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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she just heard from Rick and he had not heard from Hope yet. She is sure it is just a matter of time before Liam hears Hope’s explanation and he will return to her. He loves Hope and she can’t see him marrying anyone else. Very dejectedly, Hope walks back onto the plane and tells Rick that Liam showed up on the mountain all right. She just watched him marry Steffy. She never got a chance to explain her side; the gondola stopped. She was so close, but it was too late. There is nothing left to say now. She just wants Rick to take her home. She cries that she over-reacted when she gave Liam his ring back, but she can’t understand how he could then marry Steffy. She calls Brooke and holds back the tears as much as she can as she tells her that she saw Liam all right, but he was getting married. Brooke explains to Ridge that this is not right. She knows that he wants Steffy to be happy, but not at Hope’s expense. Liam tells Steffy that she just proved how devoted she is to him, and that he matters to her. They make love for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer III. She says he has changed her life. She’s a different person because of him. She wants to feel this way every day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ and Abe continued their mayoral debate.  Abe mentioned that EJ is a DiMera and has done illegal things.  EJ said that Lexie is a DiMera and wanted to know what crimes she committed.  EJ also brought up Johnís legal issues.  Abe said everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  EJ announced that he filed a class action suit against John.  EJ promised to get the peopleís money back and he was going to make John pay.  At the Brady Pub, Kate and Madison argued over the distribution deal that Kate stole.  Madison wasnít worried about the deal.  It turned out that Madison got a deal.  She got a deal with a second distributor.  They continued to argue with each other.  Jack and Jennifer talked about their relationship.  Jennifer said she wasnít ready to jump back in a relationship with him yet.  He told her how it felt to be taken away from his family.  He asked her to talk to Abby and get Abby to understand his situation.

Jennifer tried to get Jack to see that Abby was just lashing out at him.  Jennifer believed that Abby loved Jack.  Jennifer said how much she and the kids missed him and were worried about him.  She agreed to help Jack get back on good terms with the kids as long as he agreed to change.  He thanked her for her help.  She told him this is his last chance.  She wasnít going to let him hurt the children anymore.  Lexie was tired of EJ making Abe look bad and wanted to stop the interview.  Abe stood up for himself and John.  He insulted EJ.  EJ kept asking Abe about Abeís involvement with John and the Basic Black scandal.  Abe insisted that Johnís innocence will be proven.  Abe told EJ to leave town with Stefano if he wanted the crime rate down.  Jack told Jennifer that he will make good on his word to change.  EJ and Abeís interview was finally over.  Lexie read on Twitter that people were turning on Abe because of his support of John.  EJ was happy about the negative tweets towards Abe.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Sam and Jason are still on their honeymoon and Sam is enjoying it more and more. She wipes out while surfing and he saves her. She asks Jason if he wants to go home early. He says that he is worried about Sonny but that he seems fine at the reception.

Patrick reminds Robin that today is her birthday party. He wants to take her away for at least an hour to celebrate. Patrick gives Robin a kimono, a pastry and maracas. Then he gives her three first class plane tickets to Tokyo, Paris and Rio. He knows that they canít leave right now, but he wants to find time, even if it takes the rest of their lives. Maxie arrives at GH with a cake for Robin. Apparently the catering for the party didnít go as planned and all Maxie has is a cakeÖwhich she drops. Robin and Patrick return to see the ruined cake. Epiphany sticks a candle in it and Patrick urges Robin to make a wish. Robin declares it the best birthday ever.

 Tracy goes to Anthonyís Metro Court room where she tells him that she will not sleep with him. Luke showís up and makes a toast and gives Tracy divorce papers. Tracy wants to know if they are real and Luke says yes they are and that she is free, that she doesnít need him and that nobody does.

