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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet, Rick assures Hope that they will find Liam. Bill calls Steffy and warns her that Hope is on her way. Liam wants to go into town; Steffy can’t put him off. Every blonde he sees, Liam is disappointed that it’s not Hope. Steffy schemes to get Liam back to the house. Rick calls in a favor from a friend in Aspen; tells him to deliver a message to Liam. Bill also calls an employee and orders him to keep an eye on Steffy and Liam and to make sure Hope does not get close to him. Rick’s friend manages to get a message to Liam while he is alone to not give up Hope and go to the top of the Ajax at 3 p.m. and go alone. Katie assures Brooke that no matter what her husband says, they will get Liam and Hope back together. Able to get Steffy to stay for some shopping, Liam heads to the Gondola alone. Hope and Rick land and she grabs a taxi and asks the cabbie to take her to the Gondola. Steffy makes plans to get their first as she spies Hope in the Plaza.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

In Austin and Carrie’s suite, Austin was looking at a file.  Carrie was upset with him for looking at the file.  He said they were his files and she shouldn’t be looking at them.  He couldn’t believe she would accuse him of looking at her files.  They remind themselves that they weren’t going to let the case come between them.  She had to go to the townhouse to see John and Marlena.  Austin wanted to go with her, but she said he couldn’t because he’s working with the prosecution.  He told her that John wanted to see both of them.  When Daniel went to Jennifer’s house, she answered the door in her robe.  Jack came out wearing pajama bottoms.  Jack and Daniel argued with each other.  Jennifer wanted Jack to leave.  Daniel told him to stay.  Daniel and Jack continued arguing.  Jennifer told Daniel what happened to Jack, but Daniel didn’t believe it.  When Jennifer had enough, she threw them both out.

Austin and Carrie went to John and Marlena’s penthouse.  John and Marlena found out that Austin is working with the prosecution.  Austin told them that he had to work with the prosecution or go home without Carrie.  John and Marlena understood.  Austin said he had to follow the evidence.  Sami and Rafe showed up.  Austin and Carrie got into an argument over the case.  John had a flashback of sitting at the computer looking at balance sheets.  John yelled at Austin and Carrie to stop arguing.  Austin and Carrie apologized.  John didn’t want this coming between them.  They said it wouldn’t.  Later on, John and Marlena talked about what his case is doing to the family.  He made a decision that Marlena didn’t seem to like.  John told her they need to file for divorce.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Michael he doesn’t get to talk to her that way when he berates her for sleeping with Shawn. Michael overhears Carly and Shawn discussing the drugs in the panic room. Shawn tells Carly that he is leaving Port Charles when Jason returns. A storm brews while Jason and Sam honeymoon in Hawaii, so they stay inside. Someone watches them through the window. When they go outside, the mysterious someone goes in. When Sam and Jason return, Sam knows something is different, but he doesn't see the camera someone placed and watches them with. Carly receives a package for Josslyn from Hawaii and is shocked to see the card is signed by Franco.

Dante wonders if Lulu has changed her mind about marrying him. She explains that she wasn’t wearing her ring because she doesn’t want to tell everyone about the engagement yet. Ronnie tells Dante that they are getting a clear picture of what's been going on at the warehouse. Ethan wonders why Luke returned to Port Charles. Luke says he is there to make things right. He offers Ethan a con opportunity. Ethan says he doesn't want anything to do with Luke. He says Luke quitting drinking is not enough, and warns him to stay away from Lucky and Lulu because they wouldn’t be able to take another disappointment. Lucky reads the letter Siobhan left for him. She offers the opportunity to hear the voice of someone he loves one last time. She tells him to take the linen handkerchief, rosary, and cross in the envelope to a specific garden in rural Ireland. Luke shows up at Lucky's door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tina goes searching frantically for her dog and has just gotten Cole to admit that he may still have feelings for her after they relive their history together. Alone with Cord, Clint lectures his son on how foolish he was in the past to have gotten involved with Tina and hoping that he knows never to do it again. But Cord inquires to his dad if his relationship with Viki is not so unlike Cord's with Tina. Clint at first does not listen but realizes that Cord may have a point regarding that. Tina goes to ask Viki if she can put out an ad for Tina's lost dog and also tells her she wants to get back with the family because she loves Viki and wants to be a better person. At first Viki does not buy a word of what her sister says. but she later realizes that she's given Todd many second chances and it may not be fair not to do the same for Tina. Meanwhile, when everybody is distracted, Tina's dog goes and "talks" to baby Liam. We "hear" their two voices while the dog informs the baby that she just found the papers that confirm that John is Liam's father instead of Brody. And Liam does not believe it until the dog goes to find her mommy assuming Tina has the document. Tina is then very grateful to have her sister, as well as the glimmer of hope of the love of her life, as well as her dog back. Jack goes to see Starr in jail and gloats to her and at that point, he reveals to her how he got the cops to believe his lie that he saw original Todd kill Victor. Blair revives Todd and they relive their history together of falling in love.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sofia asks Malcolm not to tell Neil she is in love with him, because he thinks their one night stand was a mistake. She and Neil both agree that the best thing for the baby would be if Malcolm turned out to be the father. Sofia also tells Malcolm that Devon is Tucker’s son. Malcolm tells Phyllis in confidence, but she wants to run with the story on Restless Style. Nick tells Phyllis to slow down until he can give Neil and Devon a chance to brace for the fall-out of the story being in the magazine. Phyllis doesn’t listen to Nick and puts the story on the Restless Style blog. Devon tells Lily and Neil that he doesn’t want to be a chess piece in a Katherine and Tucker game. Devon refuses to answer calls from Katherine or Tucker. Ashley tells Tucker the things Neil told her about Devon’s life. Neil suggests to Devon that he should try and find Yolanda so she can tell him about her and Tucker’s relationship, but Devon tells Neil that he, Lily and Malcolm are his family and Tucker, Yolanda, and Katherine are dead to him.

Brock arrives and makes Katherine see that she handled things the wrong way with Devon and Tucker and now she has to make things right for everyone. Brock also tells Katherine that she shouldn’t be angry with Jill for her slip of the tongue to Tucker. Katherine should have been the one to tell him the truth. Brock knows that Jill loves Katherine very much, but he doesn’t think Jill should care if Katherine approves of her choices or not. She should just live her life. Jill takes Brock's advice and decides to ask Colin to move back into the mansion with her. Colin is thrilled. Yolanda who now calls herself Harmony is working as a waitress at a diner and notices that one of her customers is reading the Restless Style blog story about Devon and Tucker.

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