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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ridge and Taylor that she feels on such a high today after waking up with the man that she loves. Ridge’s support means so much to her. He just hopes this marriage is everything she ever hoped for. She thinks all of their luck, including at the Forrester’s, is about to turn around for a change. Owen, Bridget and Logan return from Hawaii and meet the family. Nick questions Jackie and she says it was a fun trip and she is okay with it. Nick feels like something else is going on, but he doesn’t know what it is. Jackie says that Logan is very lucky to have a father in his life. She is just fine and is going home now to her husband and an evening they will never forget. Owen tells Bridget that he must go and see Jackie. He gives Bridget a quick kiss and says he loves her and he will see her tomorrow. She explains what they just saw, and tells Eric and Rick that she loves Owen….more than she has a right to.

Brooke joins the Forrester’s and questions how Taylor can be so happy about this marriage when Liam was just engaged to Hope……makes you wonder just what did happen in Aspen. Steffy says she loves Liam and she is not going to pretend that she is not happy about this. Their relationship is private and what happens in their bedroom is their own business. Taylor tells Brooke that she needs to respect this. Ridge says that Liam and Steffy are adults. This was their decision, end of story. Steffy says she did not trick Liam into marrying her. Hope just lost. Brooke says true love will prevail. It is not too late. Steffy tells her to give up. Have a truce, between Brooke, Taylor, Hope and Steffy. Owens returns home to candles, flowers and champagne. Jackie says she knows he and Bridget and Logan had a wonderful time and she completely trusts him so that is all she needs to know. Bridget turns around and is startled by Nick walking into her house.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Town Square, Jennifer met Daniel and Jack.  Jennifer was grateful that they showed up.  She made her decision about dating them.  She’s willing to date both of them if they were sure about it.  She couldn’t think of any other idea.  Daniel thought it was going to be crazy.  Jennifer reminded Jack that they have a great history together, but it would be hard to get back the trust.  Jack vowed not to give up.  Jennifer reminded Daniel that she loves him.  Daniel said he’s not going to walk away from the woman he loves even if he has to share her.  The guys continued to argue over Jennifer.  EJ made a speech on the Internet about John stealing people’s money.  EJ said he would be the lawyer in the class action lawsuit.  He said John would pay.  He would also attach John’s assets to this situation for restitution.  He claims he would try and get everyone’s money back.  Nicole showed him the polls.  He has gained in the polls.  He realized that he didn’t gain enough with certain voters.  Nicole told him that someone link him to crime so he should forget about winning over all the people.  He intended to change that.  She told him about every time Abe supports John, he loses popularity.

At the townhouse, Abe and Lexie talked about the debate with John and Marlena.  John warned Abe to stay away from him if he wants to win the race.  Abe and Lexie are going to stand by John.  Later on, they all see EJ’s announcement about John’s lawsuit.  John warned Abe again to stay away.  Abe reminded him of his reputation.  While the four were drinking, a brick flew through the window.  It said “Die Thief”.  Abe thought it came from the building across the street.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo, Hope, and Victor talked to Maggie about Maggie’s child.  Maggie wanted to know about her child. Bo and Hope were on the case.  Victor offered his resources to help.  Bo and Hope wondered if there was anything Maggie could tell them.  Maggie told them how she and Mickey were thinking of having a child.  It wasn’t meant to be so the clinic saved her unused eggs.  She got a call that the clinic was sold.  She could have the eggs stored or destroyed.  She opted to have them kept at another facility.  She said she still had the papers and went to get them.  She came back and gave them the documents.  Hope made a call and found out the company’s number was disconnected.  Bo searched online for Salem business, but found nothing.  Hope realized that the address was just a lot.  The company never existed.  Maggie wondered what happened to her eggs.  Bo and Hope decided to go back to Alice’s lawyer for more answers.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu drinks Kate's brandy and thinks about Dante. Luke enters the Haunted Star and sees Laura's picture leaning against the bar. He warns Ethan that curiosity can be dangerous. He advises Ethan to return Laura to Wyndemere with the other ghosts. Ethan tells Luke that Lucky went to Ireland.

Maxie fishes a drowning man out of the harbor, only to find that she just saved Anthony Zacchara. Maxie calls Johnny, but he can't crawl on his belly fast enough to answer because Lisa had injected him that made his legs numb. Anthony thanks her for saving him, tells her to go get on the boat, and says he owes her and always repays his debts. Anthony vows that Lisa hasn't seen the last of him.

