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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge have differing opinions about Steffy getting married and taking Hope’s man right out from under her. Reluctantly, Steffy calls Ridge to ask him if he has heard her news…..and to inform him that Bill and Katie have thrown a quick reception together…..Taylor is there and she’d like him to come too. Brooke tells Hope that Liam and Steffy are back from Aspen. She can’t tell her what to do, but please do not let Steffy get away with what she has done. Go to Liam and tell him how she still really feels. She made her decision too quickly to give Liam back his ring. Stephanie and Eric argue over the gift that he gave her of a sexy black teddy. It makes her think repulsive thoughts of him wanting other women more than he wants her; she wants no part of it or him touching her. She loves him, but that chapter of their lives is over. Eric declares that she is getting her way and not him. Maybe he can’t do without it. Ridge shows up at the reception and Liam tries to make apologies for choosing one daughter over the one Ridge thought he was choosing. Ridge wants to talk to his daughter alone. He doesn’t hate her, but surely she can see how others will question her. Brooke drives Hope to the reception and suggests that she sneak in the back way and avoid Steffy and Bill and get straight to Liam and set the record straight. Go get him back. As Steffy turns around, there is Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Town Square, Jack overheard Jennifer telling Daniel that she loves Jack and he assumed that she was going back to him.  Jennifer clarified that she meant that a part of her loves him, but a part of her also loves Daniel.  Jack was confused.  Marlena stormed in the DiMera mansion to find out if Stefano framed John.  He said he was innocent.  Jennifer assured Jack that she loves him and Daniel.  Stefano assured Marlena that he didnít do anything to John.  He implied that John wasnít the man she thought he was.  The two continued to argue about it.  Despite his denial, Marlena didnít believe him.  Jack tried to proclaim his love for Jennifer.  Daniel and Jack got into an argument.  At the Horton House, Bo and Hope found the letter and decide they have to find Maggie.

Bo and Hope found her at the Kiriakis mansion.  Hope told Maggie that Alice was writing Maggie a letter before Alice died and they found it.  Maggie was shocked and couldnít believe Alice would keep a secret from her.  Hope believed that Alice didnít want to tell Maggie about the letter until she was right.  Hope gave her the letter.  Maggie read the letter.  Alice wrote about Maggie and Mickey not being able to have children.  She mentioned all of the treatments she tried so they could have children.  Alice brought up Maggie harvesting her eggs.  Maggie was shocked that Alice remembered.  The letter mentioned a treatment Maggie tried years ago and how the doctor may still be in possession of her eggs.  Alice did some investigating and discovered one of the eggs had been used and a child was created.  Maggie was shocked.  Daniel suggested that Jennifer should move on with Jack.  Jack was thrilled.  Jennifer was surprised Daniel would do that.  Daniel said that the only way to know who she wants is to date both of them.  Hope asked Maggie if she were okay.  Hope asked if Maggie ever looked into the clinic that harvested her egg.  Maggie said she never did.  Maggie wanted to know if there is more information.  Hope said Alice didnít finish the letter.  Maggie wanted to know where her child was.  Victor was not thrilled.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Shawn's plane to Hawaii is grounded. Carly is concerned that Jason isnít answering her calls. Sam and Jason discover their phone batteries are dead. Jason finds the camera Franco planted and wonders what it is. Sam says she has seen several of the "little robots.Ē Shawn does reconnaissance around Jason and Sam's rented cabin when Carly arrives saying she couldnít stay in the hotel. Jason and Sam are surprised to see Carly and Shawn outside their door. Franco says to himself, "Let the games begin."

