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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Hope looking on from the gondola but helpless to stop anything, she sees Steffy begging Liam to marry her there on the top of the mountain. Steffy wants to be spontaneous and just do it. Sometimes you have to go to extremes to get what you want in life and that is what she is doing. Sheís serious and even has a reverend and a witness present. Mike tells Oliver they can’t keep this gondola shut down; they need to move. Hope is beating on the gondola and shouting not to do this. Katie is not happy with Bill’s involvement and tells him that she will never accept that woman in their family. Taylor and Brooke continue to argue what they hope is the right thing for their daughters. Both think their own daughter will win Liam in the end. They just wish they could hear from them. The reverend performs the ceremony and Liam and Steffy exchange rings and kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ and Abe started their mayoral debate.  EJ had an interview with someone who pulled the wool over his eyes.  She invited Abe to the interview.  Abe and Lexie didnít know about the interview either.  EJ gave Nicole a hard time about the interview, but she gave him a pep talk.  Sami, Madison, and Brady had lunch at the Brady Pub when Kate walked in the pub.  Kate and Madison got into an argument over Kateís office space.  Sami interfered in their argument.  Jack told Jennifer that Abby didnít want anything to do with him.  He was afraid that Jack Jr. would think heís a deadbeat.  He realized that he lost everything over a story.  Jennifer agreed with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin congratulates Matt on being published. His feelings are still hurt by everyone he cares about having so little faith in him before. Patrick grabs a woman's arm thinking she is Lisa. Matt says he is paranoid. Patrick goes to her hospital and is relieved to find her sleeping in her bed. He says some cruel things, then, when he leaves, her eyes pop open. Anthony visits Lisa in the hospital. She asks him if he did that to her. When he leaves, she rips off all the monitoring equipment from her body.

Jason and Sam are still enjoying their Hawaiian honeymoon while Franco watches them via a camera he planted. Jason brings up the topic of children. Carly asks Shawn not to leave Port Charles yet because she fears Franco will come after Josslyn. As alternative, she asks him to take her to Hawaii with him. Shawn shoots down that idea without hesitation, saying he won't facilitate her barging into Jason's honeymoon. When is at the airport gate, Carly arrives with tickets for the same flight.

Ronnie overhears Johnny checking on Dante's condition. Sonny catches Michael in the panic room at the coffee warehouse and tells him to stay away from the hidden drugs. They begin re-stashing the bags into the wall when Kate alerts them that the police are there. Sonny locks himself in the panic room where suffers with an episode of claustrophobia and has flashbacks to his childhood abuse. Kate makes a call. She then tells Ronnie that unless he has a search warrant, he has to leave because she has rented the space for a photo shoot. He doesn't believe her until the crew arrives. When Kate lets Sonny out of the panic room, he is amazed to see the photo shoot in progress.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kim reveals that Stacy is unconscious in the hospital bed after getting plastic surgery to look like Gigi. She is confident that her best friend will be getting better soon and further encouraged to know that Echo has persuaded Rex to give Clint back his money in exchange for Kim not turning the gun over to the cops and getting Rex charged with the murder of Victor Lord. Bo goes to Capricorn when Aubrey is working as a bartender and informs her, for the first time, that nobody has turned in the gun the Cutter promised he would turn in after finding it inside the porcupine so that he can't use it against Rex. At that point, she confronts Cutter telling him she will never trust him again knowing he is a scam artist and low life and she wants to work and come clean and lead an honorable life. Little does anybody know that the gun in question is at Rex's home. Echo and Roxy discover that somebody has fired a shot from it and assume it must be Rex who killed Victor Lord. But right when they are distracted, Shane takes the gun and goes to find Jack Manning to "finish the job".

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine persuades the doctor to release her from the hospital early. As soon as she gets home, she asks her lawyer to send her new will over so she can sign it. Katherine signs the new will making Devon an heir even though he wants nothing to do with her. Colin moves back into the mansion with Jill. When Katherine comes home, she asks him to move out since it would upset her to have him living in the mansion. Jill asks Jack to consider keeping her at Jabot once he owns the company again. Sofia gives birth to baby Moses then the nurse arrives to take Neil and Malcolm’s samples for the DNA test. Tucker holds a press conference to talk about Devon. Katherine is upset when she realizes he found out about her release from the hospital and told the press about it to make himself look like he was concerned about her. Jack is upset that Tucker mentioned in the press conference that he was considering offers to sell Jabot. Jack tells Ashley he will not let Tucker double cross him. She assures him that Tucker will go through with the deal, but Jack doesn’t trust Tucker at all.

Yolanda, who now goes by Harmony, arrives at Devon’s house to talk to him and explain that she didn’t want to trap Tucker with a baby. That is why she left an anonymous note for him and decided to leave Devon in foster care. Devon angrily tells his mother that she should have told Tucker about him so that he could have grown up with one parent that wasn’t a drug addict. Harmony tells Devon that back then all she cared about was drugs, but she is clean now and all she wants is to help him get to know Tucker. Devon doesn’t believe Harmony and thinks all she wants is money. He makes it clear to her that he has no interest in Tucker or Katherine’s money. Harmony arrives after Tucker’s press conference is over and tries to talk to him, but he thinks she is a reporter and refuses to answer any more questions.

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