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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In his office, Bill tells Hope that Liam is with Steffy now so it’s time for her to move on. The photo is out and there is no changing that. He’s committed to Steffy now. She pressures Bill into telling here where Liam is as he needs to hear the entire explanation. Hope begs him to call the pilot and stop that plane. He tells her not to bother; it won’t do any good. Steffy and Liam are gone. She realizes that Bill has zero interest in supporting her relationship with Liam. He agrees that she used him for her own agenda and he won’t tolerate that. She had her chance and now it is over. Liam is with someone else. Katie walks in and is not happy to hear the details. Taylor tells Brooke that she is setting her daughter up for a fall if she is encouraging her daughter, Hope, to keep going after Liam. Brooke says that he made this decision too hastily; there has to be more to it. Steffy calls her mother to tell her she is being swooped out of town by Liam and she will call her later. She tells Liam that he just needs to think of himself now and she will help him with that.

Katie wants someone to tell her this is a joke. Bill explains his side and Hope explains hers. Katie is even more livid when she finds out how involved Bill is with whisking Steffy and Liam out of town so Hope can not find him. He’s messing with her niece and her family. She tells him he should not have gotten involved, but he won’t apologize. His son has got his mojo back and he hopes they are having the time of their lives. Hope joins her mom and dad at the office and says she does not care that it is all over the internet, she loves Liam and nothing is going to stop her. She has to find the man she loves. Liam and Steffy arrive in Aspen and take a horse and buggy ride around in the healthy fresh air.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Town Square, Abe and Lexie talked about EJ running against him for mayor.  EJ was livid that there was a bad article about him in the paper.  He wanted Nicole to tell him if she were going to work for him.  At the police station, Carrie and Austin argued about Johnís situation.  Nicole set ground rules if she were going to work for EJ.  It is going to be professional.  She finally agreed to work for him.  The judge set bail for John, but he wasnít able to make it.  John said all of their assets are tied to the company so he had to stay in prison.  Carrie was upset when she found out he was attacked by inmates.  John was determined to prove that he didnít steal money and was going to get all of their money back.  Abe told Lexie that he wanted to help prove Johnís innocence.  EJ and Nicole worked on fixing his image.  Nicole promised to make things right with EJ and his children.  Lexie was upset when she saw EJís campaign poster.  She was ready to disown him.  Hope told Bo she got the name of a broker who handled Aliceís bank account.  They both agreed that Hope should have been told about the broker since she was executor of Aliceís estate.  Bo wondered if Hope were ready to hear what the broker had to say about Aliceís account.  Carrie and Austin continued to argue over John.  John wanted Marlena to stay with him because he needs her.  She said she would.

Hope told Bo she wanted to hear what the broker had to say.  She believed that Alice needed her to know the truth.  Hope said she wanted to find the person who wanted to hurt Alice and make them pay.  Austin and Carrie made up.  They talked about starting a family.  They declared their love for each other, which lead to another discussion of John.  John told Marlena that he wanted the family to stay away.  Marlena suggested that Brady post bail, but John didnít want him involved.  John was determined to prove his innocence.  A financial advisor agreed to meet Hope to talk about Aliceís account.  Bo offered to go with her.  At the Brady Pub, EJ, Lexie, and Abe got into an argument.  Lexie found out Nicole is working for EJ.  Lexie demanded to talk to EJ in private.  John told Marlena that the SEC has proof that heís guilty.  John was blaming himself for what happened because he didnít pay attention to the company.  Marlena reassured him that it wasnít his fault.  Roman told John that his lawyer quit.  Lexie ripped into EJ for hurting her.  She reminded him that she was there for him when no one else was.  He defended why he wanted to run for mayor.  She told him that EJ would be out of her life if he hurt Abe or Theo.  She continued to make him feel guilty for hurting her until she walked away from him.  EJ told Nicole that he was going to be mayor no matter what it takes.  EJ told Nicole that John was going to help him win the race.  Carrie told Austin, Bo, and Hope that she knew a way to get John out of jail.  John believed that Stefano was behind what happened to him.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Luke approaches Tracy at the spa and hopes to reconcile with her. Tracy drops a hot stone down his shirt. He tells her that he’s been sober for a month but Tracy scoffs at him. Luke leaves and Tracy tries to stop tears from falling. Johnny continues to call people looking the information that Skye has on Anthony. Anthony arrives and tells him to leave Skye alone. Anthony insists everything he does is to protect Johnny. Anthony visits Tracy at the spa and makes his wish to her known. One night with him and he will keep his silence.

