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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope doesn’t believe Steffy’s story that Liam gave her the engagement ring. Steffy laments that it wasn’t a big decision. She didn’t want Liam to be alone so she spent the night. It just felt right. Hope says it should have been her. And Bill is surprised when Liam fills him in that he’s still engaged, just not to Hope. Bill thinks it is better to know now about Hope than a week after he marries her. Liam wants the real reason that Bill had Steffy drive him home last night. Bill explains that he just wanted someone there for him, someone he could trust. Bill is ecstatic that he hit the bull's-eye and Liam proposed. He has his blessings. Liam isn’t over the moon as he isn’t sure it’s the right decision. Bill tells him it is, and he needs to get out of town today and think about it. Brooke tells Taylor that this problem has become even more problematic. Steffy is not just a complication to be overcome. Taylor feels badly for Hope and knows she will be heartbroken. Brooke tells Taylor that she needs to gently talk to Steffy and explain that she can’t take this overnight engagement seriously.

Brooke explains that she would hate to see Steffy get hurt. It’s obvious that Hope and Liam have a connection and that is not just going to disappear. Taylor says Hope is going to have to do a little growing up of her own. Hope and Steffy continue to argue. Steffy says Hope at one time wanted to be friends; they can start now. Hope admits it is partly her fault that Liam is suddenly available, but she is not just going to hand him to Steffy. Their engagement is a big mistake. Steffy tells her to take responsibility for her own actions. Brooke calls and implores Hope not to jump to conclusions but wait and talk to Liam and know in her heart what is right. Hope stands up to Steffy and says she is going to do the one thing that it takes to get Liam back. They will have a future together

