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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick doesn’t pussyfoot. He asks Bridget outright if she is in love with Owen, the father of her baby. He’d like to know if she would be with Owen as a family with Logan if it were not for his mother. Meanwhile, Jackie prepares Owen a special evening. She says that she did not send him away to Hawaii, but she admits she wanted him to go and have special memories with his son and Bridget. Tonight will be the culmination of all their times together. He doesn’t like to hear that. It almost sounds like those times are over after tonight. She finally confesses that she sees things more clearly now. Logan needs a loving father and mother. She loves Owen, but he deserves better…he deserves a life with Bridget and his son. Nick and Bridget admit that it’s really good to see each other.

Jackie trusts their love, but that shouldn’t compare to the love that Owen has for his son…..and that he has even for Bridget. They have wrung every single moment they have had together, but now it’s time for a new direction. He’s stunned, but accepts it and just wants to be sure she will be okay. She’s one classy dame that he will never forget. Jackie explains to Nick that she set Owen free, to go off to be with Bridget and Logan. Owen returns to Bridget’s and tells her that Jackie ended their marriage tonight and wants them to be together. This is where he needs to be, where he wants to be. This is definitely very quick, but he wants to give her and Logan something he could not give her until now, a family with the three of them. Bridget is ecstatic as she kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Roman gave Sami a portfolio for her job.  They talked about her job.  The conversation shifted to John.  Roman wanted to know why she hasnít been to see John and Marlena.  Sami said she knew that John wouldnít do what sheís accused of doing, but Stefano messed with Johnís head so much that John could have done it and not remembered.  Abby was upset that Jennifer was going out on a date with Jack.  Rafe was on the phone with Carrie to get an update.  Austin overheard their conversation and wondered why Carrie called Rafe instead of him.  Rafe covered for her by saying she called to make sure John had protection after the brick incident.  Rafe and Austin got in an argument.  Rafe didnít want to fight so he left.  While Abby was upset with Jennifer, Jack was listening to them.  Roman and Sami continued to talk about John and Marlena until he had to leave.  Austin showed up at Rafe and Samiís place.  They talked about Carrie being away.  Austin told her to talk to Rafe for more information. 

Abby told Jack off.  Jennifer told Abby not to talk to Jack like that.  Jack told Abby he would work hard to make up for everything.  Abby didnít want to hear it.  Jennifer wanted Jack to leave so she could talk to Abby.  Jack walked out of the room.  Jennifer wanted Abby to work things out with Jack, but Abby didnít want to.  Austin told Sami that Rafe could get fired if he tells Carrie anything about the case.  While Rafe was on the phone, Roman walked in and told him to get off the phone so they could talk about his job.  Austin and Sami continued to talk about Rafe, Carrie, and John.  Roman got a call that Rafe was giving information to Carrie.  Roman wanted to know if that was true.  Rafe said it was.  Jack overheard Jennifer and Abby taking about him.  He heard Abby say that she wished he never came back.  Jennifer tried to make him feel better about what Abby said.  Jack tried to plead his case to Abby, but it didnít do any good.  Sami eventually invited Austin to move in with her, Rafe, and the kids since he missed Carrie so much.  Austin wondered how Rafe would feel, but she thought he would be okay with it.  Roman and Rafe got into an argument over Rafe helping Carrie.  Roman told Rafe that he needs officers he could trust.  Roman eventually fired him.  Before Jack and Jennifer go out on their date, she got cold feet.  She thought they shouldnít see each other any more.  Sami and Austin saw Rafe and she told him that Austin was staying with them.  Rafe punched Austin.  Rafe thanked Austin for getting him fired.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Jason and Sam prepare for Shawn, Carly and Josslyn to spend the night with them. They decide to give Carly and Josslyn the room, but Josslyn won’t settle down. Carly tries to explain that she didn’t mean to interrupt their honeymoon. Jason tells Sam that Franco’s game feels different this time. He can’t quite put his finger on it. Shawn tells him that he found some footprints outside and they go to investigate. Carly leaves a fussy Josslyn with Sam to get Josslyn’s lost baby blanket. When Jason and Carly return to the house, they find Sam sleeping on the couch holding a sleeping Josslyn. Franco plays with a wind-up doll and then puts it into a box and wraps it.

Patrick tells Matt how proud he is of him. Lisa starts to attack Robin when Elizabeth shows up. Elizabeth tells Robin that she is doing a great job as Chief and how Steve seems to be returning to his old self again. Robin gets an idea and impulsively asks Patrick if he’d like to be chief. Patrick asks why, and she tells him that she thinks she could do a lot of good in the field of HIV research. Patrick reminds Robin that she likes being chief, but Robin fears that her busy schedule will ruin their marriage. Patrick tells her that as long as they make time for each other, they will be fine. Matt complains about Maxie to Elizabeth and she mopes about Lucky. She tells him that he should find someone who will appreciate him. Matt grabs Elizabeth and kisses her. Lisa slips out of her hiding space and manages to knock one of the crew unconscious. She prepares to steal her clothes as Anthony ambushes her.

