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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam calls home and Bill pretends to be surprised when Liam says he no longer has a fiancée; he and Steffy are married. Steffy tells Liam that she is not sure how her parents will accept this, but at least Bill is happy. Bill has the house decorated for a huge surprise party, but Katie steps in and says this can not be happening. They just got engaged and there is no way she will accept that woman in this family. She holds Bill responsible for them being able to get married so quickly. He hugs Liam and makes a big deal about him dropping everything else and must take Steffy across the threshold. Katie looks on in disgust. Alone, Steffy tells her they need to put the past behind them and move on. Katie congratulate her now and says enjoy it while she can. Sooner or later Liam will figure out how she manipulated him and leave. Ridge finds out from Brooke that Hope has been in her room all day feeling pretty devastated. He asks Hope if there is anything that she needs or they can do for her. Eric prepares a lovely candlelight dinner before the fireplace. He muses that he wants his wife back. Cancer or no cancer, and no matter how Stephanie feels about her body, he thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever known. Eric asks her to dance. He feels rejected, but gives her a present anyway; never doubt his love for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jenniferís house, Bo, Hope, Jennifer, and Maggie talked about Johnís case.  Bo and Hope told them that they havenít found out much so far.  Hope asked Jennifer and Maggie if they remembered Alice ever hinting that she was hiding something.  Austin and Rafe talked about Johnís case.  Austin showed Rafe a security camera picture of John at a cafť during the time of a transaction.  They realized that John was standing way before Marlena said he started standing.  Rafe defended John while Austin thought he might have been guilty.  They left to talk to John.  At John and Marlenaís penthouse, Carrie asked John about the picture.  John said it was a fake.  Marlena told her that John was in a private clinic in Switzerland undergoing an experimental procedure during the time the picture was taken.  John appeared to remember something or was trying to while Carrie and Marlena were talking about where John was.  Carrie thought this was the first step to proving Johnís innocence.  Bo told Jennifer and Maggie that the account was set up in the early 90s.  Jennifer was confused about why the payments are continuing now.  Hope wanted to use Jenniferís computer since hers crashed.  Carrie got off the phone with someone from Switzerland and the person said that no one could confirm that he was in the clinic.  John knew he was there and that there are records.  If the records are missing, someone went to a lot of trouble to set him up.

Austin and Rafe showed up at the penthouse to talk to John about the picture.  Carrie wondered if it was on or off the record.  Rafe interviewed John.  Austin wanted John to look at the transaction record.  All of the transactions were linked to his computer or phone.  Rafe told John that there was no hack and wanted to look at Johnís computer or phone.  Rafe showed him a search warrant.  John couldnít hand them over because they were stolen.  John told Rafe to check with the Lozano police.  Austin thought that was convenient.  Carrie didnít like his snide remark.  John said that it was clear that he was set up since there were too many rookie mistakes.  Hope found something on the computer that had to do with Maggie.  They talked about the email Alice sent.  It mentioned a letter that she was going to write to Maggie to explain things.  They wondered if Alice finished writing the letter.  John and the others talked about Stefano.  Austin told Carrie that thereís not enough evidence to start an investigation against Stefano.  They all continued to talk about Stefano setting up John.  Hope asked Maggie if Alice was investigating something for her.  Maggie said no.  Hope asked if Alice gave her a letter before she died.  Maggie said no.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate tells someone on the phone "you don't call me; I call you." Sonny notices that Kate received his flowers. Sonny threatens to fire Spinelli and Kate threatens to fire Maxie. Maxie hopes Kate and Sonny get back together. Kate tells Sonny that she improvised the photo shoot at his warehouse to keep Michael from getting in trouble, but she is glad she was able to help Sonny after he came out of the locked panic room. Kate listens to Sonny telling Kristina how much she and her brothers mean to him. She calls someone and says she will do whatever he or she wants. Kristina asks him to work on Alexis about accepting her choice to go into fashion instead of law. She reveals that she is going to ask her mother to work on him about Ethan. He tells her that itís better to keep her boyfriend options open in college. Alexis announces that Kristina was accepted into Yale.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to go backward with her. She dares him to say he doesn't still love her. He says it doesn't matter because they are toxic together and he will not get back together again. Lucky re-reads Siobhan's letter and holds the tokens she left him. He then packs them into his suitcase.

Patrick and Robin plan a vacation. Epiphany gives Robin cupcakes from the staff. Patrick wants to build a new house. Lisa, recently awakened, does not appreciate Anthony's visit to the hospital. She says that now that he has awakened her, her only expectation being spending the rest of her life in prison or a mental institution. She knows he woke her up for his benefit, not hers. He tells her there are ways to put her to sleep again. Lisa hits a nurse over the head with a metal meal tray and then puts her in the bed. Lisa, dressed in the nurse's clothes, walks out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Victor's gravesite, Shane holds a gun on Jack and demands that he admits that he and his friend killed Gigi and that Victor let his son get away with it. Jack does not admit that. But Bo and Rex find them and Rex persuades his son to put the gun down and not shoot Jack. And, they find out, for the first time, that it was Shane who knocked Jack out and then took him to the hospital so Jack's story that he saw and heard Todd kill Victor is proven false. Yet the cops still do not know who killed Victor. Todd is still a suspect with motive. Tea and Blair are hiding him at the cabin. Rama goes to find Cutter and tells him she knows his sister who stole from her to pay for the plastic surgery is not far away. Kim is alone in the hospital room with unconscious Stacy who appears to have had plastic surgery to look just like Gigi, with the hopes of making Rex love her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker apologizes to Devon and admits that he was afraid to find him, because he realizes that he was guilty of the same things for which he always blamed Katherine when he found her. Devon accepts Tucker’s apology but doesn’t want to have a relationship with him. Harmony tells Neil that she wants to help Devon with his situation with Tucker. Neil brings up her past but Harmony insists that even in the past she wanted the best for Devon, because she cared about both Devon and Neil. Neil later tells Lily that she doesn’t believe a word out of Harmony’s mouth. Harmony calls her NA sponsor to say that, even though it has been hard dealing with Devon’s rejection, she is hanging on to her sobriety minute by minute.

Colin is hurt when Jill declines to go live with him in Australia. When Colin and Jill run into Jack and Genevieve, they argue. Jack finds out that Genevieve locked Colin in the wine cellar. Colin takes Genevieve aside and she tells him that she is the only one that has the codes to his ledgers so she is the one that has all the power. Colin grabs Genevieve’s arm and tells her that if she uses those codes, it will be the last thing she ever does. Jack warns Colin not to grab Genevieve like that again. Ronan breaks up the heated conversation between Jack and Colin and tells them he will be watching them. Gloria tells Ronan that she overheard that Colin is planning on leaving the country so Ronan is able to get a search warrant to tap Colin’s phone. Lily suspects Cane is keeping something from her but he tells her not to worry. In the park Ronan tells Cane about Colin’s plan to leave the country and the wire tap on Colin’s phone. Colin makes a call unaware that Ronan and Cane are listening. Colin tells the person on the other end that Genevieve must be eliminated along with some information she has with her. Colin tells the person that this must be done quickly before Genevieve has a chance to figure out what is coming.

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