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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget explains to her dad, Rick and Stephanie that she and Owen are moving in together and will become a family. Rick confides in his dad that he knows everything is not great with he and Stephanie. He’s not going to stay and be underfoot….just let him know if there is anything he can do to help. Steffy warns Bill that Brooke is snooping around and is suspicious. They can not let Liam know that Hope was in Aspen looking for him. Brooke wants Hope to talk to Liam and tell him that she was in Aspen; that she still cares. She thinks Aspen was orchestrated. Bill had his hands in it and she’s going to find the answers. Hope doesn’t believe in conspiracies. Liam was not on that mountain waiting for her; it was for Steffy. She gets it….it was her fault and she will have to live with that. Brooke visits Liam. Told that Steffy is not there, but at work, Brooke tells him good, she has plenty to say to him and he’s going to hear her out. Liam tells her that this is none of her business. He laments that he tried to talk to Hope, but she would not see him. He was not what he wanted. Brooke explains that Hope was there in Aspen and had to actually watch him marry Steffy. He’s stunned that he got the message to go to the top of the mountain and he was there, but Hope wasn’t and now he learns that she was there but detained.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie told Melanie that she has another child.  She explained to Melanie about the harvested eggs.  She told Melanie about the letter Bo and Hope found.  Melanie wondered if Maggie knew the child.  Hope told Maggie that they had to go to the meeting with Alice’s lawyer.  Melanie went with them.  Jack set up a date with Jennifer at the Brady Pub.  They talked about him changing and what happened in Afghanistan.  Bo went to John and Marlena’s townhouse to tell them Rafe got fired.  Marlena said Rafe was helping them.  Bo told them that Rafe gave Carrie information and someone leaked it to the Feds.  Marlena was curious as to who did that.  Marlena wondered if Rafe couldn’t have just been taken off the case.  Bo told them that Roman considered what Rafe did a breach of ethics.  John blamed himself, but Bo told him that Rafe chose to help and paid for it.  Bo said that it was good that it came out now because it would have been worse if it came out during the trial.  Marlena wondered who was on the case now.  Bo said he was.  He said there’s not a lot to investigate.  He said the FBI were thorough.  They knew everything before they made the arrest.  John said they were waiting for him to land in America before making a move.  Bo told them how he saw the evidence against John.  Marlena said the evidence was worthless.  She said Stefano was behind it.  Bo wondered if they had proof.  Bo wanted the proof if they had it, but Marlena said they didn’t have anything concrete.  She thought Bo should know that John would never do what he’s accused of doing.  Bo thought his opinion was irrelevant.  John thought that he and Marlena shouldn’t discuss anything in front of Bo as long as he’s on the case.  Bo agreed and let them know that he would never turn against him no matter what happened.

At Rafe and Sami’s place, Rafe blamed Austin for getting him fired.  Austin didn’t know what Rafe was talking about.  Rafe thought he had a lot of nerve being there after he cost him his job.  Austin denied it.  Sami interfered and wanted to know what was wrong with Rafe.  Sami asked Rafe what happened.  Rafe told her Roman fired him because of Austin.  Rafe was furious and Austin denied knowing about the firing.  Sami wanted to know why Roman fired him.  Rafe said he wanted to make sure John got a fair deal so he talked to Carrie off the record and Austin turned him in.  Austin denied it and said Carrie didn’t talk to him before she left.  Rafe said that angered Austin so he sold him out.  Sami asked Austin if that was true and asked if he got Rafe fired.  Austin denied it.  Rafe didn’t believe it because he was the only one who knew.  They continued to argue about it.  At the lawyer’s office, Hope introduced Ms. Hewitt to Maggie and Melanie.  Bo was also there.  Maggie asked if the lawyer knew where her child is.  Ms. Hewitt couldn’t tell her because of attorney/client privilege.  Ms. Hewitt said Alice wanted to be the one to tell the information.  Maggie tried to appeal to her, but the lawyer couldn’t tell her anything.  Ms. Hewitt went in her drawer and pulled out some files.  She couldn’t tell them anything, but she did leave long enough so they could all look through the files.  Bo and Hope looked through the files.  Hope found something.  It was what they were looking for.  She gave the paper to Maggie.  It was the name of the fertility clinic.  Bo and Hope were going to check out the clinic.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anthony Zacchara taunts Lisa about the ship's first mate being her only victim. She tells him the mate is only unconscious. She changes into the mate's uniform and resumes her hunt for enemies. Robin and Patrick enjoy alone time in their stateroom. Steve and Olivia go skinny-dipping. He plays a song on his guitar and he becomes swept up in a memory of long ago. Matt and Elizabeth kiss. She pulls out of it. He suggests that she start living her life instead of clinging to Lucky. She goes out on deck, where she comes face to face with Lisa Niles.