Spinelli packs a gourmet picnic basket for a planned encounter with Maxie. Spinelli sees Maxie miss the boat, so gives her a lift in a rowboat to try to catch up to the party boat. Until he drops the oar into the water. Matt is disappointed that Maxie didn't come to his party. Elizabeth is glad it opened up a spot for her. Robin and Patrick give Matt a book of his father's original research from the '70s. They also arranged a phone call from his father at the same time. Robin is concerned about the history between Steve and the pediatrician, Margaret Wurth, he hired without consulting her. Lisa stows away on the boat with a pocket full of syringes and watches her potential victims.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the station, after both Vimal and Shaun have tipped John off about the gun used to kill Victor being the same type Brody uses, John becomes suspicious of Brody and believes he's hiding something. Natalie runs the test on the gun to find out that Brody is not a suspect in Victor's murder investigation. But John still knows that Brody is hiding "something" and asks what Brody's confrontation with Victor was all about and how Brody felt Victor had "threatened his family". Brody has an answer but John knows he's lying and withholding something when Brody knows he must never tell a living soul that Liam is John's and not his. The mayor is putting pressure on Bo and Nora to convict Todd although they know they don't have a case against him with only circumstantial evidence. However, when Todd is alone in the cabin and burning up with fever, he "sees" Irene who convinces him that he did in fact shoot Victor. He then "remembers" going to Victor's home in the rain and blowing him away because Victor took his life. When Téa returns, Todd is stunned and does not know what to tell her. She tells him they must get to the station where he will turn himself in and Bo and Nora will be forced to drop the charges. They do that but Todd is living with the terrible secret. Rex talks to Aubrey at Capricorn about how he used to be not unlike her and Cutter but has changed his life around with Bo Buchanan as an inspiration. IN Kentucky, Cutter watches over the Gigi look-alike whom Kim has told him is Stacy, who is alone in her hospital room and unconscious. She awakens and reveals she does not remember anything or who she is.

After Jessica has seen the document that confirms that John instead of Brody is Liam's father, she does not know what to do. Although tempted to use it to break Natalie and Brody up, when she goes to find Brody, he tells her how his life has been given back to him now that Liam is his, how devastated he was to find out that Ryder was Robert Ford's and not his, and how truly sorry he is for what he and Natalie did to her. And she finds she cannot do that to her sister and former fiancé. She also wonders how the document could have gotten into Tina's possession and what Tina might be scheming to do with it, although Tina is not aware of it and only cares about her dog returning. Jessica then finds the only person she can confide in regarding this whole thing is Robert Ford.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is angry at Victor for getting a court order for him to bring Faith to court and Victor tells Nick if he doesn’t bring Faith to court he will do it himself. Avery tells Ricky to contact a newspaper Photographer and make sure that the photographer is in court to take an important picture. Adam wonders if Sharon intended to return home to him before she decided to let everyone think she had died. Sharon tells Adam that she did intend to return home to him and her children until she realized he would end up in jail for helping her escape. Sharon tells Adam that she decided to go on with her life because pretending to be dead was best for everyone she loved and then she tells Adam that Sam never replaced him in her heart and she wanted to marry him that day in jail but he left her at the alter. Sharon tells Adam that she doesn’t need his help and she never wants to see his face again. Adam shows up in court and both Avery and Sharon wonder what he is up to Adam wishes Heather luck with the case today. Adam later tells Heather she did a good job with a witness in the case and when the court is adjourned for the day Adam invites Heather for a drink for old time sake and she accepts his invitation. Sharon spends a little time with Faith before going back to prison and the photographer takes a picture. Nick, Sam, and Victor are upset but Avery explains to them that she needs the picture to be in the newspapers tomorrow to sway the court of public opinion in favor of Sharon. Nick, Sharon, and Victor give Avery permission to use the picture but Nick makes it clear to Avery that he is mad at her for stooping so low as to use Faith.

Billy tells Michael that he intends to see Victoria and save his marriage and Victor can take his deal and shove it. Michael tells Billy that Victoria asked him for another copy of the divorce papers because she hasn’t signed them because she misplaced them. Billy hides in the bathroom of Kevin’s hospital room and hears Victoria tell Kevin she is mad at Billy and if he returned home she would tell him that he has been a disappointment in her life. Billy is hurt when he hears Victoria’s words and after she leaves Billy asks Kevin to help him sneak into Delia’s room and say good-bye to his little girl before he leaves town. Kevin begrudgingly helps Billy sneak into Delia’s room then Michael takes Billy back to the trailer. Victoria sits at home for a few minutes before she picks up a pen to sign the papers as she putts the pen over the paper she is startled by Sam’s voice and spills coffee on the papers Sam offers to help Victoria dry the papers but she tells him its too late because the papers are ruined. Victor tells Billy he will leave town for good in a few days and if something happens with the transplant and Delia needs him again he will know exactly where he will be.

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