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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Steffy enjoy their sight-seeing trek around Aspen. Rick is able to trace where the plane has landed and he and Hope head for the private Forrester jet. Bill tries to explain, but Katie is still upset with him for being involved in breaking up Liam and Hope. Taylor walks in and Katie huffs off. Ridge is not happy that Brooke gave authorization for the take-off of the jet. He’s afraid that Hope will get her heart broken all over again. Hope tells Rick that Liam was vulnerable and Steffy knew it and took advantage of him. She will never let Liam down again. Bill tells Taylor that Liam and Steffy are the power couple now and he’s not going to let anyone interfere with that now. While Steffy is checking out the Spencer Publications house where they will be staying, Liam reflects back on happier times with Hope. Steffy brings out a bottle of wine and glasses and she is ready to be Butch Cassidy. It’s as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John told Marlena that Stefano had something to do with his lawyers quitting on him.  Marlena said he needed an attorney who is Stefano-proof.  Carrie said sheís the attorney he needed.  She said she filed an ex-parte motion, submitted pictures of his injuries from the attack, and told about the danger he was in if he stayed in custody.  The DA office granted John house arrest.  John wondered how he could pay his bail if he couldnít pay for his attorney.  Carrie said Abe and his friends would take care of it.  John didnít want them involved.  Carrie wanted to focus on getting John out of jail and cleared of the charges.  At the Horton Town Square, Sami saw Madison and Brady together.  Madison introduced Sami to Brady.  Brady said he already knew Sami.  When Madison took a call, Sami figured that Brady was the reason why she got the job.  He said he wasnít, but she didnít believe him.  They talked about John and how he got beat up in jail.  Madison came back and asked if Sami wanted to see the renovated office.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole talked about the election.  They got into an argument when he didnít want to tell her how Johnís situation could help him.  When she threatened to quit, he told her that Abeís approval rating was falling.  Johnís situation gave him an opportunity to step over Abe and take the job.  Nicole was impressed. 

John thought Carrie was in over her head.  Marlena wanted John to have a lawyer who cared about him.  He said he believed in Carrie, but he would never forgive himself if something happened to her.  Marlena told him that Carrie wouldnít forgive herself if she couldnít help.  Carrie told John that he was able to leave.  She said he has to wear an ankle monitor.  Rafe said the department is supposed to provide around the clock protection.  Carrie wanted to pass on that idea since John was attacked while an officer looked away.  Carrie said she hired a private security firm.  John wanted to know who was paying for it.  Carrieís firm agreed to cover the cost.  John could pay them back once he gets access to his money. Hope wanted to know why Alice had assets that werenít in the will.  Bo said Alice didnít have secrets.  She questioned how no one saw the statements until the day of the party.  She felt that Alice was telling her something.  The financial advisor told Hope that he wasnít at liberty to tell her anything.  She said she wanted to know about her grandmother since she was executor of estate.  She wanted him to explain the statements.  She said she didnít know if the statements were Aliceís.  He couldnít help her because he was bound by confidentiality.  When Bo threatened to have his IRS friends audit his accounts, the financial advisor told Hope that the account was connected to Alice and is still active.  When Bo and Hope wanted more information, the advisor didnít want to answer no matter how much he was threatened.  At the pub, Austin told Carrie that he got a job that would keep him in Salem.  If he took the job, he would have to stay on Johnís case.  A man walked up to Carrie and served her with an envelope.  She read it and was upset.  Bo and Hope talked about the financial advisor.  They thought he might have had something to do with Aliceís secret.  At John and Marlenaís townhouse, Rafe told them that there is a class action lawsuit against John on behalf of the plaintiffs by EJ DiMera.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Matt tells Elizabeth about his mother's death. Maxie snipes at Elizabeth. She talks to Mac about B.J. Mac advises her that the best way to honor Barbara Jean is by living the best life she can. Spinelli and Matt give Maxie gifts for BJ's birthday. Matt feels better about his mother being gone after talking to Spinelli. Spinelli watches Matt and Maxie jealously. Michael asks Spinelli to show him the warehouse camera footage from the night Dante was shot. Spinelli still doesn't remember how to access it on his computer. Ronnie pressures Abby and Michael to give him more information. Officer Benitez goes to the loft to ask Lulu some questions and afterward, gives her a ride to the hospital because she is clearly too exhausted to drive. Mac tells Dante that Lucky turned in his badge. Dante tells Lulu that she shouldn't blame Lucky and that they should work it out. He wonders why she isn't wearing her engagement ring. Ethan takes Lauraís portrait to Lucky and tells him about his adventures with Helena at Wyndemere. Ethan encourages Lucky to open the envelope that Siobhan left for him. Luke begins repacking his bag and wonders what he was thinking. Ethan is surprised to see Luke behind the bar at the Haunted Star.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica keeps quiet about the document that names John instead of Brody as Liam's father and goes to Robert Ford's home. She somehow concludes that she is comfortable showing it to him, wondering why her Aunt Tina had it in her possession and what she should do about it. He seems to understand all too well, her very tempting option of using it to break up Natalie and Brody. After Todd was shot and is stranded in Viki's cabin with Blair, she struggles to save his life without a doctor knowing it will only send Todd back to prison. She manages to urge Tea to help her after Tea is done representing both Starr who is in jail for helping her dad escape from jail, and Tomas who has taken the rap for killing Irene although everybody knows Todd did it. And it seems Blair and Todd are reliving their history and how they fell in love. Tina goes looking for her dog who is missing when Cord confronts her to tell her he will never forgive her for the things she's done. Yet they end up staring adoringly at each other and indicate they may still have feelings for each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Cane figures out that Billy is Delia’s donor, Billy tells him that he made a mistake with a girl, and if the wrong people find him, it means trouble. Billy tells Cane that he made a deal with Victor to help Delia, but once the transplant is over, and Delia is okay, Victor can take his deal and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, because he is going to see his family and get Victoria back. Cane tells Billy his family misses him every day, and Victoria keeps hoping he will come back home. Cane agrees to keep his mouth shut for Delia’s sake. Later Cane assures a depressed Jill that Billy loves her and will come back home. Lily overhears Cane and Jill’s conversation and is touched by how Cane assured Jill that both he and Billy love her very much. Victoria wants Michael to draw up divorce papers. Although she still loves Billy, she has to stop hoping he will walk through the door of the house. Billy calls Victoria, but when she answers her cell phone, he doesn’t say a word and hangs up. Victoria tells Michael that she can’t sign the divorce papers, because she isn’t ready to give up on her marriage.

Neil is hurt that Katherine didn’t tell him that Tucker is Devon’s biological father. He tells her that she and Tucker are using Devon as a trophy in their war against each other. Katherine is upset with Jill for letting the secret out and tries to figure out a way to clean up the mess she made. Tucker tells Devon the truth, but he doesn’t believe him and says that even if this is true, he wants nothing to do with him, because all he did was get a girl pregnant and he didn’t even know the name of his mother. Neil advises Devon to let go of the anger he feels and try to get to know his new family. Devon makes it clear to Neil that he is his father not Tucker and that is the way it will always be, because he is happy with his family and doesn’t want a new one. Sofia tells Lily that Neil will need her support now because he got some news. Neil is a good man who just has a lot going on right now and needs his family. Malcolm overhears Sofia and Lily’s conversation. After Lily leaves, Malcolm and Sofia argue and he asks her to stop lying to herself and admit that she loves Neil. Sofia tells Malcolm not to say that and most of all don’t tell Neil. Tucker arrives at the hospital with an angry look on his face and gets ready to confront Katherine about keeping the identity of his son a secret from him.

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