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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is ecstatic that Stephanie’s tumors have not returned. She is sure Eric is over the moon and wants to celebrate. Stephanie laments that he wants something more. She isn’t sure that is what she can give him. He’s made it clear that he wants to be intimate again and she’d like to be there for him, but she has no interest in that at all anymore. With the loft available again, Jackie tells Nick that she is going to buy it and move back in, memories and all. Eric stops by. He tells Jackie that he and Stephanie will help her get through this difficult period without Owen. She inquires if everything is all right between the two of them. Later Eric tells Stephanie that he will be patient with her in their golden years. She admits she wants to be intimate with him, but she can’t right now. Brooke explains to Liam that Hope saw him and Steffy kissing the night of his bachelor party and she broke off their engagement. She then realized she overreacted and followed him to Aspen to tell him so. It’s never too late; their love can survive. It’s simple; he married the wrong woman. Steffy asks Hope to keep Brooke away from her as she is trying to ruin her marriage. Hope cries on Thomas’s shoulders. Brooke visits Steffy and confesses to her that she just saw Liam and told him the truth. She won Liam by default and he knows that now. Liam comes by Forrester’s and asks Hope if what her mother said was true. She admits she was ready to move in with him and really be with him until she saw him kissing Steffy. She felt hurt and angry and betrayed. Maybe it was wrong of her to suddenly give back his ring, but in that moment that is all she could do. She grabs him and kisses him when she realizes he did not go to the mountain to marry Steffy, but to meet Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Rafe couldnít believe that Austin wanted to stay with him and Sami after Austin got him fired.  Austin said he had nothing to do with it.  Austin said he would still have a room if he didnít accept Samiís offer to stay in the apartment.  Austin said the only room available is in a dump.  Sami tried to convince Rafe to let Austin stay with them since the pub wonít be available for a few weeks.  Rafe suggested that Austin stay with Kate, but he didnít want to stay with Stefano.  Sami convinced Rafe to let Austin stay with them.  At the Horton Town Square, Abe and Lexie saw EJ there.  Abe wasnít afraid to go against EJ.  Abe has tricks up his sleeve when it concerns EJ.  Abe went to a meeting.  EJ called out to Lexie, but she didnít want to talk to him.  Daniel showed up at Jenniferís house.  He wanted to spend time with her.  She agreed to spend time with him.  Abe showed up to offer Jennifer a chance to be his PR for his campaign.  She was intrigued by the idea.  She wanted to talk the idea over with some people before she took the job.  Abe asked her to let him know soon.  He left.  Jennifer and Daniel talked about the job offer.  Lexie agreed to talk to EJ.  EJ talked to Lexie about his kids.  He talked about missing them and wanted them in his life.  He told her that he wanted to change the way people think of the DiMera name.  Lexie wished him luck.  He didnít want his children to be embarrassed about where they come from.  The two started to get along until he said the race wasnít personal or worth losing his relationship with her.  She said he could prove that by dropping out of the race.

EJ told Lexie that he couldnít drop out of the race.  He asked if she would go to anyone else and ask them to drop out.  She told him that Abe has been an excellent mayor.  He told her if thatís true, Abe will get re-elected.  The two got into an argument about the campaign and John until Chad showed up and interrupted them.  EJ offered to help Chad with the website, but he didnít want EJís help.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Austin (in a robe) left a message for Carrie.  He took off the robe and knocked a glass of water on his boxer shorts.  He took off the shorts just as Sami walked in the room.  Sami gave him a blanket.  Austin told her how he spilled the water.  Sami offered to clean it up while he changed.  They tripped over each other and fell on the couch with Austin on top of Sami.  Sami laughed when Rafe walked in and wanted to know what was going on.  EJ wanted to call a truce with Lexie because he didnít want to lose her.  She agreed to the truce and didnít want him to make her regret it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny comes into Jakes and finds Kate kissing Coleman. Kate and Sonny have a tense conversation about each other's trips, Sonnyís influence getting Kristina into Yale. She notices his keychain and he tells her it is a piece of the door to the closet that Deke used to lock him in. He tells her that he bought his childhood home. He tells her stories of his and his mother's abuse at Deke's hands. She encourages him to get rid of that reminder of his past and let go. She tells him that he can decide not to let his past define who he is.

Maxie and Spinelli safely land on Spoon Island. Maxie is desperate to get on the party boat to stop Elizabeth from getting her claws on Matt and to convince Matt to be in the Woman behind the Man issue of Crimson. She babbles on and on about Matt to Spinelli. Spinelli observes a light on in Wyndemere and fears they are in the presence of a spirit. Maxie tells him she hopes he isnít trying to make another overture.

Johnny struggles to get up after being drugged by Lisa. Lisa chloroforms Elizabeth and tosses her overboard. Olivia wonders who Steve was thinking about when he was singing a song for her. He doesn't tell her that, but they tell each other stories and get to know each other better. Steve and Olivia look for the captain and mate, to no avail. Olivia notices something wrong with the engine. Patrick and Robin spend some adult time together in their cabin. Robin goes to get some food and Lisa goes into the cabin. When Robin returns, Patrick is gone and Lisa chloroforms Robin. Robin wakes up to discover Lisa has her and Patrick tied up. Someone pulls Elizabeth out of the water.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In court, after TomŠs has confessed to murdering Irene and Todd has not attempted to stop him, Blair asks her ex-husband if he can live with himself letting an innocent man throw his life away for a crime he did not commit. Todd tells her that TomŠs and Irene took his life from him so he has a clear conscience with letting this happen. But when he's in the bathroom looking in the mirror, he again sees the ghost of Irene who tells him she wants him to let TomŠs take the rap and not listen to anybody else. At that point, Todd goes into the courtroom and tells the judge that although she's sentenced TomŠs to 20 years in prison and it's her final ruling, he murdered Irene. Then remembering shooting Victor, Todd admits that's not all he did.

Aubrey wants to live the honorable life and help Rex plan a Halloween party. Cutter is in Kentucky ready to let Stacy/Gigi believe that she is the love of Rex's life so that Rex believes he's gotten her back in exchange for the money Cutter wants and needs the only way he knows how to obtain it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby puts an end to her feud with Tucker because she is tired of hating him and agrees to be Ashley’s maid of honor when she and Tucker renew their wedding vows. Cane is finally able to tell Lily that he has been working with the FBI on a huge sting operation ever since Caleb died. Ronan and Chance call Cane a hero, because they couldn’t have put Colin behind bars without his help. Ronan and Chance arrest Colin in his hotel room in the Athletic Club after they tell him that his diplomatic immunity has been reversed so he is going to jail for a long time. Genevieve, Gloria and Jill are shocked when Ronan and Chance tell them some of the crimes that Colin is responsible for. Genevieve never thought that Colin would order a hit on her. Genevieve’s maid Myrna is badly burned in the explosion at Genevieve’s house. Genevieve tells Cane she is very proud of him.

Lily is also very proud of Cane and calls him her hero. She also apologizes to Cane for not trusting him and thinking that he would ever hurt her or the babies. Lily tells Cane that now that Colin is in jail, there is nothing keeping them apart anymore. All of the suspects in Diane’s murder except for Adam show up at the warehouse, because they all got a text message from the person that stole Ronan’s phone. When they arrive the room goes dark and a movie begins to play that shows the newspaper headline "Who Killed Diane Jenkins," then Diane is seen lying on the bed in her room at the Athletic Club apparently sleeping.

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