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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Liam and Hope wake up alone separately and are startled over what happened the night before. Liam tells Steffy that he is tired of living like a kid. He wants a life now. He meant every word he said last night; Steffy is like a fantasy any guy thinks he will never have. Taylor comes by saying she got a message from Steffy. Surprise, surprise, Steffy pops out and shocks her mother by saying yes she spent the night; she and Liam are engaged. Taylor laments that she is not disapproving of their relationship, but perhaps they should wait just a little bit on the engagement part. Neither are interested in just dating. Hope tells Brooke that she was thinking a lot, but Brooke should go on to work today. She now knows she handled it badly and did not make Liam feel like he was her Number One priority. Taylor stops by Forrester to see Ridge, but ends up talking to Brooke instead. Taylor has to tell her that Steffy is now wearing Hope’s ring. Hope finds only Steffy at the cliff house and is livid that Steffy won’t leave….. and even more so when she sees that Liam put her ring on Steffy’s finger.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everyone was shocked by Johnís arrest.  The press surrounded John and Rafe.  Sami came back to the party and wanted to know what was going on.  Carried confronted Austin about knowing what was going on with John.  Austin said he didnít feel great about what happened.  Carrie reminded him that John is like a father to her.  EJ was happy about what was going on with John.  He wanted to film what was happening to John.  Everyone defended John.  Sami wanted Rafe to tell her what was going on with John.  Sami told Marlena that they were going to the police station to find out what was going on with John.  Carrie told Sami why John was being arrested.  Sami and Abe were going to the police station.  Abe told Sami that Rafe interrupted when John was telling him what was going on.  Sami was surprised that Rafe knew.  She ran into EJ on her way to the police station.  He antagonized her about Rafe arresting John.  Sami saw one of EJís campaign posters and was surprised that he was running for mayor.  The two argued about him running for mayor.  At Jenniferís house, Jennifer and Daniel were talking about Jack.  Jack showed up at the house and wanted to talk to Jennifer.  Daniel agreed to leave after Jennifer said she could handle him.  Jack wanted Jennifer to listen to him.  She agreed to listen for the childrenís sake.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wondered why Brady wasnít at the police station with John.  Brady thought John wouldnít want him around.  They continued to talk about Bradyís situation with John.  They also talked about Victorís proposal to Maggie and a new project for Titan.  At the police station, everyone comforted Marlena.  Bo, Hope, and Roman talked to John in the interrogation room.  They talked about Johnís situation.  Roman was curious if thereís a case against John.  Rafe showed up in the interrogation room and talked to John.  Rafe said he would help John. 

In another interrogation room, Roman told Tim that the police wanted to see the evidence.  Tim couldnít show the evidence because itís a federal case.  Hope and Abe defended John to Tim.  Tim said they wouldnít have arrested John if there werenít sure John was guilty.  Sami was furious with Rafe for not telling her about John.  She also didnít like that Rafe was the one who arrested and humiliated John.  Rafe defended his actions by saying that it would have been better for John to be arrested by someone he knew.  Rafe asked Sami where she was because he was trying to get in touch with her.  She finally told him that she had another interview.  The two talked about the company Sami applied to.  Rafe was still suspicious of the company.  He told her not to take the job before he finds out more information about the company.  That didnít sit well with Sami.  Jennifer didnít believe that Jack was held hostage at first.  Jack told her about a drug story he had in Afghanistan.  She said he hit a dead end.  He told her he lied about that.  He met a guy who got him on the inside, but he had to go undercover.  He had to protect her and the kids.  Thatís why he made up the story about the walkabout and she believed it.  He said he was grabbed and held hostage.  Jennifer wanted to believe him, but there were holes in the story.  She wondered how he was able to blog.  He said a contact kept up the blog.  He didnít want to blow his cover so he kept up the act.  She eventually believed him.  Victor proposed to Maggie again and she said yes.  Jack said being away form Jennifer and the kids killed him.  He said he made a vow to make things different if he ever got out of there.  He was going to make things right with Jennifer.  He was never going to leave her again.  He asked if she could forgive him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan, at Wyndemere looking at a picture of Laura, hears a door squeaking. He finds a glove and proceeds to look for its owner, believing it to be Helena. He makes his way through the catacombs and finding nothing, he returns to the room with the picture in it. The picture of Laura appears to be crying as a drop of water drips down from her eye. Ethan picks up Helena's knife, presumably to cut the portrait from the frame. At the Haunted star, a bottle of whiskey, a box of cigars, two enormous diamonds, and a pistol are placed on the bar. Luke calls Helena to thank her and says he had a great time. He says she was right when she said he should be in Port Charles to see what is going on. Lulu asks Lucky to find out who shot Dante. He tells her he can't investigate because he told Mac about the drugs so he is now on a leave of absence. He tells her he feels responsible for Dante's shooting because he was supposed to have been there. Lulu slaps him for deserting Dante. She tells him to leave. She goes up to the roof and sobs. Lucky goes home and looks at the two pills under the furniture. He spies the envelope Siobhan had left for him before she died.