Elizabeth tells Robin that she is angry that Lucky is leaving her. Robin wonders how it's Siobhan's fault, pointing out that Elizabeth and Lucky had already broken up before he met Siobhan. Lucky is about to leave his apartment when Ethan and the painting of Laura stop by. Lucky tells Ethan that Elizabeth wants to get back together as a family, and he admits that his feelings for Elizabeth are as strong as ever, but he can't allow himself to get caught up in the same trap. He explains that Elizabeth is like the two pills under the table that he was staring at before. He knew they were dangerous but was drawn to them anyway. He tells Ethan that he is going to St Margaret's church in Ireland that Siobhan talked about in her final letter to him.

Steve makes a secret phone call. Dante tells Olivia that he approves of Steve. Olivia wonders why he and Lulu haven't announced their engagement. Lulu turns to Maxie for advice about her doubts about marrying a cop. Patrick and Robin have chartered a party boat to celebrate his paper being published. Matt asks Maxie to come, but she tells him she is too busy so he asks Elizabeth. Maxie changes her mind and decides to go anyway so she can ask Matt to be the Science Guy in Crimson's "Women behind the Men." issue. Patrick sees Lisa, but rationalizes that it couldn't be her. Anthony is upset to see Lisa at the hospital without him. She tells him she doesnít need his help. Anthony follows her to the dock where the party boat is docked. She tells him to leave her alone and stabs him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After finding out, for the first time, that Shane knocked out Jack and either he or Rex could have killed him, Tea and Blair both hope the cops have exonerated Todd for the murder but Bo tells them there is still have no other suspect. Echo then remembers she has not yet told Rex she had to sign away everything back to Clint for Kim in exchange for the gun. She now realizes that Rex's gun was not used to kill Victor in the first place and she and Roxy have falsely assumed he did it. Kim no longer has a valid claim to get Rex to sign over Clint's money, yet she realizes it's too late since she's already signed it away by forging Rex's signature. At the private hospital, Cutter reminds Kim that he knows she may be responsible for the death of Gigi, so he is able to prevent her from giving Clint back his money. Rama finds Cutter and reminds him she knows he's responsible for killing a customer along with Kim years ago at the Spotted Pony. She threatens to go to the police if he does not tell her where to find his sister. The "new" Stacy opens her eyes in the hospital bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Harmony looks for a job and Tucker sees her and offers her a lot of money to leave town today but she turns him down because she is determined to make things right with Devon. Katherine goes to Devon’s house to urge him to continue with the record company but he tells her that he doesn’t want to be associated with her in any way. Katherine reminds Devon that no matter what he can’t change the fact that they are family. Devon tells Katherine that Yolanda who calls herself Harmony also came to visit and tried to apologize to him. Devon shows Katherine a tabloid article with Yolanda’s picture on it and Katherine realizes she saw Harmony earlier in the park and that she is living in her car. Katherine heads to the park and tells Harmony that she can stay at the mansion while she is in town. Devon runs into Tucker and sees the check he offered Harmony and Devon tells Tucker once again that he wants nothing to do with him and he can take his money and shove it.

Malcolm confides in Phyllis and tells her that Neil could be baby Moses father and he doesn’t know what he will do if that happens because as soon as he held the baby he fell in love with him. Malcolm also admits to Phyllis that he still loves Sofia and if he is the father of the baby he couldn’t leave his family. Malcolm later heads to the hospital where the doctor tells him and Neil that Neil is the father of baby Moses. Malcolm hands the baby to Neil and cries in the hallway while Phyllis comforts him. Lily catches Cane leaving a message for Colin and then tells him that he can’t see the twins anymore because she has a gut feeling he is keeping secrets from her so she can’t trust him. Delia is in complete remission and to keep her that way Billy has to do the bone marrow transplant today. Dr. Larson is in on the cover up of the transplant donor even though she isn’t happy about it. Kevin puts on a fake smile and deals with Chloe and Delia’s gratitude as Chloe gives him a present and Delia goes to see him and gives him a picture she drew for him. Billy is heartbroken when Victor doesn’t allow him to see Delia. Victor tells Billy he is doing the right thing for Delia’s sake and he must leave town as soon as Delia has fully recovered from the transplant.

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