Lulu rushes Dante off the phone. Detective Padilla becomes defensive with Dante about being a female cop and about his father. She all but accuses him of believing the law only applies to some people. Dante suggests that she save some of that attitude for solving the case. Sonny asks Lulu why she is so mad at him. She reminds him that he shot Dante. He tells her that if she wants Dante out of the line of fire, she should ask him to turn in his badge and if she doesn’t want to live in fear of the day he won't come home from work, then she shouldn't marry him. He advises her to make the decision that is right for both her and Dante. Kate goes to Jakes and Coleman lays into her for disappearing without a word. He asks her if she is seeing Sonny now. Sonny enters Jake's just in time to see Kate kissing Coleman.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki is helping Clint to get better. And right then, he gets a call from Cutter who now has the "document" allegedly signed by Rex giving Clint back everything, which Kim previously had but no longer has control over since she's in jail. He tells Clint that he can help him get back everything that Rex has taken in exchange for a percentage of it. Clint is curious to find out about the document and goes to discuss it with Rex. He is surprised to learn that his son no longer wants to fight for control of Clint's money and doesn't even care where the document comes from. he declares that his desire for money and power after Gigi died made him turn his back on his son so he no longer wants or needs it. Clint is surprised and willing to let Rex and Shane stay at his home although he no longer has to. And Cutter is now "down and out" with neither Rex nor Clint to help him with his blackmail geared toward the other. The mayor threatens to fire Bo if he does not do things her way, but he is not afraid knowing that doing that could hurt her election. Tomás holds firm on taking the rap for Todd although Blair is very upset that he would throw his life away and end any chance they could have together. Yet, feeling responsible for what happened to Todd for the last 8 years, he believes that it's the "right thing to do."

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is worried that Tucker will back out of their deal and Ashley assure him that won’t happen because Tucker is an honorable man. Tucker gets a call from an employee telling him about an anonymous offer to buy Jabot and he remarks that the offer is higher then what Jack promised to pay him. Jack and Ashley arrive at Tucker’s office and Jack confronts Tucker with his fears that he will not go through with the deal. Tucker tells Jack and Ashley about the anonymous offer to buy Jabot which is higher then what Jack offered but after a few more minutes of making Jack squirm he hands him the signed sales contract. Jack and Ashley hug and remember their father and Ashley tells jack their dad would be very proud of him. Cane and Ronan wait in the surveillance van for the hit to happen and Cane calls Lily and she tells him that she wants to talk to Genevieve and get answers from her. Cane rushes to Lily’s to talk to her and persuade her to stay away from Genevieve’s house. Ronan calls someone on his phone to tell the person to hurry up because they don’t want to miss the action after all the work they have done together. Cane returns and tells Ronan that he hopes he persuaded Lily to stay away from the house for her own good. Ronan notices his cell phone is missing and Tucker, and Ashley get a mysterious message which they think is from Ronan but is really from the person who stole Ronan’s phone. The person tells Tucker and Ashley it is urgent they meet at a warehouse on main and Edwards. Jack heads to Genevieve’s house to celebrate and Genevieve persuades him to go to Glowworm. At Glowworm Jack also gets a mysterious text message and tells Genevieve it is from someone he thought would never text him.

Jill orders some kinky toys and has them delivered to the athletic club and then she tells Colin they are going to have a wild night together. Jill blindfolds Colin and handcuffs him to the bed then she takes his blindfold off and tells him that she knows he has been lying to her all this time. Jill tells Colin that she knows he is planning something though she doesn’t know what but she intends to mess up his plan. Lily leaves a message for Jill telling her she is going to talk to Genevieve even though Cane told her to stay away from her today. Lily arrives at Genevieve’s house and Cane rushes out of the surveillance van towards the house to save Lily. Ronan is glad when Chance arrives at the van to help him and they rush towards the house to help Cane. Cane has a hard time persuading Lily to leave with him but manages to pull Lily out of the back of the house just as Ronan and chance arrive at the front of the house and then the house blows up. Cane and Lily are okay but a hand is seen of someone lying on the floor.

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