Sonny eavesdrops when Olivia asks Johnny if he had anything to do with Dante's shooting. Johnny would never shoot Olivia's son. She suggests Anthony; Johnny says he isn't responsible for his father. Sonny tells Johnny that he believes he didnít shoot Dante and that he wants to keep the truce. Johnny concurs and they shake on it. Abby finds Michael crying in an empty room at the hospital. She assures him that that's normal after finding his brother shot. He feels useless and guilty. Sonny tells Michael it wasn't his fault and that he will handle it. He says he is pretty sure Johnny Zacchara had something to do with it, even though he probably didn't pull the trigger. Abby hears Sonny telling Michael that he will take care of Johnny. She is disappointed to hear Michael say he will do anything to help. Shawn tells the police at the Corinthos/Morgan coffee warehouse that he found a bomb in the bathroom. They agree to let him diffuse it. Carly goes to the warehouse and bothers Shawn while he tries to diffuse the bomb. He tells her that there are seven bags of Hydrocodone among the bags of coffee. She tells him about the secret door. Shawn begins to move the bags into the panic room and then the doors close and lock them in. Jason and Sam bask in the afterglow at his cabin in the woods. Jason has a flashback, but says it's nothing. They get on his motorcycle and leave the cabin. Franco creates another crime scene work of art.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Victor's home, everybody is wondering what to do with Irene and Todd on the loose. Bo wants to believe Starr that Irene wrote the death threat letter but needs proof which she can't give him since the letter was written in "invisible ink." Bo has no alternative but to arrest Starr. Outside, Tina's dog escapes and she doesn't even know it until hours after she's been at Viki's. She runs into Cord unexpectedly, and he is not happy to see her knowing all of the foolish things she did in 2009 that endangered Natalie as well as their own daughter Sarah. The dog seems to know that Irene has planted a digital time bomb outside Victor's home although the people inside are completely distracted without a clue. Jessica and Natalie have been injured when they got into their fight. Viki goes to talk to Natalie somehow knowing that her daughter might not be doing the right thing by marrying Brody, because she is not over John. When Jessica is alone, she notices Tina's purse on the floor and discovers the document that may prove the accurate results of the DNA test that John is the father of Natalie's baby and not Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan finds some major clues in the Diane Jenkins murder investigation, and all the suspects in the murder are getting nervous. A newspaper article implies that Victor, Abby or Adam could have killed Diane. Victor is very upset when he reads the article and heads down to the police station to tell Ronan he is facing a lawsuit if he doesn’t get the newspaper to print a retraction. Ronan plays the tape of Victor and Adam’s conversation to them and father and son both agree that Ronan did something illegal to try to accuse one of them of the murder. Ronan finds Diane’s missing diary pages. One of them says that Diane was afraid that Adam would kill her because he was very mad at her for double crossing him and going to the SEC and telling them that Adam made people think Victor was dead, so Newman Enterprises stock would drop and he could buy it cheaply. Ronan starts to put Adam in a holding cell, but Heather persuades him not to rush to an arrest, because it could affect the case against whoever killed Diane. Ronan lets Adam go and calls someone and asks to meet. Adam later goes to an empty warehouse and asks the person that is setting him up to reveal themselves, but all he finds is a toy monkey playing cymbals.

Nick gets a note telling him to bring $50,000 to a warehouse or the blackmailer will tell the police about his accidental phone call to Ashley the night Diane was killed. After Nick calls Ashley, she goes over to the tack house where they discuss why Adam would want money for his silence. Nick and Ashley can’t understand Adam's motivation, but they still think he is the person blackmailing them. Ronan tells Phyllis that he suspects Nick and Ashley conspired to kill Diane, possibly because he and Ashley were having an affair. Phyllis goes to the tack house and finds Nick and Ashley. Nick decides to trust Phyllis and tells her the whole story. Phyllis goes to the warehouse with Nick hoping to trap the blackmailer, which turns out to be a sting operation by Ronan. He decides to take Nick and Phyllis to the station and hold them for questioning. Abby, Ashley, Victor, and Victoria are all at Victoria’s house where Abby is telling everyone that Ronan found Diane’s diary in a lock box given to him by the manager of the Athletic club. Ronan calls Abby who tells him who she is with and that she has witnesses. Ronan asks Abby to put him on speaker phone. Ronan tells all the people in the room the information he has on them but doesn’t tell them he is holding Nick and Phyllis for questioning. Once Abby and Ashley leave her house, Victoria tells Victor she was at the park the night Diane died, and she saw them together. Ronan brainstorms in his office and has a hunch that the nine pillows that were in Diane’s hotel room may hold a clue to her murder Ronan matches the sayings on the pillows with each suspect, but wonders why there are nine pillows and they have ten suspects in the murder Ronan acts on a gut feeling and rips open the pillow that says "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," which he thinks matches Abby, finds a flash drive inside.

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