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton Town Square, Brady, Victor, and Madison had a business meeting.  Madison is the owner of Mad World Cosmetics and Victor wanted Titan to do business with her.  When Victor took a call from Maggie, Brady and Madison talked business.  He told her that Titan would buy the business, but she would run it.  He tried to convince her to take the deal, but she wasnít interested.  She had a counter offer for them.  At the police station, Marlena showed up at Johnís cell.  When Marlena saw him, she noticed that he had bruises and a bloodied face.  She wanted to know what happened.  He said his fellow guests didnít like his looks so they took turns changing them.  Marlena wanted to know how they got in the cell.  He was supposed to be by himself.  John told her there was a surprise exercise break in the middle of the night and he was rushed to general population.  Marlena wondered why the guards didnít stop it.  John said no guards were there.  He said he would be okay.  Marlena said she would get him out on bail.  Roman showed up and said John may or may not get bail.  Roman didnít want them to get their hopes up.  Carrie told Marlena that in cases like Johnís bail is granted.  They wondered if he would agree to house arrest.  Marlena wanted to talk to Roman.  Bo and Hope ripped into an officer for taking John out with the prisoners.  The officer didnít care what he did to John.  Bo and Hope talked about Johnís situation with his company.  Bo said Johnís company was able to make money while others werenít able to.  They also talked about the money in Basic Black disappearing.  Money in pension plans, 401ks, life savings, etc. have all disappeared.  Bo said his and Hopeís money was gone too.  She said they would get it back as soon as they find out who was involved.  Bo thought that John looked guilty based on the information.  They had temporary doubts about Johnís innocence, but believed they would get to the bottom of whatís going on with John.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole talked about EJ running for mayor.  She told him he was going to lose the election.  He asked her to be his publicist.  He thought she could fix his reputation.  She was skeptical about taking the job until EJ convinced her that it was the right thing to do.  She said that it would be all business.  Marlena talked to Roman about John.  Roman assured Marlena that he thought John was innocent.  He thought that John was wealthy and didnít need other peopleís money.  Marlena said it wasnít entirely true that John is wealthy.  She said John has his wealth, but he doesnít have the money he used to.  She said Basic Black took a hit because of the recession.  Johnís income is tied in company profits.  Roman continued to assure Marlena that everything would be okay.  Hope told Bo that there were threatening messages about John.  Marlena overheard them talking and wanted to know what was going on.  Bo and Hope played some of the messages.  They reassured Marlena that John will be found innocent.  Brady and Victor took Madisonís deal and welcomed her to Titan.  Bo and Hope put a bulletproof vest on John.  John didnít think he would get attacked again.  Marlena told him about the death threats.  Bo told him they were on his side.  John had a memory about being in front of a computer looking and smiling at balance sheets.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason and Sam arrive in Hawaii for their honeymoon. Jason and Sam discuss their expectations of marriage. Sam wonders what would have happened if Jason woke up wanting to be a doctor. Carly and Shawn are stuck in the coffee warehouse panic room. Shawn refuses to talk about his past. Carly manages to find the button to open the panic room. Kate comforts Sonny on the hospital roof. Steven tells Olivia and Lulu that Dante will survive. Olivia thanks Steven for saving her son’s life. Olivia relays to Kate and Sonny that Dante will make it. Olivia grants Sonny permission to visit Dante. Lulu speaks to Dante before he falls back to sleep. Michael and Abby argue over his decision to get revenge regarding Dante’s shooting. Ronnie confronts Shawn and Carly at the warehouse. Michael overhears Carly imply to Ronnie that she and Shawn were making out. Lulu returns to the loft. Olivia and Sonny visit Dante in his hospital room. Unbeknownst to Sam and Jason, Franco is in Hawaii to spy on them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo prevents the bomb Irene set from killing Todd's family and everybody is safe. But he determines that he has no choice but to arrest Starr for enabling her dad to escape from jail. the new mayor is determined to make sure that Todd gets charged with murder and that Starr gets charged with a felony for helping him. Blair and Tea are determined to prevent her from having her way and Bo is on their side but compelled to do his job. On the docks, after Todd has been shot, he shoots and may have killed Irene. Blair finds Tomas to find them and Tomas attempts to help Todd but John gets there and finds that he must do his job that may not be benefitting Tomas or Todd. Jessica finds the mysterious document that nobody else has seen that names John as Liam's father instead of Brody. She keeps quiet about it when she sees Brody and when she talks to Viki. Viki tells Natalie she seriously believes that Natalie is not over John and is only marrying Brody because he's Liam's father and that is not the right reason for it. Natalie then admits to her mom that she's having a reoccurring dream that she's found a document that names John as Liam's father instead of Brody. Little does she know. Jessica then goes to find Natalie and knocks on the door with the document in her other hand.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan watches Abby’s taped confession and promises to try to make a deal with the DA for her since he thinks that Diane was blackmailing her. Ronan accuses Victor, Abby and Ashley of conspiring to kill Diane, then he releases them but keeps them under surveillance to see what they do. The DA isn’t happy that Ronan didn’t arrest Abby, so they go to Crimson Lights and arrest Abby for the attempted murder of Tucker. Daisy forces Phyllis to sign an agreement that she will bring Lucy to see her every week and bring a little money to her once in a while. Phyllis refuses to pay Avery to be Daisy’s lawyer. Nick thinks Avery is helping Daisy just to make Phyllis angry. Daniel meets Avery but has no idea she is his aunt. He accidentally tells her that Lucy never had chicken pox. Nick and Daniel both warn Avery that Daisy won’t be a good influence on Lucy.

Devon thinks Tucker isn’t a good person because he is suing his own mother over a company. He is present along with Neil at the arbitration hearing to support Katherine. The judge overturns the sale of Jabot once Jack testifies that he would have paid a higher price for the company had he been given the chance to buy it. Katherine is deeply hurt by Jack’s betrayal and warns him that Tucker won’t sell the company back to him because he only used him to get revenge against her. Jack fears that Katherine may be right when Tucker says they will talk about the sale of Jabot later. Katherine has a few choice words for Tucker, Jack, Ashley, and Sofia. She gets so upset that she passes out. Ashley calls an ambulance.

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