Michael tells Sonny that Shawn slept with Carly in the panic room of the coffee warehouse. Shawn tries to explain, but Carly barges in and says that she can have sex with whomever she wants. Michael storms out to make a call. He wants to know if Jason had a backup plan in case Shawn didn’t work out. Carly and Sonny continue to argue as Shawn tries to get a word in. Sonny fires Shawn and Carly leaps to his defense. Shawn storms off and Carly chases after him. Michael returns and Sonny tells him that he’s done a great job.

Dante tells Lulu how much he loves her. Dante has trouble breathing and Steve rushes in to take care of him. Lulu breaks down in Olivia’s arms. When Lulu is able to go back into Dante’s room, he asks her to marry him. Lulu bursts into tears and nods that she will marry him. But she has one condition; she doesn’t want to tell anyone except Olivia right now. Ronnie and Dolores stop Abby to ask her more questions about Dante’s shooting. Abby claims she knows nothing. Ronnie threatens Abby that it would be in her best interest to tell them the truth.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Jessica contemplates whether to tell John that he is Liam's father or not. After watching Brody with Liam, she keeps mum. John asks Sam to help him find the man with the line on his face. Jack tells him not to talk to police. He tells Jack to call the police if they hear from Todd. Starr asks James to persuade Jack to tell the truth so the police will drop the charges against Todd. James tells Jack that the police have the murder weapon, the forensics report will match Todd's story and Jack will be in trouble with the police for lying. A news report contradicts James's story. James concedes that it hasn't happened yet, but asserts that it is only a matter of time until it does. Neither Natalie nor Tea believes Tomas's confession to Irene's murder. Tea wants to know Tomas's reason for sacrificing himself for Todd's sake. McBain doesn't believe his confession and asks Tomas to tell him what really happened on the dock. When Tomas refuses, they book him. Natalie gives John the results of blood found at the scene of Irene's murder showing that it came from Todd. Tomas is taken to the cell across from Starr's. Blair finds Todd laying in a pool of blood at Llanfair and concludes that Irene killed him, but he is alive and confirms that Irene was the shooter. He tells her his mother intends to kill everyone he cares about. He doesnít want her to call an ambulance she agrees to clean and dress his wound and calls Dorian for help. Dorian walks her through removing the bullet. Todd doesnít want her to leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine’s family and friends continue to worry about her condition and everyone is sleepless in Genoa City tonight. Jill finds out from Katherine’s lawyer that her new will isn’t valid because she hasn’t signed it yet. Tucker overhears Jill tell Katherine’s lawyer that Neil and Devon don’t know about Devon’s inclusion in the will. Tucker later confronts Jill and wonders why Katherine is treating Devon like family. Jill tells Tucker that Katherine is mentoring Devon and she put him in the will because she likes him. Tucker remembers that he and Devon gave blood at the blood drive because they have the same rare blood type, AB negative, so he asks Jill if Devon is his son. Ashley told him that Katherine was looking for his son. Jill doesn’t say a word but Tucker can tell it's true by the look in her eyes, and he is thrilled at the news. Tucker tells Sofia who advises him to find proof and take things slowly with Devon if it is true. Tucker wants to tell Devon right away. While he is driving and thinking, he sees Devon’s car at Lily’s and goes there to talk to him and tell him the news although he can’t find the words yet.

Cane goes over to Lily’s when Charlie can’t sleep and reads to him and puts him to bed. He tells Lily that he is available to help with the kids anytime she needs him. Devon advises Lily to keep her guard up with Cane because he is using the kids to get back together with her. Lily tells Devon that will never happen and she will not keep Cane away from his kids. Billy and Victoria can’t stop thinking about each other and even watch the same episode of "Father Knows Best" in their respective houses. Billy heads to the hospital to see Delia and Katherine because he can’t stand the worry anymore. Cane asks Katherine to please wake up and then takes Jill and Murphy to eat something in the cafeteria. Billy sneaks into Katherine’s room dressed in scrubs and a doctor’s mask and tells Katherine that he made a big mistake and he is hiding out because his family would never forgive him. Billy tells Katherine he couldn’t see Delia because Chloe was in her room sleeping in a chair. Billy tells Katherine he loves her and calls her grandma then he kisses her forehead. Katherine opens her eyes briefly as Billy leaves the room. Jill arrives and Katherine awakens but she isn’t happy when Jill tells her that she let it slip to Tucker that Devon is his son. Sofia arrives at the hospital and tells Neil that Devon is Tucker’s son and he should be ready for whatever Tucker is going to do. Victoria tells Sam that she is ready to move on because she has to accept that Billy isn’t coming back. Cane sees Billy getting into the hospital elevator and follows him to the trailer where he bangs on the door demanding that Billy open it since he won’t go away. Billy opens the door.

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