’s wedding.

Brooke tells Ridge that he might not like it, but she just saw Steffy and told her that she had told Liam the truth. She has to defend her daughter when she is in pain. He wishes she would stop meddling and let Steffy and Liam lead their lives. Pam warns Steffy that Liam is in Ridge’s office with Hope…..and they all know how the Logan’s are. Hope tells Liam that she wishes she could go back and fix all of this, but it is too late. He is married now. She is clinging to a fantasy. He must have had much stronger feelings for Steffy than he ever admitted. The wedding happened so fast. It was like Steffy wanted it done as soon as possible. Steffy rushes in but before she can dismiss Hope, Liam asks if she knew Hope was in Aspen and he needs to know if she had anything to do with trapping Hope in the gondola. Because if so, she was not the only one to got trapped.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the town square, Brady and Marlena talked about John.  Marlena wanted him to see John, but Brady didn’t want to.  Marlena tried to appeal to Brady on John’s behalf, but Brady didn’t care.  The two continued to talk about John.  At the fertility clinic, Maggie was nervous about finding her child.  Bo and Hope tried to calm her down.  The director showed up.  Bo and Hope explained Maggie’s situation to the director.  Maggie told the director that some woman has her child and she didn’t know who it was.  Hope said that they needed to access the clinic’s files so they could find Maggie’s child.  The director said that it was impossible.  Hope tried to explain that it’s Maggie’s child.  The director sympathized with Maggie, but she couldn’t help her.  The director was obligated by law to protect the privacy of clinic’s patients.  The director said most patients trying to conceive are very protective of their privacy unless they’ve signed a waiver.  Bo reminded the director that the eggs are Maggie’s.  The director understood, but she couldn’t give them a name.  Hope told the director didn’t give up her eggs willingly.  Bo said the eggs were stored for her.  Hope said Maggie didn’t donate her eggs.  Maggie said she wasn’t looking for trouble.  She just wanted to know where her child is.  The director wanted to look into it for her.  She left the room.  When the director returned, she told them that all the records were recently added into the computer.  She said they could have all the information.  The director found out that Maggie’s eggs were stored at the clinic and the woman that received them was impregnated in the clinic.  The director asked Maggie bout her eggs.  The director told her that the woman’s doctor brought the eggs to the clinic.  The director’s file indicated that the eggs were the woman’s.  The director couldn’t give them the name of the woman.  All she was able to do was confirm they were Maggie’s eggs.  The woman refused to help without a court order.  Maggie decided to get Justin to help her.  Hope decided to check the file to get the name.  Bo warned her that she could lose her job.  Hope was determined to find the name for Maggie.  Bo told her that they had to be careful. 

