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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Steffy that this is not happening. She is not ending up with Liam. Bill tells Liam that Hope is not the right girl for him. Steffy is. That is the life he needs to lead and Liam needs to get out of town right now. Brooke tells Taylor that Hope over-reacted and so did Liam. Ridge interrupts and needs to know what is going on. Taylor looks to Brooke to explain it. Steffy calls Bill to alert him that Hope knows and is looking for Liam. Bill says not to worry….if Hope shows up at the office, he‘ll take care of it. He tells Liam to pack a bag. He’s taking care of everything. Liam is taking the week off. He’s sending him on an engagement trip with Steffy. He rushes him out. He needs this; go have the time of his life. Bill calls Steffy and tells her the same thing; pack a bag and not worry about Hope or her family. He gives her one order; take a photo of her and Liam with the ring on her finger and get it to Justin. He knows his wife won’t agree to this, but he’s not going to let Hope pull Liam back.

Ridge tells Brooke and Taylor that arguing about this is not helping the kids. Liam, Steffy and Hope all need to be in one room and get it out in the open. Justin gives the photo of Steffy and the ring to Bill. He tells Justin that he and Katie will be fine, but he was not going to let Hope suffocate Liam any more. He wants Justin to get the photo out there everywhere. He wants the entire world to know that the engagement between Hope and Liam is officially and permanently over. The pilot tells Liam and Steffy that they are just about ready for takeoff. She tells him that this is just the beginning of an incredible love story; one that will last forever. Hope finds Bill in his office and she says she owes Liam an explanation. He informs her that Liam and Steffy are not here. Justin barges in and has to be the bearer of bad news. The internet is full of photos of Steffy flashing the ring. Bill laments that she is too late to talk to Liam. She will just have to accept this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Horton Town Square, Kate questioned what Madison was doing with Victor.  Victor told Madison that he used to be married to Kate.  Kate realized that Victor invited Madison to the party.  Victor said that Madison is in the cosmetic business.  Kate knew and said Madison is her competition.  Madison told Kate that Victor and Brady are her new business partners.  Kate thought Victor did this to her because she left him for Stefano.  Victor said he was over Kate before she left.  The two continued to argue.  Kate warned Victor and Brady that they were making a mistake working with Madison.  Kate told Victor that he knows nothing about the cosmetics business.  He said he may not know cosmetics, but he knew a good profit margin.  They continued to argue back and forth.  Kate and Madison began to argue and threaten each other.  At Jenniferís house, Abby and Jennifer talked about Jack.  Abby wondered why Jack didnít tell where he was when he first came back.  Jennifer tried to defend Jack, but Abby didnít care about Jackís excuses.

When Abby asked if Jennifer could forgive Jack, he walked in the living room.  He hoped Jennifer could forgive him.  Abby ripped into Jack for leaving them.  When Jennifer tried to defend him, Abby snapped at her.  Jack ordered Abby not to get smart with Jennifer.  Jack tried to explain himself, but Abby wasnít willing to listen to it.  Jack said he was staying in Salem to prove that he could be a good father and husband no matter how long it took.  Sami found out that she got the job at Mad World Cosmetics.  Sheís the new junior executive.  Sami and Rafe talked about him arresting John.  He told her that he believed John is innocent.  Rafe wants to make sure John got a fair deal.  Sami wondered what would happen if John were guilty.  Rafe said he would have to do his job and wondered if she would be okay with that.  She said she would support him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Matt tells Elizabeth that he is getting published and that a patient at GH agreed to be in his trial. Elizabeth informs him that the patient is Patrick's case. Matt goes off on Patrick and Robin about reassigning the case and when Robin tells him he will get the next case, he tells her that he doesnít want Patrickís sloppy seconds like Lisa did. He shows Patrick and then Maxie his notice of being published. Maxie apologizes for ignoring him. Elizabeth tells Matt she is proud of him. Maxie sees Elizabeth hugging Matt. Maxie informs Robin that she will be her birthday party planner.