Maxie is in a dinghy with Spinelli, eager to join Matt’s party. She asks Spinelli why the boat isn’t moving, and he confesses everything. He intentionally sabotaged her efforts to attend the party because he wanted to be alone with her. Maxie reminds him that she is dating Matt, but he thinks that Matt’s affections have moved on to Elizabeth. Maxie gets upset and tells him that if Matt ends up sleeping with Elizabeth, it will be all his fault. Spinelli realizes that the boat is stuck on a sandbar near Spoon Island. He sees a light on at Wyndemere and hopes someone can help them.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Natalie walks in on Cord and Tina kissing, continues into the parlor anyway, and completely ignores Tina. Finally, she blows up about Tina protecting Tess's secret that Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement. To make up for it, Tina offers to plan Natalie's wedding. Jessica and Ford ponder whether to reveal that John, not Brody, is Liam's father. She feels bad to blindside Brody with the information that another child he thought was his is not. Ford suspects Brody is not as clueless as Jessica thinks he is as he watches Brody and Vimal huddled in a corner. Brody tells Vimal that they need to discuss his suggestion to Shaun Evans that Victor Lord, Jr.'s murderer is a cop.

Dani and Starr wonder what is happening with their father. Dani reveals that she and Nate are in contact again and she want to forgive him. Starr predicts that Nate will want to get back together. Starr says TomŠs Delgado can get 25 to life for killing Irene Manning, but that she doesn't think he did it. When her visiting time is over, Dani secretly passes the deck of cards that they'd been playing go-fish with to Starr. Blair finds Jack at the Sun preparing a slanderous story about his sister, Starr. Blair tells him that Bo said he would go easy on the obstruction of justice charges if Jack goes to the station and gives a true statement to replace the false one. Todd turns himself in. Nora tells Todd to look her in the eye and sat he didn't kill his brother. Todd concludes that this is personal for Nora and she admits that it is. Nora drops the murder charges for lack of evidence and immediately calls for Toddís arraignment for escaping police custody. As Bo leads Todd out of the DA's office, Blair and Jack enter the station. Jack engages Todd in a death stare. The guard takes Todd to the cell across from Starr.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon wonders why Harmony is staying with Katherine and harmony tells him that Katherine was kind enough to offer her a place to stay for a few days. Harmony tells Devon the only reason she came to town was to explain to him why she never told him about his father. Devon asks Harmony to leave town so she gives him her address and phone number in Milwaukee in case he ever wants to talk or needs her for anything. Devon later tells Neil that Harmony is respecting his wishes and leaving town and that it is the nicest thing she has ever done for him. Tucker isn’t as happy to learn that Harmony is staying with Katherine because he thinks she is taking Katherine’s side against him. Harmony tells Tucker that the only reason she is in town is for Devon’s sake and what she does or doesn’t do stopped being any of his business a long time ago. Katherine is impressed by how Harmony handled Tucker and asks her not to leave town but harmony tells her that the only way she can have a relationship with Devon later is to respect his wishes now and leave town. Kevin discovers that the Glowworm account is empty and since Gloria and Jeffrey are the only ones that had access to the account he tells Gloria Jeffrey must have taken the money. Gloria calls Jeffrey and leaves a message on his cell phone and after she hangs up the phone she gets flowers from Jeffrey along with a farewell note telling her that their relationship was wonderful and he will always have her in his heart but it is time for him to move on to parts unknown. Gloria calls Genevieve and leaves a message telling her that she can’t meet with her about the sale of her house because she is having a personal crisis. Sofia and Moses are released from the hospital and they move in with Neil.

Ronan learns that Colin ordered a hit on Gloria and Genevieve and he tells Cane and promises that he will protect Genevieve and Gloria but the hit must come close to happening so that he can charge Colin and put him in jail. Ronan promises Cane that after this he will finally have his family back, which is why he started working with him to protect Lily and the twins. Lily talks to Jill and tells her she suspects that Colin is up to something and Cane may know what it is but isn’t telling her about it. Lily tells Jill she is worried Colin may try to take the twins again and Jill tells Lily about a conversation she had with Cane earlier today where he told her to stay away from Colin today. Lily has to get some answers about what is happening so she heads to Genevieve’s house to talk to her. Jill sees Colin later at the Athletic club and tells her Lily is going to talk to Genevieve to get answers and then she asks Colin if he is hiding something from her. Colin lies and tells Jill he isn’t keeping anything from her so Jill heads to the bathroom to take a hot shower. Jill turns on the water and stays by the bathroom door to listen to Colin make a call telling the hit man that the hit is still on although there has been a wrinkle in the plan the hit is still on.

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