At Sami and Rafe’s place, Sami, Rafe, and Austin talked about Rafe walking in on Austin and Sami.  Austin and Sami explained what happened, but Rafe was still upset.  Austin and Sami let him know that it wouldn’t happen again.  Rafe was willing to let it go.  Carrie called Rafe to see how he was doing.  She heard he was fired for helping her.  She told him that she found the clinic worker and he could confirm that John was at the clinic at the time and not at the café.  She said the guy was willing to testify.  The guy has records to prove John was at the clinic.  Rafe was happy.  When Sami made noise in the kitchen, Carrie wondered what was going on.  He told her that Austin stayed at the apartment.  Carrie wondered why Austin was there, but Rafe told her it was a long story.  Rafe gave the phone to Austin so he could talk to her.  Austin explained why he was there.  Carrie didn’t like the idea, but she eventually understood it.  Sami wanted to know what Carrie told him, but he couldn’t tell her.  He didn’t want her to ask him again.  She felt that he could tell her since he’s not with the F.B.I. or the police anymore.  He didn’t want to say anything in front of the man who wanted to put John away.  Austin said he wasn’t trying to put him away.  Austin and Rafe got into an argument.  When Rafe left to take a shower, Austin and Sami talked about Rafe and Carrie.  Sami slipped in the shower with Rafe.  He told her he wasn’t talking.  She said “not talking” was what she had in mind.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam and Carly talk about motherhood. Shawn updates Jason about what’s going on in Port Charles. Matt gets drunk, then tries to locate Elizabeth on the boat. A mysterious stranger saves Elizabeth and carries her to shore. Lisa ties up Robin and Patrick. Olivia begins having dizzy spells while fixing the boat’s engine. When Steven returns to his room, Olivia is gone. After getting the engine to start, Olivia feels dizzy on the ship’s deck. Carly implies to Shawn that she likes him. Sam and Jason wonder if they should wait to have kids. Lisa plans on injecting Patrick with HIV. Robin breaks free, then struggles with Lisa to gain control of the hypodermic needle.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Tomas has confessed to killing Irene and the judge has accepted his plea and let Todd go, although it means Tomas goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit, the ruling is final. However, Todd is haunted by Irene's ghost reminding him he murdered her as well as his brother and she wants to enable him to get away with it. So he rushes into the courtroom and admits to the judge that Tomas is innocent and taking the rap for him. Tomas reluctantly admits that that is true. the judge then lets them both go and is angry with Nora for wasting the court's time with two suspects to prosecute that the judge does not want to prosecute. It seems everybody doubts that Todd killed Victor except for Nora who reveals she has personal reasons for wanting to nail Todd.

After Cutter gets back form the Kentucky hospital where he sees the Gigi lookalike with amnesia, he goes to find Rex and tells him he can "get Gigi back" in exchange for Rex signing Clint's wealth over to Cutter instead of to Clint. Rex then physically attacks Cutter. Bo goes to intervene. Yet. in Kentucky, the Gigi lookalike is online researching the history of Gigi and of Stacy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

All the murder suspects at the warehouse continue to watch the film, which shows each of their separate meetings with Diane the night she was killed. Everyone tells each other they are innocent in case Ronan is listening or watching their conversation. All the suspects start to think that Adam was responsible for this since he is the only one not with them in the warehouse. Adam meanwhile is at a pumpkin patch because he got a text message from someone asking for a meeting there. Adam sees a scarecrow dressed like a woman and tells himself he knew that Patty was back in town then he heads back to his hotel room and leaves a message for Patty saying that they need to talk. Adam later gets and envelope dropped off at his door with Ronan’s stolen cell phone in it and he begins trying to figure out the owner of the phone.

Genevieve feels guilty about Myrna being caught in the explosion and apologizes to her the doctor tells Genevieve Myrna will take along time to recover but in time she could look like she did before the explosion. Ronan stops by the hospital to check on Myrna and Genevieve tells her about the text message Jack got from him telling him to meet him at the warehouse. Ronan heads to the warehouse and Genevieve calls Jack telling him that Ronan stopped by and told her that his cell phone was stolen so he couldn’t have sent him the test message. Genevieve also tells Jack that Ronan is on his way to the warehouse to find out what is going on and why some is sending test messages with his phone. Once Jack tells everyone Ronan is on his way they all decide they should dispose of the film before Ronan has a chance to see it. Ronan arrives and everyone tells him that Adam must have called the meeting because he is the only murder suspect missing and besides he loves to lead everyone on a wild goose chase because when they all arrived nothing happened. Jack arrives at the hospital to offer moral support to Genevieve and Myrna has a strange reaction when Genevieve introduces her to Jack and she sees jack and Genevieve kissing. Myrna grips the hospital remote call button hard like she is upset and is trying to control her anger. Phyllis tells Nick that Adam wasn’t the one who called the meeting tonight and whoever the person is that called the meeting is either Diane’s killer or knows the killer’s identity. Ronan goose to Adam’s room and is puzzled when he sees his cell phone on Adam’s coffee table. Adam tells him the phone was dropped off at his door but Ronan doesn’t believe him and once again asks Adam to go down to the police station with him to be questioned.

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