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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy spots Hope in the Plaza and it’s a race now to see who gets up the mountain to Liam first. Liam keeps hearing the voice of "don’t leave, go to the mountain alone." Both mothers argue over just who Liam belongs to now. Brooke is sure when Hope explains, Liam will take her back. She is the one he really loves. Bill can’t listen to Justin spout business and takes a call from a friend who tells him that he has spotted Hope and she’s not far behind Steffy. Bill wants Hope distracted. Bill tells Justin that he is sure Steffy will succeed. A woman like her always has plan. Both Steffy and Hope vow to Liam that they are on their way. Hope calls Rick and says she is freaking out, but she is on her way to make it right. She is not going to lose Liam now.

In a panic, Steffy calls Bill and says that he must stop the gondola as Hope is on one not too far behind. Bill can do a lot of things; he does not think he can manage this. He calls his friend, Oliver, there in Aspen and tells him no matter what, make it happen; stop that gondola. With Steffy safely on top, she calls Bill again who calls Oliver and he convinces the operator to stop the gondola; all for a Hollywood shoot. With Hope looking on and seeing Liam from where she is stuck in the gondola, she witnesses Steffy slowly walking out to Liam, wearing a short white bridal dress and boots and carrying a quickly picked bouquet of yellow flowers. She amuses Liam as she walks up and asks him to marry her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Adrienne told Jack that Abby and Chad are involved.  Jack was shocked.  Aliceís lawyer told Bo and Hope that Alice probably wanted Hope to know what the account was for, but the lawyers were held back by a confidentiality agreement that supersedes Aliceís death.  The lawyer wanted to help Bo and Hope and told them they were allowed to look at paperwork.  Melanie helped Maggie and Victor plan their wedding.  Melanie got upset thinking about her own wedding to Philip.  Maggie made her feel better.  When Chad gave Abby a massage, Jack stormed in the house and pulled Chad off of Abby.  Abby ripped into Jack for trying to tell her what to do.  She kicked Jack out of the house and told him he didnít belong there.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly and Shawn believe Franco might be in Hawaii. Dante overhears Sonny and Kate talking about him. Lucky is surprised to find Luke at his doorstep. Lucky refuses to have a relationship with Luke. Olivia ends up pulling her back during a date with Steven. Jason and Sam continue to enjoy their honeymoon in Hawaii. Sonny talks to Lulu about Dante, then asks Kate to speak to Michael on his behalf. Shawn decides to go to Hawaii to track down Franco. Dante and Lulu discuss their strained relationships with Sonny and Luke. Lucky witnesses Luke at an AA meeting. Franco begins painting a new masterpiece.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr figures out that Jack knew the perfect lie to tell the cops when he overheard the tape that Shaun played for her. She remains in jail with Tomas in the adjoining cell after he's taken the wrap for killing Irene so Todd doesn't have to. Meanwhile, Blair and Tea both somewhat reluctantly hide and take care of Todd, realizing that two people are in jail because of him and they could both be accessories to murder for their part in hiding him. But they realize that Jack is the reason for all of this. Had he not lied about Todd killing Victor, none of this would happen. Tea also reflects to Todd what he's already learned about Jack bullying Rex and Gigi's son, luring Shane to come to the house to get locked in the basement and Gigi going in his place to die from carbon monoxide poisoning while victor enabled Jack to get away with it. Rex keeps seeing and hearing Gigi and calls upon Delphina to help him. Meanwhile it appears that Kim has a secret regarding Gigi. Jack overhears Delphina telling him that the no good father and son responsible for killing Gigi will come clean. Jack overhears and is stunned. While alone with Todd, Tea concludes that she knows of one person who would have even more motive to kill Victor than he did. And that would be Rex Balsam.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick, Malcolm, and Daniel all have harsh words for Phyllis because she published the article about Devon. Malcolm feels Phyllis betrayed their friendship and tells her that Neil didn’t deserve to have this done to him. Nick feels Phyllis disobeyed his instructions because she is looking for a way to sabotage their personal relationship. Phyllis is most deeply hurt when Daniel accuses her of not caring about her friends or her family, but only herself. Nick finds Avery at Crimson Lights and they exchange small talk, so he doesn’t have to think about Phyllis. Avery spills a drink all over Nick’s jacket and shirt. Phyllis is hurt when she sees Nick and Avery laughing as she tries to dry Nick’s shirt with some napkins. . Devon tells Abby that Tucker is his father. She later tells Tucker that he is a disgusting person for leaving Devon with his drug addicted mother while he lived the life of a rock star. Abby tells Ashley she will never accept Tucker in her life and won’t be around to pick up the pieces when he breaks her heart.

Cane asks Daniel to be there for Lily to lean on during her family troubles and make sure the press doesnít hound her. Daniel checks on Lily and tells her Cane could have used the opportunity to get close to her, but just wanted to make sure she was okay. Eden tells Lily that Cane was really worried about her when he found out the news about Devon. Lily hugs Cane and thanks him for worrying about her so much. Devon tells Katherine that he is hurt that she didn’t tell him the truth about Tucker, so that he could have made the decision whether he wanted to get to know him or not. Katherine explains to Devon that she was only trying to protect him from Tucker. Devon doesn’t want anything from her at all, but thinks Neil deserves an apology from Katherine. Neil later talks to Katherine and resigns from his job, saying he can’t work for her any longer and they are no longer friends. Devon goes to the house where he lived with his mother and looks around. As he heads out of the house, he finds his mother on the porch. Neil is stunned when Malcolm and Sofia arrive at the hospital because she is in labor.

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