Ethan shows up at Luckyís apartment to see if he wants to go out. Lucky tells him about Lukeís visit and all Ethan wants to know is if Lucky ended up taking the pills. Lucky says no and gives the pills to Ethan. He tells Ethan that he was tempted to take them when Luke showed up, but now all he wants is to make sure that Luke doesnít bother Lulu. Lucky also tells him about Siobhanís letter and how her wishes are that he travel to St Margaretís Chapel and wait for a sign. Elizabeth tries to convince Cameron to go to the pumpkin picking without Jake. Finally he calls Lucky and asks him to go with them. When they get back, Elizabeth asks Lucky to stay for dinner or at least carve the pumpkins with them. Lucky tells her that he has to stop playing house with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Aubrey tells Bo that Cutter has a 9mm gun that he believes belongs to Rex and that he thinks is the gun killed Victor, Jr. Echo discovers the gun is missing. Rex realizes the only person that has been in the house besides them is Shane. They hope Shane isnít responsible for discharging the one bullet that had been fired, which prompted the hiding to begin with. They fear Shane might have shot Victor Lord, Jr. As Rex and his mothers are leaving to look for Shane, Bo arrives at the door and asks about the gun. Rex immediately confesses and tells Bo to arrest him. From Roxy and Echo's reaction, he determines that Shane is depressed and in possession of a loaded gun. He decides that helping Shane is more important right now. Shane reveals to Jack that he couldn't have seen Todd knock him out because he did it. Jack concludes that Shane must have killed Victor while he was there. Shane says it's only fair since Jack killed Gigi. Shane aims the gun and tells Jack to admit responsibility for Gigi's death. Jack refuses. Shane takes off the safety, nuzzles the muzzle into Jack's chest, and tells him that he can join his father

Clint and Viki discuss Clint interrupting Cord and Tina while they were in a compromising position. Viki says he shouldn't meddle. Clint warns her that Cord will likely try to nudge them back together. He flirtatiously tells her she should start dating again. Clint tells Viki that Rex came to visit him and that he said Gigi sent him because he is somehow connected to the signs that lead to Kentucky. Viki thinks it's great that they are finally connecting. He tells her that he still sees and hears Gigi, and he reflects upon being alive because the woman Rex loved is dead. Cutter goes to the hospital and sees post-surgery Stacy looks exactly like Gigi. He tells him that with the gun she stole from him, she was able to blackmail Echo into convincing Rex to sign over all his assets back to Clint. Cutter tells her that neither Clint nor Stacy, nor she will see any of that money because he is taking it back or he will reveal her friend's identity. He asks her if she is sure the comatose woman in the bed is really Stacy or if it could really be Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tells Kevin about his visits with Katherine, Delia, and Victoria and makes sure Kevin knows they didnít see him.  Billy also tells Kevin that Cane saw him and knows everything but promised not to say a word for Deliaís sake.  Kevin thinks he wants to get caught, but Billy assures him it is the last thing he wants because he wants Delia to get better.  Victor sees Victoriaís divorce papers and pretends to be supportive when she tells him she isnít ready to sign because of a strange phone call she got that was probably a wrong number.  Victor heads over to the trailer to make sure Billy is behaving. Billy denies he called Victoria.  Victor finds Billyís cell phone and takes it and his computer away from him.  Victor tells Billy to be good or he will end up back in that awful jail.  Victor shows Billy Victoriaís divorce papers. Since they are not signed, Billy tells him the papers are fake. Victor tells Billy to talk to Michael since he is the one that drew them up for Victoria. 

Cane continues to work secretly to catch Colin. Genevieve tells Colin that her maid saw Cane blow up the safe and give the ledgers to Ronan.  Colin gets nervous when he sees Gloria talking to Ronan and later asks Jill to come to Australia with him.  Genevieve listens to Jackís concern that Tucker is backing out of the deal to sell him Jabot. She tells him that she thinks Tucker will go through with the deal because he doesnít want to risk having Ashley angry with him.  Lily gets suspicious when Cane arrives late for a visit with the twins and then leaves early.  Cane meets with Colin at the park and tells him that he gave the account ledgers to the police, but they canít break the codes so it looks like he (Colin) will get away with his crimes once again.  Cane warns Colin to stay away from his family or he will be sorry.  In the park Ronan tells Cane his men canít break the codes, and the important papers they were expecting from Australia wonít be coming.  Cane tells Ronan that he thinks Genevieve lied to him when they spoke earlier and she told him that she knew nothing about Colinís ledgers. 

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