Lulu is in a deep depression. Olivia throws away the bloodstained dress. Lulu listens as Olivia laments to Steve the constant fear of losing a loved one who is a cop. Dante wakes up to a detective standing over him asking what he remembers. He tells her he was following someone and then he was bleeding on the floor. Steve tells him both of his lungs were damaged by the gunshot. Lulu sits by Dante's bedside, holding her hand. He asks her if she is going to marry him. Sonny summons Spinelli to show him the warehouse footage from the night Dante was shot, but Spinelli has not yet regained his computer savvy. Sonny doesnít want Michael to be involved. Shawn tells Sonny about the 7 bags of hydrocodone that they found in the warehouse. Sonny concludes it was a frame job and wonders where the drugs are now. Shawn doesnít want to discuss it in front of Michael. Michael challenges Shawn to tell Sonny what he and Carly were doing in the warehouse panic room.

Tracy goes to the spa. Alice, her maid, is the massage therapist that is assigned to her. Tracy tells Alice to go and then Anthony comes in. He tells Tracy that in exchange for his silence about her taking Soleito money and investing it in ELQ, he wants one night of passion with her, and the morning after. Anthony leaves. Someone else comes in and begins massaging her neck and then says he knows her sweet spots. Tracy looks up and finds her masseur is Luke.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica goes to see Natalie with the document she found in Tina's purse that names John as Liam's father instead of Brody. Knowing that this could ruin her sister's relationship with Jessica's ex fiancť, she knows she can't ignore it. But when Natalie is courteous to her and she sees that it could also affect baby Liam, Jessica does not show Natalie the document. She also realizes that it may be false. Natalie then gets called into work and helps John with the investigation of the murder of Irene Manning while Jessica watches baby Liam in her absence. Jessica tells her infant nephew she's not certain what to do but concludes that lying is not going to benefit anybody so she must let the truth be known. Todd finds his way to Viki's carriage house and crawls on the floor bloody, in pain and fatally wounded after being shot. He sees the ghost of Irene telling him he's all alone and going to die before anybody in his family notices or does anything about it. Starr is in jail which makes Blair furious at Todd and unmotivated to help him for putting their daughter up to doing his dirty work for him. But she reluctantly goes to see him after he's passed out and near death while Tea stays behind and represents both Starr and Tomas who are in trouble with the cops.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker persuades the DA to drop the charges against Abby by telling him that Ashley was driving the car the night of his accident not Abby. The DA doesn’t believe him, but Tucker threatens to publish an article in Restless Style which says that the DA's going after Abby because he is mad that Victor financed the campaign of his opponent when they had elections for the DA job. Katherine’s doctor tells Murphy that she had a stroke and her condition is critical. The doctor advises Murphy to start thinking about end of life issues but Murphy is confident that Katherine will pull through this crisis. Katherine’s family and friends each take turns talking to her and encouraging her to fight. Victor and Jill both vow to make Jack and Tucker pay for what happened to Katherine. Kevin gives Billy his cell phone to text him in case of emergencies but Kevin soon regents that decision when he gets a text from Billy asking about Katherine’s condition with Victor, Victoria, and Chloe standing near him. Kevin considers taking away his cell phone, but Billy threatens to just go out and get what he needs and risk being seen by everyone.

Devon tells Abby that he thought that Tucker was a good guy, but after today he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Devon can’t understand why Tucker would treat his own mother so badly. Jill and Murphy ask Katherine’s lawyer to come to the hospital so he can tell them if the addition of Devon to Katherine’s will is finalized. Jill and Murphy don’t want Devon to find out that he is Tucker’s son through the will, because that would be a terrible way to find out the truth. Tucker and Jack both feel guilty about what happened to Katherine. Jack tells Tucker that Katherine worked very hard to run his company while he wasn’t able to do so, and despite the anger between them, she still felt the mother/son connection. Jack tells Tucker that he still feels the connection between him and Katherine too, or he wouldn’t be sitting in his office in the dark contemplating his sins. Jack advises Tucker to go to the hospital and tell Katherine how he feels or it will eat at him for the rest of his life if she dies. As Tucker heads into the hospital elevator, he sees Katherine’s lawyer who asks him if he is there about her will.

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