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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Steffy that she needs to see Liam right now. She even went to Aspen to see him and he has a right to know that. She believes Steffy already knew that and about being stuck in the gondola. This so-called marriage never would have happened if she could have gotten to Liam in time. She wanted to ask him to forgive her, and she was ready to give herself to him. Steffy tells her that everything happens for a reason. She was only focused on the Hope for the Future and was not worried at all about her fiancée’s feelings. Hope dares Steffy that she won’t let her speak with Liam now because he just might change his mind when he hears the truth. Katie tells Bill that she wishes she could be happy about Liam and Steffy’s marriage, but she just doesn’t think it is right. Donna calls Brooke and wants to take her mind off Hope, but Brooke tells her she drove Hope over to the party and she is waiting on her now. Liam pays his respects and thanks Ridge and Taylor for their support. Ridge grumbles that he just wants Liam to treat his daughter right.

Liam tells Ridge that he is gonna honor his commitment to Steffy and do everything he can to make her happy. Steffy tells Hope that she is not afraid of her. Liam made his choice. Liam loves her now. She’s his wife. Everything he was gonna do with Hope, now he is gonna do with her as husband and wife. It’s a special occasion tonight for them, so just respect their marriage, leave and let them be alone together. Hope leaves when she hears Liam calling for Steffy. When he comes out on the patio, Steffy grabs and hugs him out of desperation and says she is okay now. Hope explains to Brooke and says it is to late, just take her home. While Steffy is waiting for him in the bedroom, Liam picks up a photo of him and Hope. Steffy calls out and he goes to her and they make love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the townhouse, John found out that Marlena went to see Stefano.  John thought she put herself in danger.  She said he would have done the same thing for her.  John told her to be careful because Stefano is obsessed with her.  Marlena said Stefano would never hurt her.  Carrie showed up at the penthouse to talk about Johnís case.  At the police station, Rafe told Austin that he got confirmation that John was at the French cafť when the pictures were taken.  Austin thought this confirmed Johnís guilt.  Rafe was suspicious.  Rafe went to the townhouse to talk to Carrie in private about something.  Rafe told Carrie that he got off the phone with an orderly at the clinic where John was getting rehab. The orderly confirmed that John was there the same day he was at the cafť.  Carrie said someone was lying.  Rafe thought John was being set up.  Carrie wanted to know if the orderly would testify in Johnís defense.  Rafe said the orderly would if interviewed.  Carrie wanted to go to Switzerland to interview him.  Carrie wanted to know if Austin knew about this.  Rafe said he didnít.  Carrie thanked Rafe and decided to go to Switzerland ďtodayĒ.  Rafe offered to drive her to the airport.  When he left, Carrie told John and Marlena about the news.

Will and Gabi noticed a problem with the website.  They noticed gay bashing comments on the site.  Sonny found out about it and offered to step down from the website.  Will and Gabi didnít want him to go.  Sonny didnít want to keep seeing the comments.  Gabi noticed that all of the comments werenít negative.  Chad said there were bigger problems than the comments.  Carrie was ready to leave and didnít want to tell Austin.  John and Marlena were concerned about not telling Austin.  Carrie told them not to worry.  When Carrie was packing, Austin was upset that Carrie was leaving town and told him through a text message.  Austin wanted to know where she was going.  She couldnít tell him, but she said it had to do with Johnís case.  Rafe showed up and Austin wanted to know why he was there.  Rafe and Carrie looked guilty.  Carrie told Austin that Rafe was driving her to the airport.  Austin was furious.  He didnít understand why she couldnít ask him to take her.  She said he was too busy and she didnít want to concern him.  When Carrie and Rafe left, he said he had more information for her.  John looked over papers.  He told Marlena if he had to go by what was in the box, he would send himself to prison.  The two continued to talk about his career.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam and Jason are shocked when Carly, Shawn and Josslyn show up in Hawaii. Jason and Shawn check the premises for any signs of Franco. Carly and Sam argue with each other. Jason agrees that Shawn and Carly should remain in Hawaii for a few days. Ethan and Elizabeth butt heads over Lucky. Lisa pushes Anthony in the harbor, then goes to the apartment to seduce Johnny. Michael and Abby have an intense chat in the coffee warehouse. Maxie feels snubbed when Matt doesn’t want her to attend his celebration. Steven tells Robin that he filled the pediatrics position. Olivia gives Spinelli relationship advice. Maxie sees Elizabeth and Matt talking. Spinelli gives Maxie wrong information about where the boat party is leaving from. Anthony scares Maxie. Patrick and Robin plan on sharing a romantic evening together. Johnny asks Lisa to stay away from Patrick. Lisa stabs Johnny with a needle.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Todd is alone in the cabin, he is once again "visited" by Irene who tells him that he must remembering going to Victor's home in the rain, finding Jack's keys which were lying on the ground, letting himself in and murdering Victor. We see that very event occurring and Todd being devastated to remember for the first time. He then realizes or wants to believe that it's only Irene haunting him and brainwashing him to believe that and it did not happen. But do we really know? It appears that neither Rex nor Shane are "viable" suspects. But Brody looks somewhat suspicious when Shaun and Vimal reminds John that the murder weapon is the same as what Brody uses and that Brody was overheard making a death threat to Victor. Rex tells Roxy that he supports Natalie moving on with Brody and getting over John. But she adamantly tells him that John is the man for his sister. In Kentucky, Cutter and Rama "help" each other by turning Kim in for drugging and killing the customer at The Spotted Pony. Meanwhile, the young woman known as Stacy who looks just like Gigi awakens. Yet we do not yet get to know who she really is or what she remembers.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon asks Nick to bring Faith to court for the trail because she feels scared and seeing Faith there will make her feel better but Nick refuses because Faith didn’t react well after he brought her to court last time. Sharon is sad but understands that Nick is right they need to do what I best for Faith. Avery sees Nick at Restless style and asks him to bring Faith to court but he says no and she thanks him for the video game. Phyllis is jealous when she finds out Nick bought Avery a video game because video games are like foreplay in their relationship. Phyllis fears that Nick may be developing feelings for Avery and if that is the case Phyllis warns Nick they will have a big problem. Nick tells Phyllis that she and Avery have some things to work out and he insists that he and Avery are just friends. Sharon tells Victor what she and Nick decides about Faith and asks him not to do anything about it because Nick is right. Victor calls Michael and later gives Nick a court order stating that he must bring Faith to court. Avery pleads with Adam to help Sharon because he team has been unable to find Koa and she is scared that Sharon will end up in jail. Adam has a nightmare that Sharon goes to the electric chair and because of the nightmare he goes to see Sharon in jail.

Phyllis advises Malcolm to save his marriage because he could raise Moses as his own just like Neil raised Lily. Neil and Sofia sign the birth certificate and worry and wonder about how Malcolm feels and what he will do. Malcolm arrives later and tells Sofia that he wants a quick divorce so that he can be done with her. Sofia pleads for a second chance but Malcolm tells her that he has spent years being Uncle Malcolm and he can’t handle it one more time. Sofia signs the divorce papers and Malcolm tells Sofia he is going to Guam to get a quick divorce. Sofia yells that Neil said that he would turn his back on her and his family so he should go catch the plane. Neil can’t believe that Malcolm ran away again. Malcolm goes to say a tearful goodbye to Phyllis and explains to her that he loves Sofia more then ever but he had to make her hate him so that Neil and Sofia can have a chance to be a family for the sake of the baby. Neil wants to be a part of the baby’s life and he asks Sofia to move in with him after she and the baby are released from the hospital. Sofia accepts the invitation telling Neil that Moses deserves to have him as a father.

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